63 On Hand Fabulous Wolf Tattoo Design Ideas You Will Love

Animal-inspired Tattoos have been quite famous among men and women for a long time. However, if we talk about the most prevalent tattoo, it would be none other than the wolf tattoo because of its untamed nature and fierce quality.

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Wolf Tattoos mostly come in black and grey ink, but a colorful wolf also doesn’t look bad on your body if your tattoo artist is an experienced man and knows how to show his artistry with colored ink.

63 On Hand Fabulous Wolf Tattoo Design Ideas You Will Love

Although Wolf tattoos look stunning on every body part, here we are going to show you some of the best wolf tattoos for your hands.

What Does Wolf Tattoo Mean? 

Wolves are known for their wild, protective, Animalistic, family-oriented, caring and untamed nature qualities. However, the wolf tattoo varies from individual to individual, depending on one’s traits. Wolves’ tattoos come in different sizes, big and small; however, they make a stunning tattoo, whichever size you choose.

1. Different Eye Color Wolf Tattoo On hand

Wolves are often known for their fierce nature, and their eyes are a thing that makes them look wild, get this tattoo with two different eye colors, and it will make a breathtaking tattoo.

Image: @xaviertat2

2. Black Ink Wolf  With Barbed Wire Tattoo

The magnificent wolf head tattoo in black and grey shading makes an attractive option; adding barbed wire along with the wolf shows their territorial qualities and how they feel about their territories. A geometric wolf tattoo in black ink will also look extraordinary.

Black Ink Wolf  With Barbed Wire Tattoo

Image: @tattoo_add

3. Black Shaded Wolf Tattoo For Men

The colossal wolf tattoo covering the whole palm looks alive with shining eyes, and the pitch-black color showing his vicious teeth makes it look breathtaking. It is one of the best wolf tattoo ideas for men.

Black Shaded Wolf Tattoo For Men

Image: @brigo.art

4. Black Angry Wolf Tattoo Design

The wolves are prevalent for their wild nature, and this black wolf tattoo shows their wild nature with sharp, vicious teeth in attacking mode. It is one of the best tattoos among animal tattoo lovers.

Black Angry Wolf Tattoo Design

Image: @italoholie

5. Pitch-black Wolf Tattoo On Hand

Wolf tattoos are often prevalent in black and grey ink, and these pitch-black tattoos show that they make a stunning tattoo and the more skilled your tattoo artist, the more accurate and fine the tattoo you will get inked on your hand.

Pitch-black Wolf Tattoo On Hand

Image: @sonnygammon08

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6. Bloody Wolf Tattoo For Men

Although wolves avoid contact with humans, roads, vehicles, and city, it would not be easy to save them from their attack if they ever attacked a human. This untamed quality of wolves makes them an incredible choice of tattooing.

Bloody Wolf Tattoo For Men

Image: @dan_p_b

7. Furry Wolf Tattoo For Men

Wolves are always furry, and their fur makes them look magnificent. A furry wolf tattoo will be a fantastic tattoo to try on your hand, and you will have many options for colors as wolves come in different colors, which makes them look astonishing.

Furry Wolf Tattoo For Men

Image: @oguzhandizdartattoo

8. Classic Wolf Tattoo

As I said earlier, wolf animal tattoo looks splendid in colored ink, too, if your artist knows how to use that color and here is a stunning example of that.

The wolf with grey and brown ink makes an incredible tattoo you do not like to miss. A wolf skull tattoo is also pretty popular among tattoos for men.

Classic Wolf Tattoo

Image: @blackberrytattoostudio

9. Wild Wolf Tattoo

Wolves are often known for their distinctive nature because they don’t like to get in touch with human and city life; they prefer to live in their territory in the woods and feel possessive and protective of their boundaries.

So the wolf tattoo and some trees giving it a forest would look delighted.

Wild Wolf Tattoo

Image: @retrogusto_tattoo

10. Colored Realistic Wolf Tattoo

The beastly nature, their furs and their stunning eyes are the main traits of wolves and are prevalent worldwide.

They rarely give any chance to their opponent to save themselves, and these qualities make them fierce and wild and look magnificent with that look. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself in vibrant colors.

Colored Realistic Wolf Tattoo

Image: @timetattoostudiomdq

11. Half Wolf Face Tattoo On Hand

The half-wolf face tattoo with outlines look magnificent, and the filling of some bright colors make it a terrific choice to get inked on the hand. The wolf tattoo has deep meaning according to their designs.

