37 Classy Peony Tattoo Designs That Never Go Out Of Style

Floral tattoos never go out of style. They are a fabulous way to blend feminine charm with a strong attitude. One of the most famous such tattoos is the Peony tattoo. The Peony is such a marvelous flower in Japanese and Chinese culture.

37 Classy Peony Tattoo Designs That Never Go Out Of Style

Peony flower is traditionally said to possess luck, love, beauty, richness, new beginnings, strength, and pride. Peony tattoos are very ancient symbols – Japanese aristocratic warriors liked and loved to adorn their bodies with flower tattoos of Peony.

The increasing popularity of this flower is due to its attractive colors and alluring textures. Also, in some countries, Peony is recognized as a good fate for a successful marriage and longer life.

Peony Flower Tattoo Designs   

The peony tattoo design can be easily paired with any symbol depicting the most arduous meaning of all. The placement and the entire structure make the peony tattoo charming and desirable. The tattoo is very rare to be found and acquired and has a classy and appreciative nature.

Traditional Japanese peony body art is often blended with demons, dragons, and tigers. Such a combination of Japanese designs results in the equilibrium of strength and elegance. Peony tattoo also has Japanese lions, here the animal stands for protection, and the flower symbolizes peace.

Peony flowers tattoos are available in different patterns, ideas, and designs. They can be simple, Chinese, geometric, Japanese, delicate, traditional, realistic, watercolor, tiny, or significant. In addition, peony flower tattoos are available in different colors such as blue, red, black, purple, black and white, or grey.

The peony tattoo can be made on various parts such as shoulder, hand, foot, bud, side, forearm, wrist, back, rib neck, foot shoulder, shoulder cap, forearm, hip, or other large portions of your body. It can be your first tattoo.

Japanese and Chinese Peony Tattoo Meanings

Peony tattoo meanings stand different in both cultures. In Japanese culture, the meaning of the Peony tattoo meaning is referred to as the kingdom of blooms. It symbolizes a successful wedding, brilliance, charm, bravery, fruitfulness, spring, richness, nobility, pleasure, and the victory of life. Japanese tattoos can be seen as peony tattoo commonly.

In Chinese mythology, the peony is considered a national flower with magical properties to protect from evil spirits. Therefore, even the image of this chivalric bloom depresses them. Also, in Chinese culture, it is said to possess Yang energy. Many cultures have different interpretations.

History of Peony Flower

The flower peony got its name from the doctor of Olympic gods Peon, or Paean, meaning Granting light. Following this title was passed to doctor-god Asclepius. The disciples of Asclepius were called Paeonia; they performed thankful chants for excellent recovery. From here, there emerged a word in the English language, Paeans, meaning a victorious song.

From ancient times, the Peony has been recognized as a decorative plant and as a herb. Galen, a well-recognized doctor and the philosopher of medicine, cited that a woman who has problems with the menstrual cycle to heal the organism’s normal functioning should take a slice of a peony’s root on her neck.

In the East part of the world, peonies are appreciated for their beauty and are recognized as a supreme symbol. But apart from their noble beauty, peonies have other uses too. For example, in Europe and Asia, peonies are used for medicinal purposes also. Hence peonies are often correlated with many meanings. Moreover, because of its descriptions and aesthetics, people got more motivation from this beautiful bloom and later used it as a body art design in peony tattoos.

The Meanings of Different Colors of Peonies

The beautiful flower peony contains many meanings. Giving it to another person can depict romance, honor, and even modesty. As a design, it commonly represents wealth, victory, and good fate. While a simple peony tattoo or flamboyant blooms of peony is meaningful, its colors can add even more meaning. This is because the flower peony has different color variations.

Red Peony

In countries like Japan and China, it is a strong symbol, the color red is often linked with affluence and prosperity. This explains why many people consider red peonies as a sign of such traits. Hence a red peony tattoo can express respect and pride, as well as enthusiasm and love.

Pink Peony

Like red peonies, the pink ones can also symbolize affection and depict romance too. These pink-colored peony flowers are often seen in wedding events and are an essential part of wedding bouquets.

White Peony

White peonies are considered sophisticated. They are also a romantic choice of color and can give off a clean aura without making the wearer seem too feminine. Be careful while opting for this color. It can also mean regret. If you are not very particular in the meaning of the colors, you can still use it as a color of your tattoo peony because it can look aesthetically delightful too.

