29 Wholesome Sunflower Tattoo Designs And Styles You Need To Save

 A sunflower reflects warmness and satisfaction and carries significant worth as a small tattoo design. 

The shiny yellow flower stretches towards the sunlight with its long green stems. Still, it can be combined into a fascinating array of tattoo options to suit every variety of tattoo collectors, whether you’re looking for a smooth and rich cursive tattoo or an intricately specific practical concept. 

29 Wholesome Sunflower Tattoo Designs And Styles You Need To Save

What Does a Sunflower Tattoo Mean?

The sunflower stand for a couple of things like optimism, devotion and joy. When ever someone pictures a sunflower or a field of sunflower then it brings happiness to the mind. This is the reason why the sunflower tattoo has become infamous with tattoo enthusiast.

For some ink inspiration and designing, here is the list of the best sunflower tattoo ideas and designs to spark your creativity and innovation.

1. Hip Sunflower Tattoo Style

Tattoo can be a private thing for someone. So if you are looking for a tattoo that you can hide when you wnat then the hip can be a good choice for you. It is a sexy and sensual place to get etched on. On can even see the hip tattoo from a side view and the canvas for art is in curvy form so it makes it the best choice for some bodyarts.

Image: @fonsoinkk_227

2. Sleeve Sunflower Tattoo Design

A sleeve tattoo is one that starts from the shoulder and then reaches upto the wrist, because of the big area of the arm it gives great opportunity to show skill. You can go for a single kind of style or opt for a combination of different kind of styles. For example if we talk about the sunflower tattoo it can be combined with leaves, petals and stems. Sunflowers in yellow or in simple black it might manage to steal the show everytime.

Image: @mynameis_stef

3. Arm Sunflower Tattoo Idea

This flower tattoo for the arm has become famous among tattoo enthusiasts because they look fabulous on the arm. You can choose your occasion to flaunt and when not to flaunt.  You can also use the kind of clothes you use to flaunt or hide your tattoo. The shape of the arm can also help the sunflower design for the perfect tattoo. Whether dainty and delicate you can use the whole arm for a splendid design.

Image: @bloomtattooco

4. Forearm Sunflower Tattoo Idea

Forearm tattoos look great on men as they get one more reason to flaunt their muscles. Also the forearm is taken as one of most sensual parts of a men’s body. If you like to admire yourself looking at the mirror then it is a great option for you.

Image: @lildoe.tattoos

5. Thigh Sunflower Tattoo Idea

A tattoo done on a thigh is a bold statement if a women wears this tattoo. An advantage of this kind of tattoo is that it can be hidden easily and when you want to flaunt it you may wear a tiny dress or shorts. Because the area for art is more, you can get big tattoos.

Image: @toothflowertattoos

6. Sunflower with Butterfly Tattoo Idea

If you are an optimist and like to channelise positive energy then you can get a combination of the butterfly and sunflower tattoo. The body art personal can use different colors to differentiate between these tattoos.

Image: @lerystatts

7. Wrist Sunflower Tattoo Idea

The design is complex and pleasing, plus still visible. An inner wrist tattoo is a more reasonable choice, and you can think about having a sunflower tattoo on the top of your wrist for a more novel look. The windling sunflower looks fabulous on the wrist especially when made in a way that it is wrapped around like a coil.

Image: @ kylejohnson.tattoos

8. Foot Sunflower Tattoo Style

To achieve the best results, a foot tattoo, like an ankle tattoo, requires careful placement. Women go for these kind of tattoos because ankle tattoos make them feel free spirited. This can be your perfect tattoo to flaunt this summer with you flats or heels. If  you want a little but gorgeous design, a foot sunflower tattoo is a great choice. There is something that you have to keep in mind for going for foot tattoo that the fat lining here is less so it can cause relatively more pain. So a smaller tattoo maybe a good choice for you.

Image: @wittyart

9. Back Sunflower Tattoo Style

The back is a good option for your tattoo if you are looking for a big tattoo as the back gives a bigger area for detailed and intricate inking. This means better option for elaborated kind of designs and more detailing for tattoos like these of a sunflower. This kind of linear design compliments the body design perfectly.

