7+ Striking Snake Bite Piercing Style Ideas That Are Hard To Ignore

It is much comparable to the kind of labret piercing that sits underneath the lower lip, in the exact center of your face. This piercing is just the same; however, there are two different piercings: on either side of your mouth.

Snake bite piercing is notable for its stunning aesthetic; it’s challenging to overlook two large piercings just underneath your lower lip. The piercing title derives from the appearance it offers you: it is mainly equivalent to having snake fangs or, like a snake, have  bit actually there!

This piercing is ideal for those who wish to modify their appearance significantly, have a more “rebel” attitude, or just for those who desire extra attention. However, when you go to the piercing studio, you should know a few things regarding snake bites piercings.

Snake bite piercing

Image: @ezio_menethil

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What Exactly Are Snake Bite Piercings?

A snake bite piercing is really bottom two lips piercings inserted near the tip of a lip on either side, midway from the middle.

This piercing is categorized into ring piercings or lips studs. These are the precise classes they look like: Ring piercings are snake bites piercing that have been pierced with jewelry that goes completely near the lip, whereas labret earrings are the piercings that run from outside of your mouth to inside.

It’s vital to take the right steps since the piercings aren’t all punctured in the same manner, and switching out jewelry designs can cause difficulties with healing process and inflammation.

You will find the piercing procedure simple as compared to other piercing — however, you should note that you should go through this two times! First, the outside skin is cleaned and tagged to ensure proper fitment. Once you’ve determined that the marks are precisely wherever you want a snake bites piercings to really be, the epidermis is clenched or held hard, and the lip is dragged down and separated from the rest of your mouth. The clips are then released, and a cannula sterilized needle is inserted from the outside lip into the interior.

Snake bite piercing

Image: @angelicalarzzon

Snake Bites Piercing Pain

What causes pain cannot determine that it would cause the same pain level to another individual. As each individual holds their own uniqueness, their certain pain threshold level also varies.

No one can actually determine the amount of pain; an individual would suffer. However, it relies on many factors, including someone’s pain tolerance, the piercing site, which piercing method is used, etc. If the pierced region has more nerve endings, it is probably found to cause more pain.

If you can’t tolerate excess pain, then you must get only one piercing at a moment. Having two piercings consistently will put your body in double pain, which is sometimes unbearable. Though getting pierced one by one also comes with its respective dangers, you should make sure that your first piercing is healed before getting the second one, or it will result in asymmetrical piercing.

Snake bite piercing

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Snake Bites Piercing Recovery Time

Snake bite piercing is like other piercing, heal at different rates depending upon how you look for them. Nevertheless, to ensure that your piercing is completely recovered, it’s advisable to wait nearly eight weeks, while up to 12 weeks is advised.

Oral piercings cure quite fast and uneventfully because of adequate blood flow provided a competent piercer manages all elements, and correct aftercare is followed.

Snake bite piercing

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Cost Of Snake Bite Piercings 

On calculating the price of this piercings, keep in mind that everything should be doubled the actual price as there are two sites to be pierced. Hence, if your business charges you individually for your piercing and the jewelry, bear in mind that you must compensate the two expenses. While the piercing price may appear to be affordable, be sure you’re not receiving jewelry that’s far more expensive which you can’t manage — or make sure that it’s shown in the cost if that was really the bargain. Most piercer charges around $50 for this piercing, which includes jewelry. Yet, most claim that more-priced jewelry results in a greater overall cost.

Costing for the twin piercings and two jewelry items varies widely by area and jewelry option, so there would be no standard answer. Most studios may pay individually for the operation and jewelry, but others pay a set amount.

Snake bite piercing

Image: @gamergirlria

Snake Bites Piercing Aftercare

The easiest technique to treat snake bites is to use sterilized saline water to wash both piercings thrice a day, just like any other piercing. It’s also really important to prevent using abrasive toothpaste and mouthwash as it can put your piercing into various new dangers. Being hydrated could also help maintain the piercing rinse.

If you follow these guidelines twice a day, you’ll be there on your road to a completely cured piercing without any issues.

Four precise techniques ensure you’re properly looking for your unique snake bite piercings.

“R-I-C-E: Everyone would have known of this phonetic acronym for exercise-induced injuries, but a slight modification variant also relates to mouth piercings — greatly relieving the immediate wake of swelling and discomfort and minimizing the likelihood of later problems.

The “R” refers to “rest,” and it advises you to avoid using your mouth as often as appropriate. Attempt not to deliver a speech the following day, for instance. You will put your piercing in danger of swelling, soreness, and becoming difficult to comprehend if you don’t give rest to your piercing sites.

