The Best 75 Couple Tattoos You Should See For The Perfect Tattoo

Love is a beautiful feeling, so amazing that you want to get a couple tattoos with your significant other. Although finding the right tattoo could be a hassle, after all, there are multiple things you need to consider. But, it is time for you to lay back and go through these 75 fantastic couple tattoos you need to see before getting one.

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The Best 75 Couple Tattoos You Should See For The Perfect Tattoo

This article is filled with meanings and multiple variations of tattoos compiled just for you; they are cute, meaningful and lovable. So, why wouldn’t you want to get them as soon as possible? So, let’s jump straight into the FAQs and start!


What does a couple tattoo mean?

A couple tattoo is an expression of love for your partner. It could symbolize a milestone, anniversary, special moment together or sign of commitment.

Are couple tattoos bad luck?

Many people believe that couple tattoos are bad luck for the relationship, and they have even named it a “kiss of death.” But, it depends on your beliefs.

What are the best couple tattoos?

The most famous couple tattoos are matching hearts, anniversary dates, wedding bands and handwritten “I love you” text.

Should I tattoo my husband’s name on me?

Although getting a couple tattoo is considered the best decision for couples in long-term marriages due to the already established sense of commitment. However, getting a tattoo, couple or otherwise, is entirely your choice.  

Why do people get tattoos of their partner’s name?

A couple’s tattoo could have multiple meanings behind them, but generally, it represents their commitment to each other. It could also be fun and mean an inside joke that only the partners know about. Oh, the things you do for love!

1. Matching Star Couple Tattoo

There are some tattoos that look amazing irrespective of the context, like a star tattoo. You can make it yours by adding a text, date, time or a simple element that highlights its importance to you. Anything that whispers a “special memory” will be the perfect tattoo for you.

Credit: alexhora_

2. Matching Ship Tattoo

If you like the idea of an anchor tattoo or anything related to the sea, you’ll love a ship tattoo too. It can be created in many forms and you can choose any option that meets your purpose. 

One of you could even get an anchor and another can choose a ship or it can work in a pair of ships and waves too. 

Credit: paulwaynetattoos

3. Mandala Tattoo Design

There is beauty and meaning in details and if you are looking for such a tattoo, look at this mandala tattoo design for couples. It looks exceptionally pretty, serves as a sleeve tattoo or stand alone tattoo and you can put colors in it too. 

Although picking a mandala from the internet is pretty common, you can customize or make one for yourself too. Take your time and pick a tattoo you’ll fall in love with.

Credit: glitchjestertattoos

4. Armband Tattoos

Arm bands are common tattoos and look good on everyone but they can be turned into a couple tattoos with minimal effort. All you need is to pick a design you like and get it with your loved one. 

It could be a plain armband, floral band or a band of text that is special to you. The idea is here and now, the ball is in your court.

Credit: blackinklinearts

5. Lock and Key

Another unique yet fun tattoo idea for a couple’s tattoo is a lock and key tattoo, after all no one understands each other better like a lock and key. These types of tattoos are easy to customize and you can add any text to them too. 

Credit: favcouplepics 

6. Ying + Yang

Yin and Yang are two sides of a person’s personality; Yin represents femininity, darkness and moon, and Yang represents masculinity, sun and light. This could be a fantastic tattoo for a couple tattoo designs. 

These tattoos are versatile and leave a lot of room for creativity – which means you can play with designs and patterns you like.

Credit: daniele_cardillo_tattoo 

7. X’s and O’s

Suppose you are looking for a meaningful yet straightforward tattoo. In that case, symbolic designs are a good option, like X and O. It is love personified in a clear and customizable symbol. 

Credit: xoxotattoo 

8. Sunflower and Bee Tattoo Idea

Is there a better pair than sunflowers and bees? This could be the tattoo you are looking for; it is vibrant, detailed and adorably beautiful for couples. It symbolizes a connection that is pure and beautiful. 

Credit: tattooer_hai 

Small Cute Couple Tattoos

9. Hearts with Initials

Love is expressed through simple gestures and one design can enhance your expression, that one tattoo is a heart with initials. You can get creative with the design, you can use your initial on your tattoo and pick any color or you can use your partner’s initial to grace your design.

Credit: ri.eun_tattoo 

10. Coffee Cups Couple Tattoo

You could get a tattoo according to your preference – the design can be in the form of line art, comic print or detailed sketches. Pick what you like, like a cup of coffee, and you’ll cherish it forever.

Credit: celebrityinksa

11. Vows Couple Tattoo

Wedding vows are some of the most special words you might say in your life and it is fair if you want to get them tattooed. You can express your love through your handwriting and make the tattoo unique through elements. 

Credit: eternalinktattoonj

12. Birds Couple Tattoo

If you want to get a bird tattoo, there are multiple options for you. You can get an entire matching sleeve with birds as a couple tattoo, small bird matching tattoo or separate wings. All you need is to take a little time and think your tattoo through before you get it. 

Credit: lisabastoni

13. Watercolor Wheel Tattoo

The color wheel is one of the most straightforward yet versatile tattoos you can get for any occasion or anyone. It comes across as a burst of color which highlights every great moment in your life. You can choose the design in the form of a wheel, a line or infinity shape.

