12 Wrist Feather Tattoos Designs for Women

Last Updated on June 22, 2023

Wrist Feather Tattoos are a well-liked choice among women – although they are ordinary, they have a deeper denotation, so the representation is mainly related to the ideas of liberty, bravery, Power and Wisdom.

12 Wrist Feather Tattoos Designs for Women

There are different variations when it comes to a feather tattoo, and every tattoo differs depending on the type of winged creature you choose.

You can make your design pop up by adding different elements – it can be a dream catcher or the use of bright colors that enhance any piece.

The simple feather tattoo design always looks elegant on the wrists or the forearm when it comes to the proper placement of these tattoos.

Wrist Feather Tattoo

Credit: hangwu7273

Today, feather tattoos are gaining huge popularity as they are becoming super trendy, and like every other symbol, they represent a deep philosophical meaning.

They carry different features similar to that of birds, including freedom and courage, so every feather holds a different meaning, no matter if it is an eagle or peacock.

Meaning Of Wrist Feather Tattoo

Typically, if we talk about feather tattoos, they stand for free-spirits, bravery, and strength, which is the right option for those who believe in themselves – no matter what, they don’t give up.

The spiritual meaning of the feathers comes from the roots of Native Americans Culture, and even the chiefs or leaders of tribes get these tattoos.

Best Feather Tattoo Designs – Majestic Birds Feather Tattoos

The main reason for getting this tattoo is that they work great to express authority, power, and wisdom, so more than anything, they prefer to get an eagle feather tattoo.

Everyone believes that eagles have a great connection with heaven because they can fly at great heights, so most people prefer to get an eagle feather tattoo.

1. Peacock Feather Tattoo

When you want to get a bright, bold tattoo, a peacock feather can be the next exciting design that you can prefer to get on your body due to its elegant look.

The fantastic thing about these designs is that the colors make the piece a striking one, and when you get them on your wrists, they will be a focal point.

Feather is much more than just an ornamental piece – it represents gorgeousness, self-importance, royalty and luxury, so you can get this design ink to remember the significance of self-love and acceptance.

Some people prefer to get this colorful feather tattoo because they think it can be an elegant option to protect themselves and chase away any evil spirits.

Peacock Feather Tattoo

Credit: alle.sanda.c

2. Eagle Feathers Tattoo

The eagle is among the most royal birds in the world that are rich in imagery, but it has particular significance in Native American Culture, so choose a suitable one.

Most people even use the feathers for decorative purposes, so you can wear them with pride that elegantly represents respect or honor if you get this tattoo.

The amazing look of the colorful feathers tattoo represents courageousness and strength, so it is not surprising that the woman who values this individuality gets an eagle design on her wrist.

Colorful Feather Tattoo

Credit: ivanelterrible_tattoo

3. Phoenix Feather Tattoo Ideas

The phoenix is again a much-loved design for a tattoo because it strappingly represents birth, death, and rebirth – the fabulous creatures intermittently rejuvenate.

They are reborn from the ashes after they burst into the flame, which is deeply related to the renewal and triumph ideas.

Further, a woman who chooses to get this design with a feather can also draw a bird beside it. The design can be an elegant option for those who have just overcome the struggle or any personal injury that was impacting them harshly.

When you are getting this piece, make sure to ask your tattoo artists to add colors that enhance the tattoo even better with the bright orange and red hues.

Phoenix Colorful Tattoo

Credit: _signatureink

4. Turkey Feather Tattoo Ideas

If you want to get a design entirely filled with powerful meaning, then the ideas of adding honor, wisdom and power are going to appeal to you with a Turkey feather tattoo.

Body art with a decorative feather tattoo is an excellent thought to represent abundance and fertility so you can decide for yourself to get the right type of tattoo that symbolizes a significant meaning.

Turkey Nice Feather Tattoo

Credit: marlayna6263

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5. Hawk Feather Tattoo Ideas

You may want to remind yourself about your inner potency and the things you have overcome in life so you can do it efficiently by getting an elegant hawk feather tattoo.

