60 Exquisite And Elegant Religious Tattoo Ideas And Design For Back

Key Takeaways

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  1. Religious tattoos encompass symbols and imagery, each carrying unique meanings across various faiths and belief systems.
  2. These tattoos serve as a profound spiritual expression, allowing individuals to visibly embody their faith, values, and personal connections to the divine.
  3. Religious tattoos often reflect cultural traditions, celebrating the rich tapestry of global customs and the enduring significance of spiritual symbols.
  4. Choosing a religious tattoo is a personal journey, symbolizing one’s relationship with the divine and representing moments of introspection, devotion, or significant life events.
  5. Beyond their spiritual aspects, religious tattoos showcase a fusion of artistry and symbolism, creating visually striking designs that honor and celebrate various religious traditions.

Religious tattoos are well-known around the world. Many people get their first tattoo with religious symbols. Spiritual tattoos have a deep meaning that reflects how people view their relationship with God.

Christian tattoos are the most popular design since they effectively convey the religion’s faith, beliefs, and devotions. This symbolizes their desire to be closer to the divine. His religious tattoos serve as a constant reminder of his faith in God.

Before getting a religious tattoo on your body, understand its symbolic meaning. There are several tattoo designs, each with their own meaning.

So you decide which tattoo best fits your personality and spread the message you want to show to others.

We’ve gathered many religious tattoos that span the entire body and offer a powerful message.


The significance of religious tattoos transcends mere body art, embodying a profound connection to one’s faith and spirituality. These tattoos serve as visible declarations of devotion, encapsulating the deep-rooted beliefs, values, and personal narratives tied to religious traditions. Whether adorned with symbols, verses, or iconic imagery, religious tattoos provide a tangible expression of an individual’s commitment to their faith journey. They often act as constant reminders of divine guidance, strength, and cultural heritage, fostering a sense of identity and connection to something greater. In essence, religious tattoos bear both symbolic and personal weight, acting as wearable testaments to the enduring significance of spiritual beliefs in those who ink them.

Before You Get Started

  • Research the symbolism and significance of the chosen religious symbols or imagery to ensure a deep understanding of their cultural and spiritual context.
  • Select a tattoo artist with a proven track record in religious-themed tattoos. Review portfolios to assess their ability to capture the essence and sensitivity of spiritual symbols.
  •  If possible, consult with spiritual leaders or advisors within your religious community to gain insights and guidance on the appropriateness and respectful representation of the chosen symbols.
  • Choose the tattoo’s placement thoughtfully, considering cultural norms and personal preferences to ensure the tattoo aligns harmoniously with your body and reflects your faith journey.
  • Understand and commit to the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. Gentle care during the healing process is crucial for preserving the details and vibrancy of the religious tattoo, ensuring a lasting and respectful tribute to your faith.

Placement Option

The placement of religious tattoos is a deeply personal decision, allowing individuals to integrate their faith into their physical identity with intentionality. Common locations include the forearm, wrist, or chest, offering visibility for personal reflection and sharing one’s beliefs openly. Some may choose more discreet areas, such as the back or ribcage, for a more private connection to their spirituality. The versatility in placement allows for creative expression, aligning the tattoo with the body’s contours and ensuring a harmonious integration with the wearer’s aesthetic preferences. Ultimately, the chosen placement of a religious tattoo reflects the individual’s desire for public proclamation or private contemplation of their faith.

How Do You Find The Perfect Tattoo Artist for Religious Tattoo?

Finding the perfect tattoo artist for a religious tattoo requires careful consideration and research. Seek artists with expertise in religious symbolism and cultural understanding related to your faith. Review portfolios to ensure they successfully executed similar tattoos, demonstrating technical skill and a respectful approach to sacred imagery. Read reviews and seek recommendations from individuals who share similar religious perspectives. Schedule consultations to discuss your vision, allowing you to gauge the artist’s understanding of the spiritual significance behind the chosen symbols. The perfect tattoo artist for a religious tattoo is one who not only possesses artistic proficiency but also respects and honors the sacredness embedded in the chosen imagery.

