81 Awesome Cross Tattoo Designs That You Can’t Afford To Miss

The Cross is a religious symbol for Christian and Christianity, making them pretty popular for tattoo choices. Although that doesn’t mean that cross tattoo designs are not popular among non-Christian people. They are as popular as any other tattoo design and make an attractive tattoo choice.

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81 Awesome Cross Tattoo Designs That You Can't Afford To Miss

Meaning Of Cross Tattoo

The holy spirit symbol of the cross represents the faith and the sacrifices made by Jesus to save humans. So whether Christians opt for an alone cross tattoo or combine it with some other symbols, they will not disappoint you. Although several options are available for tattoo art like a gothic, Celtic, one-line cross, etc., still in every version of a cross tattoo, represents your faith.

1. Attractive Cross And Date Tattoo On Ankle

The cross tattoo represents your faith and trust in God that whatever you do will be an excellent choice for you. So to honor the giving of God, getting the cross tattoo with the date which you feel was the one when God blessed you will look stunning. You can opt for a date of your marriage, childbirth or the day when you got your tattoo.

Ankle floral cross tattoo

Credits: realmhate

2. Black Cross Tattoo On Women’s Ankle

Simple is best, and this black cross tattoo proves it correct. If you are looking for something subtle, try the simple cross tattoo on the ankle as it will take less time inking and will be less painful than bigger ones.

Back cross women tattoo

Credits: hannah_kynaston

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3. Tiny Cross Tattoo On Ankle Image

A tiny cross tattoo on the ankle is getting very popular these days. These little tattoos are easy to hide and look graceful because of their simplicity and size. However big or small, that doesn’t lessen your faith in your creator.

Cross tattoo tiny

Credits: abi__tattoo

4. Red Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoos are a popular choice in grey and black ink, but it depends on whether you want them in different styles and colors. Try this red tattoo with some letters of your choice and trust me will love the result.

Text design cross tattoo

Credits: thoothiepipers

5. Black Rose And Cross Tattoo On Ankle

The black rose represents death and mourning for losing loved ones. This concept came from a tarot card of a black rose along with a white rose that represents the new beginning after tragic moments. Combining it with the cross represents your faith in the situation and looks mesmerizing.

Black rose cross tattoo

Credits: mischa_tattoo

6. Paint Stroke Cross Tattoo

There are so many different designs to make the cross tattoo more creative than the usual ones. For instance, the paint stroke cross looks breathtaking in pitch black color.

Stroke cross tattoo

Credits: mycelliumtattoo

7. Unique Classic Cross And Beads Tattoo On Ankle

The cross tattoo represents your faith in God, whereas the beads tattoo wards off the demons and evil energy from you. Try combining both the elements on the ankle, and they would look astonishing.

cross tattoo

Credits: nunzio_tannoia_tattoo_artist

8. Cool Cross And Lion Tattoo On Ankle

The lion tattoo represents your strength, bravery, and courage of the wearer, and mixing it with the cross tattoo strengthens your faith in yourself and God that he will support you. It looks incredible in a considerable size.

Lion design cross tattoo

Credits: benfr33man_tattooist

9. Cross Ankle With Red Rose Tattoo

These days people are getting creative, and their creativity can be seen in their tattoos. For example, the red rose tattoo with a cross. The red rose represents love and passion, and the cross tattoo strengthens your trust that you will be blessed with the lord in your relationship.

Red rose cross tattoo

Credits: tattookallen

10. Religious Yellow Cross Ankle Tattoo Design

As I said earlier, cross tattoos look astonishing in every color. The yellow cross tattoo with the Celtic knots makes them look amazing. If you don’t believe me, then try it yourself.

Religious cross tattoo

Credits: tigerlotustattoo

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11. Floral Cross Ankle Tattoo For Women

Flowers have been a symbol of natural beauty and life for a long time and making these flowers tattooed along with crosses enhances the beauty of these cross tattoos. They look delightful.

Flowery cross tattoo

Credits: hh.tattooer

12. Simple Cross Tattoo

The simple cross tattoo with thick black lines looks magnificent on the ankle. However, the cross tattoo is simple but holds significant and powerful meaning, like unconditional love and sacrifices.

Simple and unique cross tattoo

Credits: richierichtattoos

13. Magnificent Cross Tattoo Design

Tattoos can look as alluring as you want with a little bit of design. For instance, the cross tattoo and some designs inside it make them look delightful. You may also try to fill these cross tattoos with some floral elements.