Adorable Peony Tattoo Designs For You To Make Your Body A Blooming garden

The tattoo of the peony flower may appear a quite simple one glance but there are various options of how this tattoo can be made. You can combine various other elements to your prominent tattoo like dragons or lions. Whatever you have in mind and whichever kind of design you go for the tattoo comes out to be looking refreshing and classic, also your tattoo artist will be a deciding factor of that.

1. Peonies and Snake Tattoos

The combination of peonies and snakes is widespread in Chinese or Japanese-themed tattoos. Snakes and peonies tattoos can represent impregnation on a larger scale. They both together symbolize the actual life-end-renewal cycle. Asides from the sacred symbology, these designs weave attractively into each other. This design usually represents pious sensuality and is a blend of modern designs.

Image: @Petpress

2. Dragon and Peony Tattoo

In Japanese tattoos, the Peony inked has a whole new meaning when paired with a dragon.

The Peony represents powerful strength and bravery in the Japanese context. When paired with a dragon, it adds a new meaning to the artwork. The combination together is an ideal representation of a feeling of flow and delicate balance. A tattoo artist presents it as a strong oriental cultural significance item.

Image: @Tattoodo

3. Pink Peony Tattoo

Imagine a bush of peonies, and what you get are pink peonies. They are amazingly full of romance and often used in wedding bouquets. So if you want to celebrate love, romance, an anniversary, get a pink peony tattoo. You have great options of pink tones to choose from.

Image: @Wörter tattoos

4. Watercolor Peony Tattoos

Watercolor peony tattoo often possess the versatility and the most remarkable trends. You can use this style to represent any feeling or emotion you like. Find a tattoo artist that can provide it with an exquisite look.

Image: @REDBOOK Magazine

Watercolor designs utilize light outlines and bold splashes with playful and imperfect colors to create a bold design. These brightly colored tattoos often take you to the modern styles of design.

5. Black & Grey Peony Tattoo

Image: @Lilac Tattoo

Black and grey peony tattoos are an example of versatility and can suit all areas of the body. These are the perfect way to focus on your design’s shape and sensitive details without any abstraction in color.

6. Black Work Peony Tattoo

Try bold work tattoos such as blackwork peony if you want to highlight deeply saturated black ink large sections of intensely saturated black ink. The black ink is differentiated with negative-space or skin breaks, where your skin becomes part of the design.

Image: @Tattoodo

Black-Work Peony tattoo truly reflects charming effects.

7. Pleasing Peony Arm Tattoo

Girls often go for a tattoo choice that is delicate and dainty looking, so if you looking for something like that then you can consider this kind of tattoo as an ideal choice for you. The combination of red and green color looks amazing here and it can be choice for any gender. This is a kind of tattoo that will always look trendy and can be done on any part of the body.

Image: @Chronic Ink Tattoo

8. Massive Peony Tattoos on the Back

The peony tattoo looks unique and when done on the back, they are easy to hide. Engraving this type of tattoo can be advantageous for you if you want to match it with secretive symbols. The entire structure is mild as the design is only thin lines with light shades and minor shading. These tattoo designs depict daring and changing vibes. It is an excellent choice for those who go to the beach often.

Image: @Brooke Champ

9. Beautiful Peony Neck Tattoo

Having a neck design is perfect if you are not afraid to stand out in a big crowd. It’s a bold and risky placement but is sure to make an impression. The engraving of a peony tattoo on the neck is one of the most painful placements. But not to forget that this placement can be relatively tricky to conceal.

10. Dreamy Peony with Stars Tattoo 

The blend of peonies and stars design looks outstanding and fantastic. The star enriches more glamour to the peony tattoo and gives it a dreamy vibe. In the case of this design, design area options are enormous such as, collar bone, shoulders, ear, knees, forearm, neck, wrist, back of the ear, and foot.

Image: @Tattoodo

This delicate petals tattoo has no particular structure, the stars dictate the design. If the size of the stars is tremendous, then a thin design would look good and a boldly lined design will look good with small stars. The aesthetic of the design depends on your preference and the tattoo artist’s skills. Though this tattoo is not easy to pull off. However, these tattoos always help people be optimistic and represent good thoughts and hope in life.

