48 Tattoo Ideas For Sagittarians To Show Off That Furious Personality

Last Updated on July 24, 2023

If your zodiac sign is Sagittarian, you can get a tattoo as a birthday present for you this year. Around this time of the year, all the Sagis are maybe expecting their birthdays.

If you have a friend with a Sagittarian zodiac sign, you can maybe fund his Tattoo.

48 Tattoo Ideas For Sagittarians To Show Off That Furious Personality

A half-man and a half-horse centaur represent the Sagittarius zodiac sign. The half-man is holding a bow and arrow. Or the zodiac sign is simply a bow and arrow without the man and the centaur.

The Sagittarian is not afraid to use the bow and arrow, meaning not hesitant to explore different terrains in life that others won’t dare to explore.

Hence, this sums up the Sagittarians’ full of fury and fearless personality. To portray your personality trait use a tattoo from this fantastic collection. Here in this post, we will explore all Sagittarius tattoo ideas.

48 Best Sagittarius Tattoo Design

1. Simple Arrow Design Sagittarius Tattoos

Love simple things?

A Sagittarius arrow tattoo might be your thing.


Credit: plume.kraft_tattoo

2. Cute Sagittarius Tattoos

Great for minimalistic Sagittarius tattoo ideas.

It can also be your first archer tattoo if you do not want too much ink on you and want an elegant tattoo design.

Credit: jenbeantattoos

Credit: taniasantostattoo

3. Centaur Forearm Sagittarius Tattoos

Boys usually are more bent towards the forearm tattoo placement—the courageous Sagis who want to show off that solid forearm can use this archer Tattoo for it. Arrow forearm tattoo also looks great.

Credit: bohtattoo

Credit: angshutattoos

4. Sagittarius Bow And Arrow Tattoo For Wrist Tattoos

The Sagittarius symbol looks impressive as a wrist bow and arrow tattoo also.

Credit: massar_tattoo

Credit: bean.no.tattoo

5. Arrow From The Constellation Sagittarius tattoo

An arrow tattoo coming out of a constellation makes a very cool archer tattoo.

Credit: redbarrontattoos

6. Sagittarius Tattoos Rose

If you love roses, Sagittarius women can go for this Tattoo design.


7. Dark Sagittarius Tattoos Ideas

You can have Sagittarius symbols written simply in a foreign language or your native language with an exotic font.

Credit: mvsstudiyo

Credit: tptat2_bangkok_thailand

Credit: tattooist_jing

Credit: artatorture

8. Zodiac Symbol Simple Sagittarius Tattoos

The bow has a simple line, and then a simple arrow tattoo completes the astrological sign.

It is a fabulous minimalist tattoo idea.


Credit: monia.ink

9. Bicep constellation Sagittarius Tattoos

A Sagittarius tattoo might be the perfect choice for them’ guns.

Credit: m0rps

10. Arrow And Constellation Combination Sagittarius Tattoos

The bow and arrow look amazing when combined with a constellation.

Credit: mr.jones.tattoo

Credit: aylishtattoo

11. Fire Sign Sagittarius Tattoos

A blazing fire tattoo with a geometric design bow tattoo looks fabulous.

Credit: tominda

12. Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Tattoo

It represents a classic half-man-half-horse in action with a bow and arrow.


Credit: criktattoo

13. Small Sign Unique Sagittarius Tattoos

Small tattoo designs never go out of style.

Credit: omniflow_tattoos

14. Floral Constellation Sagittarius Tattoos

The constellation in the Sagittarius tattoo design of a floral pattern looks impressive.

Credit: patka_tattoos

15. Sagittarius Tattoos constellation

The constellation with a star in different styles and patterns makes a fab Sagittarius tattoo.

Credit: indianinctattoo

16. Sagittarius Tattoos Constellation

This one is one of the authentic Sagittarius constellation tattoos.

Credit: orion1647

17. Minimalistic Saggitarian Tattoos

You can have just the dots of the constellation as your unique Sagittarius tattoo.