Awesome cross tattoo designs

Credits: florink_tattoo

14. Enormous Cross And Soldier Tattoo

Like the soldier saves our country by giving their life and always ready to do everything in their hands to protect us and Jesus also gave up his life to save humanity. So adding soldier and cross tattoos together is a perplexing choice to honor their sacrifice.

Soldiers design cross tattoo

Credits: georgpet

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15. Cute Cross Tattoo

The one-liner cross tattoo looks alluring on the ankle and is simple and small. Therefore, they will take less time as compared to huge tattoos.

Cross short thin design

Credit: psycho5701

16. Fabulous Dark Cross Tattoo On Ankle

Lee Stewart started the trend of brush stock tattoos, and trust me, and they make a fantastic tattoo. Try it in a pitch-black color, and you will love the outcome.

Dark cross sign tattoo

Credits: alchemy.lines

17. Fancy Cross Tattoo with Moon

Cross tattoo with thick lines and the moon looks astonishing. You may ask your tattoo artist to make it more creative. For instance, adding some teardrops shows the grief and pain that one is facing.

Moon design cross tattoo

Credits: ddingdong_tat2

18. Tiny Flowers Cross Tattoo

As I said earlier, flowers stand for natural beauty, and making a cross with these flowers makes a sexy tattoo. You may opt for the different color flowers with leaves, and trust me, you will be surprised to see the beauty of the floral cross tattoo.

Tiny flowers design cross tattoo

Credits: nat_nat1201

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19. Pink And Blue Cross Tattoo On Ankle

Pink and blue cross tattoos with pastel ink filling them in look drop-dead gorgeous, and trust me, the unique floral designer tattoo will make it a splendid choice to try.

Pink flowers design cross tattoo

Credits: tooshink

20. Grey Cross Tattoo On Right Ankle

If you are a devotee of God and want to show the world your faith in him, then opting for a gray cross tattoo with gray ink makes it heavenly beautiful. But don’t trust me blindly. See it yourself.

Cross tattoo grey color

Credit: glennwillemoons_tattooartist

21. Cross Tattoo With Flower And Words On Ankle

Your cross tattoo looks astonishingly beautiful on the ankle but guesses what? They could look more than beautiful with floral elements. Adding your favorite words with these cross tattoos will enhance their beauty.

Multiple flowers on cross tattoo

Credits: tattooist_sodam

22. Outstanding Cross And Red Flower Tattoo

Tattoos have several options to try, like gothic, Celtic, one-liner, and many more. You may try a brown wooden work tattoo along with the red flowers, and you will love them.

Flowers design cross tattoo

Credits: pinkink__studio

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23. Stunning Floral Cross Ankle Tattoo

Old-school tattoos have gained immense popularity with time and are a significant place among tattoo lovers for being highly saturated. They look simple and easy to identify, and combining them with the black and white cross will look amazing.

Floral cross tattoo design

Credits: abi__tattoo

24. Pretty Cross Tattoo With Small Beads Anklet Tattoo

The Rosary tattoo keeps the evil energy away from the wearer, and maintaining a cross tattoo attached makes it a stunning tattoo. A tattoo artist could show his artistry in making the Rosary look like an anklet with tiny beads.

Sweet cross tattoo design

Credit: brigo.art

25. Man And Cross Tattoo

 You can honor someone not in this world with a tattoo, and trust me, they look astonishing. Don’t trust me. Try a cross tattoo with the face of the man with some grey shading that looks magnificent.

Man face on cross tattoo

Credits: aleks_dibe 

26. Heavy Rosary Cross Tattoo On Girl Ankle

The heavy rosary tattoo with big and bold colorful beads along with the gothic design of the cross makes it a fantastic choice for tattoo lovers. Try it in blue or red colors with some grey shading, and they will not disappoint you.

Beautiful art on cross tattoo

Credits: kennymtattoos

27. Unique Black Cross Tattoo On Ankle

 Cross tattoos only show your faith in God, but they can look elegant and beautiful. For instance, the black cross tattoo with the designs makes them look like the ultimate choice to try now.

Awesome cross tattoo design

Credits: kellcunningham.tattoo

28. Tiniest Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoo in black inks looks mesmerizing. You may try this in every size. For instance, the tiniest cross tattoo looks astonishingly beautiful on the ankle.