What Is The Best Aftercare For Religious Tattoo?

The best aftercare for a religious tattoo involves a thoughtful and gentle approach to preserve the ink’s integrity and the sacred symbolism it represents. Keep the tattoo clean by washing it with mild, fragrance-free soap and lukewarm water. Apply a recommended tattoo ointment to moisturize the skin during the initial healing stages. Avoid exposing the tattoo to direct sunlight and picking or scratching the area. Wear loose, breathable clothing to prevent irritation. Following these aftercare practices diligently, as provided by your tattoo artist, ensures the optimal healing of your religious tattoo and helps maintain the vibrancy and details of the sacred imagery over time.

Religious Tattoo Ideas

1. Mary Tattoo On Full Back

This Mary tattoo is significant. Faith, purity, anguish, a wounded heart, and internal pain are all represented by a tear-dropping Virgin Mary. This Mother Mary tattoo is popular among religious people since all of her tattoos have great meaning and symbolism.

This also represents your sorrow and grief over losing a loved one who was closer to you.

Mary Tattoo On Full Back

Image: @inkedmag

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2. Nice Religious Tattoo

As you can see in the tattoo, it mostly justifies Jesus’ crucifixion, which is one of the most iconic moments in Jesus’ life and is strongly associated with Christianity’s history. This depicts Jesus Christ, who is nailed through his feet and hands as he hangs on a cross sign.

With its flawlessly deep significance, this is the ideal full-body cover-up tattoo.

Nice Religious Tattoo

Image: @tattoo_inkspiring

3. Mary And Jesus Tattoo On Back

Because she is the mother of the infant Jesus, Mother Mary is linked to him. Purity, care, devotion, tranquillity, and love were spread by Mary and Jesus Christ. As a result, both tattoos are extremely popular.

Mary is known as the Virgin Mary because she was supposed to be a virgin before the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s an appropriate way to honour women and mothers. Both tattoos have a deep meaning and send a positive message.

Mary And Jesus Tattoo On Back

Image: @matt_made_this

4. Religious Jesus Tattoo

This tattoo is frequently combined with the crown of thorns, the cross on which he was hung, and his wounds, representing all of the agonies he endured to atone for mankind’s sins. This sort of tattoo represents triumph, strength, and fresh beginnings.

This also represents a great deal of hardship, shame, and selfless service to mankind. The face of Christ is bleeding in this tattoo, and his eyes convey great pain.

Religious Tattoo

Image: @puns1tattoo

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5. Praying Hand Tattoo Design On Back

This tattoo serves to remind all people that prayer is extremely essential to them. People, who pray every day to thank God for his most precious life, believe that having prayer hand tattoos adds to their sense of pride.

It also sends out a message to the rest of the world about your belief in the power of prayer.

Praying Hand Tattoo Design On Back

Image: @gregtattooer

Quick Guide to Sacred Ink: Navigating Religious Tattoos 

  • Symbolic Precision: Swiftly choose an artist specializing in religious tattoos to represent sacred symbols precisely, ensuring a faithful and culturally respectful design.
  • Thoughtful Placement: Quickly decide on an ideal placement, considering cultural appropriateness and personal significance, creating a harmonious integration with your body.
  • Spiritual Aftercare: Promptly follow aftercare instructions to honor the sacred imagery, keeping the tattoo clean and moisturized for optimal healing and long-lasting vibrancy.
  • Cultural Sensitivity: Rapidly reflect on the cultural sensitivity of your chosen religious symbols, ensuring that the tattoo respects and accurately represents the spiritual context it embodies.

6. Winged Praying Hands And ‘Tattoo

The beads are wrapped around the hand or fall between the fingers in this tattoo of praying hands holding a rosary. Prayer, deep spirituality, and meditation are all represented by this tattoo.

