73 Awesome Tiger Tattoos To Try On Chest For Best Inking

The tigers are one of the largest cat species, and it rules worldwide. The tattoo designs are very popular among tattoo lovers.

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Coming up as a powerful symbol in Asia, modern tigers are descendants of Asia among many cultures. The ferocity and majestic appearance show a vital symbolism in cultures. 

73 Awesome Tiger Tattoos To Try On Chest For Best Inking

The tiger tattoo design idea represents power, passion, sensuality, and ferocity. With beauty and speed, cruelty and wrath, the tiger tattoos signify new energy and passion for awakening the individual. 

Popular Tiger Tattoos With The Meaning 

There are quite a lot of tiger tattoo ideas with different variations on the gender basis. The famous designs include fierce apex predators, tiger cubs, white tiger tattoo, and two-tiger.

The popular design represents freedom, independence, balance, and power. The bold and cunning tattoo designs inked on the chest look great for the wearer as a top predator. 

1. Grey Tiger Chest Tattoo 

Given all modern designs from Asia, their cultures have the most history in portraying tigers.

The grey ink intricate detailed tattoo design on the chest shows power, energy, protection, and generosity. As a mark of safety, the tattoo looks amazing. 

Grey Tiger Chest Tattoo 

Credit: jinglumtattoo

2. Japanese Floral Tiger Chest Tattoo 

The traditional Japanese tiger tattoo on the chest known as Irezumi represents mythical beasts to life goals and gives a decent tattoo.

The addition of watercolor tiger tattoo or colorful tattoo design inked on the chest with bright and vivid shades translates the culture to strength, courage, and long life. 

Japanese Floral

Credit: tattoosays

3. Black Ink Tiger Chest Tattoo Design

The tiger head tattoos inked on the chest in a fierce look with an open jaw and teeth is a perfect design.

The marvelous design idea with intricate detailing gives a detailed look. The design represents power and strength with illumination. The bold black ink gives a realistic design idea.

Black Ink Tiger Chest Tattoo Design

Credit: dinos_etf

4. Head Covered Tiger Chest Tattoo 

There are many other meanings associated with the tiger design. The design symbolizes courage, independence, power, beauty, and vengeance.

The fine line detailing with shading on the chest makes the style look like a helmet design chest gives powerful appeal. 

Head Covered Tiger Chest Tattoo 

Credit: brycetattoos

5. Fierce Tiger Tattoo On Chest 

The tiger is a symbolic tattoo design that is popular in many cultures. The simple tiger tattoo design idea appears ferocious, signifying heritage, tribal trust, and loyalty.

The addition of shading in the design gives a lot of time to complete the design idea. 

Fierce Tiger Tattoo On Chest 

Credit: lektattoothailand

6. Realistic Lion & Tiger Chest Tattoo

Powerful animals like the lion and tiger, tattoo designs are portrayed together to represent strength and leadership.

The lion symbolizes royalty and self-confidence, whereas the tiger represents courage and ferocity that both animals can use. 

Realistic Lion & Tiger Chest Tattoo

Credit: vividinkwolverhampton

7. Ripped Skin Tiger Chest Tattoo Design

The standard ripped skin tattoo design that shows one or more cuts on the skin allows a flash of the souls. The tiger tattoo design is symbolic of a person who experienced severe trauma or pain.

The design looks realistic and shows a deeper meaning for the wearer. 

Ripped Skin Tiger Chest Tattoo Design

Credit: karrissastitttattoos

8. Tiger Holding Skull Tattoo In Mouth

Many wearers choose to immortalize tigers through tattoos. The tiger tattoo design is for appreciation by adding a skull to represent strength and power.

As a top predator, the tiger tattoo is designed to elaborate the design and give the best idea for the next ink. 

Tiger Holding Skull Tattoo In Mouth

Credit: nawt_bmxlife

9. Carpe Diem Sleeping Cub Tattoo 

The Carpe Diem design is a great idea to get inked, and the addition of a small tiger gives a unique look to the tattoo.

