55 Amazing Wording Tattoo Styles And Ideas For Wrist

Wording tattoos are often used as a secondary element to go with the prominent tattoo. Still, here we will focus on specific wordings and tattoos and explore different elements that go with it.

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55 Amazing Wording Tattoo Styles And Ideas For Wrist

For example, wrist tattoos look great on both men and women and typically will not acquire much space on your arm. Let us go through these attractive styles so that you settle for what you are looking for.

Tattoo Word Fonts

1. Love One Word Tattoo For Wrist

There are a lot of ways to express love, and one unique way is to get a tattoo for your loved one. You can see it as a couple of tattoos or a generally loved tattoo that you can get for anyone.

Clubbing the script love with the infinity sign is a brilliant idea as infinity is the sign of eternity, so it complements it well. 

Love One Word Tattoo For Wrist

Image: @sammansbridge

2. Love You Wrist Tattoo

In this growing hatred the world chooses to love, you can get a simple tattoo in regular font as minimalistic tattoos look fabulous. 

Love You Wrist Tattoo

Image: @gordienumber9

3. Love You Wrist Tattoo For Girls

You can try a little different font for your small scrip tattoo. It is an excellent idea for someone’s first tattoo as one way do not want too much ink on their body at first.

Love You Wrist Tattoo For Girls

Image: @loveyou.traveltattoo

4. Love And Heart Wrist Tattoo

The love word can also be combined with a small heart, and it will become a sweet attractive tattoo. This one is an excellent option for girls.

Love And Heart Wrist Tattoo

Image: @rochelgundayao

5. Love And Life Wrist Tattoo

One wise idea is to get a one-of-a-kind tattoo in a pair; if you get both the wrists together, the tattoo will make sense. Look at the tattoo done below for a better understanding.

If you also love your life and feel blessed to come here to this world, you may want this tattoo.

Image: @shayna__hale

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6. Love Word Wrist Tattoo

A unique font always manages to steal the show; like here, the font choice makes the tattoo look attractive.

Love Word Wrist Tattoo

Image: @shayna__hale 

7. Mom Dad Tattoo For Wrist

If you are lucky enough to have a mom and a dad and love them, show your fondness through tattoos. Then, refer below to get inspiration for how you can get the tattoo.

The royal crown is a nice touch as it symbolizes glory, strength, and triumph. 

Image: @jasstattoo_studio

8. Lovely Mom And Dad Wrist Tattoo

The heartbeat can be the perfect symbol to combine with the mom dad tattoo as it simply means that your life revolves around that person, and you love them with all their heart.

The heartbeat is the symbol for celebrating your life or can even be used to remember your loved ones. 

Lovely Mom And Dad Wrist Tattoo

Image: @ addy_sagar_sharma015

9. Mom And Dad Tattoo

Minimalistic mom and dad tattoo looks gorgeous. It is the era of minimalistic things for tattoos and things like clothes and even accessories used for fashion.

The star that is added here is the symbol of honor and hope.

Mom And Dad Tattoo

Image: @natattoostudio

10.  Adorable Wording Mom And Dad Tattoo

Here is another style in which you can combine the heartbeat tattoo with the mom dad script; your tattoo artist can take inspiration from these to create your authentic one. 

Adorable Wording Mom And Dad Tattoo

Image: @sai_tattoos_03

11. Amazing Mom And Dad Wrist Tattoo

We saw one similar tattoo with the crown earlier in this post, but this one comes with a slightly different style and ink. You can even go for such a tattoo. 

Amazing Mom And Dad Wrist Tattoo

Image: @raghavtattoo

12. Realistic Mom And Dad Wrist Tattoo

The perfect family picture or your favorite childhood memory can be used in the tattoo to create more impact.

For example, you may have the best memories of your life when you spent time with your parents; if so, you can use a silhouette to showcase it.

Realistic Mom And Dad Wrist Tattoo

Image: @dineshkapoor_kdc

13. Nice Wording Tattoo

It is often said that daughters have a more special and closer bond with their dads than the son, so here is a tattoo that girls can get.

But the tattoo that is shown here is a memorial tattoo as it has angel wings with it. Although angel wings also have other meanings like protection and freedom.