Mini cross tattoo

Credit: sugabear_tattoos

29. Radiant Cross Tattoo Design On Ankle

Although no rule says cross tattoo will not be considered a couple of tattoos. If you and your partners are a devotee of God and trust him in all your decisions, then try this beautiful cross tattoo with your partner on the ankle.

Cross tattoo on ankle

Credits: danna.tattooer

30. Small Cross Tattoo with Words On Ankle

Every individual has good and bad qualities, and this sinner and saint tattoo make the upside cross tattoo represent it wholly. If you don’t believe me, try it yourself.

Rose design cross tattoo

Credits: hernan_lopez_tatuajes

31. Stylish Outlined Cross And Flower Tattoo Design

Black, gray or colorful, whatever ink you want, you can choose for your tattoo will look fantastic, but that doesn’t mean outline tattoos will disappoint you. No, they will look alluring to the eyes, making them popular every passing day.

Flowers on cross tattoo

Credits: emma.day24

32. Stylish Cross Tattoo with Blue Beads

From moving on with the traditional and straightforward cross tattoo, you can now opt for a stylish cross tattoo with a rosary anklet attached with your name initial and looks alluring to the eyes.

Beads design cross tattoo

Credit: tintaygasolina_tattoo_studio

33. Cross Tattoo with Praying Hands

Rosary beads tattoo with praying hands is magnificent and famous among tattoo lovers. If you don’t believe me try it yourself, and they will look stunning.

Pray design cross tattoo

Credits: feelghoodtattoo

34. Tiny Cross Tattoo On Ankle

The heart stands for love, whereas the anchor represents eternity and combining the cross with them shows your eternal faith and love for God and trust me, you will love them attached to an anklet tattoo.

Small cross tattoo

Credits: simbar_tattoo

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35. Virginia Madsen Cross Tattoo

The Virginia Madsen cross tattoo is one of the best tattoos to try on the anklet and gives your ankle a stunning look. Try it in a brushstroke cross tattoo, and you will love them.

Scattered cross tattoo

Credits: 27vv777

36. Wonderful Bracelet Cross Tattoo On Ankle

The bracelet cross ankle tattoos make a stunning choice to try on the ankle. If you don’t believe me, then see it yourself with your eyes and trust me, you will love the outcome.

Cross tattoo with chain

Credits: marta_dirtymindtattoo

37. Minimalist Cross Tattoo Design

The simple, the better, and the minimalist cross tattoo design with double lines make it a great choice, and many tattoo lovers love it. In addition, the few rays of wind upon it make it a stunning choice.

Wave design cross tattoo

Crédits: le_trait_noir_tatouage

38. Celtic Cross Tattoo On Ankle

The Celtic cross tattoo looks beautiful and alluring to the eyes with its different designs and shining gems. Try this golden cross tattoo with a Celtic design that looks magnificent on the ankle.

Funky cross tattoo

Credits: tattoo_bora

39. Lovely Cross Tattoo On Left Ankle

It is a symbolic phrase that expresses one spirituality and religion. With a deep meaning, the cross tattoo design inked in bold black on the left ankle gives potential to the interest and style cherished by the individual. 

Dark black cross tattoo

Credits: massimocalavera

40. Wonderful Cross with Heart Tattoo

It is the hottest tattoo design idea with a heart in the cross. It shows a persistent connection to the Christian religion, and the pairing of the symbol means to love and faith. The personalized tattoo design idea suits your style in many variations. 

Credit: shannon_mostwantedtatz

41. Cracked Cross Rosary Ankle Tattoo

New trends are rising in both men and women as Rosary may embrace the people to stand and devout faithful prayers. With a raised and delicate tattoo design, the cracked Rosary is majorly no longer associated with being blessed with blessings. 

Trendy cross tattoo

Credits: gilatattoo

42. Grey Cross And Butterfly Bracelet Tattoo On Ankle

A beautiful yet straightforward cross tattoo design brings your life to a room with this quick and easy butterfly cross tattoo design with butterfly. Featuring perfect for the tattoo design gives an incredible appeal with butterfly wings. 

Butterfly design cross tattoo

Credit: pinup_n_ink

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43. Simple Black Cross Ankle Tattoo

The black cross design is adorned as vintage but looks new. The minimal black tattoo gives a trendy look perfect for heel class, making it fantastic. The bold black tattoo design is an eye-catching tribal design look. 