Wrapping the beads necklace round the hand symbolizes the wearer’s connection to a higher strength. You might also use sentences that represent your God’s supplication.

You can include your loved one’s name in the tattoo, as demonstrated in the image with the loved one’s name on the wings.

Praying Hands And ‘Tattoo

Image: @nat_tanner

7. Pretty Religious Tattoo

The cross is the most popular Christian tattoo, representing Jesus Christ, Christianity’s major symbol. The Virgin Mary, an essential mother figure in the Catholic religion, is represented by the rosary. A rosary (a beaded necklace) is used by Catholic believers to pray.

For believers of this faith, it is a sacred object. The rosary was originally completed up of 5 sets of ten rosary beads each. This group of 10 is also known as a decade. The rosary with the cross sign wrapped around it.

Pretty Religious Tattoo

Image: @mrsharpstattoos

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8. Religious Angel Tattoo

The religious angel tattoo is symbolic and spiritual. Because the angel tattoo has so many metaphorical implications, it is an excessively famous option among men and women. Angel tattoos are most commonly associated with protection and love.

Angel tattoos can also symbolize spirituality. Some people think that everyone has a guardian angel that watches over them throughout their lives. This tattoo is most appropriate for everyone to reflect this belief.

Religious Angel Tattoo

Image: @tattoonow_dot_com

9. Full Religious Back Tattoo

The mother Mary, Jesus Christ, a prayer hand holding a cross sign, and an entrance to heaven with stairs can all be seen in this tattoo.

The overall scene in the tattoo portrays a guy who prays honestly every day, and when he dies one day, the Christ or his angels appear and open the gate of heaven with stairs for him to enter and go to where he came from.

If you believe in prayer and the entrance of heaven, you should get this tattoo to cover your body.

Religious Back Tattoo

Image: @hurricainink

10. Religious Angel Back Tattoo

During Jesus’ time, he recounted a spiritual story about two individuals who died: a wealthy guy who did not trust God and a poor man who did. The rich man died and went to hell, but the poor man was carried into perpetuity of delight by angels.

Angels will slay those who do bad and incorrect acts against God to remove wickedness and spread humanity and peace across the earth.

Religious Back Tattoo

Image: @ritualsannicolas

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11. Religious Back Tattoo Picture

With a cross of Jesus Christ in the center, this tattoo represents an angel combating creatures. Jesus Christ’s authority and protection are symbolized by the cross emblem. Religious angels desire to put an end to wicked spirits and bring harmony to the world.

Religious Back Tattoo Picture

Image: @wandal.tattoo

12. Religious Christ Back Tattoo

This tattoo portrays Jesus Christ sending angels to finish the negative or evil spirits, create harmony among people, increase love among people, eradicate darkness, and many more responsibilities. Standing on top of the angel means he protects and guides him.

Religious Back Tattoo

Image: @arjanggi.ibra

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13. Religious Buddha Tattoo Design

All of the Buddha tattoos appear to be adaptable and attractive. A Buddha tattoo usually denotes a shield and the capability to eradicate your worries. Buddha tattoos aren’t just for Buddhists; anyone seeking austerity or enlightenment can have one.

A traditional-looking Buddha design sits next to a genuine Buddha, arms raised in blessing. The eight-spoked wheel depicts the law of life in Buddhism. Permanence, change or death, emptiness of existence, and road or ways are the four sections of the wheel.

Religious Buddha Tattoo Design

Image: @sherstyuk.k

14. Religious Buddhist Tattoo Design

The main message conveyed by this tattoo is one of peace and tranquility. It mainly shows your real identity as a person. There are various secret messages and significant symbolisms that you can use while choosing a Buddha tattoo design.

This tattoo can be worn to honor Buddhism and Buddha’s teachings and respect Buddhist beliefs.

