40+ Great Looking Mandala Tattoo Ideas

The mandala holds beautiful yet meaningful designs with cultural importance, and the term is derived from the old Sanskrit language, which refers to “Circle.”

40+ Great Looking Mandala Tattoo Ideas

This mandala tattoo design entirely focuses on a sequence of rounds and patterns and has been professionally employed in rituals, conciliation, and spiritual traditions.

The intricacy of  patterns and detailing inspire tattoos and look great on anyone’s body.

 Unique Mandala Tattoo Design

Credit: lotiii

The charm of these mandala tattoo body art seems to be that they allow somebody to express themselves and blend with a variety of shapes such as nature as well as animals; also, the design can be completed with the use of large or small mandala tattoo designs.

Mandala tattoos always make a statement, and they make the onlookers adore your body art, but using religious symbols without understanding their meanings is sometimes contentious.

Beautiful Lotus Flower Mandala Tattoo

Credit: fraeulein.mink

Mandala Tattoos – Inspiring Tattoo Designs

Dig in to find out the best mandala tattoos ideas you can choose for the designs –

1. Mandala Hand Tattoo

The mandala design is a religious symbol that holds immense significance in diverse cultures, and it is frequently related to steadiness and excellence.

There are a lot of manners to express the mandala design, and it makes the mandala patterns even more personal yet unique for the wearer when you get the one on your body.

There are a lot of locations you can choose to get an eye-catching tattoo, and based on your preferences, you can choose the different sized mandalas tattoos that can be visible on your hands.

Mandala Black Ink Hand Tattoo

Credit: hinano__wearing

Hand arts are disloyal, and they absolutely make a comment since they are harder to overlook, and those who like body art can go with the tattoo design ideas.

It is the perfect choice for the design you are looking for, and those searching for something trendy and hip can also get this mandala design tattoo, and ink is going to hurt a little bit on the thin tissues and high concentrations of the nerve endings.

Mandala Smaller Tattoo Design

Credit: uniquetattoo_art_

2. Lotus Mandala Tattoo On Shoulder

A mandala tattoo on the shoulder is among the most excellent designs for both males and females to ink, and the beautiful thing about it is how painless it is.

The nearer you are going to color on the collarbone, therefore more difficulty you will feel. It’s very simple to wrap and illustrate, and it may seem strong or womanly, dependent on your blueprint.

Shoulder Mandala Tattoo Design

Credit: barrysan

It is among the most attractive parts of the body that is not sensitive to stretching as other locations.

Shoulder mandala tattoos don’t fade as quickly as other areas, same as the hands or the feet, which are used frequently and exposed to the weather conditions.

The shape of the lotus flower mandala’s form lends itself perfectly on the shoulder, and the design looks extremely good when you blend it with the different elements.

Beautiful Mandala Lotus Tattoo Design

Credit: lionltatouage

3. Mandala Tattoo On Forearm 

The forearm space is adaptable in terms of body design, and you can either show off or cover up according to your preferences, so it depends on you whether you want to show or hide.

If it this is your very first tattoo or the subsequent one, the forearm is going to the most suitable place that one can prefer to get a colorful mandala tattoo.

It is excellent for anyone who loves to work in a business environment and desires a style which they can adore every day to remember its importance.

Mandala Forearm Design By A Tattoo Artist ( _tater__t0t)

Credit: tater_t0t

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The mandala design is a profoundly beautiful and meaningful form of body art that makes it appeals incredibly.

You may even choose from animal-inspired design or the floral additions, and there are even a lot of choices, each with a somewhat different meaning.

Low discomfort is another benefit of a forearm tattoo, which is due to the area’s muscular fat and strong skin – both elaborate and lesser inking look excellent here.

Unique Meaning Mandala Tattoo Design

Credit: parlourtattoo

4. Mandala Tattoo On Thigh 

Mandalas are significant, and meaningful to many people, but they have also inspired numerous others who have experienced a lot of different forms and motifs.

Depending on your preferences, mandalas may be inked in a little or huge design, so go with the one that suits your personality.

A thigh tattoo can be the perfect choice to consider for those individuals who want to go with the more detailed and more significant pieces.

Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Credit: tattoos_by_jasminellen

The design looks incredible, and it is an ideal placement due to its low pain scale, so the closest you ink to the hip bone or even the inner thigh, the more difficulty you are going to experience.

When you prefer to get it on the thick skins and muscles, those provide you with cushioning, and it is also an excellent option if you are eager to ink a tattoo with shading and detailing.

Watercolor Tattoo Technique

Credit: zoefowletattoo

5. Mandala Tattoo On Back 

Tattoos on back are again the excellent design options that one can consider, and you can select a from a variety of mandalas to create an intriguing design pattern.

Or, you can opt for the single, large piece that looks good in the middle of your spine, and there is plenty of ink to choose from.

The back can be the most tempting placement to consider, and it’s lowest on pain level due to the muscles and fat that provide cushioning.

Lotus Mandala Tattoo

Credit: duxburytattoos

Despite the fact that you may not be able to see your creativity every day, some individuals believe it is needless because the meaning stays the same.

Having a piece that encourages you to think about perfection, balance, and harmony might help you feel more connected to the cosmos without having to stare at it all day.

Mandala Represents Spiritual Meaning

Credit: vinzgdptattoo

6. Mandala Tattoos Sleeve Design

If you want a stunning piece of art etched on your skin for the rest of your life, you need to think about a mandala sleeve design tattoo, and the pieces work great to wrap the whole arm.

They reach all the downward to the hand, making them  tremendously harder to neglect even when you want to demonstrate them off, and you can even wrap them with clothing.

Mandala Sleeve Tattoo Design

Credit: domtattoos

So, it is not a super preventive alternative, but it takes manifold sessions to finish the sleeve, but it’s an immense method to articulate yourself and narrate a tale.

They frequently act well on a subject and work wonderful with patterned styles, same as the mandala, and in spite of being expensive or consume time a lot, tattoos on sleeves are enormously inspiring.

Mandala Tattoo - Sleeve Design

Credit: molnarmario4

7. Mandala Tattoo On Half Sleeve

A half sleeve place is an ideal option for anybody who desires a remarkably detailed design but does not want to entrust to risk having their entire arm tattooed.

It is also less expensive and less aching than a complete sleeve; and it’s even more flexible because it’s simpler to wrap up, particularly if you only tattoo the top half of the forearm.

This half sleeve design is a method to articulate yourself with body design, and it may even convey a story complete with a piece.

Half Mandala Sleeve Tattoo

Credit: thegypsytattooer

The sculptures often work great when they are according to a certain topic, such as the florals or the aquatic life.

Regarding mandalas, it can be a sequence of diverse patterns or flower-patterned designs, which look tremendously good and feel revitalized.

Mandala Tattoo half Sleeve Design

Credit: thegypsytattooer

8. Mandala On Arm – Tattoo Artist Ideas

What’s not to adore around a mandala tattoo on arm and the arm tattoo provides you a perfect location for the small or the big designs that mainly work well with the long designs.

Your piece can take up the complete portion of your arms, and these can be kept accessible with an armband design or a solitary mandala.

Mandala Arm Tattoo Design

Credit: apratley.tattoos

It is a body part that you can show off easily, and you can also cover it up with clothing; it is low on the pain scale.

You can even get it done on the lower arm for more visibility, or you can decide on the inner arm for hidden yet cherished designs.

Get Inspiration From This Mandala Tattoo Design

Credit: urban_vogue_the_tattoo_studio

9. Mandala Tattoo On Foot 

The foot is among the most flexible placements of the body art, and it is large enough to allow more detailing, and your piece can even expand up to the ankle and leg, but little yet delicate designs look tremendously good.

It is also easier to cover up and ideal for those who want to keep their tattoos concealed, and you need to recognize that the foot tattoos do not even harm you.

You need to believe the healing time, but make sure to keep away from wearing socks or shoes that boost the risk of illness.

Mandalas Foot Tattoo Design

Credit: zezy.devil

Mandala Foot Tattoo Design

Credit: inksociety1

10. Mandala Tattoo On Neck 

A mandala neck tattoo is not for those who want to mix together into the crowd, and it should only be inked by anybody who doesn’t mind the concentration that comes with it.