Credit: giakel_tatto

Credit: karalnie.tattoo

18. Single Needle Constellation Sagittarius Tattoos

Sagittarius tattoo is inspired by the art form of single pen painting, the whole picture uses just lines without lifting the pen/brush up until the entire piece is complete.

Credit: _thompsg

19. Thin Lined Arrow Sagittarius Tattoos

Sagittarius arrow tattoo is popular with archer tattoos.

Credit: tattooist_gurum

Credit: omg20201127

20. Colorful Constellation Sagittarius Tattoo

Adding color will give the stars Sagittarius tattoo a unique look.

Credit: unicornglitterblaster

Credit: andrxmeda.studio

21. Small Sagittarius Tattoos

The placement of this small Sagittarius tattoo can make it more engaging.

Credit: tattoo.onelove

Credit: funk_fl3

22. Small Sagittarius Tattoos

Your tattoo artist can show his creativity to give this Sagittarius tattoo an authentic look.

Credit: chevycorteztats

23. Floral Arrow Sagittarius Tattoos

Great for a Saggitarius who loves flowers and wants the Sagittarius tattoo on him.

Credit: valkyrie_tattoo_studio

24. Outline Sagittarius Tattoos

The outline sketch of the sign will make the shape of the bow and arrow Sagittarius symbol.

Credit: jurgen.frisch

25. Colorful Arrow Sagittarius Tattoos

Add color to your favorite Sagittarius symbol bow and arrow tattoo.

Credit: ato_mckitty

26. Large Sagittarius Tattoos Constellation

If you are a fan of big tattoos that cover significant body parts, then you can opt for these Sagittarius constellations as back or sternum tattoos. Sagittarius back tattoo designs have a lot of variety.


Credit: m4tte8ju.lal85

27. Ankle Arrow Sagittarius Tattoos

Are you a fan of an ankle tattoo?

How about this one as your new ankle tattoo!

Credit: ritualpolanco

Credit: valuyskaya_tattoo

Credit: sidsdeadtattoos

28. Arrow On Back Sagittarius Tattoos

This Sagittarius symbol might be the perfect accessory you can add to your body to flaunt this summer.

Credit: seemotte.tattoo

Credit: smileycharrtattooz

29. Long Arrow Sagittarius Tattoos

Sagittarius tattoo is an excellent idea for a different intricate bow and arrow tattoo.

Credit: hbartattoo

30. Geometrical Tattoo With An Arrow And A Bow

An arrow tattoo with a geometrical design is a fantastic Sagittarius symbol. A gymnastic archer added with a Sagittarius constellation tattoo looks great.

Credit: monikamoni.art


What is the symbol for Saggitarian?

There are a few representations of this Sagittarius symbol. Zodiac Sagittarius tattoos are famous among zodiac tattoo choices. For example, the archer with half-man and half-centaur or the simple bow and arrow, the simplest  Sagittarius glyph for the Sagittarius fire signs is an arrow.

What does a Saggitarius Tattoo mean?

The Saggitarius fire sign is the 9th to come in the zodiac wheel. Sagittarius tattoo is a sign that has half human and half horse. People born from November 23rd to December 21st are all considered Saggitarian’s. The zodiac Sagittarius tattoos, if tattooed on your body, represent courage, fury, independence and passion.

What Tattoo is lucky for Saggitarian’s?

Sagittarius symbol tattoos’ archer with half-man-half-horse is lucky and shows fiery personality and courage. Tribal Sagittarius tattoo and arrow tribal tattoo are also popular zodiac tattoos.

What is a Sagittarius tattoo?

Sagittarius symbol tattoos representing the signs associated with the fire sign will be a Sagittarius tattoo.

What are the traits of a Sagittarius?

Zodiac tattoos show the traits of that sign. Traits you can see in Sagittarius signs are loyal, intelligent, assertive, and compassionate personalities.