Religious Buddhist Tattoo Design

Image: @ninkanova

15. Religious Jesus Face Tattoo For Back

A crown of thorns is worn by Jesus Christ in this tattoo. In this design, Jesus depicts Christ’s tremendous suffering to apologize for humanity’s sins. The implications are clear, and this tattoo serves as a powerful reminder of the man who is adored by some.

Many people opt to have the image of Jesus and the crown of thorns painted in great detail to show how meaningful it was to them.

Religious Christian Tattoo For Back

Image: @jasonaboveall

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16. 3D Religious Cross Tattoo

A cross tattoo, in general, indicates your religious devotion or pure faith. This is such an effective symbol. It also symbolizes Jesus’ unwavering love and sacrifices for humanity.

This tattoo contains several symbolic elements, including punishment, death, and anguish. If you have pure faith in God, this religious tattoo you should try on your back body. 

Religious Cross Tattoo

Image: @tattoonow_dot_com

17. Religious Half Back Tattoo

The first picture depicts Jesus Christ wearing a crown of thorns, while the second depicts Mary, Jesus Christ’s mother, who appears to be in excruciating pain and sadness as she watches her son suffer.

The third portrays three cross signs, one for Jesus and the other for the two thieves crucified on the hilltop so that everyone may see them. 

Religious Tattoo

Image: @alfiecodoytattoo

18. Religious Tattoo Design On Back

At the top of the tattoo, a religious star is considered a tool to fight against the darkness. It also depicts your divine relationship with God. The lion with the cross sign of Jesus Christ depicts his powerful attributes and majesty as a lion. 

Religious Tattoo Design On Back

Image: @kimiktattoonow 

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19. Religious Tattoo Angel Versus Demon

People believe that Jesus Christ was God. Hence this tattoo design features a slew of angels holding the body of Jesus Christ, which was hung on the Christ cross sign when he was killed.

The angels guard their deity and assist him in reducing his pain and suffering in the overall scenario.

This tattoo is perfect for someone who firmly believes and has complete confidence that Jesus Christ was sent to the planet by God to spread love, charity, and humanity.

Religious Tattoo Angel Versus Demon

Image: @ingenious_bastards_tattoo

Keep In Mind

  • Remember the cultural significance of religious symbols, ensuring your tattoo reflects a deep respect for the traditions and beliefs associated with the chosen imagery.
  • Consider your connection to the religious symbols, choosing designs that resonate with your faith journey and hold personal significance.
  •  If possible, seek guidance from spiritual leaders or advisors within your religious community to ensure the chosen symbols align with your faith’s teachings and traditions.
  • Reflect on the symbolic meanings of the religious imagery, understanding how each element contributes to the overall narrative and significance of the tattoo.
  • Recognize that a religious tattoo is a long-term commitment, and choose designs and symbols that will maintain their relevance and meaning throughout your life’s spiritual journey.

20. Religious Jesus Christ Tattoo Design

This tattoo represents the sins that try to hang the body the Christ on the cross. After that, Jesus’s hands and feet were nailed to the cross by the oppressors. The cross symbolizes ultimate death, but significantly, Christ died for our sins.

Even if he was nailed to their body and hung on the cross, he was still an essential expression of human kindness, spirituality, and personal revelation. 

Religious Tattoo Design

Image: @daily.danish.ink

21. Cover-Up Religious Tattoo Design

This complete back cover-up body tattoo design sends a powerful statement to everyone who sees it. The cross sign has two angels, one on each side.

At the bottom of the tattoo, a stormy scene in the water is depicted, with the boat becoming uncontrollable by those aboard.

The cross emblem here represents the protection and direction provided by angels sent by Christ’s God.

Religious Tattoo Design

Image: @therealbenring

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22. Thorn Crowned Jesus Tattoo On Back

This tattoo depicts three images: an angel with cloth-tied hands, Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns, and the father of God.