The location was once reserved for the gangsters, criminals, and those who are on the outer edge of society, but it is becoming gradually more popular.

Although with the accurate clothing and accessories, you can even cover up your piece, in broad, it is actually hard to overlook, and it can influence your professional opportunities.

Unique Mandala Neck Tattoo

Credit: pedrito.ink

It mostly happens if you work in a traditional environment and neck ink is high on the pain scale; it is something to keep in mind, but it can be the ideal option if you are bold and over-sensitive.

Creative Mandala Tattoo Design

Credit: studio100tattoo

11. Mandala Tattoo On Finger 

Finger tattoos are extremely a superb option for those who want a modish yet cool appearance, and they can have a disloyal feel because of their visibility, and for some, it is a part of the application.

There is no method to hide body art inked here, so it makes a statement that can become a talk starter. The mandala arts can be designed small, and those are tremendously attractive due to the insufficient space.

Mandala Finger Tattoo Design

Credit: hashtagtattoo_studio

For those people who wish for more features, you can ink more on your body design by getting inked all over your hand and wrists, and on the other hand, you can keep it straightforward and more obscured with an inner finger tattoo.

You need to know that the finger tattoos fade earlier due to their spotlight and regularity of use – they are even tender because of the attentiveness of nerve endings and the skin.

Beautiful Mandala Finger Tattoo Design

Credit: madelin_ink

12. Mandala Tattoo On Ankle 

Ankle tattoos are well-liked among women because they seem attractive and womanly, so these designs are flexible ones, but generally, the ankle tends to be a position that the ladies support the most.

Your piece can look delicate, and it lends itself very well to designs that you can enfold around the ankle and foot or are inked either upward or downward.

Body art does harm because of the skin type and lack of muscles, but it is an attractive spot because you can easily cover it.

You can even gaze at your tattoo every day and remind yourself why you got it in the primary place, so go with the design you can astound on your body art.

Mandala Ankle Tattoo Design

Credit: rachelledowns

Mandala Ankle Tattoo

Credit: nicoleellisse

13. Mandala Tattoo On Knee 

Mandala is a Sanskrit word worn for encircles. Although it has encouraged various artwork for dissimilar shapes and sizes, if you mean to stick to the traditional circular designs, the knee is a site that suits you well.

The knee tattoos are not the majority popular ones because they harm, and in spite of whether you are getting inked on the top, surface, or beneath, the mark can be high on the pain scale.

Mandala  Knee Tattoo Design

Credit: buzartartart

It is because of the nearness to the bone and area compassion, but you need to know that the kneecap is the majority severe of all.

If you can ensure the pain, it can be a good-looking location as it can easily cover up or be revealed off, and your ink can make an outstanding statement.

 Mandala Knee Tattoo Design

Credit: t.inking

14. Mandala Tattoo On Butt 

The mandala is a beautiful yet symbolic piece of artwork, and it also has become quite popular in recent years, so whether or not someone can wear the design or be inspired with the same, it always remains the well-liked design.

Both men and women can get the tattoo on their butts because it offers a great area to get inked, and it can also be the slightest painful site due to the thick skin and muscle fat.

Further, the reward of getting tattoos is that it can wrap up your design without difficulty, and you can illustrate it off elegantly – however, it can be an option to expand your back or leg tattoo if you want to go with the superior ones.

Mandala Butt Tattoo Design

Credit: carlymtattoo

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15. Mandala Tattoo On Chest 

Chest tattoos are an incredible way to get ink, and they are important to you, as they sit close to your heart, so you need to decide on getting a mandala design that encourages everyone with a beautiful design.

It can make you think about excellence and self-reflection, and it can be a stimulating alternative you can use, but you need to know that the chest is an aching area to get a tattoo.

The area has smaller muscles and fat, but you can cover it up or show off whenever you want, making it an attractive option to think about.

Mandala Chest Tattoo Design

Credit: clamptats

Beautiful Mandala Tattoo Design

Credit: theedgeink

16. Mandala Collar Bone Design 

If you are a positive individual who is looking for a noticeable but adaptable placement, then the collarbone can be the right option to consider.