Image: @saint_and_sinner_tattoo_studio

10. Black and White Sunflower Tattoo Idea

The yellow shade is the perfect choice for a sunflower tattoo, but if you are looking for a tattoo without color. Then you can even try one in black and white color. While the lively yellow shade looks fine in tattoo form, these stunning flowers look equally impressive in black and white. To make your sunflower tattoo a little more subdued, prefer to have a classic black-and-white design. Your tattoo artist can use this black ink to produce depth in your tattoo.

Image: @themindset.studio

11. Simple Sunflower Tattoo Idea

The sunflower tattoo are simple for a tattoo but can be attractive for you. Minimal tattoos have become the best choice for all folks because they look elegant so you can try the same approach for you sunflower tattoo in your black ink.

Image: @misshelltattoos

 12. Watercolor Sunflower Tattoo Idea

The watercolr style of doing a tattoo has become infamous overtime. This is an extension of the style that is used in water paintings where splash color is used. If you use it for flower tattoos then it will add a lively look to the tattoo. The tattoo artist you choose will use the color ink to imitate the water color painting. Go for a yellow color sunflower tattoo for maximum attractiveness.

Image: @barbarabuchignani

13. Sunflower and Rose Tattoo Idea

A sunflower and rose tattoo is the perfect and excellent choice for those passionate and romantic at heart. Sunflowers symbolize endurance, love, and pleasure, while roses express love and passion. Instead of a normal tattoo idea you can even use it to describe your relationship with your favorite person.

Image: @girlinheavystorm

14. Sunflower Mandala Tattoo Idea

The mandala is a sign that has significance from ancient time in several religions like Hinduism and Bhuddhism. The mandala stands for perfection, purity and balance. In Buddhism it is used to represent the complete universe. The mandala tattoo is generally done in a circular form so goes well other secondary round tattoos.

Image: @jessebrittentattoo

15. Ankle Sunflower Tattoo Style

The tattoo on the ankle can be the best choice for those who are looking for something elegant yet classy. The ankle does not have much area so if you go for a smaller tattoo here then it will be the best choice for you. Tattoos like these have a feminine touch to them so are ideal for women.

Image: @gypsy.rose.tattoo

16. Sunflower Tattoo with Name Idea

The flower tattoos in general have a profound meaning they stand for love and natural beauty. This is the reason why they are chosen as primary tattoo to combine with other elements. So often people use the a flower tattoo to get a name of a special person or a loved one.

Image: @sandee.tattoos

17. Realistic Sunflower Tattoo Style

Realistic tattoos might be difficult to get, but a qualified artist can perfectly display your design. A realistic sunflower tattoo is a fun way to wow your family and friends with your art. Take a snapshot for future reference. To make your sunflower tattoo even more vivid, make sure the design includes angles, drift, light, and movement. It’s also important to use realistic hues, so don’t go too bright or dark.

Image: @ariannapignatelli_

18. Hand Sunflower Tattoo Idea

Hand Tattoos are becoming more mainstream today and are favored by many celebrities. Floral tattoos look fabulous on your hands. Sunflowers, in particular, satisfy this placement because they can be adjusted to fit the curves of your hands and fingers.

Image: @johnnyboy_tat_ny

19. Butterfly with Sunflowers Tattoo

Butterflies are an extremely refined choice for a tattoo. They represent change, independence and are often associated with our souls and spirits. When combined with a sunflower – which signifies delight and joy – the result becomes a solid and confident inking. One way to combine the two is a half-butterfly, half flower design, which highlights the transformative character of the tattoo.

Image: @inked_by_tahlia

20. Sunflower Daisy Tattoo Idea

Daisies can be a good symbol to go with the sunflower tattoos as they are a sign of joy. This is the reason that you will see a combination of these two done together. Ladies can go for this tattoo to represent a unique child in their life. Or even for adopting a child and a godchild. This tattoo can be a great idea to show a connection with a child and remember one’s own time of youth.

