5+ Gorgeous Cheek Piercing Design Ideas For You To Highlight Your Dimples

Cheek piercing, often known as “dimple piercing,” is among the most prominent body modifications. The justification for the soreness is that cheek piercing is not just the newest fad, but it also helps draw attention to your face.

Another important factor contributing to its popularity is that cheek piercing can result in everlasting dimples on the cheeks. Though some feel it is unachievable, others prefer to get their cheeks pierced purely to obtain fake dimples.

Cheek Piercing

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To make things even easier, this is everything you should learn before getting dimples piercing:

Cheek Piercing

Cheek piercing is a type of physical alteration that involves piercing the cheeks at the point where someone with dimples receives their dimple dug. Some people get it done to create their face look dimpled, and some get it done to put jewels and pins on their face.

Cheek Piercing Pain Level

Your pain tolerance will determine how much pain you experience. Because the cheek lacks cartilage, it will be more painless than most other ear piercings and septum that includes cartilage.

The piercing will cause inflammation, and you may feel or taste blood, which would go away on its own when the piercing recovers.

Facial Piercings

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Cheek Piercing Price

The cost of a cheek piercing varies greatly based on the grade of the jewelry used and the location where the piercing is performed. It will most likely cost between $40 and $100. Always check that if a price seems to be too exciting, it most often is.

You should make certain that your body piercer is experienced and has done a cheek piercing previously. You should request to examine photographs of their work, particularly recovered dimple piercings. You can also request to see their license for specialty body piercing. Understand the requirements for a piercer license in your state.

The cost varies based on whether you want to have one or both cheeks done; however, many individuals choose both.

Cheek Piercing design

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Dimple Piercing Procedure

Because cheeks tend to contain a lot of nerves, dimple piercing may be a traumatic process. There may also be some blood spatter as a result of the procedure. It is recommended that the piercing be done by a professional to ensure that nothing goes wrong. To begin, you should carefully clean your teeth and mouth to eliminate any bacteria that may be present. The mouth cleansing phase is necessary since germs in one’s mouth might build around the piercing site and cause serious illness. Before using any piercing instruments, make sure they’re completely clean.

Precautions You Need To Take While Getting Cheeks Pierced

When it comes to body alterations, the most essential thing is to take all of the necessary measures. Make sure you use numbing cream 15 minutes before the piercing. This will prevent you from experiencing the discomfort that piercing may cause. Also, make sure the needle you’re using is brand new and free of any stains. The necessary equipment must be available, and it is preferable to choose a professional and knowledgeable piercer for this since.

Cheek Piercing

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You must lay stress on just three things when getting a dimple piercing. Knowing how to get dimples by piercing is one thing, but failing to take the necessary safeguards might have a negative impact on your health. Make sure you choose your cheek-piercing jewelry ahead of time since you will be overwhelmed with options while shopping for dimple piercing jewelry. Many cases of dimple surgery have gone terribly wrong whilst trying to eliminate dimple piercings, so you must be quite certain before getting your dimple piercing.

Dimple Piercing Jewelry

The piercer generally provides the jewelry for the dimple piercing and charges you for something in the package. There seem to be many better alternatives available, and you may select the most fashionable ones in the industry. You might not get both sides pierced; obtaining a piercing on one side of the face looks fashionable and gives you dimples. If you might not want to deal with the hassle of dimple piercing marks but yet want to wow your friends, fake dimple piercing is an option. A cheek piercing looks really sultry and attractive. You might be a variety of good inspiration between your friends with a beautiful dimple piercing and suitable after dimple piercing maintenance.

Dimple piercing

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Dimple Piercing Related Issues

If not done by trained and competent hands, dimple piercing may also be a painful experience. The negative consequences of dimple piercing can also be exacerbated by poor maintenance.

1. Excruciating pain

Because our faces include muscles that are resistant to bodily alterations, dimple piercing may be highly painful. As a result, it’s critical to take anaesthetics before getting your piercing.

2. Parotid duct could be affected

The most dangerous aspect of dimple piercing is that it might cause damage to the parotid gland. The parotid glands are essential for salivary secretion in the mouth, and if they are injured, there will be no saliva in the mouth. Thus, you should always go with a piercer with plenty of expertise.

3. There will be a scar from the piercing

A scar will appear on any portion that has been pierced. You can expect the same from dimple piercing. If you choose not to maintain the piercing, you must be prepared to get a permanent scar on your face, which in most cases will be dimpled.

Facial Piercing

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Aftercare Guidelines For Dimple Piercings

A dimple piercing can take anywhere from two to eight months to heal entirely. You’ll have to take extra measures and take care of your dimples at this time. For example, to guarantee that no bacteria accumulate, you should cultivate sanitary mouth practices. To avoid any injury to your newly pierced cheeks, you must wear neither too large nor too little jewelry. It’s simple after you’ve gotten into the practice of doing these things.

Several fashion publications have stories about dimple piercings and jewelry, fashion, and other topics. Take inspiration from celebrities and your peers.

Cleanse the piercing 

Because the cheek piercing is close to where you bite your meal, you’ll almost definitely get food trapped in it. Ensure the piercing is clean from both sides of your mouth. On the exterior, saltwater spray and/or a brief soak in a cup of saline solution are also options. Splash a dental aftercare product or your own sea salt combination in your mouth a few times per day to clean the interior. MOUTHWASH SHOULD NOT BE USED. The mouthwash’s alcohol might hurt your piercing and slow its recovery.

Avoid using strong chemicals around the piercing

Cosmetics, sunblock, cleansers, and any other items you use fall under this category. This is a tough guideline to maintain at times, but it’s critical; the chemicals may create inflammation, which can lead to additional concerns, and in a piercing that’s already subject to mistakes, you want to give it the best opportunity possible.

Dimple Piercings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible for a cheek piercings puncture to heal?

The mouth is notorious for mending rapidly, which is why you may burn the roof of your mouth and barely notice anything the next day. Generally, a cheek piercing is performed on the mouth’s mucus layer. Thus it may heal rapidly but may also leave obvious scars on the exterior.

Is it possible to get a cheek piercing with a nose ring?

While a skilled piercer can address your particular queries concerning piercing location, wearing a nose ring does not needn’t prevent you from obtaining a cheek or dimple piercing.

Should I have a dimple piercing on both cheeks?

Although you can only get one cheek pierced at a time, it’s fairly typical for people to have both sides pierced for uniformity.

Is it possible to conceal cheek piercings?

Hiding dermal cheek piercings might be difficult because they’re in such a visible area on your face. You can try to hide your dimple piercing with a transparent piercing retainer, but it won’t be totally covered.

Is it possible for anyone to obtain cheek piercings?

If you’re unsure if you’re a suitable candidate for a cheek piercing, consult with a professional piercer who could really guide you about where a cheek piercing would just go on your face, how it would appear on you, and any other relevant criteria. A skilled piercer can help you decide which sort of piercing is suitable for you.

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