Collarbone tattoos are cooler ones, but they are going to hurt you, and it is because you are tattooing them on your bone, and the skin there lacks fat and muscles.

They are going to provide you with discomfort, and the details of your chosen design are going to make the statement.

The area is also not difficult to cover with the clothes, so make sure to get a plan that holds a specific meaning and makes your tattoo stand out in terms of creativity.

Mandala Collarbone Tattoo Design

Credit: savanahaylett

Unique Mandala Tattoo Design

Credit: golden_hands_tattoo

17. Mandala Tattoo On Wrist 

There are a few locations better than a wrist tattoo, and the area looks incredibly petite, so it works best with the tiny or straightforward designs, which you can look at every day to remind yourself about their importance in your life.

The wrist is a versatile option because you can cover easily and show it off when needed – you can even play around with the different placements by getting it on the inner wrists or on the side.

Some use the mandala for decorative purposes, so it should be a significant tattoo choice to consider for the design. Of the advantages, the artwork tends to hurt on fragile skin due to the lack of fat.

Wrist Mandala Tattoo Design

Credit: studiorosetattoo

Awesome Wrist Mandala Tattoo Design

Credit: venusxtattoo

18. Mandala Tattoo On Sternum 

The sternum is an excellent location due to its etched over your heart, and it can be the location that serves as a reserved for the pieces that are extremely popular for you.

The thin skin and the lack of muscles make the tattoos more painful, so getting a design on the body can work great to pay tribute to someone or remind yourself regarding what is important to you.

When you decide to get a mandala, you can choose to include different details to make it even more personal and unique – you can even find creative ways to add a name or turn it to your favorite animals.

Further, adding the more minor details and elements can make the tattoo look gorgeous, and wearing the tattoos holds a significant meaning if you are getting it in the correct location.

Mandala Sternum Tattoo Design

Credit: nicoleellisse

Mandala Sternum Tattoo

Credit: mangsitattoo

19. Mandala Tattoo On Ear 

Those who want to prefer to go with the tiny inking that makes a statement can get a mandala tattoo on the ear, but make sure to get the design that looks particularly large and detailed.

Ear tattoos are a new trend and are popular with women who want something delicate yet feminine for the body art, and you can play around with their placements by getting them behind the ear, which is even a more discrete choice.

It is important to remember that the skin around the ear is sensitive, so your tattoo will definitely hurt, but you can blend it well with the different elements that make it look good no matter where you are getting it.

Stunning Mandala Ear Tattoo Design

Credit: nicobodyart

Mandala Ear Tattoo Design

Credit: hinano__wearing

20. Mandala Tattoo On Hip 

The hip is an excellent position to consider because the area looks excellent to display the tattoos, and it makes the body art even more intimate.

So, when deciding on the placements for your ink, you need to get an elegant hip tattoo that looks appealing and works well, no matter if you are going with a small yet simple design.

The skin around the hips is no doubt thin, and if you have less body fat, it can cause severe pain to your body. The shape of the mandala looks excellent, but you can add floral-inspired or nature pieces to the design to make it look elegant.

Mandala Hip Tattoo Design

Credit: nicobodyart

Elegant Mandala Hip Tattoo Design

Credit: inkbybenny

Frequently Asked Questions

What Style Of Tattoo is Mandala?

The mandala is a style that includes a series of overlapping circles and shapes, and it has been adapted to suit individuals with each tattoo due to its unique finishes.

The intricate patterns also work great with the different forms, and they can include nature and animals that can be designed big or small.

It makes the design look versatile and a meaningful option for the body art if you are going to get the one for your body art.

What Does A Floral Mandala Tattoo Symbolize?

The beauty of a mandala tattoo is that it lends itself very well to different forms, including nature and animals. The flowers are among the popular yet versatile images to consider.

Anyone can get this ink due to its deeper connection with enlightenment, growth, and change.

The flower can be a filler for the better piece that creates the flowers’ inner shape, and a mandala tattoo can add an attractive finish to your chosen bloom.  

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