6+ Stunning Surface Piercing Ideas That You Can Admire

Piercing styles such as eyebrow and nose piercings were formerly labeled trendy. With the piercing industry becoming more prominent, these piercings are no longer as unconventional as they once were. As a consequence, people who want to force the boundaries of fashion have started seeking new ways to do it. Surface Piercings Flat regions of … Read more

5+ Marvelous Septum Piercing Jewelry Ideas That You Should Try

As the name implies, a septum piercing involves puncturing the Septum, a slender cartilage wall that splits both nostrils. Generally, a sterilized, standard needle is used for this. Your piercer will first identify the “perfect spot.” The Septum will then be fixed by your piercer using septal tweezers, a recipient tube, or nothing at all. … Read more

5+ Nose Rings Backing Type Ideas To Secure Your Jewelry

Nose jewelry is a terrific way to add a little something more to your look; it’s trendy while remaining subtle, making it the ideal piercing for a professional situation. Piercing of the nose has become popular among people of all ages. Since ancient times, nose piercing has been fashionable across almost all age groups. When … Read more

5+ Extraordinary Anti-Tragus Piercing Ideas to Enhance Your Beauty

In recent years, people have been embracing new anti-tragus piercing concepts to create a completely distinct identity. This piercing is just above the earlobe, opposing the tragus. You’ll probably feel the triangular-shaped bit of cartilage jutting out beyond your earlobe if you touch it. That’s how the anti-tragus works. This piercing is ideal for individuals … Read more

5+ Transverse Lobe Piercing Eye-Catching Ideas That You Should Try

Lobe piercings are among the most popular kinds of body alteration. You feel more decent and elegant with this piercing and are simple to puncture and are not particularly painful. Dual and even triple piercings are possible, but since cartilaginous entities and other ear piercings are so prevalent, even those aren’t exactly innovative. This is … Read more