The hawk feather is linked with protection and power, so it can be a great way to remind you that you are on the road towards happiness and positivity.

Those who have struggled harder and become stronger can get this piece because of the beautiful work that looks elegant with its details.

Black Feather Tattoo

Credit: black_inkdustries

Bird Feathers Tattoo Designs

6. Owl Feather Tattoo Ideas

When deciding to get your subsequent body design, you will surely love to get an owl feathers design because the bird’s has significant symbolism that is full of meanings.

The nocturnal animals are connected to wisdom and knowledge that play an essential role in different cultures.

For the Native American Peoples, the tattoo can be a protector of knowledge, while the Ancient Romans believed that an owl’s hoot represents the person’s death, so they don’t prefer it.

You can get creative with the right design while adding the images of an owl, or ask your tattoo artist to design the feather elegantly that enhances its overall texture.

Bold Black Outlines Feather Tattoos

Credit: ride_wp_603

7. Indian Feather Tattoo Ideas For Wrists

When we talk about feather tattoos, they have different purposes in Native American culture while it is an important symbol.

Feather tattoos can have different meanings depending on the use, so make sure you get the one that defines your personality.

In general, you can say that an Indian feather tattoo is a thought representation that signifies strength, protection and bravery. Many warriors wear these tattoos as an honor or incorporate the same in their weapons or tools.

Indian Forearm Feather Tattoos

Credit: cheetofuckingdanko

8. Feather With Birds Tattoos

We all desire to fly in the sky the way birds do and travel to all the places beyond our reach, which creates and enhances curiosity within us.

A tattoo with feathers and birds is a rich representation that you can ink to your skin if you want to remind yourself of the goals of being free from the things that are impacting you mentally and physically.

Credit: inkgarage_brooklyn

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Flying Birds Feather Designs For Modern Woman

9. Small Feather Tattoos

Small feather tattoo looks elegant when you ink them on your wrists, these allow details and shading, but it does not mean that the small tattoos are not striking.

The beauty of tiny feather ink is that these have a great symbolic value, but there is no limit in terms of their placement options.

You get a representation of freedom, trust, honor, strength and power, no matter the size of the tattoo you are getting on your wrists.

Small Tattoo Feather Design

Credit: nandotattooer

10. Infinity Feather Tattoo

The infinity symbol is a well-liked tattoo choice that represents timelessness and the thought of something that is going to prolong everlastingly.

To make the design look unique, most people add different elements to it, including feathers, making the design look more striking.

Infinity Feathers Work

Credit: freelanceink14

11. Crown And Feather Tattoos

A crown and feather tattoo can look like an unusual combination, but it makes the design look beautiful, often related to glory and power.

The blend is rich in symbolism, so you can choose the design that will enhance any tattoo elegantly, and the art is going to stand out.

Mystical Powers Feather Tattoos

Credit: brhtattoo

12. Wrist Feather Tattoo With Pen

Traditionally, people used to write with feather quills, which was an old-fashioned writing tool, but if you are going to use it as a tattoo, it will enhance the design.

It represents good manners and traditions and grace and beauty, so the best thing about the piece is that you can include the words and phrases.

The addition in the design makes it meaningful to you while making your body art even more unique, so if you want to remind yourself about your goals, you can get this tattoo to make it happen.

Pen Forearm Feather Tattoo

Credit: felix_denlycklige

Wrist Feather Tattoo Designs – Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Meaning Of Wrist Feather Tattoo Design Represent?

A feather represents freedom, which has many  unique meanings that represent the concepts of freedom, boldness, bravery, and power you have inside you.

Depending on your character, you can choose a design that best suits your personality, and the bird design itself has different meanings and interpretations.

Do Feather Tattoos Bring Bad Luck?

Feather tattoos have enormous meanings that differ from culture to culture – some believe that the peacock feather is a rich symbol of protection and good luck, while others believe that the owl brings bad luck and death.

What Does The Peacock Feathers Tattoo Mean?

A peacock feather tattoo represents beauty, luxury, and royalty, so it can be a perfect design for women who want to remind themselves of the importance of self-love and acceptance.

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