Normal cross tattoo on ankle

Credits: venomous.ink

44. Nice Cross Tattoo on Right Ankle

A simple cross tattoo can be one of the most striking tattoo designs inked on the ankle. It is a place where a person feels comfortable. The ultimate holy symbol is a top choice to display your faith with a beautiful religious design

Unique cross tattoo design

Credits: _victoria_ink_

45. Cross and Have Faith Ankle Tattoo

The beautifully crafted tattoo design inked on the ankle gives a different style with a high-quality delicate design. The symbolism is a sign of both Christ and the faith of many Christians. Perfect for those who believe in cross shows devotion towards the religion. 

Colorful cross tattoo

Credits: tonys_touch_of_ink

46. Fashionable Cross Tattoos For Women On Ankle

Representing the beauty of life and women’s spiritual growth the cross tattoo inked in bold gives the inception of Christianity itself. The self-sacrifice and devotion towards the tattoo itself is a great way to express your belief in God. 

Latest cross tattoo designs

Credit: 5d.lens

 47. Dots And Cross Tattoo On Ankle

Another beautiful yet stunning tattoo design inked in black is a growing trend, especially among women. The tattoo design is dotted in small dots with a cross-hanging accent creating a line. The tattoo looks elegant when inked on the ankle. 

Dot like cross tattoo

Credit: damianotattoomarmorea

48. Outline Grey Ink Cross Tattoo

The visible detailing of the tattoo inked in black makes the design look stunning. The detailing of the tattoo gives appropriate styling for men making it appear cool for men. In addition, the tattoo shows faith in Christianity, making the style elegant and small on its own. 

Normal cross tattoo

Credit: jono3two1

49. Colorful Elegant Cross And Web Tattoo On Ankle

The tattoo works as a symbol of white supremacy groups putting together the cross designs with ankle design. The cross tattoo has been more popular with personalized customization of additional elements, getting more depiction details as with web design. 

Spiderweb cross tattoo design

Credits: tattooz_r_us

50. Attractive Cross Bracelet Tattoo On Ankle

The ankle tattoo is still fashionable and gives it an appealing look on the ankle. Giving the tattoo a deliberate and stunning style, the feminine bracelet tattoo on the ankle looks adorable. The Cross design also represents faith in Christianity, making it creative. 

Cross tattoo with chain design

Credit: helen_tinc_etherington

51. Bird And Cross Ankle Tattoo Design

Birds are often associated with ideas of freedom, both mentally and physically. Therefore, the detailed tattoo design tends to be more minimalistic yet versatile with a cross. Found in different cultures with the tattoo design, the inked leg looks adorable. 

Large cross tattoo

Credit: ricardorobertx

52. Light Cross Tattoo Design

Choosing a simple version of the cross tattoo design makes the humblest configuration inked in black represent your faith. It is one of the most striking and popular minimalistic tattoo designs. However, the best idea is to choose an intricate form that makes it look different. 

Thin cross tattoo

Credit: m_____park

53. Grey Ink Cool Chain Cross Tattoo

The magnificent and exclusive tattoo design is highly super fresh. To bring the traditional tattoo design, ensuring different patterns to the tattoo gives incredible appeal. The cross design inked on the ankle makes the tattoo in artistic tradition. 

Cross tattoo chain design

Credit: rotrip.needle.tattoo

54. Stylish Cross And Leaf Tattoo

The modern style of the tattoo design gives attractive detailing with the addition of flowers. The Celtic cross with bold and intricate detailing makes the tattoo appear excellent in modern times. The tattoo inked in all black completes the design look distinctive. 

Cross tattoo with flowers

Credits: blueonitattoos

55. Wonderful Cross with Name Tattoo Design

It is a signature design of our beloved ones among various tattoo designs to get inked. Making it a challenging drive gives a demanding attitude to building design enhancement in the cross. It is a quick and easy outcome with the tattoo design to make it a subtle yet elegant look. 

Cross tattoo with text

Credit: tattoostudioreddragon

56. Large Beads And Cross Tattoo

Explore fabulous prayer beads designed with sacred Catholic meaning inking more prominent Rosary style features a more heavily detailed cross design. Adding a Holy symbol of a cross at the end of the chain makes the tattoo design look great!

