Rejecting Belly Piercing: Causes, Symptoms & Preventions

Your body will attempt to protect itself against the metal in your jewelry, resulting in rejecting belly piercing. The body will gradually push the jewelry from the body and start repairing itself internally. It’s quite similar to what your body would do if it came into contact with a splinter, a piece of glass, or … Read more

How To Take A Belly Ring Out?

Belly piercings are one of the simplest piercings to remove on your own, but only once the piercing has healed correctly. Everyone’s healing time varies, but it usually takes a month or a few days. You can unscrew the piercing but run into additional problems, including a tight screw or a piercing stuck to the … Read more

Early Stage Infected Belly Button Piercing

Most belly piercings heal without any problems, germs can pass on a disease to the region before recovery is finished. Most infections are minor. Redness, discomfort, and swelling are some early-stage symptoms; increasing cleanliness can assist. The total recovery from a belly button piercing might take nine months to a year. You’re susceptible to illness … Read more

How To Treat A Belly Button Piercing Keloid?

Belly button piercings are one of the most well-known forms of body art. Belly button piercing is typically safe if done by a specialist using the proper needle in a clean setting. However, unhygienic environments and inadequate aftercare are the significant reasons for infectious diseases after piercings. A belly button piercing is a piercing in … Read more

Right Side Nose Piercing – Meaning

Everyone feels a lot of excitement and anxiety before getting a piercing. Many other forms of piercing are available, but nose piercing is one of the most prevalent kinds of penetration performed by most individuals. Traditionally, only women had their noses pierced, but in recent years, many males have become comfortable with the concept of … Read more

Types Of Ear Piercing That You Should Try To Look Stunning

Piercings provide an experimental way to advance your accessorizing game – without the worry of ink permanence, and one of the most exciting things you can do with needles is get your cartilage pierced. A delicately and magnificently curated ear is now the must-have accessory. Find out about the amazing types of ear piercing. In … Read more