The Best 53 Small Heart Tattoo Designs You’Il Never Get Tired Of

A small heart tattoo is one of the most beautiful tattoos you can get. It is versatile, expressive and a symbol recognized all over the world. So it’s only fair if you want to get one too. Make your search for a small red heart tattoo design worthwhile with these 53 tattoo ideas.

This article has an excellent idea with an individual’s dedication for every design you can think of. So leave the heavy-duty work to this article and find your next tattoo. Start browsing!

What does a small heart tattoo mean?

A small heart tattoo represents a good feeling; it also symbolizes love, friendship, happiness and a new meaning to all the wholesome feelings.

What does a white heart tattoo mean?

Generally  a white tiny heart tattoo is a symbol of love and peace, however, it could also just be your stylistic choice.

What does a human heart tattoo mean?

A human small heart tattoo is a symbol of friendship, it could totally be a symbol of honor or appreciation to someone who means the world to you.

What does a heart tattoo with flowers mean?

Flowers and tiny heart tattoos represent virtues like passion, deep feelings (platonic/non-platonic), and happiness.\

What does a heart tattoo mean on the face?

A tattoo heart on the face means mourning or personal loss in many ancient cultures. But recently, it has been another stylistic choice. 

Simple adorable heart tattoos

1. Small heart outline tattoo

What is cuter than a small tattoo heart outline? Well, nothing, such simple shapes look pretty, neat and allow the design to pop, especially if there are no other tattoos around – this type of small tattoo design suits everyone and almost every area.


2. Small red heart tattoo

Red heart symbol is iconic, so it is only fair if it’s a small heart tattoo design inspiration article but, this fame makes a red ink heart extremely common as well so, how could you make a tattoo unique? Use the color and its shades in a gradient.

3. Imperfect heart design tattoo

What are humans, if not imperfectly perfect beings, controlled by emotions? That’s why this imperfect tattoo heart design is a great choice, it could represent pride in your imperfections, a difficult time or just a simple design and these designs look so much fun too!


4. Cute heart on shoulder tattoo

Shoulders are one of the best areas to get small heart tattoos, the area makes any design look delicate and adorable – that is why you must take a look at shoulder tiny heart tattoo ideas at least once and maybe you choose this idea as your next tattoo.

Credit: thats.tough.last.try_tattoo 

5. Heart with a rose tattoo

What comes to mind when you think of love and romance? A heart and a rose may be on top of the list. So why not combine both of these beautiful elements? A heart and the rose tattoo look great anywhere you decide to get it inked ether for your loved ones as the first piece. 



6. Heart with a face tattoo

Tattoos can be fun for the sake of it and there doesn’t need to be a special meaning behind some matching ink you put on your body; a small heart tattoos design could be wholesome without meaning anything more than that.


7. Finger heart design tattoo

Finger tattoos are dainty and adorable, outline heart tattoo look great and you can hide them if you want – a tattoo on your finger could mean a lot of things; for example, if you get a small red heart tattoo design on your left hand’s ring finger, it could mean you are married or in a relationship.


8. Blooming hearts tattoo

Retro fashion is back in full force, the tone, aesthetics and even tattoo designs are influenced by different colors or vintage style so ,if you think this type of small heart tattoo design will soon be out of style, you need to look at these ideas as one could say, the blooming heart is one of the cutest designs, and you won’t regret getting it even after years.


9. Candy heart tattoo

Heart tattoos are sweet but could you make them any sweeter? Yes, they can. Just see this candy tattoo! A candy heart tattoo looks glossy, vibrant and actually makes you want to eat it. How could you say no to such a great design?


10. Colorful heart tattoo

Emotions are a spectrum, just like colors. Here is an eccentric tattoo that looks like a breath of fresh air, this small tattoo design could be messy and not-so-perfect – you could scribble your very own tattoo in a minute too. Try it now!


Simple heart tattoos

11. Tiny heart tattoo

Everyone loves a tiny tattoo, they look insanely adorable and are less painful too and you can get small heart tattoos anywhere you like. Ear, behind the ear, finger, or neck, every placement is a great place for an itty bitty tattoo with several common elements having simple yet powerful expressions.


12. Collarbone heart tattoos

The collarbone is an excellent area for small and delicate tattoos, the area enhances the charm of any tattoo – that means it is perfect for getting small heart tattoos on your collar bones although the area could be tricky and painful to get inked, the effort is worth it. No pain, no gain, right?