Nice Wording Tattoo

Image: @benn_tattoos

14. Lovely Wording Tattoo On Wrist

A personal motivational quote can also be your choice, like look at the tattoo done here. This is a tattoo that clearly states to have no regrets with a strong message that you only live once, so use that opportunity to the fullest to do whatever you want. 

Image: @bliss97ful_

15. Meaningful Wording Tattoo On Wrist

Tattoos in roman numbers look attractive and are unique in nature, and can have separate meanings. For instance, the tattoo done here can be a memorial tattoo, or it can just be the date of an important event in the bearer’s life.

Meaningful Wording Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @yingyytattoo

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16. Sister Wording Tattoo On Wrist

Love your Sis? If yes, get one tattoo to show your exhilarating love for her. Two sisters may also get a tattoo for each other in a pair to appreciate having each other in their lives.

Sister Wording Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @thilaganmurugan_

17. Nice Wording Wrist Tattoo

This is a minimalistic but attractive name tattoo for a loved one; you can also go for such a tattoo where you may use the name in your native script or try some foreign writing to make your tattoo distinctive. 

Nice Wording Wrist Tattoo

Image: @baronart_lucy

18. Pretty Wording Tattoo

Look at the creative way to combine the arrow with the feather; you can also use any such element to depict the personality of a person for whom you are getting the tattoo. Like it is done here, the arrow is the symbol for a skillful hunter.

Pretty Wording Tattoo

Image: @tattoofeverstudio

19. Sanskrit Word Tattoo On Wrist

Sanskrit is a trendy choice for getting wordings tattoos; many celebrities have gained their loved one’s name tattooed in it. One such world-famous personality is David Beckham; he has got his wife’s name tattooed in Sanskrit.

Moreover, his wife has got a tattoo in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a gorgeous script that you can choose for your tattoo. The word that is inscribed here means “So be it.”

Sanskrit Word Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @ hptattoo77

20. Sanskrit Tattoo On Wrist

Here is a mom tattoo in the Sanskrit script; you can consult a tattoo artist with experience in this field and then choose your authentic tattoo to go with your style. 

Sanskrit Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @inkloretattoos2021

21.  Sanskrit Slogan Wording Tattoo On Wrist

You can even go for a whole slogan etched in Sanskrit. This is because sayings in Sanskrit have significant meaning; if any of them fantasizes about you, then you can get one engraved on you. 

Sanskrit Slogan Wording Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @shree_tat2

22. Wrist Sanskrit Wording Tattoo

Here is another wrist tattoo in Sanskrit, an ancient classical language of India. 

Wrist Sanskrit Wording Tattoo

Image: @inked_tattooz

23. Small Sanskrit Tattoo

A small minimalistic tattoo and the meaning of this word is the heart; this is a tattoo that you get for your loved one. 

Small Sanskrit Tattoo

Image: @nuinktattoozone

24. Sanskrit tattoo Design On Wrist

Here is an attractive Sanskrit tattoo with profound meaning; this saying means “Go with the flow.” If you are a person who does not think too much before doing anything, then you can go for this tattoo.

Sanskrit tattoo Design On Wrist

Image: @pralay_vishwas007

25.  Arabic Wrist Tattoo

Arabic is also a popular script that you can see on many people when it comes to script tattoos. You can opt for a small tattoo for your Wrist.

Arabic Wrist Tattoo

Image: @amjedrifaie

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26. Nice Arabic Wrist Tattoo

You may even opt for the Arabic script tattoo in a pair like a tattoo in English was mentioned earlier. The words chosen for these tattoos usually complement each other, like here we have love on one Wrist and apathy on the other. 

Nice Arabic Wrist Tattoo

Image: @bonnibel17

27.  Small Arabic Wrist Tattoo

Minimalistic Arabic tattoos look very attractive, and this one has good meaning also. It means “destiny.” So if you like minimalistic tattoos, you can consider this one an option.

Small Arabic Wrist Tattoo

Image: @lz.koca_tats

28. Stylish Arabic Tattoo

Bold black ink looks fabulous on tattoos of scripts written in a manner that has relatively more gaps in them, like the one done below. 

