76 Beautiful And Trendy Flower Tattoo Designs On Chest

Tattoos have been around for a long time, and people have been using the inking style for many years. However, there are different and unique flower tattoo design ideas to commemorate a specific event in their lives or add beauty to the body.

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76 Beautiful And Trendy Flower Tattoo Designs On Chest

Both ways, people always get confused with numerous options, and on the other hand, they can get excited about getting design inked on the body forever.

Chest tattoos for women on the upper side are beautiful locations on the female body that attract attention. Tattooed body parts have become new trends in the whole fashionable world.

When we see females with big or small chest tattoo, they always look pretty and sexier. People think that the best chest tattoo ideas mean to cover with ink all chests. Everyone can choose the size, colors, types that their heart wants.

Image: @sapiryahell

Flower Tattoo Symbolizes

Different flowers mean different things, so it’s best to confirm that each flower in your design represents what’s important to you. However, flower tattoos can symbolize beauty, femininity, and love in general. But, of course, they also look beautiful, and that can be enough of a reason for some floral ink.

1. Yellow Colored Floral Chest Tattoo

The yellow flower makes a perfect tattoo design on the chest. It does not matter with the color, but the yellow flower represents honesty, truth and faith, giving a new beginning to the tattoo. The addition of leaves makes it look more impressive.

Couple of yellow flowers tattoo on chest

Image: @k_ink_tattoo

2. Attractive Red Flowers Chest Tattoo

The red-colored flowers inked on the chest as a neckpiece give tremendous appeal. Famous throughout the ages as a symbol of the highest level of passion. Beauty is in balance with emotion with this flower, and no other can replicate its beauty and historical significance.

Attractive flowers tattoo on chest

Image: @pinkladytattooer

3. Awesome Fairy & Flower Tattoo on Chest

The traditional red tattoo symbolizes love and passion. The bold and iconic tattoo design represents a symbol of balance as a great tattoo design idea with a girl makes the design appealing and more versatile in its form.

Awesome flower and girl tattoo on chest

Image: @tattooist_fairy

4. Black Shading Flower Tattoo Design

Beautiful-looking flower tattoos have a rich meaning behind the art. They look gorgeous with elegant appeal inked on the chest. Holding different purposes with the bold, intricate detailing of flower tattoos is an excellent way to make a statement for your skin.

Awesome flower tattoo design

Image: @andy_nio

5. Black & White Multiple Lily Flower Tattoo

The lily tattoo simply represents different symbolism. It is a perfect floral design highlighting representations such as femininity, love, purity, and grief. Full of happiness, it is an ideal flower for friendship.

Multiple Lily flower tattoo on chest

Image: @ktattoos23

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6. Matching Traditional Colored Flower Tattoo

These traditional flowers mean pure joy with wisdom and intelligence in life. The tattoo design inked in red with shades of white and green leaves gives a colorful appeal. Making a vibrant and colorful traditional design looks fantastic on the chest.

Traditional flower tattoo

Image: @ledandinkarttattoos

7. Grey Ink Flowers Chest Tattoo

A grey ink tattoo design with a small and simple design makes the tattoo appealing to honor friendship and show your affection. Making a perfect reason to make the flower tattoo piece is beautiful, subtle and bold gives incredible appeal.

Banner and grey ink flowers tattoos on man chest

Image: @fred.aka.scars

8. Bear and Rose Chest Tattoo

A bear tattoo design on the chest represents family, strength and perseverance. In popular culture, it represents gentle friendship. The rose tattoo inked on the other side symbolizes love and devotion. Making it all together comes with profound meaning for the wearer.

Bear and rose chest tattoo

Image: @ironpalmtattooparlour

9. Beautiful Ornamental Style Flower Tattoo

The ornamental tattoo design represents special protection. These tattoo designs are eternal, and in Indian culture, it comes with a combination of flowers or Mandalas. The decorative tattoo design also represents energy, purity and longevity.

Beautiful ornamental flower tattoo

Image: @kanulezebre

10. Beautiful Rose with Faith Chest Tattoo 

You might get your words inscribed in a specific font for further personalization. The shaded rose tattoo design with ‘Faith’ inked in different styles gives a playful, beautiful, metallic and hopeful appeal. The powerful and inspiring design gives a new look to the tattoo.