Showing a powerful message to the tattoo design shows a powerful meaning of being confident and fearless in life. By focusing maximum, you can also get a tiger finger tattoo. 

Carpe Diem Sleeping Cub Tattoo 

Credit: tattooist.toy

10. Japanese Traditional Tiger Chest Tattoo

The tiger tattoo represents beauty, courage, and danger. The neo traditional tiger tattoos inking as apex predators represents freedom and independence to the wearer.

The free-spirited personality inked in shades of brown and black gives a mysterious look to the tattoo.

Japanese Traditional Tiger Chest Tattoo

Credit: irezumirepublic

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11. Fine Line Tiger Chest Tattoo 

The tiger tattoo itself is considered a fine specimen with a customized refined art tattoo style that specializes in black artwork.

The physically capable design shows enormous strength with intuitive powers. In addition, the simple black ink design on the shoulder gives an incredible look to the style. 

Fine Line Tiger Chest Tattoo 

Credit: silviainkocciati

12. Realistic Black Ink Tiger Chest Tattoo

Most tiger tattoos on the chest region symbolize passion. It is usually in the heart region. The lion’s face is drawn with more detail to show what this design represents.

It is perfect as a chest design for men. The realistic design gives a desperate look to the tattoo. 

Realistic Black Ink Tiger Chest Tattoo

Credit: guys_tattoo_art

13. Brown Tiger Face Chest Tattoo 

The tattoo inked gives a realistic appearance of the tiger. It also draws attention to the wearer’s assertive, courageous, and ambitious personality.

The black ink design on the shoulder gives a unique and elegant appeal to the style. 

Brown Tiger Face Chest Tattoo 

Credit: elliotjosefguytattoo

14. Sketch Tiger Tattoo Chest Designs 

The traditional style with incredible inking gives a distinct appeal to the tattoo style. It symbolizes a perfect balance for the chest design with raw power and strength.

The bold black stroke is tremendous and is a popular design idea for men. 

Sketch Tiger Tattoo Chest Designs 

Credit: frankytat2

15. Tribal Tiger Tattoo With Date 

Tribal tiger tattoos’ meaning will change from culture to culture and between designs. Many tell the story of the wearer’s heritage and achievements.

They can also be a symbol of protection, power, and strength. Adding a date to the tattoo style gives elegant and personalized appeal to the tattoo. 

Tribal Tiger Tattoo With Date 

Credit: heartsoultattoo

16. Devil Winged Tiger Tattoo

The winged tattoo design of the spiritual energy is a flash design spreading liveliness.

It is a straightforward tattoo design with meaningful outcomes with exciting design art, and the red-eyed design of the tiger gives a strengthening and robust style.  

Devil Winged Tiger Tattoo

Credit: goodtimefergus

17. Wild Black & White Tiger Tattoo

Tiger is very special to the Chinese people. For them, it represents wealth, and it is being treated as a God. In Chinese culture, the wild tigers are known to protect their dead ones.

On the other hand, no other animal is above the tiger for the Koreans. Therefore, they are regarded as animal kings and bringers of fortune.

Wild Black & White Tiger Tattoo

Credit: housebrickink

18. Fierce Tiger and Pink Flowers Tattoo 

The tiger flower tattoo is symbolic of the combination between power, passion, and instinct. The tiger rose tattoo represents love and passion, while the tiger symbolizes power, strength, and freedom.

The tiger lily tattoo design also is one of the popular design ideas.

Fierce Tiger and Pink Flowers Tattoo 

Credit: twistedhearttattoo

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19. Black Shaded Roaring Tiger Chest Tattoo 

Along with these positive connotations, another meaning behind the tiger tattoo includes fierceness and adversity. The roaring tiger head design on the chest is a loud and bold art style.

Adding additional elements to the tattoo style makes the tattoo represent tiger qualities. 

Black Shaded Roaring Tiger Chest Tattoo 

Credit: killainkstudio_vic_

20. Bold Tiger & Bear Chest Tattoo

It symbolizes power, freedom, strength, fierceness, protection, knowledge, and wisdom.

