7 Outstanding Torn Between Good And Evil Tattoo

Do you want to display the struggle between good and evil in your tattoo? Are you looking for a tattoo that represents truth and lies together?

good and evil tattoo

Good and Evil tattoo is the perfect option. The good side of the tattoo represents spirituality and truth, whereas the evil side represents bad luck. The combination of good and evil represents the contrast between ugly and beautiful and angels & demons. It means the fight between good and bad.

Good and evil tattoos primarily signify the duality of existence in all manifestations. The primary goal of these good and evil tattoos is to emphasize the wearer’s recognition of the existing binary system. But there is more to these tattoos than the obvious essence of good and evil.

The contrast between the ugly and the beautiful, skulls and flowers, angels and demons, and black and white are frequently in use in good and evil tattoo designs. Many individuals pick one of the two and create an image that is either flawlessly positive or glowing or a frightening, bold reflection of the person.

Tattoos depicting good and evil give a whole picture by presenting a surprising and complementary view of the two poles. It is understandable why they have skyrocketed in popularity in past years.

The good and evil tattoo has always been a source of contention for all ages in tattoo art. However, the decision to mark one’s flesh with evil or good or both tattoos is entirely up to the individual. Ideas for Good and Evil tattoos can differ from person to person and have varying significance levels.

Difference Between Good and Evil Tattoo:

This comparison chart might help you understand the distinction between a good tattoo and an evil tattoo.

BasicsGood TattooEvil Tattoo
NatureThey are generally positiveThey may have a negative impact
SizeAny size is possibleThese are often bigger
Tattoo ArtistA good tattoo may be created by any tattoo artist.An expert and highly competent tattoo artist is required to create an evil tattoo.
InspirationThe concept behind a good tattoo can be anything near to your heart. The allure to modernism and zombies may have served as the inspiration for an evil tattoo.
Design IdeasGood tattoos are every design that isn’t covered in evil tattoos.The most popular ideas for evil tattoos include zombies, devils, demons, horror movie characters, and symbols of evil forces.
Good and Evil TattoosGood tattoos are among the good tattoos.Evil tattoos include tattoos of the devil.

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There are many different good and evil tattoo sleeve designs to choose from. While evil tattoos can appear captivating, good tattoos look great on the sleeve. After selecting the type and style, you can discuss the next steps with your tattoo artist.

If you are looking for an evil tattoo, then check out the following fantastic collection of good and evil tattoos!

1. Two In One Torn Between Good And Evil Tattoos

Looking for fantastic tattoo designs for your sleeves? This two-in-one torn-between-good and evil tattoo is a unique design for sleeves. In this tattoo, you may see two faces: good means angel, and evil means demon separated by a two-in-one torn. People prefer to put this tattoo to show both positive and negative concepts.

good and evil tattoo

Image: @Andrew.Crudu

2. Heaven And Hell Tattoo

Are you looking for tattoos for girls or women? Then, your search ends here as we bring the best back tattoos for females? This tattoo shows the duality of nature. People think that good or angelic creatures in the tattoo to be followers of God who issue warnings against doing cruel things.

This heaven and hell torn between good and evil tattoo is a symbolic form of love & hatred, holiness & error, and contrast of colors & shades or location on the body. 

This good and evil tattoo is separated by heaven and hell torn. The good tattoo on the one side of the torn shows love and holiness. In contrast, the other side of the heaven and hell torn represents the hatred and error aspect.

Image: @Espenmorken_Tattoo

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3. Animal Fun Torn Between Good And Evil Tattoo

If you want an inspirational design for your upper arm, then animal fun torn between good and evil is a good option. This good and evil tattoo is separated by an animal fun torn.

One side of the torn has a red-hearted angel, while the other has a demon. In this, a red-hearted angel killing the demon means the fight between good and evil.

Image: @Komfort

4. Fighting Torn Between Good And Evil Tattoo

The fighting torn between good and evil tattoo symbolizes strength and courage, as it is dedicated to destroying evil. This good and evil tattoo is separated by a fighting torn and is associated with protection and guidance. People prefer to make this tattoo on the upper arm area, as in this area, you will feel less pain, and the tattoo is visible from this area.

Image: @Andresflu

5. Cool And Bad Mermaids Tattoo

You can put this tattoo anywhere on the body according to your style and choice. But , the people, who can bear some pain, prefer to put this cool and bad mermaid torn between good and evil tattoo on both calves. Some people just simply add the words devil and angel on each leg. 

good and evil tattoo

Image: @Elliebee.Tats

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6. Angel And Demon Tattoo

Do you want to put a meaningful tattoo on your forearm? The angel and demon torn between good and evil tattoo is an excellent option. It comprises good means angel and evil means demon, which shows both the good & bad aspects of human nature.

Whatever your religion or lack thereof, angel tattoos may be a potent sign to show connectedness to a higher power. They continue to be one of our earliest examples of a group acting morally, providing as a reminder of the kindness that everyone of us is capable of. In contrast, demon tattoos stand for hedonistic, sinister, and self-indulgent behavior.