Half Wolf Face Tattoo On Hand

Image: @gentllben

12. Fire Wolf Tattoo

As I said earlier, the fur of wolves makes them look incredible, and they will be an excellent fit for a tattoo; you can try your tattoo in black and grey, and the fur looks like fire, and you are going to love this piece of art.

Also, the watercolor wolf tattoo will look amazing on the hands.

Fire Wolf Tattoo

Image: @torontoink

13. Black and White Wolf Tattoo

The black and white wolf will look marvelous on your hand. Add two sharp teeth to his mouth with long ears and robust features. The stunning wolf tattoo will help you in getting so many compliments.

Black and White Wolf Tattoo

Image: @inkjohners

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14. Elegant Wolf Tattoo Design

Tattoos are a piece of art, and they can be as creative as you want. For instance, a wolf with two right eyes and the mouth covering all the hands and forearm will look beautiful.

Image: @abbeymanson

15. Bold Wolf With Vibrant Color Tattoo

The bold tattoo design of the wolf tattoo makes them one of the most beautiful tattoos to try, and they look splendid with some addition of red and orange colors with it. It gives the wolf a Chinese color vibe.

Bold Wolf With Vibrant Color Tattoo

Image: @handtattoo.bangers

16. Shaded Wolf Face Tattoo On Hand

As we all know, wolf tattoos are prevalent in black and grey colors, but it is not a rule that you can’t add colors with them. So yes, you may try as many customizations as you want. For instance, you can opt for a shaded wolf with shining colored eyes.

Shaded Wolf Face Tattoo On Hand

Image: @will__holloway

17. Wolf Head Tattoo Design

Wolf head tattoo design is one of the most famous tattoos among tattoo lovers, one may try this fierce wolf tattoo on the upper palm covering it whole, and you will love the result.

Wolf Head Tattoo Design

Image: @redbarrontattoos

18. Fabulous Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoos represent faithfulness, Allegiance, loyalty, and determination, showing two people’s strong bond. In several cases, friends, son and father go for this wolf tattoo because of what it stands for.

Fabulous Wolf Tattoo

Image: @looktwice_tattoos

19. Fancy Wolf Tattoo Idea

If you are a hunter and looking for some inspiration to get inked with your first tattoo that your search ends here, you must try this colorful wolf on hand with the shooted arrows, and it will look stunning.

Fancy Wolf Tattoo Idea

Image: @deefloriantattoos

20. Fantastic Blue Wolf Eyes Tattoo

The magnificent furry wolf with blue eyes will keep people hooked with your tattoo with their Wolves have many options with their eyes, and you may opt for any color of your choice. Don’t trust me blind? Try it yourself on your hand.

Fantastic Blue Wolf Eyes Tattoo

Image: @cintattoos

21. Calm Wolf Tattoo

The calm wolf tattoo shows the peaceful and majestic nature of the wolves, making it an excellent choice for women to get this fabulous tattoo and flaunt it to others. A woman wearing the alpha wolf tattoo or wolf’s head will look majestic and graceful.

Calm Wolf Tattoo

Image: @sixtoartstattoo

22. Cunning Wolf Tattoo

There is an ancient idiom wolf in sheep’s skin clothing, and that idiom shows the cunning nature of the wolf, making it a great choice to get inked. You will love the howling wolf on your hands.

Cunning Wolf Tattoo

Image: @dallison_tatuador

23. Wolf With Skull Tattoo Design

The grey shaded wolf ink tattoo looks great on the hand with the blue half-open eyes as we know wolves tend to be great hunters, and this quality portrayed in the tattoo will look magnificent.

Wolf with skull Tattoo Design

Image: @jimlynch13tattoo

24. Snarling Wolf Tattoo

A calm scary wolf tattoo looks great on the hand. Wolves are often known for their stunning eyes, which hold lots of things in them, and If you don’t believe me and then try this blue-eyed and calm or a snarling wolf, you will not regret it.

Snarling Wolf Tattoo

Image: @jirezumi

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25. Black Wolf With White Shaded Tattoo On Hand

Black and grey tattoos look fantastic on the hands; however, if you like black and white tattoos, then this is your choice. Get this tattoo inked on the hands, white black and white eyes, and you will love them.

Black Wolf With White Shaded Tattoo On Hand

Image: @avimarcelletatuadora

26. Unique Wolf And Moon Tattoo On hand

Wolf tattoos are popular among men only, but women also love to get them, and since we are talking about women’s tattoos, the tattoo must look a little feminine. The unique wolf design making a moon-like horn will be one of the best tattoos.