Beautiful rose and faith tattoo on chest

Image: @boss_tattoo_

11. Beautiful Initial Art with Red Rose Tattoo 

Giving inspiration to the tattoo design is a symbol of balance. It is not just a beautiful flower that shows grace, gratitude and affection. Instead, the red and green colors depict love and passion, showing the new beginning and innocence.

Beautiful colorful rose tattoo with Initial

Image: @jay20tattoo

12. Blue Bird and Flower Tattoo

If you are looking for a bluebird tattoo design with flowers, it represents a different aspect of life and value. In addition, making the bird chest tattoo design inked gives a differentiating appeal representing longevity in a relationship. 

Blue Bird and flower tattoo

Image: @claysaunderstattoos

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13. Black Bird with Flower Tattoo

Giving similar zeal and zest for life, the black and grey inking for the bird tattoo design with flowers makes the tattoo look stunning. In addition, the bold and intricate detailing effect with some leaves and branch addition on the popular placement makes the tattoo design cool and unique. 

Black and Grey Bird and flower tattoo

Image: @grizoutattoo

14. Freehand Black and White Lily Tattoo

While lilies symbolize modesty, the black and white inking style makes the tattoo a great and appealing design. Furthermore, the shading effect with the addition of colors takes this approach to a new incredible look. 

Black n white lily flower tattoo on chest

Image: @on_tattoos

15. Outlined Lotus and Arrow Sternum Tattoo

With the symbolism of peace and spiritual reawakening, the lotus and arrow chest tattoo gives an incredible tattoo look. The black outlined lotus tattoo with an arrow represents the strength to find your way in life. It provides a deep and meaningful thought to the tattoo.

Outlined lotus flower and arrow tattoo design

Image: @_amcwherter

16. Brilliant Pink Flower Tattoo Design

Different tattoo designs give additional meaning to the inking. The most adorable chest tattoo ideas give you the inspiration you need for your next inking. The pink color shows adorable tattoo inking representing grace, gratitude, and affection. 

Brilliant Pink flower tattoo

Image: @inkantations292

17. Watercolor Red Rose Flower Tattoo

Showing a liquid background with a bold flower tattoo gives a subtle watercolor effect. The pink rose represents passion love with shades of meaningful and gorgeous appeal. The addition of leaves and blue flowers make the tattoo look distinctive. 

Brilliant red rose flower tattoo

Image: @kelseykolors

18. Buddha and Flower Chest Tattoo

The dazzling Buddha tattoo design inked with a shading effect on the chest is always a good addition. To convey the teachings of Buddha, the addition of flowers is often used to mean strength, rebirth and enlightenment.

Amazing Buddha and flowers chest tattoo

Image: @blacksheepbowness

19. Calm Buddha with Flower Tattoo 

Making a great choice, the Buddha tattoo becomes enlightenment with awakened one design. The addition of flowers is an excellent idea for a peaceful design, prioritizing the meditative tattoo. 

Calm Buddha with flower tattoo on chest

Image: @goldfatherink

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20. Minimal Blue Rose Tattoo

As an artificial flower created solely for our enjoyment, blue roses will not be found as natural blossoms growing in the wild. As such, blue rose tattoos often represent the imagination, fantasy, impossibility, and the mysterious allure of the unattainable.

Blue rose tattoo

Image: @chaelee.tt

21. Pink Lily with Date Tattoo

Awesome lily tattoos on the chest have symbolic meaning and are chosen mainly by most females. The vibrant color is cited as an essential meaning to the tribal chest tattoo and is enduring popular with numerous and irresistible appeal. You can add your favorite date with the tattoo. 

Colored pink lily flower tattoo on chest

Image: @tribalgears

22. Red Colored Lily Flower Tattoo

Lilies are the most popular and beautiful designs that can be inked on the body as tattoos. However, tattoo artists can come up with innovative ideas or add creativity to the tattoo. For example, the red ink design with the watercolor effect at the background makes the tattoo look distinctive. 

Red Colored lily flower tattoo

Image: @austinhilltattoos

23. Lotus Flower and Om in Watercolor Ink Tattoo

As the lily flowers represent a new beginning, although they lend themselves to new tattoo designs, it is the most popular tattoo design among women. The colorful ink with detailing of Om on the tattoo makes it look graceful. 

Color lotus flower and Ohm in watercolor ink tattoo on chest

Image: @paulypiff90

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24. Pink and Blue Flower Tattoo 

Rounding up the best-colored flowers on the chest gives an incredible and gorgeous tattoo design. The blue and pink flowers are often a tribute to first love. With the great appeal, the small tattoo remains one of the incredible and intricate details. 