Large cross tattoo

Credits: martinmckeown_thehumancanvas

57. Ancient Cross Tattoo On Ankle

Celtic cross tattoo designs are far more beloved and come as ancient or traditional. However, it is also famous, and the complex circles can inspire you with devotion towards Jesus Christ, giving a deep religious meaning.

Detailed cross tattoo design

Credit: tattooist_humpback

58. Black Ink Cross Tattoo Design

Discover these meaningful cross icons with simple Christian cross designs inked in all black. It is a good reminder of spiritual connection with physical and emotional connections. The black cross tattoo design gives an incredible inking style on the ankle with bold black shading.

New cross tattoo design

Credit: kozasefaitunsangdencre

Bold cross tattoo

Credits: gnarly.tattoo

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59. Cute Cross Tattoo And Sunflower On Ankle

Among classic cross tattoo design ideas, the remarkable effect of sunflower design gives the tattoo incredible appeal. The tattoo design is incredible with favorite tattoo designs, making it look distinctive. It can be a remembrance tattoo created by an independent artist. 

Beautiful flower design cross tattoo

Credit: thegirlatthegallery

60. Flower Bud And Cross Tattoo

The simple tattoo representation that displays a tiny cross surrounded by colored flowers shows meaningful and most beautiful design ideas. As a symbol of beauty and rebirth, the cross tattoo symbolizes trust and faith in Jesus Christ. 

Flower design cross tattoo

Credit: baphomets_star_ink

61. Stunning Cross And Spark Tattoo

The cross is an ancient symbol commonly associated with sacrifice in Christianity. Consequently, a cross tattoo is used to express hope and conviction. The stunning design inked simply in black makes the tattoo look graceful.

Thin cross tattoo

Credit: arredemonio

62. Words And Cross Tattoo

Defining one’s spirituality and expressing one’s religion, the best cross tattoo design represents your faith. The words display the religious beliefs using inspiration, unconditional love, and sacrifice, making the tattoo distinctive. 

Text  cross tattoo

Credit: tattoosbywoo

63. Blue Ink Brilliant Cross Tattoo

The crashing waves are depicted in bright blue and white ink. Discovering an ocean can personalize reflection of your passionate side yourself. The best and brilliant splash of excellent oceanic ideas focusing on the distinctive and vibrant side shows incredible views. 

Blue cross tattoo

Credits: brickartist119

64. Lovely Ankle Cross Bracelet Tattoo with Initials

Giving a profound symbolic symbol to Christian with enduring choices for body art makes the tattoo appear great. Crosses have been the most popular design among others, with the addition of initials displaying your faith in God. 

Jewelry design cross tattoo

Credit: taramariei072399 

65. Mandala Design Cross Tattoo

The simple tribal Mandala tattoo with cross design to highlight women’s beauty represents distinguished forces creating a circle of balance that gives a distinctive look. The tattoo design looks pretty gorgeous on the most beautiful tattoo work compilation. 

Gorgeous cross tattoo

Credit: cherrysink21

66. 3D Cross Tattoo On Ankle

Discovering a deep connection, the Christian tattoo design with the realistic appeal inked on the ankle makes it incredible. The ultimate Holy symbol in a 3D version remains one of the most widely used effects with a change in context based on the tattoo. 

Chain like cross tattoo

Credit: kyu.tattoo

67. Anchor And Cross Tattoo

As a symbol of strength in troubled waters, the anchor tattoo gives a distinctive appeal. Making the style appropriate for the cross tattoo shows faith. The trendy design is majorly linked to hiding the symbol of the cross.

Big cross tattoo

Credit: mad_tatter_designs

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68. Gorgeous Cross Tattoo On Ankle

Cross tattoos can be a representation of your devotion to religion or faith. For example, in Christianity, the cross is where Jesus died to save humanity, a significant symbol. Likewise, a cross tattoo can also mean unconditional love and sacrifice, as Jesus felt and did for the human race.

Beautiful cross tattoo

Credit: therealhopgood

69. Nice Looking Cross Tattoo

From the adorable patterns of black and grey to the simple elements used, the design is significant, widespread, and marvelous; cross tattoo designs are the ultimate holy symbol of Christianity, representing the act of Jesus Christ. 

Black cross tattoo

Credit: theodysseytattoo

70. Cross Tattoo with an Eye On Girl Ankle

Cross tattoos carry a deep symbolic meaning that typically expresses spirituality and religion. The symbol of the cross is timeless, and the addition of an eye on the girl’s ankle makes it look distinctive. It’s also one of those symbols that is easily recognized.

