5+ Marvelous Septum Piercing Jewelry Ideas That You Should Try

As the name implies, a septum piercing involves puncturing the Septum, a slender cartilage wall that splits both nostrils. Generally, a sterilized, standard needle is used for this. Your piercer will first identify the “perfect spot.”

The Septum will then be fixed by your piercer using septal tweezers, a recipient tube, or nothing at all. The jewelry is therefore inserted through the needle using a taper and secured in place.

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It’s beneficial to check a piercing artist with experience who can complement your anatomy since septum piercings perform with the structure of the nose, and everyone has a different one.

It is “more efficient” from a piercer’s point of view when it comes to needing to locate the anatomic site precisely. The septum piercing can range from the most prominent and apparent piercing to the thinnest and most sensitive piercing or entirely hidden from sight.

The procedure for piercing the Septum is not all that dissimilar from other piercings. The quality of the piercing artist ought to be your primary concern. Having a piercer with experience in septum piercings is essential since the Septum is in a challenging location.

The Septum’s cartilage and place near the nostrils could complicate the procedure. Special instruments are frequently available with the piercers to ensure proper piercing posture.

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Healing Of Septum Piercing

As soon as you receive a puncturing wound, you can anticipate good care for it for two to six months. While the procedure is usually straightforward, it’s important to remember that healing durations can vary depending on the environment, your ability to stick to aftercare recommendations, and other factors.

A septum piercing requires eight to ten weeks for complete recovery. Providing the piercing was done correctly. It could require many months to recover if the piercer mistakenly punctured the cartilage outside your perfect spot.

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The Pain Of Septum Piercing

The pain associated with a septum piercing won’t be entirely absent since most people have the ideal layer between the tissue and the nose most of the time. However, some individuals don’t really have it; getting a septum piercing might be far more painful. Consequently, any initial discomfort quickly passes.

Even during the healing process, there may have been some inconvenience and some dull ache, but nothing that you should not have been able to tolerate. Everyone experiences pain differently, so don’t be worried if one individual says this was the worst event they ever have gone through. The next person you question could have never experienced anything at all.

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What Does A Septum Piercing Cost?

A skilled piercer can charge between $40 and $80 for a septum piercing, plus extra charges for accessories. Professional piercing facilities are designed to offer various jewelry options to suit multiple price ranges.

Gold or gemstone jewelry of better quality can be costly. You can begin by using a barbell, clicker, or a simple titanium ring. These titanium bits perform precisely and are some more excellent alternatives for a fresh piercing.

Even though it’s less expensive, do not even settle for an unauthorized or untrained piercer. Letting a stranger stick a needle in your face is frightening enough. You’ll generally want someone instructed to stab with the least amount of pain and blood.

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Septum Piercing Jewelry

One of the most prevalent nose piercings is the septum piercing, which is generally done right underneath the bottom of the septum cartilage, the vertical separator between the nostrils.

Almost any type of jewelry—from rings to barbells—can be placed for this piercing. Moreover, since it is in such a prominent place on the nose, your septum piercing gives you the freedom to represent yourself with the jewelry you select.

Consider 14k gold or higher when purchasing jewelry for the septum piercing. Another option is titanium rings. One should wear rings made of these materials because other materials can irritate your skin.

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Types Of Jewelry For Septum Piercing

The ring options are the most excellent part of any puncturing wound, and once your Septum has recovered, there are many fun options to try out. When your piercer verifies that the Septum has completely recovered, it’s time to reload the jewelry box with new septum rings.

The Septum is typically ornamented with hoop-style jewelry, ranging from seamless rings to twisted barbells. After the initial healing phase, you can utilize a wide range of dimensions (but not less than 16G) and a wide variety of materials.

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Circular Barbell

A circular barbell is a metal bar with a solid ball along one end that is put through a puncture hole and attached to a movable ball on the other side. Circular barbells with an external twist are occasionally used during septum piercings to provide a great fit around your nose’s curves.