13. Shoulder heart design tattoo

If you want to control who views your tattoos, you should definitely get a small shoulder tattoo, shoulders make it easy to hide a tattoo and highlight it whenever you please, for example, a small heart tattoo design would look adorable and you can find more cute ideas if you keep browsing.


14. Minimal design on wrist tattoo

If you want to control who views your tattoos, you should definitely get a small shoulder tattoo, shoulders make it easy to hide a tattoo and highlight it whenever you please, for example, a small heart tattoo design would look adorable and you can find more cute ideas if you keep browsing.



15. Simple black heart tattoo

Are you a risk-taker? Can you make a small heart tattoo design the center of attention? Here is an idea for you. Yes, a face tattoo. It is small, cute and looks absolutely pretty on the high points of your face, especially cheeks. Black heart tattoos below the eyes are also popular among younger generations.


16. Matching tiny tattoos

Looking for small heart tattoo ideas to match with your BFF? Or your partner? Just take a look at these matching tiny hearts tattoos. Just in case you are thinking of areas for matching tattoos, they look great on your wrists, forearm and fingers. you can also get outline heart tattoo or infinity heart tattoo when matching with partner.


17. Heart on hand tattoo

Small heart tattoos look amazing on hands. A colorful small heart or a simple black ink tattoo makes for the prettiest small tattoos you can find. So if you want an elegant and neat tattoo, go for a heart tattoo on hand without thinking twice. On the other hand, black heart represents sorrow and many people prefer black ink symbolizes sadness, lost close or represent death.


18. Dainty design tattoo

Who doesn’t love a dainty tattoo design? Look at these tattoos for example. They are simple yet detailed, cute yet edgy. If you are looking for a pretty heart tattoo idea, you need to look no further. Make these designs yours and have a great session time getting inked. you can also have Jesus Christ’s unwavering love heart and cross tattoo on wrist.



19. Matching heart tattoos

The happiness of getting a tattoo multiples when you get it with someone. You could get a heart tattoo on your wrist, bicep, ribcage or finger. All these areas are popular for matching tattoos (fairly so).  A matching heart tattoo with your BFF or partner? Say cheers to the idea!


20. Black heart outline tattoo

A heart tattoo design doesn’t need to be red or detailed to be cute. Even with a black outline, the heart looks just as amazing. If you want your tattoo to look simple and keep it out of attention, this tattoo idea might be for you.


21. Edgy heart tattoo

Well, edgy tattoos aren’t just for teenagers, everyone can get them. If you are a teenager and going through a rebellious phase, these designs might help you show your angst. If you are older, you might like these tattoos as well. These designs are cute, aesthetic and they do help when you can’t tell the world you are going through something.



Unique small heart tattoos

22. Pink hearts tattoo 

Yes, red hearts are classic but pink hearts are phenomenal too. They represent so many variations with many placements having different elements. They are a reminder of the 2000s girly era, work well as the representation of your favorite animated series, and make you happy. So if you want a simple but popping heart tattoo design, here you go.



23. Initial in Heart tattoo

If you are getting it for a partner or for self-love, it could be a tattoo for you. So write your initial or your partner’s and complete this adorable tattoo. You can use different fonts, too (use your cursive writing lessons here).



24. Interlocking hearts tattoo

Interlocking hearts generally represent one thing – love. So if you are in a relationship or have a strong platonic connection, your next tattoo is right here. This heart tattoo design can be black or colorful. And it can be inked anywhere you like, thanks to its tiny size.



25. Floral heart tattoo

A heart can have many variations, but have you thought of it as a vase? Here is a cute tattoo idea you will like if you are into experimenting with tattoos. Add some flowers to your heart and make it a vase for beauty. Of course, it can have a different interpretation; let’s leave that to you.


26. Heart for travelers tattoo

Are you a travel enthusiast? Your heart will have a million memories, and you can use them as your heart tattoo design inspiration. Wishing you more happy memories.



27. Broken heart tattoo

You are what you learn from your experiences. Maybe you want a reminder of an experience you learned from, or you just want an excellent tattoo. Whatever it is, here is your broken heart tattoo. you can also have anatomical heart tattoo as much commitment to own heart symbol.


28. Gemstone heart tattoo

Are loud and decorated tattoos your style? Look no further. Add some shine to your body with gemstone heart tattoos. They look mesmerizing and add a pop of color. They are so brilliant you wouldn’t want your eyes off them! 


Still looking for a tattoo you are sure about? Here are some more fantastic designs for you. Happy tattooing!




















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