Pink and blue flower tattoo for chest

Image: @ tattoosbytasher

25. Multicolored Traditional Flower Tattoo 

Discovering a bloom of colorful tattoo design inked in traditional tattoo is a versatile and excellent idea. The clean lines and bold tattoos encompass traditional pick with Japanese tattooing style. 

Colored traditional flower tattoo on chest

Image: @skull_and_snake

26. Red Flower and Fish Tattoo Design

The colorful flower tattoo design inked on the upper chest makes the design look incredible. Giving an addition of a fish tattoo makes the design unique. The colorful tattoo gives an appealing look associated with purity and wisdom. 

Colored flower and fish tattoo

Image: @sourlimestattoo


27. Pink Lotus Tattoo on Chest Design

A flower chest tattoo is an excellent option for an elegant design. Whether you choose a black and white floral piece or a colorful lotus tattoo design, you will love to flaunt the incredible tattoo design inked on your chest. 

Colored lotus tattoo on chest

Image: @aristitattoo

28. Trail of Red Rose tattoos on Chest

Beautiful and small red rose tattoo inked on the chest is associated with romance and passion. Likewise, flowers are associated with love and affection. However, much like color symbolism, other shades of roses can mean different things. 

Couple of red rose tattoos on chest

Image: @bvrritodestroyer 

29. Black Shaded Butterfly Rose Chest Tattoo 

A rose and butterfly chest tattoo depict transformation in life and love. A rose tattoo with butterfly ink shows turning over a new leaf in romance such as a new beginning or love. It can mean growth and change after a challenging end to a relationship in your life, whether it is romantic or not.

Butterfly red rose tattoo for chest

Image: @jakeytattoo

30. Traditional Floral Design Tattoo on Chest

The flowers give the chest an incredible and extraordinary appeal as a color to enhance and change the floral tattoo design. As a classic design, the tattoo is majorly inked for a good reason-giving modern symbolism to the illustration. 

Traditional flower tattoo on chest

Image: @ ink.diana

31. Black Crowned Rose Tattoo

The crown and a rose tattoo are the best ideas to get a bold and black tattoo design filled with meaning. The beautiful crown paired with a rose on the chest with intricate detailing in simple black color gives a great appeal to the tattoo. 

Black crown and rose tattoo

Image: @picontattooink 

32. Crowned Rose Tattoo Idea

The floral tattoo design possibilities are endless, and making the design with a crown gives incredible appeal. In addition, the classic bold outline makes a striking appeal to the tattoo design with stylish options and color with style. 

Crowned rose tattoo on chest

Image: @sekoortolan

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33. Red Rose with Quote Tattoo

The red rose tattoo design with words or phrases is a great idea to get inked on the chest as a symbol of balance. The red rose looks pretty and lends itself to anything giving a popular choice. One can get this cute chest tattoo with creative phrases or words. 

Cute red rose and words tattoo

Image: @jenyas

34. Cute Colorful Rose and Butterfly Tattoo

It couldn’t be a better choice to manage the excellent tattoo ink design. In the meantime, giving a red rose tattoo with a butterfly design on the upper chest shows passion and transformation. The collaborative design can get ink with creative variations. 

Cute rose and butterfly tattoo for girls

Image: @pinkladytattooer

35. Dagger in Red Rose Tattoo

The dagger and rose tattoo comes as complimenting each other. It is a sign of the dark side, whereas the flower shows joy, love and beauty. A rose tattoo inked with a dagger tattoo can also signify heartbreak and betrayal since roses traditionally symbolize love and beauty, like heart and dagger tattoos.

Dagger and rose tattoo

Image: @255tattooshop

36. Aqua Daisy Tattoo on Chest

Due to the bright and cheerful nature and desire, the daisy flower design symbolizes purity and innocence. The flower as feather chest tattoo design inked in blue on the chest also represents beauty, love, fertility, and a new beginning. 

Daisy flower tattoo on chest

Image: @dominguez.jaziel

37. Shaded Dead Skull Flowers Tattoo

A skull chest tattoo next to a flower is the Mexican way. The meaning of the tattoo design changes utterly, such as the beauty, balance, and joyfulness of the petals will transform the disquieting head into a new, cheerful symbol.