It also draws attention to the wearer’s personality, which may resemble a tiger or a bear in bold, independent, stable, and courageous.

Bold Tiger & Bear Chest Tattoo

Credit: simon_christensen

21. Half Black Half Colored Tiger Chest Tattoo

Tigers are a symbol of strength and dominance. The colored tiger design idea and half black ink show beautiful and majestic design enhancing excellent subjects with the most notable characters.

In addition, the realistic tattoo design on the chest gives a classic and worthy topic for conversation. 

Half Black Half Colored Tiger Chest Tattoo

Credit: liquideyetattoo

22. Roaring Tiger With Flower Tattoo Design

These ferocious sensual jungle creatures are symbols of wild strength. The idea of a big cat as a prime hunter has always appealed to being erotic beings.

The black ink design on the shoulder gives a distinct and fantastic look to the tattoo design. 

Roaring Tiger With Flower Tattoo Design

Credit: julztattooistg

23. Angry Tiger With Crown Tattoo

The primary significance lies in the areas of strength, ferocity, courage, and also protection. As the main predator of the environment, it shows unpredictable feelings and emotions such as fear or anger.

It can be a symbol of passion or simply a sign of respect for a highly framed idea. 

Angry Tiger With Crown Tattoo

Credit: __hankjones

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24. Japanese Samurai Tiger Chest Tattoo Design 

The strength and virility of the Japanese Samurai tiger tattoo design are adopted as an emblem. The design frequently depicted in Japanese art symbolizes masculinity, courage, honor, and nobility.

In addition, the colorful ink makes the style look distinctive and artistic. 

Japanese Samurai Tiger Chest Tattoo Design 

Credit: chris_parkerart

25. Bold Eye Tiger Tattoo On Chest

The black and white tattoo design carries a lot of Chinese symbolism representing the tigers.

With danger and punishment, the black and white tattoo design inked on the chest represents strength and courage. It looks stylish and gives elegant appeal to the tattoo. 

Bold Eye Tiger Tattoo On Chest

Credit: thattattooist

26. Bold Black Tiger Face Chest Tattoo

The fine line black ink design idea gives a cardinal direction. The simple yet elegant tattoo design represents beauty and speed.

The appearance in a dream of the black tiger is usually a sign of new power—the black ink face tattoo design with intricate details to enhance the appeal. 

Bold Black Tiger Face Chest Tattoo

Credit: saero_tattooer

27. Colorful Dragon And Tiger Fight Tattoo

The tiger and dragon are ancient symbols of yin and yang, forces that combine to make up the universe.

Ancient Chinese Taoist philosophy explains the world in terms of two points, yin, and yang. The colorful tattoo inked on the chest gives an incredible appeal to the intricate design. 

Colorful Dragon And Tiger Fight Tattoo

Credit: diego_brandi

28. Colored Tiger Tattoo Chest Design

Each tiger has different colors, has a specific task to complete, and is the ruler of a natural element. The bold highlighting signifies freedom, strength, and power related to the colorful tattoo design.

The bright and vivid shades make the style look gorgeous and elegant on the chest. 

Colored Tiger Tattoo Chest Design

Credit: onewaytattooeliana

29. Black & Blue Tiger Chest Tattoo 

The tiger has many different meanings, depending on your chosen design. It features heavily in Chinese and Japanese folklore, and it is the national animal of India.

In general, the big cat is associated with strength and power. However, it can also represent success, independence, and determination. 

Black & Blue Tiger Chest Tattoo

Credit: jame_artbkk

30. Open Mouth Animal Tiger Tattoo

Tiger is a famous animal in ancient mythology and folklore in different countries.

A National Animal of Bangladesh, the tattoo symbolizes power, courage, resilience, supremacy, and strength, making the ink correctly with high resolution. 

Open Mouth Animal Tiger Tattoo

Credit: stef2026

31. Elegant Tiger Full Chest And Arm Tattoo

Whether you choose, two-faced tigers stick to one feature feline. The design represents power or strength, and the traditional piece that looks fantastic gives a natural contemporary style.

