88 Beaded Rosary Tattoos Ideas For Your Unique Tattoo

When we talk about the beaded rosary, then religion is something that pops into your mind first hand. The rosary beads tattoo is the one you can get on almost any part of the body and of any size.

88 Beaded Rosary Tattoos Ideas For Your Unique Tattoo

If you wear this tattoo on your ankle or wrist, it will look like you are wearing something like a bracelet.

This is because the bead of the rosary is in an order that tells how you have to say the prayers to complete the full rosary circle.

Beaded rosaries are often in the hands of priests and nuns so it is a sacred symbol.

If you want the tattoo to replicate an actual rosary, your tattoo should have beads equal to the real rosary. But if you want it to represent your Christian faith in your religion, you can use as many beads as you want depending upon the size of your tattoo.

You have to recite a Jesus prayer for each bead in the rosary.

There are various ways of getting this rosary tattoo, and you can add multiple other religious symbols. For example, you can get it with a Bible, Jesus, praying hands.

Getting a rosary tattoo can show your faith in your religion.

88 Rosary Beads Tattoo Ideas

1. Thumb Tattoo of Rosary Beads

You can have a small rosary tattoo around your thumb. It is a unique tattoo. Thumb tattoos are not familiar to stand out with this different tattoo.

Image: @skindeep23

Image: @alexnuneztattoos

2. Rosary Beads Tattoo on Wrist with Shadow

If you add the shadow effect to this tattoo, it will add more life to this tattoo. Your tattoo artist can show his creativity on this tattoo. If you are looking for a small tattoo on your wrist, this can be the one.

Image: @jr_nunez

Image: @jerkydoo

3. Rosary Beads Tattoo Ideas For Wrist

This tattoo is suitable for a small minimalistic tattoo idea and looks beautiful and elegant and it will take very less space on your body, so if you do not want too much ink on you go for this one.

Image: @legalpics

Image: @mothyzoe

4. Holy Rosary Beads Finger Tattoo

Do you like to wear rings around your finger? Well, this time, you can try a tattoo instead of a ring.

Image: @coy_fish_tattoo 

Image: @whiteboybarrett

5. Blessed Hand Rosary Beads Tattoo Idea

If you want a hand tattoo, then you can get this one. The blessed hand will give you that sense of security that you have the almighty’s blessing.

Image: @trip.vision.customs

Image: @deadmantattoos

6. Hand to Arm Rosary Beads Tattoo Design

This one tattoo can give the effect of the rosary beads hanging from your hand, also, hand tattoos have been in trend for a long time now and this tattoo looks one of a kind.

Image: @mgkevin 

Image: @evanpoiriertattooer

7. Holy Rosary Beads Ankle Tattoo Design

You can have this ankle tattoo. It is suitable for a small tattoo.

Image: @roadrunnertattoostudio

Image: @ hippiheaven

8. Mid Arm Rosary Beads Tattoo Idea

Forearm tattoos look great on men. So if you want a forearm tattoo to show off those cuts, you can get this tattoo. It also looks great in the middle of the arm.

Image: @witchcityink

Image: @samuraihtattoo

9. Rosary Beads on Arm Tattoo

This tattoo will look like that of a bracelet. You can place it in between the arms also.

Image: @pandatrev_tattoos

Image: @belle_tattooist

10. In Loving Memory Rosary Memorial Tattoo

If there is a loved one who is no more in this world, then you can get a tattoo as a tribute to your loved one. May God give rest to their souls.

Image: @venomvixenink

11. 3D Rosary Tattoo Design

If you want a tattoo that looks lively, you get a 3D tattoo; it looks great.

Image: @inf_evans

Image: @inkspirationaltattoo

12. Masculine Rosary Beads Arm Tattoo

For people in fitness and bodybuilding, you can get this tattoo. The rosary tattoo is different from normal ones as this one is in a masculine way.

Image: @houseofpaintattoos13

13. Full Sleeve Rosary Beads Tattoo

Do you like sleeve tattoos? How about a full sleeve tattoo for your arm of the rosary! Beaded rosary looks incredible as a sleeve tattoo.

Image: @charld0

14. Roses and Rosary Beads Full Sleeve Tattoo Design

You can even have roses added with your rosary tattoo. It gives a more dramatic look. Roses are a sign of love, and a rosary will depict your love for God.

Image: @eddycastillotattoos210  

Image: @glazaro_

15. Praying Hands with Rosary Beads Tattoo

Our folded hands in front of God show that we are in sync with divine energy. Folded hands with a rosary wrapped around the indicators show that you believe in praying and worshipping God.