Dead skull flowers tattoo on chest

Image: @zanecollinstattoo

38. Colored Turtle and Flower Tattoo

More than a tattoo design, a turtle and flower design represent wisdom, patience and longevity. Turtle tattoos can symbolize almost anything you want them to and from immortality and protection to gracefulness and patience

Turtle and flower tattoo

Image: @yubarta_tattoo

39. Elegant Lily Flower Tattoo On Chest

Lilies are gorgeous flowers that stand for devotion and purity. These are also associated with the power of rebirth and motherhood. These delicate and colorful tattoo designs are multi-layered and are variable as a direct symbol of God’s contentment. 

Elegant lily flower tattoo on chest

Image: @mariavbotar

40. Enthralling Flower And Clock Chest Tattoo

The tattoo design is visually exciting and is often represented as life and everlasting love. It holds deep meaning as the tattoo can symbolize immortality and death. The tattoo inked in black shading gives a stunning appeal. 

Enthralling flower and clock chest tattoo

Image: @danmurphystattoos

41. Fabulous Black Botanic Tattoo for Chest

Delicate and colorful tattoo ink is a symbol of natural beauty and life. The multi-layered tattoo represents the love between two people. The black outlined tattoo design symbolizes purity, love and refinement distinctively and intricately. 

Fabulous botanic tattoo for chest

Image: @jhomaniec_tattoo

42. Fabulous Flower and Leaf Tattoo

The flower design is a powerful symbol of desire, passion and perfection. Different flowers mean different things, so it is best to confirm that each flower in your design represents what’s important to you.

Fabulous flower and leaf tattoo

Image: @bocao_tattoo

43. Geometric Flower Tattoo on Chest

A flower tattoo symbolizes beauty, femininity and love. The favorite flower design inked in fine lines gives distinctive appeal as a reason for calmness. The geometric chest tattoo also sometimes refers to the wearer giving the design the right place. 

Fine flower tattoo on chest

Image: @creation_projet_tattoo

44. Fish And Flower Tattoo

The fish and flower tattoo is excellent as a good luck charm and a symbol of perseverance over challenges for complicated circumstances. With the representation of pain, struggle and growth, the tattoo design inked in black give profound appeal. 

Fish and flower tattoo

Image: @uhhhhtaco

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45. Watercolor Flower Tattoo Design

The watercolor tattoo design gives incredible and flawless body art as an eye-catching inking design. Tattoo design inked in shades of red with white color shading effect makes the tattoo design look gorgeous and distinctive. 

Watercolor Flower tattoo design

Image: @oldheathen1

46. Realistic Flower Tattoo Design Idea

With different significance and meaning, the shades of black and grey hues give incredible effect. With upper chest flower design stretched to the shoulder provides fantastic tattoo art. The inking style with creative simple outlining gives excellent appeal. 

Shaded flower tattoo for hot girls

Image: @lichomanka

47. Flower and Butterfly Eyes Tattoo

In many cultures, the eyes are the windows to the soul. A Butterfly tattoo that features a pair of eyes symbolizes the ability, or the need, to focus on a cheerful, joyful soul. The butterfly as angel wings chest tattoo design inked in bold black gives a distinctive look

Flower and eyes tattoo on chest

Image: @wagner_reginato

48. Ambigram Flower Tattoo on Full Front

What body area is excellent to decorate with a pattern? The illustration of the full front view of flowers gives an incredible and symbolic meaning with origin. Widely appropriated tattoo design gives delicate beauty with a symbol of good luck.

Flower tattoo on Full Front

Image: @tattodysuits

49. Flowers and padlock chest tattoo

Often, flower tattoos symbolize pure joy. So when they are paired with a bird tattoo, they represent wisdom and intelligence in life. The peacock symbolizes success, and it was believed the bird walked with the Goddess of good fortune, Lakshmi.

Flowers and padlock chest tattoo

Image: @mtattooartstudio

50. Delicate Outline Flowers tattoo

Flowers are a typical tattoo design to get it inked on the body. Giving different ideas, the delicate rounded petals of the flowers provide a distinctive and realistic tattoo appeal. The tattoo design inked in a black outline makes the style. 

Outline Flowers tattoo

Image: @cellatattoo

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51. Green Butterfly and flower tattoo

A flower tattoo inked with butterfly design comes as a great way to show off your personality. It simply resembles femininity and beauty. Floral butterfly tattoos symbolize serenity, innocence and love towards nature. The intricate detailing of the tattoo makes it look great on the chest. 