With an elegant complete chest tiger design, the ink shows the majestic creature. 

Elegant Tiger Full Chest And Arm Tattoo

Credit: irezumirepublic

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32. Designer Tiger With Yellow Eyes Tattoo

A half sleeve roaring tiger, the design of this tattoo allows the gaps to be filled in by the wearer’s skin is unique and artful ways. The eyes are known to be the mirror of souls.

Tigers’ eyes represent the great qualities for which everyone celebrates them.

Designer Tiger With Yellow Eyes Tattoo

Credit: jankowzki

33. Artistic Tiger Chest Tattoo Design

A black-work tattoo is a bold work of body art rendered in solid planes of black ink. Usually, these tattoos are composed of abstract patterns and geometric shapes.

Though some feature forms and recognizable subjects, the black ink design makes the style elegant. 

Artistic Tiger Chest Tattoo Design

Credit: hodu_tattooer

34. Crawling Tiger Tattoo On Chest

Apart from designs, the crawling tiger tattoo on the chest is based on their meanings. Tiger tattoos may look alike and yet still have entirely different meanings.

It has to do with tribes’ and regions’ myths and beliefs. The fine line detailing in black ink gives a gorgeous look.

Crawling Tiger Tattoo On Chest

Credit: cutecrab_art

35. Dotwork Tiger Tattoo On Full Chest

The adorable dotwork tiger tattoo shows positivity, grace, confidence, balance, and ward off evil spirits. The dotwork style of tattoo tells the wearer’s nature for the best Asian style representation.

In addition, the chest tattoo design makes the style look elegant. 

Dotwork Tiger Tattoo On Full Chest

Credit: jayctattoo

36. Graceful Blue Eyed Tiger Tattoo Design

The graceful tiger design with blue eyes tattoo represents focus, and patience. It also depicts the wearer’s personality, who might be stable and dedicated towards the goals in life.

The tattoo design makes the perfect representation of black inking on the chest. 

Graceful Blue Eyed Tiger Tattoo Design

Credit: northsidetattooz

37. Grey Ink Tiger Chest Tattoo With Initials 

The grey ink American traditional tiger tattoo on hand is typically shown fiercely and may even be wearing headdresses in the tiger’s head.

American conventional tiger tattoo style means power, bravery, and intense determination. However, the grey ink roaring tiger tattoo style makes the style unique. 

Grey Ink Tiger Chest Tattoo With Initials 

Credit: holdtruetattoostudio

38. Outlined Dragon & Tiger Chest Tattoo

The chest’s outlined dragon and tiger tattoo design shows bravery, power, and intense determination. The black ink design with ferocity gives a unique meaning to the design.

You can add different elements to the tattoo design, making it look adorable. 

Outlined Dragon & Tiger Chest Tattoo

Credit: nwotattoo_lorla

39. Colored Gorilla Vs Tiger Initial Chest Tattoo

In most fights between a tiger and a gorilla, the tiger has a greater chance of defeating the gorilla. However, the gorilla is not a safe and easy target and can inflict.

The realistic and vintage tattoo design idea on the chest simply discovers fascinating appeal to the style. 

Credit: renunutattoo

40. Grey Jumping Tiger Chest Tattoo Design

The tattoo design signifies power, supremacy, and protector. The styling ideas of jumping tiger tattoo designs on the chest are the animal’s pack and the solitary creature.

The black ink design with intricate detailing gives an incredible appeal below the shoulder blade. 

Grey Jumping

Credit: silviainkocciati

41. Calm Black Tiger Chest Tattoo

The tattoo design that best fits the personality interrupts its meaning and gives a cultural belief to the style. The calm tiger tattoo design that a quality a tiger portrays gives an enhanced look.

The style for the tattoo provides an incredible look in black ink on the chest. 

Calm Black Tiger

Credit: chicomalox

42. Massive Tiger Blue Eyed Tattoo

The slight blue tiger tattoo ink in the eyes makes them look transparent. It gives a feeling of great tattoo signifying resilience, focus, and all primal instincts of animals.

