30+ Inspiring Couple Tattoo Ideas To Make A Bold Impression

Similar to matching attire and nicknames, matching couple tattoos stand out. Some people get disgusted by the matching couple tattoos while some believe there is no greater way to prove their affection for your mate. But, if being inked with the love as a couple’s tattoo is just the next phase of your partnership, who cares what others think? After all, each pair wants what’s best for them.

30+ Inspiring Couple Tattoo Ideas To Make A Bold Impression

Why Get Couples Tattoos?

Among many ways to express eternal love, couples choose getting matching tattoos. Having matching couple tattoos together is a great memorable experience. You both can experiment with your creative side to select a unique couple tattoos design.

Above all, getting cute couple tattoos create a bold impression about your relationship and prove your love for the other half. Couple tattoos are usually popular, but did you explore ring tattoos, king and queen, or infinity tattoos for couples or lovers?

We’ve picked up some unique couple tattoos, ranging from small couple finger tattoos to big sexy couple tattoos, which will give you and your mate smiling every time.

Different Types of Matching Tattoos For Couples

Matching Couple tattoos include all of the features and symbols, which are unique to each couple, creating a language only they understand. Although from a variety of alternatives for matching couple tattoos, the pair must finally make an incredibly meaningful matching tattoo design.

What symbols, creatures or quotes tattoos portray your romantic relationship, as well as your mutual interests and goals?

Maybe you and your sweetheart want to commemorate a special event or occasion through your matching couple tattoos, even make some inside humor using concealed symbolism; anything you decide, you both will enjoy the delights of a personal secret and flaunting your one of a kind matching tattoos to the world as body art.

Instead of having traditional bands, some modern partners choose to match tattooed wedding rings. Some couples like hidden numbers, signs, and drawings concealed in a private body part only they know or couple finger tattoos to show their commitment.

Whatever matching tattoo ideas you choose, be confident that your matching tattoos should be a piece of genius art in the same tone you want.

1. Ring Finger Tattoos

As per ancient Romans, the ring finger — the fourth one of the left hand – was known to carry a vein straight to the heart, called a love vein. That’s why wedding rings are typically worn here. Having finger tattoos on your wedding ring finger is particularly romantic for the very same cause.

Adding your partner’s names, initial tattoos, or a sign of the connection through finger tattoos indicates that only one person is dearest to your heart.

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2. Sun and Moon Couple Tattoo

If you’re in a partnership where opposites attract, sun tattoos and moon tattoos are ideal. The one signifies heat, lighting, and energy, while another stands for cold, darkness, and repose.

These matching couple tattoos are appropriate for a couple with extremely diverse personalities and balance one another nicely. When one is an outgoing personality, and the other is conservative and introverted, this is a perfect illustration.

Such matching tattoos for couples signify that you complement each other; since a relationship, such as the Earth, requires equally night and day to exist.

Image: @tattoo_ink_surat

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3. Small Couple Tattoos

In the case of matching couple tattoos, size doesn’t matter. It’s crucial to choose cute tattoo ideas that match your taste, budget, and endurance!

A small tattoo design like initial tattoos is indeed the perfect option if you prefer a minimalist style, don’t really want to spend more money, and can’t bear the idea of being stuck under the blade for long.

Tiny tattoos are modest and can simply be hidden beneath clothing, making it ideal for those who are unable to get visible cute couple tattoos on the job. Yet, you’ll constantly be aware of its presence. Small couple tattoos provide the couple an additional unique bond as it is a cherished secret.

Image: @lizatatt

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4. Ray of Hope Tattoos For Couples

Some people think of their relationship as a source of light in their lives, as healing and energizing as the sun. The great thing with matching tattoos for couples would be that they shouldn’t have to be identical—you may choose couples tattoos with matching ink or slightly different patterns or placements, like this cool pair above.

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Image: @Tattooedbytaylorr 

5. A Memorable Scene  Tattoos

Each couple does have a favorite film, song, or television show. Why not use couples tattoos to illustrate a scene, which signifies importance?

You and your lover might get matching tattoos for couples with cherished memories, such as a small candid tattoo image in black ink of the kissing couple, a movie poster, etc. For matching couple tattoo ideas, it might be the same picture or the same event seen from multiple perspectives.

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6. Matching Couple Tattoos

Having matching tattoos with image is a lovely means of expressing your love for your sweetheart. A similar cool couple tattoos tie you together for the rest of your lives.

You may use a specific symbol, term, or phrase to celebrate an anniversary or an event, or you could use a secret joke with funny couple tattoos. 

