7+ Amazing Ideas For A Lobe Piercing That You Should Try To Look Splendid

An ear piercing is seriously an incredible option, different ear-piercing types are famous nowadays, but lobe piercings are one of the oldest yet most prominent forms of ear piercing. This piercing is famous irrespective of gender or age.

The lobe provides adequate space, and it’s a simple piercing to do. The lobe piercing is done on the lower area of the ear.

Lobe piercing is considered the starter piercing as they are very versatile and offer a different look with different jewelry.

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Lobe Piercing Procedure

A lobe piercing can be done with the help of both a piercing gun and a needle. But getting a piercing with a gun is not safe, so one should go to a piercing artist who uses a needle for the piercing process.

After choosing the piercer, you can start your lobe piercing process. Among all ear piercings, lobe piercing is the one that hurts the least.

The piercer will use an 18 to 20 Gauge needle for all the piercing process depending upon the requirement of a person; it means that if a person wants to stretch his ear lobe, the piercer will use an 18G needle; otherwise, he will use a 20G needle.

The Lobe piercing helps decorate the lower portion of the area with different accessories and jewelry. One person can choose from high lobe piercing and standard lobe piercing.

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High lobe piercing is an exciting way to add additional spice to your ear piercing. The upper section of the earlobe is pierced by this piercing. This piercing doesn’t cause much pain as compared to other piercings. Standard lobe piercing is the traditional form of ear piercing, yet it’s really a trendy form of piercing. It offers you a classic look with its different types of jewelry.

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 Aftercare Of Lobe Piercing

We can say that lobe piercing is easy to have and takes significantly less time to heal, but this is only possible if we maintain a proper aftercare routine during the healing process. 

  • Make sure you are cleaning your piercing with the saltwater solution twice a day during the entire healing process. The external lobe will heal quickly before the interior, but you have to clean your piercing with this solution until the proper healing.
  • Don’t rotate or twist your jewelry during the healing process; it can cause extra pain and discomfort.
  • Always touch your piercing jewelry with washed hands. And before the cleaning process, you should clean your hands properly with a cleanser.
  • Don’t put pressure on the jewelry; it can cause issues like the rejection of jewelry and others. Hence one should avoid wearing heavy accessories, hats, or headphones during the healing process.
  • After getting a lobe piercing, you should avoid opening your hair or wearing accessories in between the healing process as there is a higher risk of jewelry catching or being irritated with your hair or other accessories.
  • The general rule after the piercing is to avoid sleeping on the new piercing side. Hence after getting an ear piercing, you should sleep straight or on the back for at least a few days.

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Healing Time Of Lobe Piercing

A regular ear piercing takes 3-4 months to heal, but a lobe piercing takes only 6 to 8 weeks to heal properly. But as with other piercings, the healing time depends upon several factors, including a proper aftercare routine.

Don’t take lobe piercing as a normal thing; take the appropriate time to follow the aftercare routine to save your piercing from infection and other reactions.

Lobe Piercing Pain Scale

Lobe piercing causes low pain in terms of the pain scale. It is widespread in many nations to give a lobe piercing to many children as it is considered the least painful piercing.

On the average pain scale, many people score 2or3 out of 10, but also the level of pain depends on person to person.

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Why Should I Have My Earlobes Pierced?

One of the best things about getting an ear lobe piercing is that they are very versatile and help you to wear a variety of jewelry. Even lobe piercing also goes well with other ear piercings. Lobe piercing helps you to improve your appearance even at your workplace.

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Costs Of Lobe Piercing

The lobe piercing is not so expensive. Its price lies between $30-$50, excluding jewelry charges. Also, its costs are different in different places and the piercer experience. If you are getting pierced for the first time, you should give your piercing the best chance by avoiding a cheap and less experienced piercer.

Jewelry Styles For Lobe Piercing

There is a variety of jewelry available for lobe piercing that helps to decorate your ears uniquely and differently.