The massive tiger tattoo design on the shoulder gives an inking style an intricate look. 

Massive Blue Eyed

Credit: lunastattoos

43. Tiger Eyes In Feather Look Tattoo 

It is an exciting way to add a twist to the traditional tattoo design. It makes the tiger tattoo style in feathers look lighter and more effortless.

The tiger tattoo represents a dreamy and incredible appeal to the class, representing royalty and beauty. 

Eyes In Feather Look

Credit: devils_ink_tattoos

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44. Mandala Tiger With Aqua Eye Tattoo

The word Mandala in any tattoo design shows the sign of a circle. The tiger tattoo with Mandala is trendy due to their geometrical shapes and patterns.

It has a huge drift in cultures like Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, etc. The tattoo design shows spiritual balance, harmony, growth, positivity, and rebirth.

Mandala With Aqua Eye

Credit: richierichtattoos

45. Classic 1947 Tiger Face Tattoo

The tiger tattoo represents danger, vengeance, nobility, strength, and positive connotations.

Making the classic tattoo design on the chest by a professional tattoo artist still decorates the chest with incredibly intricate detailing to the bold artwork.

Classic 1947

Credit: deantattooist

46. Stunning Tiger And Snake Chest Tattoo

The colorful addition of snake and tiger represents bravery, wisdom, and power.

By enhancing the wearer’s strength, the colorful tattoo on the chest represents the wearer’s personality that might be passionate, courageous, and independent and considers protection against each other. 

Stunning Tiger And Snake

Credit: VivianaCalvoTattoo

47. Tiger Claw Chest Tattoo Design

A tattoo design of a tiger with claws can represent aggression and readiness to fight or defend oneself. The king of all beasts is the protector of the dead and holds the balance of cosmic forces.

The black outlined tattoo design gives a distinct appeal to the wearer with the addition of other elements.  

Tiger Claw

Credit: chicomalox

48. Black Ink Tiger Tattoo On Right Of Chest

The Tiger tattoo design on the chest represents a personal belief. It also reflects independence, courage, strength, and expressive personality.

The right side of the chest tattoo design looks fascinating and represents passion. However, the tattoo has a more profound meaning for the wearer with bold black ink. 

Black Ink Tiger Tattoo

Credit: benblake__

49. Roaring Tiger Chest Tattoo Design

The tiger’s sharp teeth represent a cunning personality and the brute strength a tiger has. An open-jaw or roaring design is an excellent opportunity to show the indication of moving straight with an aggressive approach.

In addition, the black ink design idea on the chest gives a great appeal. 

Roaring Tiger

Credit: inkedculturetattoo

50. Cool Black Background Tiger Chest Tattoo 

Representing the traditional qualities of strength, ferocity, and strength of the tattoo design signifies heritage and brings realism to the artwork.

The tiger design shows intricate detailing too. Making the design takes a lot of sessions and a professional tattoo artist. 

Cool Black

Credit: demontattoo_brodnica

51. Full Sleeve And Chest Tiger Tattoo 

With deep meanings, a tiger tattoo moves to a new level in gorgeous and detailed inking style.

The bold black ink design on the chest and sleeve moves to a new level, and the stunning and intricate design looks genuine as it shows off the moves. 

Full Sleeve And Chest

Credit: spaz_ta2

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52. Enormous Full Chest Tiger Tattoo

Having a tiger tattoo design reminds you to be strong and is essential for those going through a phase of difficulty.

As a spirit animal, the tattoo design represents courage,and personal strength. It deepens presence and awakens passion and power. 

Enormous Full Chest

Credit: danidepalau

53. Coverup Focused Tiger Tattoo

The cover-up tiger tattoo design determines the focus. The tattoo design represents royalty and is like the ruler of the Jungle.

Known as the Jungle’s lords, it shows the sparkling look of anger. The bright and vivid shades make the tattoo appear great on the chest. 