Stylish Arabic Tattoo

Image: @ inkman0792

29. Tiny Arabic Tattoo On Wrist

Tiny tattoos are gorgeous and look attractive on both men and women. The word inscribed here means determination. 

Tiny Arabic Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @chrysalide.ink.casablanca

30. Unique Arabic Wording Tattoo

If you are looking for a unique tattoo idea in Arabic-style script tattooing, this may become your choice. 

Unique Arabic Wording Tattoo

Image: @ebonydawn111

31. Be Brave Wrist Tattoo

A simple tattoo with a simple message can be the tattoo you must be looking for because sometimes, the direct message is all you need. Be brave script will give you the strength to persevere in tough times.

Be Brave Wrist Tattoo

Image: @brie.tattoos

32. Lettering Tattoo Designs On Wrist

Here is a couple or a pair tattoo that you can go for if you have a person in your life with the exact synergy. Like it can be your friend or can be your lover.

For instance, the script here says that there is no fun without risk, implying that you both met while you were on your risk venture.

Lettering tattoo designs On Wrist

Image: @ephemeraltattoo.artists

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33. Ollie Wording Tattoo On Wrist

You can even get a tattoo for your pet. Do you love your pet? Then, if and want to show it, you can get a tattoo like it is done here. 

Image: @babylonebabe

34. love wording Wrist Tattoo

If you are looking for a love tattoo, then here is one more idea for you to get a meaningful yet straightforward tattoo. 

love wording Wrist Tattoo

Image: @gracedoestattoos

35. Beautiful Small Tattoo On Wrist

A memorable tattoo or a sweet memory tattoo also goes well with the name of a person’s tattoo. A name tattoo directly shows that the person holds great importance in your life. 

Beautiful Small Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @arminblvckworkstudio

36. Stylish Wrist Wording Tattoo

Make your tattoo more stylish by choosing a unique font and adding different color combinations to it. Look at the way the tattoo is done below for ideas to pop up in your mind. 

Stylish Wrist Wording Tattoo

Image: @cangwu_tattoo

37. Stay Strong Word Tattoos On Wrist

Stay strong script tattoo and wordings similar to this one have become a popular choice in today’s tense world with mental health issues.

The butterfly is an excellent element to get with these wordings as it is for transformation, faith, and freedom. 

Stay Strong Word Tattoos On Wrist

Image: @vatstattoostudio

38. Stay Strong Word Tattoos On Wrist For Girl

You can either get one word written smaller and the other one big to make your tattoo unique or have these words written simply like they are done here. 

Stay Strong Word Tattoos On Wrist For Girl

Image: @nails_by_iwona_xx_

39. Stylish Stay Strong Word Tattoo

Getting it as a pair is also fabulous to get the strong stay script. But, again, a little heart is a nice touch with it. 

Stylish Stay Strong Word Tattoo

Image: @jullstattoo

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40. Wrist Stay Strong Tattoo

Forearm tattoos are a popular choice among men; you can also consider the options.

Wrist Stay Strong Tattoo

Image: @alex_arias.ink

41. Wonderful Stay Strong Word Wrist Tattoo

Minimalistic design with the script will make your tattoo authentic and make it grasping. 

Wonderful Stay Strong Word Wrist Tattoo

Image: @elsriotgrrl

42. Stay Strong Girls Wrist Tattoo

Here is another font used in the wrist pair tattoo style.

Stay Strong Girls Wrist Tattoo

Image: @royaltouchink

43. Stunning Wording Wrist Tattoo

Loyalty is essential for most people, not only in relationships but also in other settings. Many people are also attracted to attributes of a person’s personality rather than the physical appeal; if it is the same with you, then you can get this tattoo.

Stunning Wording Wrist Tattoo

Image: @everardo_sxnchez

44. Memory Wrist Tattoo

Marking the sweet memory in the way of a band tattoo is a good idea for a rare tattoo. But, of course, you can also get it as a love tattoo. 

Memory Wrist tattoo

Image: @tattooist_raice

45. Never Give Up Wording Wrist Tattoo

According to psychology, solid yet straightforward words and seeing something every day tend to leave a different impact on your brain. So if you think that you also sometimes want this extra push in life, you can go for this tattoo. 