11. Charming Peony Tattoo as a Ring

Are you a lover of accessories?

If you’re searching for permanent ring design that goes well with your every outfit, then the flower tattoo is a decent choice. Peony as a ring has got all the cuts and fabrication that a reasonable call possesses. The color code is not of great concern. You can have a ring tattoo in black and grey color. Such a combination goes well with anything and everything.

Image: @Alexus Korinko

The Peony Ring tattoo depicts that the wearer has sound control in making decisions and taking actions.

12. Marvelous Full Bloom Peony and sunflower Tattoo

A peony tattoo with sunflowers is highly mesmerizing. They can be engraved on different body parts such as knees, wrist, back, shoulders, forearm, collarbone, and feet. The entire look is moderately simple. The shades of red and yellow look amazing and show happy vibes.

Image: @AliExpress

These tattoos symbolize faith, longevity, loyalty, and love. If you choose this tattoo, it represents a person with a sparkling aura. Hence, if you get the tattoo, you’ll carry the spotlight with you. 

13. Magical Peony and butterflies Tattoo

Peony tattoo with butterfly designs have a magical appearance. The vibes are beautiful and also add a little vintage. The butterflies make the personality of the wearer daring and sparkling.

Image: @BIRMON

You can go for engraved on the back, chest, finger, thighs, wrist, foot, collarbone, and neck, shoulders, and foot. A thick-lined structure enriches the tattoo floral designs. These tattoos represent endurance, strength, hope, and power.

14. Stunning Peony Forearm Tattoo

Here is a tattoo for those who are looking for a forearm tattoo. If you are looking for something elegant then here might be something for you. Here are multiple magnificent peony flowers that look identical to each other.

Image: @Sarah Beisly

You can try something similar with different sizes, moreover you can experiment with different colors for this Chinese-style tattoo. Use this tattoo to amplify female beauty and it can be etched on any part of the body.

15. Traditional Japanese Peony Tattoo

You can get the peony as your primary tattoo and then use other various elements as secondary tattoos to go with it.

Image: @TattMag

This is a pretty large tattoo that goes from the shoulder to the arm. It has a perfect blend of floral pattern which is why it looks engaging. Both men and women can go for this tattoo who all are looking for detailed design or an intricate one.

16. Peony and Skull Tattoos

The combination of blooms and skulls tattooed has been popular for many years. This tattoo represents a blend of life and death and can be an excellent reminder to live every day of your life as it is your last—people like these tattoos as they look calm and relaxed. This one has delicate details in it.

Image: @Sam Nagel

17. Single Needle Peony Tattoos

Single Needle Tattoos have a similar approach to a pencil-drawn sketch, which gives them the same aesthetic.

Image: @Elizabeth Smith

The artist uses only one needle to create the design you want in a single needle peony tattoo. However, it takes many diverse types of hands to pull off the overall effect.

You get a soft and crafty but bold and distinctive result every time.

18. Graphic Peony Tattoo

Graphic peony tattoos can be made in any form and depict innovative tattoo techniques. These tattoos are a fantastic approach if you want to feel the very moment.

Image: @Rust Sedoy 

The graphic style employs a variation between rigid geometric shapes and more organic lifeforms to create visual interest.

This is a beautiful approach if you want a tattoo that feels very of the moment.

19. Hummingbird & Peony Tattoo

The peony and Hummingbird tattoo combination is famous, particularly for people who looking for a feminine style.

The design is graceful and is used by many people for genuinely aesthetic reasons. Bird and Peony together represent grace and honor.

These tattoos stand for happy, cheery, and imaginative affirmations in life. These tattoos mainly represent blessings.

Image: @Kendall Luckett

The combination of hummingbird and Peony stands for the positive approach towards life that comes from memorizing to oblige that one has.

You cna even use this flowers tattoo as sleeve tattoo, as men are often searching for options to get on their arms to cover it whole. For a sleeve get a bigger size of the flower or even get a mix a small and big flower. A collection of small elegant flowers may make uo as a good idea for a sleeve tattoo. 

20. Peony Shoulder Cap Tattoo

The shoulder cap is one of the most preferred places for a peony tattoo. It gives more elegance and class to the wearer as well as to the already stylish tattoo.