Image: @angeljtattoo 

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Image: @artbykishoremedappa 

7. Meaningful Couple Tattoos

Each tattoo has a special meaning. This couples tattoo ideas, though, are more surreal than others. It is a really personal option to reflect something unique about your relationship. 

A series of coordinates is a common meaningful pair tattoo. This might be the place you first met, loved, enjoyed your honeymoon, or a fantasy destination you’d like to explore someday. Consider this serious tattoo a shared secret: just two of you will be able to infer the meaning from the numbers of your meaningful couple tattoos from the black ink.

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8. King and Queen Tattoos For Couples

Why don’t you add a royal touch to your art with a king and queen tattoo? Being the king and queen of one another’s hearts, these king and queen matching tattoos ink designs represent both male and female respondents, signifying you also have different duties to play, and that you fit each other wonderfully.

Having matching king and queen tattoos for couples can be a great way to express that you’re ‘co-ruling’ your lives as a couple and are equals.

Image: @tiffanymarie89

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9. Crown Tattoos  For Couples

These modest matching crown tattoos enhance someone without looking identical, allowing you to customize these hand tattoos to fit your personal taste. Crown designs are frequently combined alongside king and queen designs, and they indicate both authority and responsibility that are fundamental aspects of love.

These matching couple tattoos also represent whatever you want to accomplish in life. A crown tattoo is a terrific way to recognize your loved others if they are special to you. Similar crown tattoos in a relationship can reflect your eternal existence together as matching tattoo for gay couple tattoos also.

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10. Lock and Key Tattoos For Couples

The key to your heart is already in the hands of someone special. With these profound key tattoo designs, you may express how much the better half has released your feelings – or show you’re all set to lock it down. The inside forearm, ankles, and wrists are also popular spots for these couple’s tattoo.

These cute couple tattoos are suitable even if you go for a massive, intricate design or even a more basic style. Whatever married couple tattoos you choose, it’s evident that lock and key tattoos demonstrate your undying love for one another.

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11. Two Halves Tattoos

A typical couple tattoo is a divided heart for one part on your arm and another on the mate’s arm. The couples tattoos, on the other hand, adopt the half-and-half couples tattoo ideas and give it a modern twist by integrating hearts.

Put one side of a design onto your finger, and hers tattoos will have put another. You can only view the entire hand tattoos when you both are together! Some simple symbols are love hearts and stars.

Image: @panatattoo 

Image: @reptipunk91

Image: @bellatattstudio 

12. Quote Tattoos For Couples

Love has been the subject of countless poetry, books, films, and songs. Many people’s opinion on this feeling is summed up with a single quote tattoo. These matching couples tattoos can express how someone feels about another individual.

If it describes you, a quote tattoo design would be an excellent choice for identical tattoos with the lover. You could get quote tattoos with one part of the sentence on one of you, or you might get identical quote tattoos. 

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Some More Popular Matching Couple Tattoo Ideas:

  • Star wars couple tattoos
  • Sexy couple tattoos
  • Skull couple tattoos
  • Couple tribal tattoos
  • Nerdy couple tattoos
  • Disney couple tattoos
  • Yin yang tattoos
  • Anchor couple tattoos


What does it mean to have matching tattoos?

Couples that get matching tattoos are taking a very symbolic move and is a sweet idea with all the qualities. Some matching couple tattoos celebrate shared milestones by getting wife tattoos inked such as years spent all together, kids they have, persons they’ve lost, and a variety of other common memories.

Why do partners have matching tattoos?

Getting love tattoos for couples together is a terrific way to bond. If you select a design collectively, you may show off your creativeness. A couple’s tattoo, moreover, presents the fact regarding your partnership and informs the world how precious your other half is to you.

What are some good matching couple tattoos?

Quote tattoos, sun-moon couple tattoo ideas, ring finger tattoos, wedding bands tattoos, love tattoos, minimalist tattoos, lock-key couples tattoos, star wars tattoo, king and queen tattoo, gay couple tattoos, skull couple tattoos, anchor couple tattoos, and infinity tattoos are all fantastic matching couple tattoo ideas inked as body art.

Is it bad luck to have matching couple tattoos?

Tattoo artists believe that having your loved one’s name in marriage tattoos, no matter how wonderful or incredibly romantic the relationship is, matching couple tattoo is indeed a death nail.

Is it possible to get a couple tattoos removed?

There are various approaches to overcoming couples tattoo guilt. Laser treatment is among the most viable methods. The high-intensity beam promotes the breakdown of dark ink body art.

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