A singular adjustable piece that’s been twisted into the style of a ring is another possibility for septum jewelry. Extending out this item and making ample space for it to slide off helps eliminate it. Some septum piercing wearers prefer clicker rings, which include a narrow bar that links the edges of a circular area and clicks into place.

Captive Bead Rings

Due to their simplicity of insertion, captive bead rings are ideal for septum piercings. You have the option of selecting a conventional bead or unique bead styles like pearls or opals. CBRs are the thing to go if you genuinely want a powerful, traditional look.

Your piercing will hold up to high-impact events with a captive bead ring, whether you’re working out or raging on the dance floor. Captive bead rings are ideal for enthusiasts looking for discreet daily jewelry.

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Seamless Hoop Rings

Gold seamless rings appeal for a sexier appearance. For an attractive and edgy appearance, if you like a modest look, pick a seamless hoop that will lay clean against the Septum.

Clicker rings

Choosing clicker rings for the septum piercing is an attractive option if you’re seeking relaxation and unique styles. It is one of the most straightforward jewelry designs due to its flexibility. Many clickers are essentially plain rings that appear to be one piece. Additionally, septum clickers have several exquisite design possibilities, making them stand out compared to other types.

Septum Retainer

Contrary to other septum jewelry designs, septum retainers are relatively straightforward but still highly customized. They might be rectangular, like a staple, or curved like horseshoes or bullrings. These are just a great choice if you need to appear discreet. This kind of jewelry lessens exposure while keeping the piercing open.

Crescent Pinchers

Pinchers are an ideal choice, specifically for people who wish to expand the Septum or have more enormous septum piercings. Pinchers are crescent-shaped jewelry items typically worn as ear plugs and connected with o-rings on either side. If you want to extend the Septum piercing with pinchers, consider patience the secret to a successful stretch. Never speed the procedure or skip sizes.


Such designs, which are a little more dramatic, usually need to be stretched. The majority of tusks are either curved or linear items of jewelry that bridge the nostrils. Even if this option is certainly not for everyone, they have an effect and are an explicit statement of one’s devotion to face modification.

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Jewelry Material For Septum Piercing

Any jewelry should always be implantation quality, which is really significant. Ignore any shop that employs nickel or low-quality products. The use of poor-quality jewelry will almost definitely result in infections and other serious problems.

An individual can use jewelry made up of surgical stainless steel, yellow or white gold, or titanium. Due to its reputation, most septum jewelry is composed of surgical stainless steel and is one of the most durable and high-quality materials. However, if you are sensitive to nickel, avoid purchasing stainless steel jewelry.

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What Is The Perfect Size For Septum Piercing?

Usually, a 14G or 16G needle is used to puncture the Septum. Anything less than 16G, which is 1.27mm or 1.00mm thick, is far too thin. Depending on the customer’s demands, some piercing artists can utilize a 14G needle.

The Septum can be expanded to a broader gauge once it’s healed, but this transformation is everlasting, and it can’t undo the original size. So, please use the appropriate size that your piercer gave you. To avoid damage and rejections, you should never wear jewelry that is smaller than the size prescribed by your piercer.

Who Is Eligible For A Septum Piercing?

A septum piercing is regrettably not entirely feasible for some people. Some persons have such a condition known as a “deviated septum.” This implies that the Septum is significantly twisted, which is not ideal for Septum piercing because it could cause significant injury. On the other hand, this is quite unusual, and it would have to be an inferior variation for even a piercing artist to refuse.

How To Replace A Septum Piercing?

You can absolutely replace your septum piercing if it is comfortable for you. After your piercing has completely recovered, you can change the jewelry. To do this, remove the ball or twist your hoop back from the Septum. Then gradually take the jewelry out of the piercing.

As soon as the material has been withdrawn, carefully wipe the region with some salt water solution. After that, insert the freshly cleaned ring into the septum puncture wound and tighten it. Your piercer can update your jewelry for you if you’re having difficulty or don’t want to do it yourself, but be aware that there will be a minimal charge involved.

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