5+ Monroe Piercing Design Ideas That You’ll Love

The Monroe piercing is titled after the iconic Marilyn Monroe’s popular beauty spot. It is soon becoming trendy as it is named after such beautiful Marilyn Monroe. Women who desire to look sexy are now adopting this piercing with open hearts.

Note that Monroe piercing always sits on the left part of the upper lip region. Don’t get confused with a Madonna piercing that is present on the other side of your upper lip region. To get a comprehensive Monroe style, you can adorn this piercing with a teeny-tiny labret stud embellished with a bead or a gemstone. Of course, if you want to try out new styles or show your creativity, you can pair it with some other lip piercings style to get your own personalized look.

Monroe piercing design

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As the name suggests, it is mostly adorned by women rather than men. However, there is no certified instruction that guys cannot have. If you really wish to have this piercing, you shouldn’t be scared. Just have the courage, and we are sure you’ll rock the new Monroe piercing style that gives you extraordinary looks.

Before getting yourself pierced, you should make up your mind and should get all your queries answered. After all, it’s a matter of the face, and you should never regret your decision. We have collected every bit of doubts and just answered them all. Read them all out, and then make your decision.

Monroe Piercing Pain Level

Same as other facial piercings. This piercing also ranges around the middle of the piercing threshold chart. Many of the nerve endings are found on the upper lip region, making this piercing a little painful. That way you’ll feel tons of pain; you can just imagine a pinch, and it will be gone. Not like the cartilage piercings, which are mostly the most painful ones.

Prepare yourself for a bit of swelling and inflammation as it is quite normal. No piercing comes without these little outcomes. You have to undergo such redness and swelling as a common piercing result. However, to provide enough room for swelling, the piercing artist will pierce you with bigger jewelry. If you feel that the jewelry presses your skin a little bit hard, it means that your jewelry used is of the smaller gauge. Ask your piercer to fit you with bigger jewelry to not extend your healing time.

When you feel something uncommonly like severe pain, bleeding, or any mucous discharge, you should visit a doctor immediately.

Monroe piercing design

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Monroe Upper Lip Piercing Healing Procedure

Like with most piercings, healing times range from individual to individual. To let your piercing heal a lot faster than normal period, comply with the given aftercare guidelines. You expect your Monroe piercing to get fully healed between 6-12 weeks.

It is quite a chance that the piercing seems cured from the outside. However, you should consult your piercer for the actual situation. In some cases, if you quit aftercare routines alter or remove your jewelry when your piercing has not healed fully, it can result in bleeding.

Monroe Piercings Aftercare Rules

In addition to typical piercing aftercare methods, you must take extra precautions to ensure that any type of oral piercing remains bacteria-free. Because the mouth is hot and wet, it becomes home to dangerous germs and bacteria. As a result, you must ensure that the mouth is clean, that you maintain good dental hygiene, and that you prevent foreign things as far away as appropriate.

Here Are Some Pointers To Help You Heal Faster And Prevent Infectious Disease:

Only use clean hands to touch your monroe piercing

You may be enticed to spin or grab your jewelry, particularly in the first few days. This might result in irritation and impede the healing time.

Avoid consuming drinking and smoking

A cocktail once in a while is acceptable, but excessive drinking might damage your immune function, so avoid the gatherings for some time. Cigarettes contain toxic substances that will have an adverse effect on the piercing.

No kissing

It can be annoying, but you’re constantly combating microorganisms in your saliva; there’s no need to include your partner’s spit to the mix. You should also avoid any oral action in your bedroom unless you’ve recovered.

Take care of your teeth

You’ll wear a bigger labret stud/pin while recuperating. Fortunately, the position of this piercing is frequently high enough that there is danger of biting on the jewelry is smaller than with other lip piercings, however it’s still something to be mindful of.

Clean your teeth twice a day

Ideally, you’re doing that already, but like with any oral injury, you’ll want to step up your dental hygiene game once you’re fully healed.

Monroe piercing design

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Jewelry Styles For Monroe Lip Piercings

As previously stated, the most frequent Monroe piercing style is the labret stud/pin jewelry.This makes it replicate the look of the eponymous beauty mark. On the other side, this type jewelry is very far from limited; there are a plethora of labret stud designs to pick from to personalize this piercing. A 14G or 16G piece is used in just about all Monroe piercings.

A black bead or a carved peacock pearl, for example, serves to emphasize the mole appearance and is most close to Marilyn Monroe’s style. A gleaming gemstone is also charming, and the gleam draws attention. A bezel placement is ideal for the Monroe piercing since it creates a clean and flawless finish that rests flush with the skin. Charms with miniature hearts or stars are very famous, and a little heart or a star might lend a touch of quirkiness to the piercing.

When buying jewelry, keep in mind that a red bead and gemstone may be misinterpreted as a pimple or imperfection. You don’t want anyone gazing at the face struggling to sort out if you’re pierced or have some food on your face, so choose jewelry that compliments your skin complexion and showcases your piercing.

Like all other piercings, pick a good stud with the smooth disc back. This type of jewelry is still far more relaxing but also prevents scraping on the gums, which can cause a retreating gum line. Remove your jewelry and contact a dentist if you feel the jewelry is causing problems with your gums.

Monroe piercing design

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Monroe Lip Piercing Variations

The double Monroe piercing seems to be another Monroe type that is increasingly becoming famous. Because of the Monroe piercing placement, you have a large canvas to work with, so if you just want this style, you may try a few other ways.

Many people choose to have their double Monroe piercings aligned along their lipline, such that the piercings are separated from one another. Getting two piercings on top of another is less common but still conceivable.

If you choose the double Monroe piercing, please be mindful that you will most likely be required to stop in for two different sessions to speed up the healing process.

 Piercing design ideas

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Why shouldn’t I get the Monroe piercing?

Not all piercing suits every individual. Your lip and face structure, your health habits, and your everyday routines can all influence if you should have or not you must be pierced.

Monroe piercing hurts more if your lips are bigger since more flesh is to penetrate.If you really have a low pain tolerance, a piercing further from the lips may be a better choice.

Since this piercing is designed to seem like a beauty mark, you may want to reconsider piercing a fake beauty mark since you own one in that location. Furthermore, the wrong piece of jewelry may be misinterpreted for a more visible deformity because of its placement. If you have pimples in the piercing site, you should wait until it settles up before getting a piercing; else, your piercing may fall out.

If you have oral hygiene problems, eroding tooth enamel, or other dental difficulties, you should generally avoid lip piercings altogether.

How much should you be charged by a piercer?

The cost will differ from a piercer to a piercer, as it always does. While we usually advocate going with the more costly and skilled piercer, this is particularly true with Monroe piercing because there are so many sensory receptors in your lips to consider, and a badly placed piercing might cause serious gum damage.

The Monroe piercing usually costs somewhere about $50 to $80. Nevertheless, instead of looking for the lowest choice, you should pick your piercer depending on its talents. Choose a good piercing artist who uses a piercing needle. Piercing needles actually retain more viruses, and the power needed to enter the skin might be harmful. You’ll like to ensure the piercer is using a clean needle.

 Piercing design

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