The angel’s tied hand represents Jesus Christ’s command not to open or release them from this circumstance, as it appears that he didn’t want to defy God’s command and shows that God forgives everyone, no matter how terrible they are.

Religious Tattoo Design On Back

Image: @shot106

23. Tied Hand With Jesus Religious Tattoo

This tattoo depicts three images: an angel with cloth-tied hands, Jesus Christ with a crown of thorns, and the father of God.

The angel’s tied hand represents Jesus Christ’s command not to open or release them from this circumstance, as it appears that he didn’t want to defy God’s command and shows that God forgives everyone, no matter how terrible they are.

Religious Tattoo Design On Back

Image: @green_ink_tatouage

24. Religious Virgin Mary Tattoo Design On Full Back

Those who follow Christianity consider the Virgin Mary the most important symbol of all. Mary is well-known for being the mother of Jesus Christ. It is regarded as Christianity’s most potent emblem.

Her narrative is legendary, and her image represents a great lot. This virgin tattoo appears at the top of the list for individuals looking for religious tattoos.

Religious Tattoo Design On Full Back

Image: @drea_prettyinink

25. Dark-Themed Religious Tattoo Design On Full Back

This tattoo depicts an angel with large wings wielding a sword to slay the monster. In his other hand, he grabs the monster’s slain head, and with one leg, he grips the monster’s remaining body.

Angels are supposed to have been sent by Christ to guard people from bad spirits.

Religious Tattoo Design On Full Back

Image: @mexicanstyle_tattoos

Pro Tip

Choose timeless and universally recognized religious symbols for your tattoo to ensure that the imagery remains culturally relevant and meaningful throughout the evolving chapters of your life

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26. Shaded Jesus Face Tattoo Design

This tattoo depicts Jesus’ visage, with the crown of thorns and a cross logo covering his head. Even if you are not religious, you should be aware of the tragic background behind it. To make his misery worse, he was compelled to wear a crown of thorns.

This demonstrates their pain and sacrifice. If you find this tattoo significant and intriguing, get it done today.

Religious Tattoo Design

Image: @madstatus

28. Symbolic Jesus Tattoo Design On Back

This entire Jesus Christ tattoo is a religious symbol representing power, love, and faith. This represents a devotion to the constant recall of suffering and self-humbling.

People have faith that this is the utmost effective demonstration of their faith in Christ and his teachings.

Religious Tattoo Design On Back

Image: @rginktattooshop

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29. Detailed Religious Tattoo On Back

Each detail of this tattoo design communicates a lot when you look at each detail. The monster and Jesus’ faces can be seen looking at each other.

The monster’s eyes are filled with rage, but Christ’s face is filled with mercy, and he humbly looks at the beast. This is the most accurate description of kindness.

Religious Tattoo On Back

Image: @beyondthegravetattoo

30. Religious Colorful Tattoo On Full Back Image

Pain, sorrow, sin, and despair are all expressed through the crown of thorns. It serves as a reminder of how poorly people may treat one another, but you have a choice in how you respond.

The crown of thorns has numerous meanings, but the most important thing to remember about tattoos is that they should reflect your thoughts and feelings or be a method to express yourself.

Religious Tattoo On Full Back Image

Image: @oldschoolbacktattoos

31. Religious Jesus Crucified Tattoo On Full Back

A crucifixion tattoo can be interpreted in various ways, and it can also signify death, punishment, and suffering.

To contribute to the overall meaning, you might be inspired to incorporate a Bible passage that appropriately sums up your feelings.

Religious Tattoo On Full Back

Image: @benfuentesromerotattoo

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32. Religious Praying Hand With Cross Tattoo On Girl Back

In prayer, depicting Jesus Christ is a method to honor your faith and demonstrate your commitment. It demonstrates that God is divine and powerful and that if you put your trust in him, everything else will fall into place.

Prayer can be interpreted in various ways, but for most people, it is a source of hope.