Coverup Focused

Credit: pacoariastattoo

54. Cleared Tiger Tattoo With Snake 

Tiger with snake tattoos represent male sensuality. The tiger and snake tattoo design is a representation of the wearer’s virility and passion.

A tiger tattoo shows bravery and snake temptation, and it can also encourage to overcome toxic habits in your life.

With Snake 

Credit: dylangregorytattoos

55. Black And White Crawling Tiger Tattoo 

The tiger tattoo is a classic design and comes with various healthy colors and illustrations. The tattoo design in black and white on the chest looks elegant and represents power and beauty.

In addition, the white color pigmentation on the chest gives an adorable look to the tattoo making the design stunning. 

Black And White Crawling

Credit: manuartistattoo

56. Cute Tiger & Cub Chest Tattoo

The chest’s tiger and cub tattoo design signify love, care, togetherness, emotions, and passion.

The cute appearance of the tiger tattoo on the chest depicts the feelings and attachment of the wearer with their respective families. The tattoo design can be inked in the choice of colors. 

Cute Tiger & Cub

Credit: marc_studio_ink

57. Green Eye Tiger With Date Tattoo

The incredible and artistic tiger tattoo with green eyes represents tranquility and nature.

The profound quality design emphasizing the eyes comes together with a collection of unpredictability, generosity, power, and energy. The addition of Roman Numerals makes the style personal. 

Green Eye With Date

Credit: becca.mills.tattoos

58. Colored Tiger With Crown Tattoo

The tattoo design depicts a more profound meaning with the combination of the tiger and the crown.

With definite purpose, the tiger represents dominance, energy, triumph, and royalty with the addition of a peak. With protection and guardianship, the tattoo shows appreciation. 

Colored Crown

Credit: markwilkinson_ 

59. Artistic Traditional Colorful Chest Tattoo

Tiger tattoos have different meanings, and the traditional qualities of strength and courage are also a symbol of wealth.

It is one of the famous tattoo designs to make the design in colorful ink. The traditional style of the tattoo has excellent value in each culture, especially in Japanese and Chinese cultures. 

Artistic Traditional Colorful

Credits: fredmenace

60. Tiger Eye Chest Tattoo Design

Tiger’s eye signifies great qualities symbolizing patience while finding the prey and keeping an eye on it.

On the other hand, showing primitive desires, the tiger reflects determination and focus. Making the design inked with minor detailing for the tattoo offers different meanings to the wearer. 

Tiger Eye

Credit: ikova_ink

61. Creative Tiger Chest Tattoo With Dagger

With two elements, the generic meaning of open mouth tiger and pierced dagger represents sharp pain and betrayal.

The colorful tattoo design inked with expression means cutting all ties of betrayal. It also comes up for protection, sacrifice, and bravery. 

With Dagger

Credit: gypsyeyestattoo

62. Tiger Tattoo With A Rose & Skull

This tattoo is interesting as it represents two different things. The skull represents life and death, while the rose symbolizes beauty and love.

On the other hand, tigers represent bravery, aggression, royalty, independence, and superiority. The free spirit creatures, when inked, give a deep, thoughtful meaning. 

With A Rose & Skull

Credit: joven_dichos_tattooist

63. Outlined Half Tiger Face Tattoo

When the tigers are paired with an aggressive position and a wave of outlined style, it looks appealing.

The placement represents love, and the side-facing design offers a distinctive look with a symbol of power, passion, and strength. 

Outlined Half Face

Credits: nwotattoo_lorla

64. Half Tiger With Half Face Animal Tattoo

The tiger represents power, leadership, confidence, anger, and protection, while the bull shows growth, spirituality, and righteousness.

The new trending style of inking two animals in a single design gives a complex and detailed style. 

Animal Tattoo

Credits: fred_barjolito

65. Tiger Face Effect With Flowers Tattoo

The tiger with flowers tattoo represents freshness, rebirth, spiritual guidance and awakening. It also shows revitalizing energies, and supremacy.

It represents the wearer’s personality who believes in transformations, positivity, potential, justice, and stability.

