25 Pretty And Dainty Small Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos hold different meanings for everyone. Some tattoos are fun, like drunken mistakes, or someone may have something tattooed on, just for the look of it and other tattoos will have a simple meaning for that person: the first tattoo.

25 Pretty And Dainty Small Tattoo Ideas

But, usually, tattoos have a deeper meaning, and people get it after a significant thought.

So now, the trends of tattoos have also changed. Now you can have a tattoo to welcome the new coming year. Yes, you read that right; we have tattoos you can put for the coming year.

These tattoos will never go out of style because this tattoo is not just for showing the year passing by but has beautiful, unique designs. You have this tattoo as a mark of appreciation to yourself for the growth you made during this year and how far you have come.

Let us scroll through some tattoo ideas that you can wear to welcome the year 2022.

25 Small Tattoos Ideas For Women And Men

1. Semicolon Tattoo Idea

The semicolon tattoo is for solidarity and affirmation against depression, suicide and addiction so a semicolon tattoo can give you strength.

Credits: _jhaiho

2. Whimsical Rainbow Tattoo

The Rainbow symbol has become the symbol to take pride in the LGBTQ community, if you belong to it or are a supporter of it, you can wear this tattoo, in the 21 era the rainbow symbol has gained sight and greater meaning.

Credits: juani.tattoo

3. Beautiful Mother + Baby Design Tattoo

Did you become a mother this year? If you did express the most beautiful thing that happened to you in the most amazing way, which is getting a tattoo to remember that beautiful moment for the rest of your life. There are a lot of different and quite a lot of tattoo ideas.

Credits: halfpint.x

4. Handwritten Message Tattoo

Some powerful or beautiful words in writing of a loved one or someone you are very fond of in person, for instance, you can have terms of love written on you in your child’s handwriting.


5. Regrowth with a Lotus Tattoo

A lotus symbolizes rising above temptation and becoming a better person, the other signs the lotus has to it is beauty, purity and awakening the spiritual side of oneself.


6. Girl Power Tattoo

This new age has a lot of focus shifted to the era of girls and women and their power and prowess , yet you can wear a tattoo to show you are proud to be one and are proud of your tribe.

Credits: morango_tattoo

7. Meaningful Quote Tattoo

Some quote that motivates you or has changed your life, as quotes hold different meaning to all, for some it can be something that helped them achieve their goal and for some it may that shining ray of light that took you out of the rut.

Credits: mattsfitnessuk

8. Love Myself Tattoo

Self Love is one of the most critical aspects of one’s life and the significance of loving oneself has come in front in many different shades and it has shined as the key to one’s happiness.


9. Matching XO Tattoo

Want a tattoo that you can match with your sassy sister? Well, here is one that you can get to show the world your combo of sassy cool sisters, get it clubbing with a personal symbol that holds sentiment value to you.

Credits: swistek_tattoo

10. Adventure Tattoo

Use an adventure tattoo to mark an adventure you have been to this year or some experience you want to go to this year, this way you can mark that favorite adventure of you.

Credits: raviztattoo

11. Pet Lover Tattoo Design

Do you love your pet? Then, take your love to the next level by getting a tattoo for it.

Credit: chey_inks

12. Book Lover Tattoo

Book lovers who are obsessed with books can get their love for books to the tattoo level kind of love, yes, meaning that the person can get a book cover tattoo or just a random favorite quote from a book.

Credits: kreatortattoogallery

13. Mountain View Tattoo Design

Are you a mountain person?Then, you can try this tattoo to show your love for the mountains and you must know that mountains symbolize sturdiness and longevity.


14. Photo Recreation Tattoo Idea

If you have a favorite photo with a favored person, then you can tell your tattoo artist to recreate that photo on you and the photo tattoos look one of a kind and show your compassion.

Credits: mglatattoo

15. Marigold Tattoo Idea

Marigolds with orange or yellow color are for grief, cruelty, and jealousy, so the majority will choose the orange color marigold because it looks different.

Credits: rbenderstudio

16. Angel Wings Tattoo

Wings signify freedom and faith and the wings tattoo is usually popular with bodybuilders as a chest tattoo, as wings give them strength and trust.


17. Out of this World Tattoo Design

The out-of-this-world tattoo is for the dreamer—a person who fantasizes outer space, so if you love galaxies and stars, you can go for this tattoo, and lately outer space movies have hyped the craze.

Credits: nicole_hufton

18. Arrow Tattoo

The arrow means direction, your direction towards success or your goal.


19. Cherry Blossom Tattoo Ideas

Cherry blossoms signify the passing of time, but it is also a reminder of transience, love and beauty. With it you can embrace the good times that have gone.


20. Religious Tattoo Ideas

You can have a tattoo that shows your love for religion eg, a cross tattoo and rightly so a cross tattoo is perfect as it is a popular choice among religious people.


21. Important Year Tattoo

There is an essential year in everybody’s life that has changed their life and for some that can be a year when your baby came to life or a year when you achieved something.

Credits: isatattoo

22. Small Butterfly Tattoo Design

Butterflies are for transformation and freedom so you can mark your modification, growth, lessons of the year with this tattoo, it can also be used to show you physical growth.


23. Semicolon With Some Symbol Tattoo

The semicolon tattoo trend has flooded the internet as it has a great hidden meaning to it and signifies the silent inner fight with life.

Credits: yabucotattoo

24. Portray Tattoo

Can use a portray of a favorite person as a tattoo.

Credits: glauberink

25. Fingerprint Tattoo

A fingerprint heart tattoo is an excellent idea for a couple of tattoos.

Fingerprint Tattoo

Credits: raven_berserk_


What are small tattoos?

A small tattoo comes within the 2-4 inch mark. A tattoo between 0-2 inches is considered a tiny tattoo.

Tattoos do not need to be a large piece of body art to make an impact. Small tattoos have gained popularity because delicate body art looks elegant and graceful than oversize body art.

Are tiny tattoos a good idea?

Getting a tiny tattoo is an excellent idea. You can get one of these on almost any part of the body, except the ones you should avoid getting. Moreover, these small tattoos look elegant.

How much does a small tattoo usually cost?

The average cost for getting a small tattoo is somewhere between 50-250$.

Do dainty tattoos last?

Sadly, tiny tattoos do not have a significant life span. The reason is our immune system; it starts fighting to get off the tattoo the minute ink is on your skin. Hence, these will not last as long as traditional tattoos.

There are other choices like small lion tattoo, small cross tattoo, small flower tattoo, small skull tattoo, phoenix tattoo, moon tattoo, small tree tattoo, star tattoo, wolf tattoo, dragonfly tattoo, paper airplane tattoo, sunflower tattoo, tribal tattoos, compass tattoo and many more come in the small body art.

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