Studs:- A beautiful stud is the implausible option to decorate your ear lobe. You can add different gemstones or diamonds to your stud, which add extra charm to your piercing. Studs are the primary or essential jewelry for your piercing.

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Dangle Earrings:-  They gave your piercing more twisted designs. These earrings are basically worn at many fancier events to make yourself more adorable and fashionable. 

Hoops And Rings:-  Hoops And rings are another popular form of ear piercing. They give you an elegant and gorgeous look. You can wear beautiful diamond rings on your piercing.

Screw Back Studs:- Earrings with a screw back provide a more secure fit. Screw back stud earrings are perfect for young children who have lobe piercings or for those who live an active lifestyle.

Material For Jewelry 

For any piercing, you can use a material with less nickel quantity as nickel can cause irritation and allergy to your piercing. Surgical stainless steel is the best material for your initial piercing jewelry. Even one can use jewelry materials like titanium which can be a safe side of picking jewelry material.

If you have sensitive skin that catches allergies easily, then you should use titanium jewelry. One can use gold as its jewelry material, but be very safe while choosing the quality of gold its quality should be minimum of 14k gold.

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Varieties In Lobe Piercing

There’s a lot that one can do with his lobe piercing, as it basically depends upon the size of the lobe. The piercer can use his best creativity skills while doing lobe piercing.

Multiple Lobe Piercing:-Double- or triple-lobe piercings that range behind the first lobe piercing in the lobe’s center are the famous lobe piercings. You can also arrange your many piercings vertically.

Transverse Lobe Piercing:- This lobe piercing goes horizontally through the lobe. This piercing is less painful as compared to a standard lobe piercing. Curved barbells or captive bead rings are common jewelry choices for transverse lobe piercing. It’s a freehand type of piercing as there are a lot of tissues present in the earlobe.

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Stretched Lobes:-  Stretched ear lobes is a particular type of body modification. It helps to enlarge the earlobe piercing. Stretching earlobes helps people to wear the jewelry in the ear, known as gauge or spacer.

But one should be aware that if they want to get free from their stretched lobe piercing, then they have to go to a doctor for surgery.

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 Is It Safe To Get Lobe Piercings With A Piercing Gun?

Piercing with a gun is not a safe or hygienic option. It can cause several types of infections by damaging your tissues. It increases the risk of bacteria transmission, increasing the infection or increasing the swelling and soreness or allergies to piercing.

An expert piercer knows all these facts, so he will use a sterilized needle instead of a piercing gun because the needle is a safer option for the piercing and decreases the infection risks.

When Will Be I Able To Change My Ear Lobe Piercing Jewelry?

Ear piercing is especially famous for its different types of jewelry options which help to give you a more sensational, aesthetic, and gorgeous appearance.

Since lobe piercing takes really a quick time to heal correctly. Generally, it takes 6 to 8 weeks to get healed, and once it is adequately healed, you can change or try new piercing jewelry according to your preference.

What Mistakes You Should Avoid While Getting Ear Lobe Jewelry?

Common mistakes that one should avoid while getting an earlobe piercing include touching the piercing with dirty or unwashed hands. One should always try to wash his hand before touching his new piercing. Don’t remove your earrings too soon. Let your ears heal by wearing earrings for 6-8 weeks.

Piercing is a beautiful process and doesn’t ruin it by wearing cheap or low-quality jewelry for your piercing, it can cause infection and allergy. Try to avoid the use of chemical products during the healing process.

What Are The Signs Of An Infected Lobe Piercing?

Infection can be detected by redness, soreness, swelling, pain, and irritation at the piercing site. The critical thing to avoid this is to keep the earring in the proper place.

And don’t try to pull out your earring during the healing process, as it will prevent your piercing from swelling and pain. And if you don’t use the proper guidelines and aftercare routine recommended by your piercer, your piercing can quickly become infected.

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