Flowers Tattoo

Credit: cisco.skinart

66. Demon Tiger Full Chest Tattoo

As a spirit animal, the tiger tattoo is another protective symbol for the Japanese who choose a tiger tattoo to ward off disease, give them courage, and fight bad luck.

The demon looks on the tiger’s face inked on the chest offers a prominent look. 

Demon Tiger Full Chest Tattoo

Credit: david_anansi

67. Colorful Half Chest Tiger Eye Tattoo

Tiger eyes represent primitive desires and a natural state reflecting the metal power. Placing the design on the chest shows determination and focus with the animal’s sparkling and shining eye look.

The white eye design looks great with different shapes and sizes of the tattoo. 

Colorful Half Chest Tiger Eye Tattoo

Credit: thetattooroomsskipton

68. Fine Line Tiger With Leaves Tattoo

Representing power and strength, the free-spirited personalities of tigers is a unique collection with a tremendous and beautiful outline.

The black-colored design of the tattoo makes it represent power, passion, and strength. In addition, the cunning animal tattoo on the chest gives a desirable look. 

Fine Line Tiger With Leaves Tattoo

Credit: lifestyle_ramstein

69. Traditional Black Ink Tiger Tattoo

The tiger tattoo’s largest big cat species represents courage, longevity, power, and strength. The tattoo design in bold black gives a desirable look that wards off bad luck, evil, and illness.

In addition, the creation of women presents a distinct appeal to the tattoo. 

Traditional Black Ink

Credit: sashimi_tak

70. Oriental Tiger Chest Tattoo Design

Japanese tiger tattoos have different meanings, and the design symbolizes strength and courage. The tattoo represents freedom and independence, protection against evil and bad energies.

However, it is also linked with courage, longevity, and strength with a bold look. 

Oriental Tiger Chest Tattoo Design

Credit: lemondragontattoo

71. Distinctive Inked Tiger Tattoo

The tiger tattoo design inked on the wearer’s chest shows boldness, bravery, and strength with personal representation and style.

The design also stands for inner spark with striking design to evoke feelings of calmness. With intricate detailing, the style makes the design graceful. 

Distinctive Inked

Credit: billybernert

72. Ongoing Torso Tiger Tattoo

There is no rebuffing that tiger tattoos are the best animal tattoos designs among men and women. Tiger stands for supremacy and strength.

The wearer determines the style placement and in the original form to enhance the appeal with focus. 

Ongoing Torso

Credit: solidjaketattoos

73. Tiger Face Inked In Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly symbolizes femininity and shows fragile nature, while the tiger is a symbol of passion and sexual prowess.

The tiger face with the butterfly gives an adorable look and symbolizes power, sensual prowess, and strength. 

Face Inked In Butterfly

Credit: luxmsstudioinktattoo


Why Do Men Get Tiger Tattoos?

Tiger tattoo design represents strength, power, courage, and ferocity. In addition, it symbolizes independence and protective nature.

What’s more, tiger tattoos are an excellent way to show your support for these endangered species.

What Do Two Tiger Tattoos Mean?

The two tiger tattoo meanings in this Yants represent great power. It is believed to support the wearers to overcome all enemies and miss all kinds of dangers.

The tiger represents power, strength, and authority.

What Does A Japanese Tiger Tattoo Mean?

The tiger represents strength, courage, protection against bad luck, evil spirits, disease, and wind.

The Japanese tiger tattoo carries the same traits we attribute to the actual animal strength and courage, but also long life.

What Does A Tiger And Clock Tattoo Mean?

The tiger tattoo design is a symbolism of time. It is the one thing that is exceptional and we cannot control but must live with.

The tiger with clock design also is a sign of death, birth, cycles of life, maturity, growth, and rebirth. The delicate idea is also a sign of infinity, existence, endless love, and stability.

What Is The Meaning Of The Chinese Tiger Tattoo?

In Chinese culture, tigers are protectors of the dead, and mythology associated tigers with the God of wealth.

The meaning of tigers was believed to prosperity and bring luck and to ward off evil. In Korean culture, they are the king of animals.

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