7+ Unusual Rook Piercing Styles That Give You A Bold And Striking Appearance

Amongst the most unusual inner-ear piercings is the rook piercing. The tragus and the daith are more likely options, and then who tries to look just like everybody else? Aside from being pristine and elegant, the rook piercing is adaptable and trendy right now.

It is found that when our customers have their first few lobe piercings, they want something far more unique, and the rook has become one of their favorites.

Hardly a piercing comes without pain; however, we have to confirm how severe the rook piercing is, what time it takes to heal, what sorts and materials are best, and whether that is right for you. We gained the support of a piercer and dermatologists to teach us all we were supposed to learn about this great and unique piercing. Continue reading!

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Rook Piercing- A Type Of Cartilage Piercings

It is indeed more trending cartilage piercing in your interior ear’s uppermost ridge, just above the tragus in the anti helix near the inner conch area. The piercer inserts the jewelry after inserting a hollow needle through all the tissue of your rook. Rook piercings are secure if performed by a specialist using a sanitary procedure.

The piercing itself is appropriate for the majority of individuals, but mostly because everyone’s ear architecture is distinctive, a small percentage of the population may be unable to have it. An experienced piercer is always found working with each customer to arrange jewelry to best match their ear anatomy and any current piercings.

Rook Piercing Pain Level And Healing Process

As we consider getting a piercing, among the first (and most prevalent) concerns is whether or not it will hurt. Since pain is variable, experienced dermatologists warn that this sort of piercing penetrates throughout a relatively thick layer of tissue that is usually extra severe and takes a bit longer to recover. For instance, lobe piercings that don’t include cartilage cure in around 6 weeks, but cartilage piercings such as the rook or snug could take six months at least or even a year in some cases to heal.

The healing process is obviously riskier than a lobe piercing due to the obvious substantially increased risk of infection. The consequences of cartilage infection are also far more dangerous than earlobe infection, and therapy is more complicated.

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Rook Piercing Cost

The pricing spectrum will be determined according to where you reside and where you would get it done, but it usually is around $30 and $80. (Plus, the jewelry). However, the total costs are totally dependent on the jewelry you pick.

For instance, the service charge at any New York-approved piercing shop is $35 and, furthermore, the cost of the jewelry you want most. While shopping for the new jewelry from some experienced piercer, the service is free with the buying of jewelry (prices that start at $60 and then go up to three-digit options).

What’s The Rook Cartilage Piercing Process?

It’s just a wise option to be quiet and well-rested before your rook piercing process. Usually, a piercing process works as follows:

  • The piercer will clarify the procedure for you and assist you in selecting the jewelry.
  • After checking with you, the piercer will indicate the exact location for the piercing.
  • Using antibacterial soap or solution, cleanse the piercing site.
  • Go for a hollow needle to form a tight hole.
  • Insert and fasten the starting jewelry into the hole.
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Aftercare Instructions

It, like every other piercing, is based on how frequently you follow your maintenance guidelines and your physical wellbeing. You should follow your piercer’s instructions for upkeep till the piercings are recovered fully. It is usually wise to stop lying on any new ear piercings till it has completely healed since this might create complications and prolong the healing time.

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If it concerns appropriate cleaning and treatment, most dermatologists believe that applying hydrogen peroxide or alcohol to the region is among the most prevalent blunders. 2 or 3 times each day, gently wipe the region with antibacterial soap with warm water. Whether there are any symptoms of illness, applying a topical antibiotic as soon as possible is always recommended.

Piercing Consequences

Inflammation, which might lead to permanent malformation of the punctured tissue, is one of the hazards of the process. Extensive and lasting pain is a known adverse effect. A rook piercing may be rejected when it is not performed correctly or is put too roughly.


Professional Piercer will warn you of sure infection or swelling signs to look out for horrible pain or sensitivity on touch, discharge of pus surrounding the site of the piercing, and blistering feeling. It’s critical to consult a doctor when you spot such dreadful consequences.

Allergic Reactions

Nickel, copper, and lesser grade gold are elements that can induce severe allergies: The finest material for all piercings is a hypoallergenic metal.

Ear Deformation

Infections might possibly lead to irreversible distortion of the tissue that was punctured. And that’s why you must therefore seek the services of a reputable expert piercer.

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How To Replace A Rook Piercing

Notice how we said to leave things alone? Therefore, absolutely, you must wait till the piercing has fully healed before removing it. Unless you’re not confident that your tissue-piercing is healed and ready for other jewelry, some piercing clinics will inspect it for you even for free. Thus, that’s something to inquire about while getting your rook pierced.

Sometimes customers are, for example, advised to return to the studio to exchange their jewelry. It is recommended that you keep in touch with a professional piercer after getting new rook piercings, since this enables you to monitor the healing time and swap out jewelry.

What Sorts Of Jewelry Should Be Preferred For Rook Ear Piercing?

Piercers suggest using a bar as the starter jewelry during the first treatment period, but you may use any bars or hoops, unlike the daith, which is ideally adapted to a ring.


A barbell is a bit of metal with studs on the endpoints. One of those is detachable. It must be shorter to accommodate the rook region, according to the architecture of the ear.

Curved Barbell

It is preferred because it causes less movement than a ring and is far more convenient. Furthermore, wearing a 16-gauge curved barbell reveals more!


The most popular rook piercing choice is by far the most difficult to heal, specifically those with diverse forms and textures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of jewelry material should be used?

High-quality materials, according to a skilled and knowledgeable piercer, are the most critical considerations when receiving custom piercings. These are the most secure materials:

Gold: a skilled piercer believes 14k gold is usually a good choice since it is robust and doesn’t include dangerous elements.

Titanium is an excellent material that contains no nickel and does not cause any extra allergies. It’s also long-lasting and comfy to wear.

What’s the harm of getting a rook piercing?

The interior folds of the cartilage vary widely between individuals. Some people won’t have quite enough rook cartilage bend to carry off this piercing. If you’re worried, talk to your piercer; they’ll be able to tell you if you can have this piercing or supply you with other beautiful alternatives.

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Is the pain from rook piercing endurable?

Most persons who had undergone a piercing in another section of the cartilage consider rook piercing as being relatively painless. The primary piercing produces a strong sharp pain that eventually lessens to a pounding sensation in the pierced location. The pain might be much worse than those of a lobe piercing at first, but it ultimately fades.

Do rook piercings assist in any way?

Many individuals acquire rook piercings for the same reason they obtain various body piercings: body adornment. Ear acupuncture peer-reviewed studies (auriculotherapy) indicate that ear piercings offer therapeutic advantages mainly rook piercing helps decrease tension.

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