10+ Unique Rhino Piercing Ideas That Give A Gorgeous Look

Are you searching for a way to elevate your style and make a bold fashion statement? Rhino piercing might just answer your quest for unique and stunning body modifications.

These avant-garde piercings enhance your look and allow you to express your individuality like never before. However, navigating this exciting journey with caution and care is essential.

Key Takeaways

  • Rhino piercings are sought after for their distinctive and unconventional placement on the bridge of the nose.
  • This piercing choice can make a strong statement and is favored by individuals looking for a unique appearance.
  • Rhino piercings require careful consideration due to their atypical location and potential discomfort during the healing process.
  • Before getting a Rhino piercing, consulting with a professional piercer and researching the procedure and aftercare is crucial, as understanding its significance and implications is essential.
  • In this article, I’ll take you through the world of rhino piercings, offering my best advice on choosing the perfect style, ensuring proper aftercare, and keeping your piercing looking gorgeous.

    If you’re worried about the meaning of a rhino piercing or have questions about maintaining one, keep reading; I’ve got you covered.

     rhino piercings

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    A rhino piercing can hold various meanings depending on the individual. Some people choose it to symbolize strength, resilience, and overcoming obstacles, drawing inspiration from the rhinoceros’s robust and resilient nature.

    Others see it as a form of self-expression and a way to stand out. A rhino piercing signifies confidence and a willingness to embrace unique and unconventional beauty.

    It’s a statement that says, “I’m not afraid to be myself and showcase my style to the world.” Ultimately, the meaning of a rhino piercing is deeply personal, and choosing a design and style that resonates with you and complements your individuality is essential.

    rhino piercing is done in the middle of your septum and then over the extreme end of your nose. Rhino piercing is one of those trends that seems to come and go with simplicity.

    This piercing is famous among all the generations. This piercing is a bit tricky and offers you an attractive aesthetic appearance. This piercing is also known as vertical tip nose piercing.

    nose piercing

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    The Procedure For Rhino Piercing

    A rhino piercing should only be done by a skilled professional piercer because it’s a very unique and uncommon piercing.  It’s important to entrust this procedure to a trained expert.

    Your piercer will wear sterilized gloves and mark a point of entry and exit point of the piercing on the edge of your nose.

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    Procedure For Rhino Piercing

    Image: @violetneedles_

    The piercer will then use a single, sterilized needle to penetrate the tissue. He will use a 16 to 18-gauge needle for the piercing procedure.

    And you will feel some pressure as well as a pinch on your piercing place. You might want to prepare yourself for this sensation.

    After that, the piercer will insert your selected piercing jewelry into this piercing place.

    No matter whatever design you choose, rhino piercings require a lot of tissue to travel through, which will cause a lot of pain, and it takes a longer time to heal.

    It’s crucial to remember that the pain is a part of the process, but it’s worth it for the stunning results you’ll achieve.

    Variations In Rhino Piercing

    Rhino piercing has different names or variations, but rhino piercing is always performed on the tip of your nose. 

    In fact, it’s crucial to understand that while there are variations, the location remains constant.

    Variations In Rhino Piercing

    Image: @triciathepiercer

    The Vertical Or Rhino Nose Piercing

    This piercing is the most popular type of rhino piercing, which runs from the lower to the tip of a nose.

    This type of piercing is done before most of the primary cartilage in the nose begins, and it can be done in the major cartilage parts in the nose.

    A curved barbell is the most famous piercing jewelry option for this piercing. It’s one of the easiest ways to add a touch of uniqueness to your appearance.

    Rhino Nose Piercing

    Image: @eduardo.piercer

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    Deep Rhino Piercing

    Deep rhino piercing is more painful as compared to standard rhino piercing. It is a more exciting form of rhino piercing that extends from the tip of your nose to considerably upper on a bridge.

    This piercing is naturally placed in the center of the nose, and it depends upon how deep he wants his rhino piercing.This type of piercing is great for those who want to make a bolder statement.

    Deep Rhino Piercing

    Image: @pierced_by9

    Cartilage becomes more composite as you get closer to the nostril bridge.

    This is a considerably more difficult piercing, so one should get this piercing only from highly skilled piercers.It’s important to ensure you choose a professional specializing in this intricate piercing.

    Half-Vertical Nose Piercing

    This type of piercing is quite difficult piercing, which is a modification of septum piercing and has some characteristics of rhino piercing.

    Instead of going out the front like something of a rhino piercing, this kind of piercing exhibits a noticeable stud on the bottom of your nose’s tip.

    The opposite end of the piercing portion comes out from the side of your nose where the septum piercing would usually be put. It might be helpful to consult with an experienced piercer to determine if this unique style suits you.

    Half-Vertical Nose Piercing

    Image: @bananzaaaa

    How Painful Is A Rhino Piercing?

    Whenever you think of a piercing, the first thing that will come into your mind is, “how painful will it be?” And rhino piercing is considered to be the most painful piercing.

    It causes a lot of discomfort rather than pain because the needle must pass through a large number of tissues.

    If you find a piercer who has done rhino piercings before, the procedure should be relatively quick and less painful. You won’t have to worry too much about the pain if you choose an experienced piercer.

    painful rhino piercing

    Image: @pegasusbeauty

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    Rhino Piercing Aftercare

    Rhino piercing takes a longer time to heal. So it is important to use a proper regime of the aftercare process, and the aftercare routine of this piercing is a little bit different from other piercings. 

    It’s crucial to pay attention to the aftercare instructions to ensure your piercing heals properly.

    The basic thing that you should do with your piercing is you can maintain proper hygiene. So, rinse your piercing with sea salt water solution twice a day.