Never Give Up Wording Wrist Tattoo

Image: @adele.tattoo

46. Unique Wording Stay Strong Tattoo

The Cactus is the symbol of your ability to protect others, so this tattoo clearly states that you care for a loved one and have the ability to push them and protect them when needed.

Unique Wording Stay Strong Tattoo

Image: @barbertattoola9

47.  Dark Black Stay Strong Tattoo On Wrist

You can even try this kind of tattoo with some other meaningful wordings. 

Dark Black Stay Strong Tattoo On Wrist

Image: @abdul.tattoo

48. Still Breathing Wording Tattoo

The semi-colon tattoo symbolizes affirmation and promises to oneself to never give up and never stop fighting. Meaning it is solidarity against suicide and other mental issues.

The still breathing wording is a great combination that can go with this symbol. It can be a subtle reminder to oneself of the pledge he has taken. 

Still Breathing Wording Tattoo

Image: @ lazyboy_tattoos

49. Black And Red Wording Tattoo

It would be best if you always believed in yourself, and these wordings will always remind you of it. The combination of red and black makes a grasping contrast in any tattoo.

Image: @moonfox.ink

50. Unique Wording Wrist Tattoo

Name tattoo with flowers is an excellent idea as the flower symbolizes love and natural beauty.

Unique Wording Wrist Tattoo

Image: @hotrodtattoos

51. One Life  Wording Wrist Tattoo

You only live once, and you should make it count; this motivational tattoo can help you excel in life. 

One Life  Wording Wrist Tattoo

Image: @rich_tattoo_studio

52. Wording Tattoo Design On Wrist

It is a love tattoo that translates to a love of fate tattoo picked from the Latin language; if you like Latin, then search for meaningful quotes that you can go for.

Wording Tattoo Design On Wrist

Image: @gio_rgiacardillo20

53. Beautiful Wording Wrist Tattoo

A small name tattoo with a simple black heart is a simple but love tattoo that speaks volumes and is fabulous to make the person feel special. 

Beautiful Wording Wrist Tattoo

Image: @alice_tat2

54. Stylish Wording Wrist Tattoo

The sober tattoo is the solidarity against abuse of drugs, or someone who has turned sober and pledged against substance use can go for this tattoo.

It will be there on your wrist to remind you of the promise that you made to yourself of not taking any more drugs. The treble clef included here can depict that music has helped you come out of that dark phase.

Stylish Wording Wrist Tattoo

Image: @tattooed.siren

55. Lovely Wording Design Tattoo On Wrist

There are specific ways to use the heartbeat sign; one is you may blend the heartbeat sign with the full name, or you can use one initial to the club with the heartbeat sign. The heartbeat signifies that you love the gift of life and love its people.

Lovely Wording Design Tattoo  On Wrist

Image: @jayric_chew


How Much is A 1-Word Tattoo?

A short word tattoo covering an area between 2-4 square inches can range between 50$-200$, but it may vary on the size of the letters that you choose to imprint.

Tattoos that are actually one word and 2-4 square inches will take an hour of work or less. Usually, artists do not charge on the basis of a letter. 

How Long Do Text Tattoos Take?

Text tattoos can take time anything between 1 hour to 5 hours. A typical session can last till 5 hours on average. It can also depend on your artist how busy they are. 

What’s A Script Tattoo?

The script tattoos are also known as cursive font tattoos. Script tattoos are unique so are the people who write them.

All tattoo artists add their personal touch to the tattoo they make like cursive fonts are adapted from cursive handwriting. 

Are Script Tattoos Difficult?

Yes, you can say that script tattoos are the most difficult ones to get. They may be considered the trickiest ones to do, but they may be the most rewarding ones if they are correctly done.

And it is a bold move as anyone around you can read it. 

Do Quote Tattoos Blur?

Yes, they may fade away quickly as thin lines, small tattoos, small words fade away more rapidly than other tattoos.

However, a tattoo with too much detailing is likely to start blurring altogether and not in parts.

Bottom Line

Scripts tattoos are very rare, and so are the fonts in which you can get them; getting something written down on you literally is the best direct message you can give rather than having a symbol that people can interpret later. 

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