Image: @Melissa Vollenweider

In addition, the shoulder cap is a spot where you can easily hide or show off your tattoo as per your wish.

21. Realistic Peony Tattoos

It is delightful to play with different themes, but flowers are blooming all on their own. In a realistic tattoo design, the artist pays tribute to the natural beauty of the bloom.

Image: @BIRMON

These tattoos are a remarkable result that reminds you of the grace of nature.

22. Peony Sleeve Tattoo

Peony flowers also form a great sleeve tattoo, and people love it because they appear nothing like the traditional sleeve totems.

Image: @Laura Giron

For this type of tattoo, you can have one big Peony on your sleeve or have a gathering of some beautiful small flowers making up the entire sleeve tattoo. Again, you can have many options, drawing it in plain black ink or engraving it in bright, alluring colors.

23. Rose & Peony Tattoos

Roses and peonies are not related, but their combination is often considered a romantic gift. Roses and peonies when together are as, bloom and blossom, making it a perfect match. As gifts, they’re both taken to be romantic. Rose and peony tattoos represent adorable and increase feminine beauty.

Image: @BIRMON

A rose and a peony tattoo design may depict an intense longing for someone’s love, a romance celebration, and being familiar with your eternal femininity. It a popular choice among women’s tattoos.

24. Pink and Purple Peonies Tattoo on Back

The blend of pink and purple Peony will look classy and elegant on your upper back part. If you are thinking of getting a tattoo on your back, many-colored tattoo options are available.

Image: @Alleideen

It is one of the best peony tattoos ideas that you can choose to look great.

25. Tiny Peony Tattoo on Hand

There are many design options in peony tattoos that you can select for your hand. You either opt for a bit of peony tattoo with black color on your bicep, or you can choose a colorful peony tattoo for your wrist. Both of these patterns options will look great for your hand.

Image: @katie busch

There are many unique and appealing tattoo ideas and designs available that you can choose as per your desire and wish. In addition, you can make a combination of different kinds of colors of your choice.

26. Illustrative Peony Tattoo

For Illustrative tattoo designs they can be made in various forms. As a result, these designs look artistic while like some tattoos give a photo-realistic look. The styles here seem to be done in 2D design with a good cplor scheme. The spiritedness and art of these peony tattoos are to be cherished.

Image: @Daniel Leria

27. Neo-traditional Peony Tattoos

Neo-traditional tattoos have a less realistic look and more of a 2D look.

A Neo-traditional peony tattoo depicts curved lines which can add liveliness to a pattern used and to the floral design as well.The colors used here are organic hence make them an ideal choice for animal and plant life.

Image: @ThirdEye

28. Japanese Peony Tattoos

In the Japanese tattoo culture peony tattoos are heavily used because the bloom is of very much importance to Japanese culture. Usually you will see these tattoo in black and red ink and there is a reason for that.

The Black is taken as a symbol of mourning and grief in Japan and signifies wisdom and etiquette.

While the red color of protection from spirits, victory, and strong emotions. Collectively, are good for symbolism and show masculine and shielding image.

Image: @Tattoodo

29. Traditional Japanese Peony Tattoo

Peonies can be combined with any other design creating a perfect blend of both patterns. This tattoo begins at the shoulder and ends on your arm. This tattoo is a must-have for tattoo enthusiasts or tattoo lovers. It can be trendy and classy since it has novel patterns along the flora line, making it look alluring.

Image: @crimsonarrowtattoo

This tattoo is a perfect choice for both men and women who are crazy about detailed tattoo designs. There are various placement options for Japanese peony tattoos, such as the forearm, back of the neck, shoulders, wrist, knees, collarbone, and foot.

When it comes to the peony design of Japanese, the thick black-lined tattoo looks best. The color code that suits the best is yellow, orange, dark blue, light, and dark green. Japanese peony tattoos depict honor, new beginnings, good fortune, and boldness.

30. Moon Shaped Peony Tattoo

You can have the Moon-shaped peony done on the feet, thigh, or wrist. As this small but magnificent piece of art stands for a deep meaning. Go for a half-moon to combine with the peony.

Image: @Rosario Contreras

You can have on any part of the body that you like to carve.Whatever your choice, crescent moons possess versatility and add just that little something good to your tattoo.