    This will save your piercing from the bacteria infection. In my experience, this step is essential for a smooth healing process.

    Rhino Piercing Aftercare

    Image: @bananzaaaa

    Avoid moving your jewelry too much. To accommodate swelling, you’ll be fitted with a more significant piece at first.

    Once the swelling has reduced, you can visit your piercer to have a smaller piece put in. It’s critical to ensure your piercing remains problem-free in the long run.

    smaller piece of piercing

    Image: @samichiss

    Before you stop using aftercare products, consult with your piercing artist to ensure your piercing is completely healed.

    The piercing may appear healed on the outer side before it is healed from the inner side, determining that healing is complete requires an expert eye.

    Healing Time Of Rhino Piercing

    Healing time depends upon how well you maintain your piercing during the healing process.

    This piercing is very complex, so it generally takes more time to heal in comparison to other types of piercings. You may want to spend time caring for it diligently.

    Healing can take 6 to 9 months, although many people take up to 12 months or longer. In my experience, patience is key to ensuring a success.

    Jewelry For Rhino Piercing

    You can change your jewelry after your piercing artist confirms that the piercing is healed.

    A curved barbell is used in the regular rhino piercing, whereas a straight barbell is used in the deep rhino piercing.

    Make sure to ask about the right size of your piercing jewelry with your piercer because the wrong type of jewelry can cause rejection. Choosing the appropriate jewelry is crucial to prevent complications.

    You can also select barbells with one-sided ball ends or pearls for this attractive piercing.

    When choosing the jewelry, make sure you select the material very carefully because the wrong material jewelry can cause infection on your piercing.

    Choose high-quality material like surgical steel or titanium, which are nickel-free and don’t cause allergy to your piercing.

    This will help you avoid allergic reactions and ensure your piercing remains in top condition.

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    Jewelry For Rhino Piercing

    Image: @piercingsbymattschlentz

    Pros And Cons Of Rhino Piercing

    Rhino piercing is the coolest piercing, but it has some pros and cons. This piercing is not for everyone and is specially not recommended for the one who is going to have a piercing for the first time.

    However, if you are ready to handle the pain and want to have this intense and unique piercing, then you can get this from an experienced piercer. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.


    • A unique and badass piercing
    • It’s a unisex piercing and gives an aesthetic look to everyone.
    • Comes in various versions or styles to meet your personal preference.
    • Even the most enthusiastic piercing fan will enjoy this unique kind of piercing experience.


    • A very skilled piercer is required for this piercing.
    • This piercing is done on the cartilage; that’s why healing is difficult or takes more time to heal.
    • Issues are more likely to arise during the healing process if you don’t maintain a proper aftercare routine.
    • Considering the length of the piercing, it can be a painful experience for a piercee. However, the pain is temporary, and the results are long-lasting.
    Rhino Piercing

    Image: @lynnloheide

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    Cost Of The Rhino Piercing

    Rhino piercing is such a unique piercing and requires a skillful piercer, and this piercer will charge you more for the piercing process; hence it is difficult to find out its actual cost.

    On a rough estimation, it costs you around $60-$90. It is an expensive piercing as compared to other nose piercings because of its complicated process

    It is essential to budget accordingly if you’re considering a rhino piercing.

    Jewelry is also a more significant problem; it will cost more in the long run as you have to choose jewelry that is made up of good quality material.

    The cost of jewelry is different in different nations, and the price of jewelry varies because of its material.

    Remember, investing in high-quality jewelry is an investment in the longevity and health of your piercing.

    Naturally, these are only estimates, and the ultimate cost will be established entirely by your piercer, who may charge much more or less depending on factors such as location and experience. 

    Rhino Piercing

    Image: @piercingsbyallen

    What Are The Major Risks Of Rhino Piercing?

    The most significant risk to this piercing is that it can be pierced incorrectly.

    The rhino piercing interacts with the gentle tissues present in our cartilage, and the chances of messing up with a number of sensitive tissues in the nose that should not be punctured or interfered with will occur.

    It’s crucial to choose a skilled piercer who understands the intricacies of this piercing.

    This is particularly true with deep rhinos, which are implanted in the more delicate areas of a nose and pass through far more cartilage than standard rhinos.

    If this could be pierced incorrectly, it may permanently alter the form of the nose and even in some cases, necessitate surgery.

    The potential risks should not be taken lightly, so thorough research and choosing an experienced piercer are essential.

    There is also the risk of infection, jewelry rejection, and allergy or extra swelling on your piercing.

    If your piercing gets infected, then you should immediately go to see your piercer or doctor because infections can permanently damage your piercing or nose.

    Proper aftercare and hygiene are your best defense against these risks.

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    Is It Safe To Wash Your Face After Getting A Rhino Piercing?

    Rhino piercing, among all the piercing, is the most trendy and unique piercing. This piercing is getting extremely popular nowadays.

    In fact, its sought-after status makes it all the more important to ensure proper care and hygiene.

    It’s important to be cautious and gentle when cleaning your face, especially around the piercing site. You can clean your piercing area with a sea saltwater solution.

    This is the best way to ensure proper cleansing without irritation. Avoid using face wash and other chemical products on your face during the healing process.

    This will help prevent any potential complications that may arise from harsh products.

    Is It Possible To Leave The Rhino Piercing Empty Without Jewelry?

    The inner wall of rhino piercing comprises hard tissues; it tends to close up rapidly without jewelry even if it is taken out for a short time.

    It would help if you kept in mind that this piercing requires constant jewelry to maintain its openness.

    If you like your piercing, keep the jewelry in it; don’t take it out until you have another piece of jewelry to replace it. This is crucial to remember if you want to preserve your rhino piercing.

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