Image: @Lantat_Studio

7. Eternal Struggle Between Good and Evil Tattoo

What’s more impressive than the lasting forever struggle between good and evil? This eternal struggle torn between good and evil tattoo design is the perfect option for upper arm tattoo, especially for men. The tattoo represents life as well as death together. 

good and evil tattoo

Image: @saulrojastattoo

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Bottom Line:

A Good and Evil tattoo is more than just a fashion statement; it’s also a piece of who you are and a way to express your unique personality. Before the procedure of getting a tattoo starts, So much consideration and a lot of thinking must be needed.

For many people, getting a tattoo is like getting a diary that opens up to reveal their birth sign, a cherished memory, and more. What’s crucial is that a tattoo serves as both a physical reminder of who you are to others and a reminder to yourself of your core beliefs.

It is a common belief that putting good and evil tattoos on the body offers a universal balance to the soul, and it not only benefits the person who wears it. The universal laws of duality are the foundation for good and evil tattoos.

It is a fundamental human tendency to recognize that everything is dual-balanced. Every force or emotion has two aspects that work together to maintain the balance of life. Thus, by accepting duality, the soul has come to accept what is good and evil, incorporating our morals into the tattoo.

The wearer’s unique markings are visible in the midst of good and evil tattoos. It’s relatively common to have a body image or picture taken. After that, the tattoo is split into two parts: good and evil. No one is given a higher priority or more coverage.

Symbols of purity, such as angelic wings, baby-like motions, or golden halo, are frequently useful to depict the good. The devil’s tail, his fork, or other objects in blood red indicate evil, among other things. It demonstrates how readily we give in to temptation, avarice, and the desire to outrun everyone else.

Moreover, tattoos of good and evil can be displayed through objects as well as personas. For instance, a fresh red rose crossed with a rotted black rose illustrates the struggle between good and evil.

In fact, both men and women have been notable to have good and evil tattoos, which are certainly eye-catching.  Tattoo type selection is simpler than tattoo design. Everybody has a clear idea of the kind of tattoo they desire.

You can choose a good tattoo if you wish to mark your body with a joyful or spiritual design. And go for an evil tattoo if you want a bold and aggressive design. They would look wonderful in any location, but a good and evil sleeve or back tattoo would be their greatest fit.

Indian philosophy uses the tattoos of good and evil to symbolize Karma and demonstrate that doing good deeds leads to good things while doing evil deeds leads to evil things.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Are Good Tattoos Categorized?

Good tattoos has categories as those that are to serve as a symbol of morality and profuse positivity.

Which Qualities Are Reflected By An Evil Tattoo?

 Evil tattoos are ones that exhibit some devilish qualities.

What Does A Tattoo Of An Angel Mean?

Depending on the designs you select to get inked, angel tattoos can stand for various things. An angel tattoo generally means goodness, innocence, guidance, and hope.

What Does A Tattoo Of A Half-Angel, Half-Devil Mean?

The tattoo of a half-angel, half-devil represents the struggle between good and evil. One of the best ways to use body art is to represent this idea.

What Are The Best Good And Evil Tattoos For Arms?

  • Two In One Torn Between Good and Evil Tattoo
  • Animal Fun Torn Between Good and Evil Tattoo
  • Fighting Torn Between Good and Evil Tattoo
  • Angel And Demon Torn Between Good and Evil Tattoo

What Separates Tattoo Good From Tattoo Evil?

Good vs. evil tattoos have been a juncture of conflict for ages. However, it’s your choice whether you want to put a good or an evil tattoo on your skin. Good and Evil tattoos ideas can differ from person to person and have varying levels of significance.

What Is The Similarity Between Tattoos of Good and Evil?

Getting a tattoo is a way to express yourself artistically through a physical mark. Tattoos can show a person’s personality. While there may be variations between good tattoos and evil tattoos, the best thing is that it’s not always true that an evil tattoo indicates iniquity. Depending on the tattoo design you select, both good and evil tattoos may have a positive or a bad connotation.

Which Things To Consider While Choosing Good and Evil Tattoo for Sleeves?

Sleeve tattoos force you to make a significant choice. You cannot have a tattoo of any random image on your sleeve. You must choose which of the four varieties of sleeve tattoos you desire. The four varieties are:

  • One quarter, the one that extends from the middle of your elbow to the top of your shoulder.
  • The first half covers your elbow to shoulder.
  • A full sleeve tattoo extends from your shoulder’s top to your wrist.
  • Hikae is a Japanese tattoo design that covers the chest and arm. The Good vs. Evil chest tattoos fall into the same type. These tattoos have a good or evil design on the chest.

How To Choose Evil Or Sacred Tattoo Designs?

Sacred tattoos are what preserve cultural values when an evil tattoo defies religious beliefs. Sacred tattoos are just as common now as tattoos depicting evil. One can have a tattoo of their favorite diabolical figure or a religious tattoo depicting their beloved god on their body.

Are Skull Tattoos Bad?

Skull tattoos have historically represented defiance. Skull tattoos are not evil, despite the fact that they can have a variety of connotations. They represent power, strength, and life change.

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