Butterfly and flower tattoo

Image: @gatouguillemard

52. Fox And Flower Tattoo

The tattoo is considered majorly feminine that represents passion and temptation. Running fox in the illusion of other patterns with different patterns and styles makes the tattoo appear great in its way. 

Fox and flower tattoo

Image: @neller_tattoo

53. Bold Black Flowers Tattoo

Black flowers are mysterious elegant and seem to come straight from some fairytale world. In reality, there are no truly black flowers – most are very dark shades of purple or red. They symbolize power, mystery, elegance, farewell and goodbye.

Great black flowers tattoo on chest

Image: @blackrock.tattoo

54. Grey Effect Rose Flower Tattoo

Representing love and beauty for the grey tattoo design gives an incredible appeal. The rose is arguably the most recognized flower globally, and it is one of the most famous and enduring symbols in Western culture. 

Grey rose flower and leaf tattoo on girl chest

Image: @selina_ink

55. Grey Lotus Tattoo On Chest

Lotus flowers symbolize several things, making them unique and highly personal tattoos. In general, the flower represents rising above temptation and becoming a better person.

Grey lotus tattoo on chest

Image: @studiogaialondon

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56. Purple Flower And Butterfly Tattoo On Girl Chest

The purple flower tattoo design on the chest symbolizes modesty, innocence, affection, care and love. The white inking style with green leaf added to the tattoo gives feminine solid vibes. It represents elegance, luxury and refinement, making the tattoo incredible. 

Purple flower and butterfly tattoo on girl chest

Image: @linda_jones_c

57. Double Grey Rose Tattoo

When getting a grey rose tattoo, the designs and colors can have a deep meaning. To boost masculinity as the tattoo is inked for men while women prefer to convey deep meaning with the tattoo design by using bright colors. 

Double Grey rose tattoo

Image: @sunrise_tattoo

58. Heart And Flower With Torch Tattoo

Often depicted as a flaming heart, the Sacred Heart demonstrates Christ’s transformative power of divine love. Something feminine and elegant about nature and rose tattoos, the heart chest tattoo is especially a petite design.

Heart and flower WIth Torch tattoo

Image: @1000voltstattooco

59. Linework Heart and Rose Tattoo

The chest’s heart and rose tattoo design often represent passion and intense love. Symbolizing eternal love to sweep away the incredible tattoo design, the outlined rose, and heart ink gives distinctive yet stunning tattoo appeal.

Heart and rose tattoo on chest

Image: @custominkstudio

60. Flower and Skull Sternum Tattoo

A cold skull is a powerful representation of death. Putting a skull next to the rose tattoo significantly changes its thoughts giving balance and joyfulness to the transforming tattoo design. 

Flower and skull tattoo

Image: @lilredstattoo

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61. Key And Rose Tattoo On Chest

The rose tattoo represents grace, gratitude and affection. The best addition of key with the rose design makes it look distinctive and appealing with various colors and shades. The grey ink looks with white shading makes the tattoo look great. 

Key and rose tattoo on chest

Image: @scene360

62. Blue Rose Flower Tattoo On Chest

A blue rose is a flower of the genus Rosa that presents blue-to-violet pigmentation instead of the more common red, white, or yellow. Blue roses are often used to symbolize mystery or to attain the impossible.

Blue Rose flower tattoo on chest

Image: @gda_tattoo

63. Spiritual Lotus Flower Chest Piece Tattoo

As a symbol of purity and peace, the lotus tattoo has a life cycle, unlike any other plant. The open petals of the lotus represent wisdom, making the tattoo design bloom in its own unique and adorable appeal. It breaks free from surrounding burdens holding it down. 

Spiritual Lotus flower chest piece tattoo

Image: @irenebogachuk

64. Lotus Flower Chest Tattoo For Men

The lotus tattoo encourages you to focus on spiritual enlightenment. With recognizable symbols of sophistication to understand nature, the tattoo is the visual representation of mind, body, and soul. 

Lotus flower chest tattoo for men

Image: @die_tattoomacherei

65. Linework Lotus Flower Tattoo

A standard and extraordinarily unique personal lotus tattoo design on the chest gives a stunning appeal. As the temptation of life and becoming a better person, the black ink outlined tattoo symbolizes rising higher.  