Religious Tattoo On Girl Back

Image: @nadel.und.tinte.hildesheim

33. Religious Praying Tattoo

The Virgin Mary is a symbol of love, motherhood, and divinity. Getting a tattoo of Jesus Christ might be interpreted as a statement of faith and commitment. It could also be about Immaculate Conception, purity, and family.

You may also incorporate your favorite Bible verse or the name of a loved one in your poem to make it more personal.

Religious Tattoo

Image: @x_tattoo_puncher_x

34. Religious Cross Tattoo

In this tattoo, the scarf and crown of thorns on the cross sign represents Jesus Christ. For Christians dedicated to their faith, this beautiful design incorporates various themes, including love and sacrifice.

Many people believe that Jesus died on the cross for the sake of humanity and to atone for their sins. Your tattoo can serve as a reminder to live life to the fullest and be a decent and caring person.

Religious Tattoo

Image: @photlot_ink

35. Sad Jesus Tattoo

This tattoo can be designed by those who want to recognize their relationship with God and are committed to their faith. When Jesus was crucified, he was compelled to wear a crown of thorns.

This was done to make him more uncomfortable and mock him. Many individuals select this tattoo because of the symbolic value attached to it.

Sad Jesus Tattoo

Image: @sgstudiotattooepmu

Did you know?

Certain religious symbols, like the lotus in Hinduism or the cross in Christianity, have diverse interpretations and cultural variations, adding layers of meaning and nuance to these timeless images when incorporated into tattoos. Understanding the multifaceted significance can deepen the personal connection to your religious tattoo.

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36. Stylish Lion Themed Religious Tattoo Design

This tattoo depicts the lion cross emblem, portraying Jesus Christ’s personality. A guardian angel with wings stands in front of the sign, carrying a sword in his hand, symbolizing the sign’s protection.

Ink your body with this fashionable and meaningful tattoo on your rear shoulder.

Stylish Religious Tattoo Design

Image: @darylhardyink

37. Traditional Religious Tattoo

As most people know, few figures in history have come close to being as dedicated to their followers as Jesus. If you take satisfaction in being a good and trustworthy friend to others, this could also signify self-loyalty.

If you prefer conventional religious tattoos, you might get this tattoo designed on your back shoulder.

Traditional Religious Tattoo

Image: @pocho_skullgallery

38. Virgin Mary With Roses Back Tattoo

The Virgin Mary is connected with a staggering number of flowers. Many of them are named for the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus. This rose flower tattoo represents his undying love and devotion for his Christ child.

Its dark rose also represents his anguish and pain over the loss of his only child.

Virgin Mary with Roses Back Tattoo

Image: @solaristattoo

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39. Wonderful Religious Tattoo On Back

This tattoo depicts three crosses, each representing a difficult period in Jesus’ life. As seen in the tattoo, one cross represents Christ’s crucifixion, while the other two cross symbols depict two thieves’ crucifixions.

Some individuals get this tattoo to represent their trust in their religion, with one cross representing the father, the other the son, and the third the Holy Ghost.

Wonderful Religious Tattoo On Back

Image: @dmtattoo

40. Giant Religious Tattoo

Examine each detail of the design to determine the symbolic significance. There is just one monarch throne on which Jesus sits.

Both sides of the throne are adorned with swords. That represents Jesus’ defense against those who oppose him and his teachings.

Wonderful Religious Tattoo

Image: @inkitup4life

41. Jesus Tattoo On Back

The head of Jesus is one of the utmost widespread designs. This tattoo features a crown of thorns on his head, which represents the agony Jesus endured on the cross.

Sailors in the early 1930s and 1940s often felt the need to wear religious symbols on their bodies, such as Jesus’s head.

They believed that doing so would pacify the enraged forces responsible for storms and drownings distant from home.