Image: @nannyflostattoo

16.  Roses Rosary Tattoos

Did you know that in Christianity, the five petals of a rose represent the five wounds of Jesus from the crucifixion? So if you are getting a white rose, then a white rose stands for purity, and a red rose shows the sacrificial blood of Jesus.

Image: @wavenpave

Image: @locksmith_tattoo

17. Beautifully Detailed Praying Hands Rosary Tattoos

The human body is the most beautiful thing in the world. So many artists were intrigued by the beauty and brought that beauty to paper. Similarly, your tattoo artist can produce body art of folding hands with detailing.

Image: @jonnysculliontattoo

18. Tattooed Praying Hands with Rosary Tattoos

This one is another excellent idea of getting the folded hands tattoo.

Image: @nadz_hydradad

Image: @d.a.d__tattoo

19. Rosary Tattoos Cross Ankle

You must have seen that girls are primarily with ankle tattoos. But, there is a reason why the ankle is accentuated as one of the most elegant parts of a girl’s body. Yet, the girls like to decorate it more to make it more engaging.

Image: @freakshowllc

20. Rosary Tattoos For Finger

You can get finger tattoos in pairs and matching to one another. For example, rose tattoos are the most popular finger tattoo for a rose and rosary tattoo.

Image: @samytattoobologna

Image: @natasharubydesign

21. Salice Rose Rosary Tattoo

The Salice rose is connected to a comedian.

She has got a cross tattoo and a rosary tattoo on her forearm. You can also get a tattoo similar to ger.

Image: @leonardo_curielmtattoo

22. Rosary Tattoo on Wrist

The wrist has become a popular place for tattoos now, and they even look great. There are a lot of ways of getting a beaded rosary.

Image: @roadrunnertattoostudio

Image: @tattoos.by.ping

23. Colorful Rosary Catholic Faith with Holy Cross Tattoo

You can even get a colorful rosary also. Different from a realistic one, but you can let your tattoo artist show your creativity.

Image: @tatsbykas

Image: @ink.cheketatts

24. Rosary Tattoo With a Quote

Quote tattoos are in and look great. Quote, add meaningfully shadow to the whole tattoo. You can get a quote and surround it with a rosary.

Image: @lurchcady 

Image: @ babyboytattoos714

25. Chest Locket Beaded Necklace Rosary Tattoo Design

You can get a locket kind of rosary tattoo around your chest. If you can like lockets, then you can get this tattoo.

Image: @inkstytucja_tattoo_rzeszow

Image: @sonny_tatt.x2

26. Heart Shape With Rosary Christian Symbols Tattoo

If you want a heart and a rosary tattoo, you can get one with a rosary in the shape of a heart. Next, you can fill some colors in the heart to make it authentic.

Image: @redbellytattoos

Image: @soho_concept

27. Rosary Tattoo with Sun

A rising Sun is a sign of rising opportunities. So a Sun with a rosary can mean all the options that came because of your faith in God.

Image: @camo_campbell

Image: @ ga.l.ink

28. Rosary Tattoo with Bible Or Virgin Mary

Bible tattoos are a potent symbol of Christianity as the Bible is the holy book of Christians.

Image: @ededdeddietattoos

29. Traditional Rosary Tattoo with Clock

A clock is a sign of passing the time. Your faith in God did not shatter in all the good and bad times that have been given.


Image: @_deesmall

30. Infinity Sign Rosary Tattoo

You can have the sign in the shape of infinity. The infinity sign is for the limitlessness of things in life.

Image: @mushkatattoos

Other Tattoo Idea’s

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What are beaded rosary tattoos?

Beaded rosary tattoos are the one that has the rosary used for praying in them.

A rosary tattoo means protection. If you are wearing a rosary tattoo, you are protected. It can ward off demons and evil spirits and steer people away from temptation.

What does a Jesus tattoo represent?

A Jesus tattoo is a symbol of faith, power and love. It can mean the sentimental value can be religious or love and trust in general in life.

A Jesus tattoo can also mean hope in popular opinion in life. But, unfortunately, the most popular tattoo of Jesus is a crown of thorns.

Is tattoo forbidden in the Bible?

Tattoos have been around in the world for millennia.

But there is a verse in the Hebrew Bible written by writers of the ancient middle east that forbade tattooing.

What exactly is the rosary?

The word rosary is a chain of roses, which are prayers. The prayer of the rosary is about the life of Jesus Christ and his mother, Mary.

October is the rosary month in the catholic church, but people recite this prayer for the whole year.

What do religious tattoos mean?

Religious tattoos are a physical representation of one’s faith in God. The tattoo designs with spiritual purposes stand for a moral message like trust, hope and love.

Getting a rosary tattoo where it is easily visible can give you the strength to never give up and go on in life no matter what. The faith and hope put in God keep you going, and you can show the love you have for God.

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