The Top 33 Taurus Tattoo Designs That Make You Look Strong

Zodiac sign tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos in the world because they look great, represent a person’s virtues and are simple so, if you are looking for inspiration for Taurus tattoo designs, you are lucky.

The Top 33 Taurus Tattoo Designs That Make You Look Strong

Here are 33 unique Taurus zodiac tattoo ideas you will fall in love with, they are versatile — cute, fierce and out of the world so, keep browsing to find the best tattoo for your zodiac signs.

But first, let’s go through some FAQs to help you get your preferred Taurus tattoo ideas.

Which tattoo is lucky for Taurus?

A small heart, a bull, and an ox are lucky tattoos for Taurus. They represent the zodiac’s virtues.

What do Taurus tattoos mean?

Meaning of popular Taurus tattoos:

  • Small heart: Venus, the planet of love.
  • A bull/ox: Earthy virtues.
  • Venus: Taurus is ruled by the planet.

What is the symbol for Taurus?

The symbol for Taurus is bull.

What are the best Taurus tattoos?

A Taurus constellation tattoo, a bull and the Zodiac symbol are popular Taurus tattoos.

What are strong Taurus tattoos?

The bull symbol is a strong Taurus tattoo for everyone.

Taurus constellation tattoos

1. Small Taurus constellation tattoo

Small tattoos can be brilliant; they can fit anywhere and still express the meaning you want. 

2. Taurus arm tattoo

A mesmerizing Taurus tattoo idea would be an excellent fit for the back of the arm; you can have a big tattoo or a small one, but the zodiac signs’ design you choose will be the center of attention.


3. Simple Taurus constellation tattoo

Simple tattoos can be charming if you have great inspiration. Just look at this minimal Taurus tattoo, and you’ll fall in love right away.


4. Bicep Taurus tattoo 

If you want a medium-sized tattoo with minimal pain, you can get a bicep tattoo. It allows you to be creative and get thorough with the process if you’re scared.


5. Cute Taurus tattoo

If you want your tattoo to look cute, add single or multiple pastel colors to your Taurus tattoo design. And you have the cutest tattoo ever!


6. Ankle Constellation Tattoo

No matter how big of a Taurus tattoo design you choose, ankle tattoos look dainty. So look at this design to get your ankle inked.


7. Wrist Taurus tattoo

The wrist area already makes your tattoos look cuter, if you want your Taurus tattoo design to look better, get them on your wrist.


8. Taurus constellation tattoo

Some tattoos do not need a specific area to enhance their charm; they are beautiful by themselves. That is why you need to look at great Taurus tattoo designs before getting a tattoo.


Although a ribcage tattoo may sound scary, it is totally worth it; a Taurus tattoo design would look amazing on your ribcage; the area makes any tattoo look cool, especially tattoos for zodiac signs.

9. Ribcage constellation tattoo

Ribcage constellation tattoo

Credit: lindsayapril

10. Behind the ear tattoo design

Behind the ear tattoo is an excellent idea if you genuinely like your tattoo. To find the best Taurus tattoo idea, have a look at this design here.

Behind the ear tattoo design

Credit: sin.tatz

11. Small Taurus constellation tattoo

Constellations are a work of art by the universe. If you want your sign to stay close and private to you, you can get small Taurus tattoo designs.


Taurus Zodiac tattoo designs 

12. Taurus bull tattoo

Are you looking for a Taurus zodiac sign tattoo? Then, get a robust bull design inked and let people shower you with praise. Such tattoo designs look fabulous no matter their size. 

13. Lineart bull tattoo

Minimal, creative and classic – the exact Taurus zodiac sign tattoo you need to get.


14. Watercolor Taurus tattoo

If you like a splash of color in your tattoos, a watercolor Venus (Taurus’ ruler)  tattoo would be perfect for you. Such tattoos are cute and look soft too. Moreover, they are true to the Taurus zodiac sign.


15. Bull head tattoo

In all its glory, a bull looks different and more majestic than the usual design. So if you want something different, totally go for this design.


16. Bull and constellation tattoo design

Time to experiment with your Taurus tattoo designs with a combination of the bull sign and the Taurus constellation. It will make a unique and creative tattoo.


17. Taurus bull tattoo design

A Taurus tattoo design collection is not complete without a bull design. So here is a Taurus zodiac design you will not get enough of.


18. Minimal Taurus tattoo idea

If you want the tattoo simple but still want a beautiful design, you could go for a minimal Taurus tattoo. And if you want your Taurus zodiac tattoo to stay artistic, you could go for line art as well. 

19. Bull finger tattoo

If you want a small bull tattoo, you can get creative with a minimal design on your fingers. A Taurus tattoo design on the finger is guaranteed to look brilliant.


20. Big bull head tattoo

It is easy to make a bull head tattoo look fierce and edgy. If you want such a tattoo, look no further, the inspiration is right here.


21. Detailed Taurus bull tattoo

If you want to go all the way with your tattoo, go for a detailed Taurus bull. It looks fantastic and displays the strength in you and your zodiac sign. 


22. Large thigh tattoo

Why stop at a small Taurus tattoo design? Instead, get a large thigh tattoo full of elements, details and everything else you need without compromising your preferences for a Taurus zodiac tattoo. 


23. Small finger tattoo

A small finger tattoo is one of the easiest ways to celebrate your Zodiac sign. It is easy to get and looks elegant as anything.

Small finger tattoo

Credit: Small finger tattoo

24. Beautiful bull tattoo

Adding a branch of flower or a cute detail is the easiest way to make any Taurus tattoo design beautiful. So if you want your tattoo to look great, this suggestion is for you. You’ll love this Taurus zodiac sign tattoo.


25. Tiny finger tattoo

A tiny tattoo is a great way to get a design you love without much hassle. In addition, you can keep a tattoo private if you get it between the fingers.


Taurus tattoo ideas for women

26. Ribcage tattoo

If a low-key tattoo sounds like you, you are at the right place. Get a great Taurus tattoo design inked on your ribcage. It will allow you to get a design you want just for yourself and keep it private.


27. Colorful Taurus sign tattoo

Popular black tattoos do not mean they are your only stylistic choice. For example, you could pick a brightly colored strong Taurus tattoo too. 

Credit: zephyralva 

28. Bull Taurus tattoo

A bull tattoo is always a bold choice, but it is unique and stunning. It would look fierce, loud and everything you want in a tattoo.. 

29. Bull and flower tattoo design

A great way to symbolize strength and kindness is a bull and flower Taurus tattoo design. This tattoo looks great and has a great message too.


30. Back of the neck tattoo

The prettiest tattoos are found at the back of the neck. However, if you want a great design and fierce tattoo, you should consider it too.


Did you find the right Taurus tattoo design for you? Time to get the design tattooed and celebrate the fierce Taurus you are. Happy tattooing!

31. Taurus tattoo

A big Taurus tattoo could be your next tattoo if you like a beautiful design. It is a bold choice but makes you the confident Taurus that you are.


32. Small Taurus symbol tattoo

It can be a combination of elements or a simple design; your tattoo is your choice. Find a design you really like so that you can cherish your tattoo forever.   


33. Fine line Taurus tattoo

These Taurus tattoo designs are unique, and everyone will fall in love with them right away. And when you are surrounded with praise, you won’t regret getting a unique tattoo.


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