Unique Wolf And Moon Tattoo On hand

Image: @inkman0792

27. Impressive Wolf Tattoo On Hand

The beastly and cunning wolf makes a stunning tattoo in grey ink with a big open mouth with big ears. Try this on the hand, and it will be scary, giving it a unique look.

Impressive Wolf Tattoo On Hand

Image: @eyaltattoo

28. Leaf And Wolf Tattoo Design

Getting a wolf tattoo among men is popular. However, a lone wolf is not necessary. Instead, you may add elements like an enormous leaf giving it a wild look because the wolf loves to live in the woods and forest.

Image: @twistedchapel

29. Dangerous Wolf Tattoo

The massive wolf in black and grey tattoo looks so lively on the hand and astonishing. Try it in medium size on your upper palm, and they are going to look magnificent.

Trust me, and if you have an experienced tattoo artist, it will be one of the best wolf tattoos.

Dangerous Wolf Tattoo

Image: @moontattoo.maahsahmz

30. Mind Blowing Wolf Tattoo

Wolves are very territorial about their boundaries and their areas. They make sure to keep their pack safe and become possessive about their things.

These qualities of wolves make it an exceptional choice for tattoos. Try it with some wild elements along with the wolf.

Mind Blowing Wolf Tattoo

Image: @sadidgarcia

31. Enormous Chinese Wolf Tattoo On Hand

The Chinese wolf tattoo looks extraordinary on the hand in a massive frame. You may add a few other elements like a skull or a dragon to make it look better. However, an alone Chinese wolf will look extraordinary too.

Image: @ibiza_ink_tattoo

You have often heard the stories about wolves howling at the moon. There are believe that it’s their way of communication and according to some other folklores moon is the guardian of wolves; however, there is no proof of it.

Whatever the truth, it doesn’t stop the moon and wolf tattoo from getting popular. They are prevalent, and often, people love to get them inked.

32. Moon And Howling Wolf Tattoo

Moon and Howling Wolf Tattoo

Image: @mamagshouse

33. Majestic Wolf Tattoo

Although wolves are famous for their peaceful and majestic nature still when they get angry, they will be very dangerous, and that angry look of the wolf looks stunning as a tattoo.

Majestic Wolf Tattoo

Image: @jess_ink

34. Small Wolf Head Tattoo Design

If you are not comfortable with huge tattoos on your hand, you may try a small wolf tattoo or a wolf head tattoo with blue eyes and trust me. They will look fabulous.

Small Wolf Head Tattoo Design

Image: @nigelmatthewsbuzzard

35. Perfect Lone Wolf Tattoo Idea

Wolves are known for their strength and assertive personality, and a lone wolf shows it without fail, so getting a lone wolf shows you like an intense, determined person, and they will look magnificent in grey ink.

Perfect Lone Wolf Tattoo Idea

Image: @lemondragontattoo

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36. Stylish Wolf Hand Tattoos For Men

The stylish wolf tattoo design with sharp teeth and stunning stone-like eyes looks ferocious, and trust me, and you will love the outcome you will receive. But, of course, you will also love the wolf paw tattoo.

Stylish Wolf Hand Tattoos For Men

Image: @apostolis_kourletis

37. Red And Black Wolf Tattoo On Hand

An amazing wolf with black ink and red eyes, tongue and fierce teeth looks fantastic on the hands. A mind-blowing but straightforward design that you will never want to miss, so do not wait longer and try this now.

Red And Black Wolf Tattoo On Hand

Image: @moskotattooer

38. Black Tribal Wolf Tattoo Design

A black wolf with the touch of tribal in them looks fantastic. They look amazing, and you wouldn’t regret getting them inked on your hands. But don’t believe me blindly and try it yourself.

Black Tribal Wolf Tattoo Design

Image: @denis_istwohlso

39. Tiger And Wolf Tattoo

As we know, tigers are known as courageous and energetic, and they love to have attention. They are larger in size and weight as compared to wolves. They have opposite traits to wolves, and getting them together makes a stunning choice.

Tiger And Wolf Tattoo

Image: @thetattooideasofficial

40. Ultimate Wolf Tattoo

Wolves are always misunderstood as the killer and blood-thirsty animals. However, I think we all have heard the stories in childhood stating the qualities of wolves, and you must have imagined that look of wolves in your mind.

If you still remember that, then getting that wolf tattoo on your hands will be a fantastic idea to start with.