The letter “I” stands for “ice.” Placing an ice pack or other chilled, contained item to your lower lip gently might provide comfort for the facial piercing site. Try to suck on an ice cube to give cooling sensation to the inner lip region as well.

The “C” stands for “clean,” that means “keep your lips healthy to preserve your piercings. Rinse your mouth gently after each meal and wash with salt water solution — or, whenever completely healed, mouthwash — for the upkeep of oral piercing.

Finally, the letter “e” represents “elevation.” To assist reduce inflammation, nap with a couple of cushions placed beneath your neck. OTC anti-inflammatory medicines, such as ibuprofen, can be brought to lessen the inflammation and swelling in the piercing site.

In fact, it’s a good idea to be aware of what you’re performing with your Lower lip piercing. Cigarettes, alcohol, and even some spicy may aggravate your new piercing.

Snake bite piercing

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Snake Bites Piercing Consequences


A little edema all around this piercing sites is normal. However, if it continues for further than few days after being newly pierced, or if the inflammation comes unexpectedly, you should seek medical assistance from either a piercing artist (if you’re unsure what’s happening) or a medical professional (if you’re certain something is flawed).


Not taking adequate care of the pierced region, makes it possible to get infected. Any rapid rise in discomfort, inflammation, or swelling after piercing should serve as a warning sign that you may be suffering from an infection. Infection is not really a huge mass-producing green pus; it can mean anything from unusual swelling to a bump. Consult your piercer if you notice anything out of the ordinary.


All body piercings, whether left in or removed, leave a lasting mark. Check the level of scarring possibly before getting your lips done. Poor maintenance and sometimes an infection commonly led to scarring.

Snake bite piercing

Image: @thais.senhorini_piercing

Procedure To Remove Snake Bite Piercings

If you primarily have snake bites piercing, the piercer will himself use a bigger piece of jewelry to handle the swelling as it heals. Still, it is recommended that you swap the jewelry with a smaller piece after the healing process.

The first step is to find a licensed piercer that can guide you how to change your snake bite piercings.

Go to your piercing artist to enquire regarding what jewelry would best fit since anything that fits snugly will not contact your teeth or any other items in your mouth, which leads to excellent dental cleanliness and is healthy for your piercings.

When the piercing region has healed completely — usually 12 to 20 weeks — you can begin altering the jewelry on your own. To do the same, grasp the stable bottom underneath the lip with one hand and rotate the spherical ball on the opposite end with another. Nevertheless, you must ensure that it is entirely healed before changing the jewelry since doing so may significantly delay the healing process and may lead to issues.

“Rational thinking is crucial; before carefully shifting out jewelry, make absolutely sure your fingers, the jewelry, and the oral region are hygienic — and also don’t push it. Any difficulty or pain while changing jewelry should necessitate a trip to the piercer.

Snake bite piercing

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Jewelry Styles For Snake Bites Piercing

The labret stud

A labret stud is a conventional bar, similar to one seen in a barbell, with a flat bottom on one side and a replaceable ball on either.

There are several excellent jewelry possibilities for these two lip piercings. Your local respected body piercer must have a selection of hypoallergenic implant-grade pieces pick from, as well as the ability to support you in finding the perfect dimension and properly placing your brand new jewelry!

Most Preferred Jewelry Types For Snake Bites Piercing

Stainless steel implant grade

Many snake bite piercing pieces of jewelry are manufactured of stainless steel implant grade, which is the most dependable because of its diversity of look and overall good quality. Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot use this metal if you are sensitive to nickel, which it would possess.


High-grade titanium is the greatest decision for snake bites as it has  qualities of steel nonetheless and does not contain nickel which means that if you’re sensitive to nickel, you can still obtain the same adaptable design (and bonus: it’s lighter!).


What’s the point of getting snake bites piercings?

Piercings are a lovely way of expressing yourself, but you really should select the right piercing for you. If you’re having doubts about getting a snake bite piercing, talk to an expert piercer about all the other body piercing options. More lip piercing possibilities may be found in our comprehensive lip piercing guide.

How can I inflict snake bites on myself at home?

No, you do not! It is critical to have snake bite piercings done by a competent piercer to avoid infection and to ensure that both piercings are equal. It is not a decent idea to pierce oneself at home.

Will my teeth get affected by snake bite piercing jewelry?

Oral piercings, particularly bottom lip piercings and other forms of lip piercings, need specific treatment recommendations. We recommend visiting with an expert piercer and your medical physician for additional information on how particular jewelry styles might impact teeth and gums and/or induce gum recession.

What do I do if one of my snake bites gets infected?

Take out your jewelry quickly if you are feeling pain, irritation, or inflammation, and call your piercer and a medical professional. Follow consistent piercing aftercare by washing your piercing with a salt solution that after your piercing has closed to help decrease inflammation.

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