Linework Lotus flower tattoo

Image: @feern4ndaa_ 

66. Dotwork Lotus Chest Tattoo

The lotus tattoo inked in dotwork shows a distinct look and rises above the surface to bloom remarkably. The tattoo shows distinguished signs of untouched impurity, purity of heart and mind. The creative lotus flower tattoo is a symbolism of honor, health, long life, and good luck.

Dotwork Lotus tattoo on chest

Image: @sternumtattoo.uk

67. Name And Flower Tattoo On Chest

These subtle and small tattoo ideas are perfect for introverts making a quieter statement with their ink. The black inking style with the name encrypted inside the tattoo makes the design look awesome. 

Name and Flower Tattoo on Chest

Image: @kaike.tattoo

68. Lucky Blue Flower Tattoo On Chest

A blue flower tattoo can represent love, hope, or beauty, while some cultures associate blue flowers with the desire to reach the unreachable. In addition, the shading effect of the tattoo makes it look distinctive and appealing in its way.

Lucky blue flower tattoo on chest

Image: @inkfinery

69. Mandala Tattoo On Chest

Some meaningful tattoo designs include the Mandala tattoo, and it symbolizes the mind and body balance. It also means empathy, charm, passion and hope. The complex tattoo symbol with many circles in an overlapping layout gives distinctive appeal. 

Mandala tattoo on chest

Image: @psycho5701

70. Bold Blue Wave with Lotus Chest Tattoo

The blue lotus flower tattoo symbolizes overcoming the physical impulse to act on the spiritual. This symbol is always shown as partially open, representing the never-ending growth of the spirit and mind.

Mind blowing lotus flower mens chest tattoo

Image: @desireemattivi_tattoos

71. 3D Girl Faces And Flower Tattoo On Chest

Many people assume that men should not get flower tattoos because flowers are delicate, a trait mainly attributed to the female gender.

3d girl faces and flower tattoo on chest

Image: @nahuelacevedo13

72. Anchor And Rose Tattoo On Chest

Rose symbolizes femininity, and a rose and anchor tattoo means that their partner is what keeps them stable and robust for a man or girl. Originally worn, it represents stability as the anchor would keep the ship stable during a storm.

Anchor and rose tattoo on chest

Image: @thaedder

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73. Anchor With Flowers Chest Tattoo

As a symbol, anchors hold a lot of meaning. For some, it’s simply a representation of the sea. The anchor, wrapped in a rose, symbolizes unselfishness and self-sacrifice. The black inking gives deliberate and improved appeal.

Anchor with flowers chest tattoo

Image: @darksouls.tattoo 

74. Floral Owl Tattoo Design

Those with owl tattoo designs believe that owls symbolize a light that shines through the darkest of times because they are the epitome of vision and hope. The black ink looks subtle and elegant with an improved and delicate tattoo design.

Owl and flower tattoos on chest

Image: @thediiit

75. Lightly Shaded Attractive Flower Tattoo

Across the world, flowers are known to be the motifs typically recognizing the cycle of birth and death and rebirth. Representing life’s struggle, it is a distinct flower that comes with different sorts of ink having symbolism attached. 

Attractive flower tattoo

Image: @bleucanardtattoo

76. White Flower Tattoo On Chest

The white color flower represents purity ad innocence in its way. It is typically thought of as a secret admirer as a passionate lover, which means being a healer, first lover. The tattoo gives an adorable look.

White flower tattoo on chest

Image: @ink22.tattoo


What does a tattoo of a flower mean?

Delicate and colorful, flowers have long been important symbols of natural beauty and life. The meanings behind flower tattoos are as multi-layered as they are variable.

What flower does the tattoo mean to love?

Roses symbolize love, so they are a common tattoo for lovers to get together.

What flower symbolizes life?

Lavender flowers give amazing fragrance and it shows a sign of long life. The flower design can be seen in numerous color shades and are famously inked in purple and orchid.

What is the flower in Japanese tattoos?

More commonly known as a cherry blossom, the Sakura is famous worldwide for its beautiful appearance and the things they represent. 

Which tattoo should I get on my chest?

Most flower designs make incredible body art as with their versatility and a fantastic range of colors. Some of the most popular women chest tattoos that bloom include memorial chest tattoo, dragon chest tattoo, script chest tattoo, animal skull chest tattoo, collar bone tattoo, scorpion chest tattoo, moon chest tattoo, roses, sunflowers, lilies, jasmine, and lotus.

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