Jesus Tattoo On Back

Image: @stevenwoodford.tattooart

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42. Wording And Religious Tattoo

The prayer hands to the crucifixion of Jesus in this tattoo suggest that he is great and God who undergoes too much excruciating anguish that the common man cannot tolerate. Only a god could subject himself to such humiliation.

Only a divine messenger can forgive the crimes that hang up the Christ and afflict him so severely. Create this tattoo on your body with pride. You can create a short paragraph that refers to a historical event in Christianity.

Wording And Religious Tattoo

Image: @worevitano

43. Bible Phrase Religious Tattoo

This tattoo signifies the doorway of heaven, through which a true saint or someone who prays to God honestly every day, does good deeds such as assisting others, loves everyone, and believes in God can enter.

If you believe in God and have a strong faith in Him, you might have this religious tattoo with three or four lines that positively message others.

Wording And Religious Tattoo

Image: @chris_de_castres

44. Jesus Faced Cross Tattoo

One religion that uses the cross emblem often is Christianity. Other religions and cultures, on the other hand, associate the cross with spirituality. The rich meaning of a cross tattoo ensures that it will never go out of style.

Wearing the cross as a symbol commemorates Jesus Christ’s death. Many Christians, particularly Catholics, wear the cross to symbolize their faith.

Jesus And Cross Tattoo

Image: @_hash_.777

45. Jesus With Three Crosses Tattoo

The crown of thorns pierced through the head of Christ is depicted in the upper half of the design, while three crosses are depicted at the bottom, reminding us of a historical event and scene that was extremely terrible to see.

Three crosses signify three Jesus crucifixions and two thieves. This Jesus and religion tattoo design is for you if you love and follow Christianity with all your heart.

Jesus And Religious Tattoo

Image: @javier_rob_tattooartist

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46. Jesus Back Tattoo

In this tattoo, an angel represents the loss of a loved one, and you can also include the date of your loved one’s birth to death. This is an excellent way to remember him and pay honor to him. This tattoo depicts an angel carrying Jesus’ spirit to paradise.

Jesus Back Tattoo

Image: @tattoosbyfluffltd

47. Illustrative Jesus Tattoo

Emotions will be evoked by the image of Jesus Christ nailed to a cross. It has a lot of meaning and may make a strong statement. Those who follow Jesus know that he was crucified and left to die.

But his death is also commemorated by a celebration of his unconditional love and sacrifice for humanity.

Jesus Tattoo

Image: @lightningrevivaltattoo

48. Jesus Face Black Work Tattoo On Full Back

Many people, both believers and non-believers, recognize Jesus’ image. Getting inked with a picture of his likeness can be a very meaningful choice for the dedicated, and a portrait is a beautiful design.

Portrait art is intricate and realistic, and it is a highly skilled style to choose from; as a result, you must deal with a tattoo artist specializing in portrait tattoos to ensure that your piece is done properly.

Jesus Face Tattoo On Full Back

Image: @hank_hua_tattoo

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49. Winged Cross Tattoo On Full Back

There is a cross symbol with a wing, a face of Christ with a crown of thorns, and a gorgeous crown of the king at the top of the tattoo that simply suggests Jesus Christ. The cross symbol, coupled with angel wings, represents religious liberty.

This sign also serves as a memorial for those who have lost a loved one.

Jesus Tattoo On Full Back

Image: @cribustattoocircus

50. Jesus With Blood Stains Tattoo On Back

Small tattoos, primarily when the subject matter stimulates you, can be as important as massive and intricate designs. Jesus Christ tattoos make a statement and can be used to convey your ideas and feelings about your faith to the world or as a personal reminder.

If you’re going for a little piece, keep it basic and avoid too much detail to look crushed.

Jesus Tattoo On Back

Image: @watercool_tattoo

51. Jesus Christ Tattoo

Eternity, tranquility, wisdom, immortality, Fairness, and dignity are some of the most significant meanings associated with this tattoo. On the other side, it represents suffering, atonement for sins, resurrection from the dead, and rebirth.