Ultimate Wolf Tattoo

Image: @nwinktattoo

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41. Lovely Howling Wolf Tattoo On Hand

Wolves are known as natural leaders and great motivators, known as goal-oriented species. So if you feel you have these qualities as well, then opting for howling wolf tattoos will show that trait of yours.

Lovely Howling Wolf Tattoo On Hand

Image: @tokatattoos

42. Yellow Eye Attacking Wolf Tattoo Design

Though wolves rarely attack humans and stay away from city life, there are some incidents in which wolves are seen near the North American region, and a few times they attacked too, but those attacks were not so dangerous.

Getting a tattoo of an attacking wolf will make you stunned.

Yellow Eye Attacking Wolf Tattoo Design

Image: @salvatattoo

43. Simple Wolf With Sun Tattoo On Hand

Just like wolves have several colors in their species, they have different eye colors too. For example, they could have blue, grey, yellow, green, light brown and hazel eyes. However, the green color is rare and very few wolves might have them.

Image: @whitedtattoo

44. ColorfulWolf And LadyBug Tattoo Design

As I said earlier, wolves can be combined with any bird, reptile or animal, and they will look extraordinary with them. Incorporating a colorful wolf with a ladybug can give you goosebumps with their astonishing beauty.

Image: @tattooeverythingsupplies

45. Memorial Wolf Tattoo For Hand

Though every animal or bird has some traits that are similar to humans. Like wolf tattoos which resemble many human qualities.

For instance, a wolf represents care and love, and they can be pretty dangerous if they feel any danger to their pups, just like a human mother, so getting a wolf tattoo in the memory of that person will not disappoint you.

Memorial Wolf Tattoo For Hand

Image: @alteredimagestattootattoostudi

46. Smiling Wolf Tattoo Designs

If you are a nature lover, you must know how wolves help balance creatures that help other species and plants for environmental harmony.

They are helpful to humankind like any other animal, and getting a tattoo can remind them of their beneficial existence.

Smiling Wolf Tattoo Designs

Image: @shane_mcloughlin123

47. Wonderful Scary Wolf Tattoo

Brown wolves have canines and a long tail, and they vary in size as per the region they are leaving. It tends to believe that the north has more enormous wolves than the south.

Their size can be more than five feet in some cases, and their tail most of the time lengths one to two meters. There are famous folktales that Wolves mates by piercing their canines in the neck of their mate.

Wonderful Scary Wolf Tattoo

Image: @alesia_tattoo_cz

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48. Wording And Wolf Tattoo

Though, there are no limits to the tattoo designs and combining them with others. For instance, you can connect a wolf with words that give you the strength to stand out firm in tough times.

You may opt for a black wolf with colorful words or can keep them in the same color however you like.

Wording And Wolf Tattoo

Image: @orlapinappletattoos

49. Owl And Wolf Tattoo

Owl stands as the epitome of hope in the darkness and often symbolizes magic and divination, whereas the wolf stands for protection and loyalty. Combining the creatures in one tattoo will give you a positive vibe and hope for a better tomorrow.

Owl And Wolf Tattoo

Image: @tattoo_sandomierz

50. Mind-Blowing Big Wolf Tattoo Design

The wolves’ fur is often known as one of the components that enhances their beauty, and they have different colors. But one thing that is common in all is that they make a fascinating piece of art with their furs. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself.

Mind-Blowing Big Wolf Tattoo Design

Image: @elleangelnum1

51. Graceful Black Ink Wolf Tattoo

With the mixture of black and white, the wolf tattoo can give you a look of fear and a wild creature. However, the wolf tattoos are known as clams unless they feel any danger for their loved ones, but once they lose their cool, they could kill anyone.

Graceful Black Ink Wolf Tattoo

Image: @martin_blkshp_tattoo

52. Arrow And Wolf Tattoo

Combining the wolf tattoo with some other elements enhances its beauty. For instance, a black and white wolf with your moon sign, arrow, glyph, or any other of your favorite features makes the theme look stunning.

Arrow and Wolf Tattoo

Image: @laurencoley_tattoo

53. Celtic Wolf Tattoo Design

Whether you opt for traditional, Celtic, Black or colorful wolves, they will be breathtaking in every tattoo. Try the wolf tattoo in neo-traditional color and texture, and you will love the outcome. You can also try the wolf pack tattoo.

Celtic Wolf Tattoo Design

Image: @hh_tattoo

54. Nice Wolf Tattoo On Hand

A medium-size wolf tattoo will look fabulous on the hand, and it will be the best fit for storytelling with other elements. If you don’t have anything in mind, you can ask your tattooist for help. It is considered to be the best body art.