Image: @kaecee_sa

21. Behind the Ear Sunflower Tattoo Idea

A behind the ear tattoo is a bold choice for the tattoo because you cannot hide this tattoo easily. But you can always use your hair to hide the tattoo.A tattoo behind your ear is one of the more modest tattoo options, as you can easily hide it with your hair. The small, charming tattoo is best accommodated for those who have short hair. The tattoo near the ear is considered as a tattoo for someone that is closest to the owner of the tattoo.

Image: @hecatesinkpot

22. Sunflower Shoulder Tattoo

Any tattoo artist will tell you that rounded floral designs are especially complimentary when done on the shoulders. This placement is famous mostly among office workers, as the tattoo can be easily hidden or covered by wearing a short-sleeved shirt or any cardigan. Feel free to display your sunflower by wearing a trendy tube top or a halter neck sundress. Also, the aftercare for this type of tattoo is low maintenance.

Image: @nick_pisani

23. Black & Grey Sunflower Tattoo

If you want to get a sunflower tattoo but you don’t like colored inks, then the black and grey sunflower tattoo design idea is best for you. This type of tattoo looks as awesome as any colored tattoo because they are very detailed and beautiful. 

Image: @tor_ink

24. Sunflower Field Tattoo

We recommend this stunning sunflower field tattoo design if you’re looking for a captivating and healthy tattoo. Despite its small size, the tattoo is beautifully created, with excellent detailing and coloration.

Image: @inklightenedstudio

25. Blooming Sunflower Tattoo

This wonderfully adorable tattoo is ideal for anyone who wants to show off the growth and blossoming of their romantic connection or friendship. It’s true to the meaning of a sunflower, and the design reflects the flower’s warmth and delight, as well as what it stands for in real life. So instead, your artist will implement coloring pigment to imitate the effect of a watercolor painting. A lively yellow sunflower looks pretty when inked in this style – though it is a more excellent tattoo technique, so ensure you choose an expert artist to apply it.

Image: @brain_ink_

26. Unique Sunflower Tattoo

If none of the ideas above appeal to you, we suggest looking into some of the more unusual sunflower tattoo designs. The designs are gender-neutral and can be worn by both men and women. It’s up to you to decide which one is best for your needs or simply be inspired by them.

Image: @sixfeetunder_tattoo

27. A Big Single Sunflower Tattoo

Choose this enormous and vivid sunflower tattoo design if you want your tattoo to make a statement while still being beautiful and meaningful. The outstanding design is still in the works and is only a concept. It does, however, exactly depict how a massive, colorful sunflower tattoo should seem.

Image: @jorgeets

28. Van Gogh Sunflower Tattoo

If you’re a lover of Van Gogh’s work, you’re definitely aware of his fondness for sunflowers. These flowers appear in so many of Van Gogh’s paintings that it appears that they have inspired many individuals to use them as tattoo design ideas.

Image: @slhtattooer

29. Delicate Sunflower Tattoo

This tattoo design is ideal for those who desire a little delicate tattoo that catches the eye but isn’t the focal point of their personality or appearance. This tattoo has a lot of shading and depth, as well as stunning yellow and green tones.

Image: @konxatattoo


 If you desire to create fascinating artwork on your body, choose this timeless sunflower tattoo design that will never go out of fashion and trend. Get inked the sunflower tattoos to symbolize optimism, joy, hope, and fate. Sunflower tattoo designs are versatile and look marvelous regardless of the color, size, or placement.


What are the meanings of sunflower tattoos?

The main purpose why the sunflower tattoo is used is to denote romanticism and other things it is attached to are everlasting and hopeful love.  Although to be fair, most flowers signify love in some manner, this concept is most likely derived from Greek mythology.

What makes sunflowers so unique?

These flowers are unique in that they may produce energy in the form of nourishment and vitality, similar to the sun and the energy it delivers through its heat and light. Sunflowers are known as “happy” flowers, making them an excellent present for cheering up someone’s day.

Are sunflowers bad luck?

While some flowers and plants are regarded to bring ill luck, the majority are believed to bring good fortune to your home. When given for occasions such as graduations, new business openings, and more, sunflowers are supposed to bring good luck.

Is it true that sunflowers bring good luck?

Because the sun is such an important source of energy, a sunflower can also provide vigor and luck, causing a person to become more active. Planting sunflowers around your home will bring you luck every time you leave.

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