Cross Tattoo with an Eye On Girl Ankle

Credit: ermetica_tattoo

71. Words With Cross Heart Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Any person who has gratitude in the heart for what God gave him can do the tattoo. As one of the most common and popular tattoo designs, the distinctive tattoo design will make you skip your heartbeat. The stunning words addition makes the style look adorable. 

Words With Cross Heart Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Credits: mamagshouse

72. Red and Black Cross Tattoo On Ankle

Seek enlightenment with excellent religious tattoo design giving a distinctive new appeal makes the tattoo incredibly great. The addition of black and red inking to the cross tattoo is timeless and modern. With a versatile look, the tattoo seems unique in its style. 

Red and Black Cross Tattoo On Ankle

Credit: pandi.ink

73. Cross And Flowers Tattoo On Ankle

The outlined cross tattoo with the flowers looks astonishing, and you can try them with some shading, and you will not be disappointed with the outcome. The flowers addition makes the tattoo design appealing yet distinctive in its way. 

Cross And Flowers Tattoo On Ankle

Credit: seventh_deadly_sins_tattoer

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74. Lovely Pink Rosary Ankle Bracelet Tattoo For Young Girls

Girls love to wear bracelets and anklets as they are a style statement, but if you want, you can get them permanently with the lovely tattoos in pink color, and trust me, you will love them.

Lovely Pink Rosary Ankle Bracelet Tattoo For Young Girls

Credit: felixhardytattoos

75. Rosary Beads And Praying Hands Tattoo

If you are a Christian and devotee of God, you will love this rosary beads tattoo with the praying hands and the cross tattoo hanging from them. Try it with the grey shading, and you will love the outcome.

Rosary Beads And Praying Hands Tattoo

Credit: olivier_devaud

76. Rose And Cross Tattoo

The black rose represents death and mourning, and combining it with the cross tattoo shows your faith in God that he will help them in the new journey after the demise of this world.

Rose And Cross Tattoo

Credit: rosebee_tattoo

77. Amazing Cross Tattoo On Ankle

The cross tattoo looks alluring to the eyes with the flower branch hanging from the cross looks fantastic. You may try the black tattoo with colorful flowers or the black and white flowers.

Amazing Cross Tattoo On Ankle

Credit: mi__da9

78. Ankle Cross Tattoo

The stunning ankle tattoo of the cross is a fantastic choice to try in green color. Tattoo lovers love them.

Ankle Cross Tattoo

Credit: chadtattoostudio

79. Black Beads Rosary Tattoo

The Black and white beads rosary tattoo will look perplexing, and you will love the pitch black cross tattoo with it. See it yourself and get ready for your next piece of art.

Black Beads Rosary Tattoo

Credit: darkveil_tattoo

80. Faith Cross Tattoo on Both Ankle

The pair of cross tattoos will look fabulous on the ankle and make a significant impact on life, increasing your faith and trust in God and humanity.

Faith Cross Tattoo on Both Ankle

Credit: supernova.tattooo

81. Big Cross And Roman Numeral Tattoo

Although the small cross tattoo looks ravishing in the size, it will look magnificent in the bigger size. Try the bog cross tattoo with your lucky numbers with numerals, and they will look perplexing. So don’t wait any longer and see it yourself. 

Big Cross And Roman Numeral Tattoo

Credit: mr.tea0801

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What does a cross tattoo symbolize?

Cross tattoos can be a representation of your devotion to religion or faith. For example, in Christianity, the cross is where Jesus died to save humanity, a significant symbol.

What is the Gothic cross?

Gothic Crosses are one of the many symbols of Gothic culture. Other meanings for Gothic crosses include the Upside cross, which can symbolize the wearer’s rejection of Jesus and the sacrifice he made on the cross.

What does a tiny cross tattoo mean?

The cross tattoo is a good personal reminder of faith that can be hidden from other people’s eyes in a smaller size. These tats are adaptable to pretty much every part of your body.

Where do you put a cross tattoo?

The best body placement to get a cross tattoo is the upper (central) back, shoulder and bicep area, forearm, side of the neck, finger or hand, foot, ankle, rib.

 What tattoos are lucky?

While not all tattoos have meaning, many get inked with meanings behind them. Justin Bieber also has a cross tattoo inked where most of those meanings are represented through good luck symbols. 


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