Nice Wolf Tattoo On Hand

Image: @rosajaratattoo

55. Illustrative Wolf Tattoo Designs Image

Wolf symbolizes negative and positive. Positive things represent intuition, instincts, and sharp intelligence, whereas negative meanings include the threat or lack of trust. Try it on your hand, and trust me, it will make a fantastic tattoo.

Illustrative Wolf Tattoo Designs Image

Image: @bloodystitches_tattoostyle

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56. Colored Piereced Wolf Tattoo Design

The wolf tattoo in colored ink will look incredible, and combining it with a dagger makes them one of the best tattoos. If you love hunting, this tattoo will be the perfect pick. You may try a colored wolf’s face, and trust me, and you will love it.

Colored Piereced Wolf Tattoo Design

Image: @tattooprodigies

57. Perfect Wolf Tattoo On Hand

The wolves are considered feral and the antithesis of civilized and reasonable. They are also considered the metaphor of those not human by nature or at least in human. Some of these qualities make them a stunning choice.

Perfect Wolf Tattoo On Hand

Image: @anndrey_david

58. Japanese Wolf Tattoo

A Japanese wolf tattoo looks magnificent because of its unique color choice, and it will make an excellent tattoo for the hands. In addition, the violent and Japanese culture wolf tattoo looks breathtaking in a celestial look.

Japanese Wolf Tattoo

Image: @killdeerpress

59. Mother Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoos are a stunning symbol of motherhood. Because the wolf mothers are often known to be very caring and protective of their pups, and when someone tries to harm their pups, they could be very wild and dangerous.

You may opt for a mother with little pups for your tattoo.

Mother Wolf Tattoo

Image: @ulysses_odyssey

60. NeoTraditional Wolf Tattoo On hand

The neo-color wolf looks splendid on hand, and using the vibrant colors makes them look more lively.

Your tattoo artist can show his artistry with the wolf design, and they will be awesome. You may add some words with the wolf, and trust me, and you will love them.

NeoTraditional Wolf Tattoo On hand

Image: @kustomhustletattoo

61. Forest and  Wolf Tattoo

Territorial and possessive are two well-known qualities of wolves, and getting the forest tattoo with the wolf tattoo looks incredible. But, of course, you may choose some other elements like any other wolf hiding in the wolves.

Forest and  Wolf Tattoo

Image: @travishordyski

62. Wolf With Birds Tattoo

A grey shaded wolf tattoo along with the forest looks extraordinary. A vast tattoo covering the forearm makes your arm look stunning too. You may opt for a night scenic view along with the wolf, and your tattoo will look extraordinary.

Wolf with Birds Tattoo

Image: @aedentattoostudio

63. Grey Shaded Wolf Tattoo Design

A wolf tattoo looks excellent whether you opt for a big or small wolf. However, a wolf face only with eyes, mouth, tongue makes a stunning tattoo and makes an out-of-the-box tattoo. The native American wolf tattoo is one of the best tattoo ideas for men.

Grey Shaded Wolf tattoo design

Image: @luis.rachello


These are just a few designs for wolf inking, and many more are remaining on the collection. The idea of your tattoo speaking about you is a lot fancier these days and pretty in trend, so you must research your likes and dislikes about tattoos before going for it.

You may try them on any part of your body, and trust me, you will not regret them, so don’t wait anymore and get your next piece of art now.


Are Wolves Loyal?

Yes, wolves are loyal, and they wait for a long time to meet their destined mate so that they can mate with them. They are very caring and protective for their mate and pups and would not fear death for their safety.

What Are Wolf Eye Colors?

Like the wolves’ colors, they have varieties in their eye colors. They may have hazel, black, yellow, blue, light brown and grey eyes. However, green eyes are scarce for any wolf to have.

Would A Wolf Beat A Lion?

Yes, a lion can easily beat the wolf because of their larger size and strength. Also, it can be because lions are often killed for their food and practiced well for the fight compared to wolves.

Are Wolves Loyal to Their Mates?

As I said earlier, Wolves mate for a lifetime, and they share a powerful bond with their mates. Usually, they never cheat on their mates, but famous stories say that if any of them cheats on another, they can feel it through the pain.

What Are Omegas Wolves?

Omegas wolves are known as the lower in rank, and they live on the outskirts of the pack. It is known that they are not as powerful as the others, and they eat last in the group.

However, some stories say that they serve as the stress reliever to a higher rank and often fall prey to evil pack members.

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