31. Colorful Japanese Peony Collar Bone Tattoo

If you are Japanese orlike the culture then you can get this Japanese peony tattoo. It is made indifferent from the normal peony tattoo. Collar bone is one the most sensual part of a girls body and getting tattoo here will only mean that the girls looks more attractive now. You can explore various ideas of how you can get work done around the collar bone.

Image: @Luis

32. Black Peony Tattoo on the Palm

An artistic black ink peony tattoo is a hot favorite for many people. The line patterns around the flower and leaves, unlike the traditional tattoos, are the striking feature of this tattoo. You can get it engraved on your body. You can also get a slight variant of it as per your choice and desire.

Image: @Stylesatlife

33. Simple Peony Flower Tattoo Near the Ear

This small peony black and white tattoo is ideal for girls who want it carved near their ears. It adds elegance to the wearer’s face and looks classy and beautiful. You can recreate this tattoo by combining some definite watercolors across the tattoo design or leaving it in a monochrome tone. In addition, both boys and girls can get this beautiful tattoo engraved.

Image: @Saved Tattoo

34. Chinese Peony Tattoos with a Name Tag

Colorful peony tattoos drive out the life and grace of the bloom onto your body. You can select a larger or smaller version of this design as per your personal preference and get it carved anywhere on your body.

Image: @suman Acharya

  • Flower’s beauty is captured correctly by using watercolors, which gives you the classic category in the shape of a tattoo. The lovely pink and green tones give the tattoo a realistic shine.

35. Sleek Peony Foot Tattoo

Ankle tattoos are gaining more attention today. Just like the wrist, it only offers a little space for the tattoo. Therefore, it is suitable for women searching for a small piece that will still express themselves stylishly. A trendy peony ankle design tattoo highlights stylish black lines that are charming and act as a beautiful anklet.

Image: @Shannon Overpeck

Replacing one single Peony with smaller peony flowers can help you to get a related effect. This tattoo looks lovely in a monochrome tone, but you can get a more muscular look by adding various colors. The slimness of the tattoo makes it a classic addition to your ankle and is trending towards females.

36. Beautiful Peony Arm Tattoo

This design can be an excellent choice if you are looking for a bright and sensitive tattoo. Using pink and green colors gives it a sparkling look and finish. This superb tattoo design can be excellent for everyone, irrespective of gender.

Image: @Stylesatlife

This tattoo never goes out of style, and it seems the best when engraved on the shoulder, but you can get it engraved on any exposed area of your body as you desire.

37. Peony Tattoos with Raspberries Layout

The next tattoo allows us to not forget the season days of summertime. Out of vision, the design depicts a truly purple peony layout with raspberries.

Image: @shiksha rathore

It is a charming, botanical tattoo layout, and a shading mixture of purple, red is fantastic. A tattoo like this could be a good choice for people who love nature and the outside.


Peony tattoos are in trend and look beautiful and elegant on your body. It is one of the most popular tattoo design ideas that you can pick for your different body parts. If you opt for a good peony tattoo design on your body, it will depict good fortune, compassion, romance, and more. It is a perfect body art with a deeper meaning to enhance your personality.

If you want to get a perfect and classy piece of body art, there are several peony tattoos designs available that you can choose for your body. The peony tattoo is a fantastic choice for both men and women who want something elegant and detailed. Inconsistently, flowers are not a preserve for women as different designs from peony flower tattoos are available to prove that they can work for anybody. You have to select a good plan and pattern and engrave it from a professional artist.

The foremost part is getting peony tattoos in just any color you can imagine or desire. Red, purple, peach, and orange are the standard colors used for these tattoos. However, the large monochromatic and bright designs look stunningly beautiful. Also, a peony tattoo has a positive impact. No matter how opposite or negative the wearer has, it would abolish all contradictory and negative thoughts.

Getting a tattoo can be highly daring. Never forget to capture such a scary yet cherished moment. People who enjoy great risks may enjoy making this big tattoo. Take a friend along, so he or she can take pictures and videos of the entire engraving and inking procedure. You might also feel super excited as well as annoyed before your turn. Wish you good luck . Hence someone must be with you before and during the inking process to make you feel comfortable. Above all, make every moment count in your life and have valuable memories.


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