The symbolism of the Jesus Christ tattoo is nearly universal across all religions, and it is regarded as a protective amulet against evil.

Jesus Tattoo

Image: @matthewmtattoos

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52. Jesus Face Cross With Roman Number Tattoo

You can pay tribute to a loved one who has passed away and was extremely close to you. It represents the sorrow and agony of losing loved ones such as parents, friends, and guardians. Many individuals believe that the cross symbol represents their soul in paradise.

Jesus With Cross Tattoo

Image: @calibantattoo

53. Lion Themed Jesus Tattoo On Back

The half-lion, the half-Jesus cross symbol, represents Jesus’ lion mentality. Jesus’ humbleness and love are symbolized by his folded hands. It’s an honor to have this magnificent soul tattoo on your body.

The crucifixion of Jesus is depicted at the bottom of the image, with two thieves on the hills.

Jesus Tattoo On Back

Image: @calibantattoo

54. Beautiful Mary Tattoo

The Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ’s mother, dresses in white to symbolize her purity, faith, love for her child, modesty, and innocence. She is the personification of motherhood. She was not only Christ’s mother but also humanity’s mother.

Creating a lovely Mary tattoo is a wonderful way to honor her.

Beautiful Mary Tattoo

Image: @tang__120

55. Half Jesus Half Lion Back Tattoo

In its many teachings and stories, the Bible depicts the lion. Christ’s tremendous personality is symbolized by a lion. From his demeanor through his sacrifice and resurrection, the lion is a clear picture of Jesus. The lion in Christianity is Christ himself.

Lovely Jesus Back Tattoo

Image: @rtripodisativos

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56. Angels And Cross Tattoo

Angel tattoos exist in a wide range of designs, and their popularity is growing by the day. Spirituality is symbolized by the angel tattoo with a cross. It reflects your spiritual views and faith while also representing protection and love.

Some people think that we all have a guardian angel that looks out for us throughout our lives.

Angels and cross tattoo

Image: @divinity_ink

57. Incredible Cross Tattoo Full Back

Even at the difficult time, Jesus and his cross sign are a protection symbol that will lead and protect you. The cross symbol will provide the ability to confront difficulties and problems.

If you are a weak person, tattooing Jesus with a cross will give you power and strength. 

Cross and Jesus Tattoo Full Back

Image: @sparkta2

58. Floral Themed Cross and Jesus Tattoo

The holy symbol of the cross is a popular tattoo design among Christians. It represents the central feature of the belief: Jesus Christ’s suffering for humanity’s salvation. A cross tattoo can be paired with various symbols and artwork to establish a new message.

You can incorporate sentences with symbolic meaning.

Cross and Jesus Tattoo

Image: @deescape.tattoo

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59. Lovely Jesus Tattoo Full Back

When Jesus is worn on the back, it signifies he is constantly guiding and protecting the one wearing him. This location is thought to depict Jesus pushing people ahead in a positive direction rather than stepping back in a negative direction.

Furthermore, if a person were to take a wrong turn, Jesus would be there to catch them and guide them back to the proper path.

Lovely Jesus Tattoo Full Back

Image: @eternaltattooslivonia

60. Bold Black Ink Cross Tattoo

This glossy and great-looking black ink cross tattoo is elegant and flexible. It’s been linked to spirituality and power for a long time. Cross tattoos are a great reminder of religious connectedness, particularly for people who have gone through emotional or physical difficulties.

As a result, a cross tattoo represents hope and faith.

Black Ink Cross Tattoo

Image: @roxygen2187

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In my view, religious tattoos serve as profound expressions of one’s spiritual journey, encapsulating the beauty and diversity of faith traditions on a deeply personal canvas. They become not just ink on the skin but visual testimonies, forging a tangible connection between the individual and their beliefs, fostering a sense of identity and reverence.

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Peter Beaker