7+ Ideas To Choose Your Ideal Nose Piercing Jewelry

Piercings are among the most appreciated body alterations, and it’s no surprise that individuals attempt them on their noses too! There are numerous choices available, along with the design and size of the nose piercing.

After ear piercings, nose rings are the second most prevalent type of body modification. Nose rings have been worn for hundreds of years in various parts of the world for aesthetic and spiritual reasons.

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Today, getting your nose pierced is becoming more trendy, and wearing a nose ring is becoming more widespread. A nose ring reflects your persona, just like any other piece of jewelry, and the design you select will convey a little about you. You can choose your design, whether elegant and exotic or rebellious and unconventional.

There are several specific terms used to describe nose piercings since they are one of the most fashionable body alterations in the world.

With so many sizes and varieties of body jewelry, there are more alternatives than ever for showing yourself via your jewelry, but there will undoubtedly be some misunderstandings from now on. We go through all the facts a beginner needs to know before acquiring their first nose ring.

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Regular Nose Ring Dimensions

The typical gauge for nose rings is 18G or 20G, and the length of your stud earrings will usually be between 1/4″ and 5/16″. These are standard sizes, even though they might differ based on the anatomy.

An allowance is made for any swelling after receiving a puncture; your initial jewelry length will be slightly longer. You can visit a professional piercer to get implanted with something like a smaller piece after this swelling has decreased.

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More significant pieces have a greater chance of catching and moving around a little in the piercing, which might prolong the recovery process.

The right size of hoops will depend on your shape. Seek the professional advice of a piercing artist to discover the maximum and most diminutive ring dimensions that the piercing can take before you go shopping for nose rings. It would be best if you didn’t squeeze any jewelry that seems too big or minor in the piercing since size counts a lot.

Why Is Sizing Important For Nose Piercing?

A penetrating bump emerges after someone diligently heals their piercing and enthusiastically acquires their initial piece of jewelry, and this scenario occurs more frequently. Your piercing is still susceptible to injuries once it has finished recovering. Wearing too-small jewelry is one of the primary ways to torture a recovered piercing.

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A stud or ring that is too tiny can push against the puncturing hole and frequently result in piercing bumps or other concerns. Your pierced holes may split or suffer various types of injury if the stud or hoops is oversized. Never let your nose puncture get ruined after months of recovery.

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Before purchasing any new jewelry, discuss with your piercing artist to ensure you select the correct sizes. It should never be as tough as it appears to find the appropriate nose ring size at first glance. To acquire your personalized jewelry specifications, go to a reputable piercer.

Different Styles Of Nose Rings

Nose rings can be divided into numerous sorts depending on the look and style you choose.

Corkscrew/ Nostril Screw

The top of this nose ring is beat, the base is flat, and the bottom has a c-shaped loop. The hook lies tight against the internal roof of the nose, and you should coil this into the nasal. When you sneeze or sweat, the tip of the hook might occasionally protrude into the nostril.

Some consumers perceive self-consciousness as a result. You can discover that you keep touching and tugging at the nose to see whether the hook is loose. For nostril and high nostril piercings, twisted nose rings work well.

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This structure resembles corkscrews, but the stem bends at a 90-degree angle rather than twisting and looping at the tip. The L-section rests on the top inside the roof of the nostril, just like the corkscrew. Even without a hook, it is less troublesome but might irritate harder nasal tissues because it isn’t as tight. But occasionally, it does manage to escape. It is appropriate for situating both low and high nostrils.


Each stem’s edges are plain with this nose ring design, and one section screws off. In order to associate the upper section, you must first screw the nose ring into the nose from the inside. Due to the possibility of dust slipping between the screw’s rings, there is a possible hygiene issue. It can be highly ornate on top and goes well with high nostril and standard nostril piercings.

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Nose Bone/ Stud

In contrast to labrets, which already have flat tops, nose rings have hoops on both ends. The core ball might be made of metal, while the exterior tip may be a gemstone. Its inner ball functions as a limiter; therefore, it should be tiny enough to fit into the piercing with a little effort. However, it didn’t come out until you actively pulled on it. Acquire this kind only after recovery.

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Labrets are equivalent to barbell rings, but barbell nose rings have shafted ball pearls at each base of the stem in place of flat tips. The sort of stem is determined by its shape. Given the possibility of migration, curved barbells are best suited for bridges and rhinos.

The perfect barbells for nostril piercings are horseshoe or round. If your nose is carefully fitted with a piercing, you can also obtain a twisted barbell.


This nose ring appears to be rather straightforward at first sight. The extra-long base is smooth, and the top is decorated with beads, gemstones, or other shapes. Your jeweler or piercer will twist the nostril ring’s tip into a J shape, resembling a fish hook, once the ring is implanted on your nose.

The wire isn’t razor-sharp, but because the store has to bend it for you, you have to return it whenever you want to change the jewelry.

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Captive Hoop

This type of nose ring is a delicate, real ring that is available in both open and closed versions. The roughly circular open beaded hoop has a pearl as a stopper along one end. It’s denoted as a false ring. One edge of the hoop locks into the bead on the closed type to secure it and keep it from falling out of your piercing. But sometimes, it might resemble a booger.

Seamless Hoop

This ring opens by pulling, and it closes by being squeezed. The hoop may be rotated 360 degrees and is kept in position by force. One tip of the hoop might be narrow enough to slip into the other or slam shut, or it can have a little gap that has to be compressed.

This is a fantastic option if you feel self-conscious about the stone in beaded hoops. But be careful with the ones with gaps since they might pinch and become trapped.

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Septum Clicker

Horseshoe or round barbell rings are the most popular options for septums. It fits tightly within the septum, and the jewels at the edges prevent it from escaping. You can wear a hoop in the septum if you desire a “closed” appearance.

Conversely, the closure on a septum clicker may quickly snap closed or click open when pulled, allowing it a safer alternative.

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Fake Hoop

As previously indicated, hoops with a bead and an “empty latch” could be considered fake hoops. The second kind of fake hoop combines an L-shaped nose ring with a ring. It seems to be a hoop from the outside, but within, the shaft folds into an L to preserve the appearance of a ring. The exterior of your hoop hooks into the nostril to complete the hook impression.

Materials For Nose Rings

A nose ring can be made of anything from cheap plastic to expensive platinum. Stainless steel, silver, yellow and white gold, and titanium are the ideal options available for nose piercing jewelry. You can choose a nose ring with a particular gemstone or less expensive stones.

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Your nose ring’s material can be categorized based on the type and region of your nose penetration. Bend or hooked barbells may be essential if you have a dual or triple piercing; however, a high nose piercing is ideally adapted for something like a stud.

Due to the complex nature of these nose rings, a durable yet malleable material that won’t corrode or degrade at the curves or joints should be used in their creation.

How Can I Figure Out The Size Of A Nose Ring?

The gauge of your nose ring is the thickness of the material. Keep in mind that lower digits are always broader. For instance, a 22 gauge (0.64mm) nose ring is shorter than an 18 gauge (1.0mm) nose hoop. It is crucial to confirm that you are acquiring the right gauge.

Do not try to stuff thicker jewelry into your piercing. The gauge cannot be measured using a ruler. There are multiple methods for determining a nose ring size. You can even ask your piercing artist which size is ideal for you.

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Why Does My Hoop Keep Rotating?

It could show that the gauge is too thin, but it could also imply that you have a nose ring with an unnaturally large inner diameter. For instance, if you bought a studded nose ring and the beads continuously slip down your nostril, you need a smaller inner diameter.

You’ll know you have an excessive hoop because, in addition to continually rotating, there will be significant space between the ring and your nostril.

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