Credit: kavorkianskinlabs

14. Matching Butterflies 

Another epic idea for a couple’s tattoo is a matching butterfly tattoo; you should definitely go for this design if you want your tattoo to look delicate and ethereal. The best part is you can customize it as you want; choose your favorite colors, butterfly species, patterns and text.


15. Lion + Lioness

If you are a couple who is hustling and are proud of each other’s achievements (as you should), you need a tattoo that conveys this feeling to the maximum extent. One tattoo that expresses this feeling is the lion and lioness tattoo – it looks grand, feels amazing and represents exactly what you want without saying much. 


16. King + Queen

Another tattoo that can express your bond is a king and queen tattoo and it is extremely customizable. You can get your inspiration from playing cards, movies or something you like personally; the choice is yours but the options are unlimited.

Credit: sarah_ollis 

17. Date Tattoo

Is there a special date you and you want to remember its magic forever? Then, there is a tattoo for you too. A date tattoo is a particular tattoo that eternalizes your special memory on your body. You can use regular numerals or Roman numerals to make your tattoo different.  

Credit: nicitattoos 

18. Sun and Moon Tattoo Idea

Sun and moon tattoos are a timeless combination that you can take inspiration from any time for your beautiful couple’s tattoo. You won’t regret such a tattoo and will find a meaning related to your feelings. 

Credit: gabriellafrancestattoo

19. Simple Sun & Moon Tattoo

You can get this tattoo in minimal design, detailed lines or vibrant designs – the choice is yours, but the designs can be from anywhere you like. 

Credit: caitgraytattoos 

20. Pinky Promise

The vows you take are promises for life, like a pinky promise. Pinky promises might feel childish, but it is a pact you follow for life and the tattoo is as cute as this pact. So don’t hesitate to get tattoos that only you find meaning in; a tattoo is for you and should be important to you..

Credit: andreakramerart 

21. Unique Yin and Yang Scene

A Yin and Yang tattoo isn’t just a simple black and white tattoo; it holds a lot of meaning and you can show the same through your creativity. Your representation of Yin and Yang dictates your tattoo and thus your love for your design.

Credit: miks_tatu 

Matching Tattoo Designs for Couples

22. I love him, I love her

Your love doesn’t need a tattoo but why won’t you like a tattoo if it becomes an extension of your passion? You can use your own handwriting and it would look like it is just made for you; sounds fabulous, right?

Credit: fra_tilottamaggi 

23. Soul Mate

A twin flame or soulmate tattoo is one of the best yet minimal couple tattoos you can get; it expresses your love, is short and looks good. Any design that you find comfortable getting inked can be yours to have.

Credit: krzywe_kropki 

24. No Matter Where

Soulmates or partners are people who are connected and love each other irrespective of the distance between them; you could be miles apart but the love for your partner will not change. If you feel the same, your tattoo will symbolize this feeling, but you may be wondering how? Simply through a tattoo with text conveying this feeling. 

Credit: kasia_my 

25. Lightning Bolt

You might remember the sparks that flew when you met your soulmate, it is one of the most magical feelings in the world. No matter how complex this feeling may be, it is possible to show these feelings through a tattoo design. So get a light bolt tattoo with your partner and keep the warmth of love with you wherever you go.

Credit: buzzinkatattoos_mumbai 

26. I love you sign

Sometimes, words are not necessary, signs are the best choice to tell your significant other how you feel. But you don’t need to worry about finding the right sign for your expression of love, here is the right tattoo idea for you – use the “I love you” sign to keep your feelings close and your partner closer.

Credit: singleorchid_studio 

27. Matching Avocados

Tiny cute tattoos can never go wrong, just like these matching Avocado tattoos – they look adorable and are not much of an effort to get inked. There is no doubt that these types of tattoos look adorable but before you get them, be sure of the design and don’t forget to consult your tattoo artist and, primarily, your partner.

Credit: certifiedtattooyale 

28. Rose Stems

At this point, love and roses kind of mean the same thing; when you love someone and want to gift them a flower, roses are the first thing you want to get. But, because of this reason, rose tattoos are extremely common; however, you do not need to worry about this with this rose stem tattoo. Instead, it is time to appreciate every part of the lovely flower through a tattoo with your loved one.

Credit: sacred_island_tattoos 

29. Outerspace

Space is an interesting dimension everyone wants to explore, if you and your partner are an outer space enthusiast or want a tattoo that’s different, you can definitely get a tattoo inspired by it. One of the ideas is getting a planet and spaceship tattoo, after all, you are always reaching out to your partner and vice versa. 

Credit: rarebreed_tattoo 

30. Cross Tattoo

A cross tattoo is a pious symbol that represents just more than a relationship; it represents your dedication towards your beliefs and your commitment towards each other through respecting your faith. It is also a basic tattoo that doesn’t come across as flashy or super cliche.

Credit: tattoobyluna

31. Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol is another great tattoo choice for a couple tattoo; after all, your love for each other may seem infinite and you need a design that accurately represents that. You can add the elements of your choice to the tattoo design and make the tattoo truly unique.

Credit: hvac_steve622

32. Minnie-Mickey Mouse

Are you a Disney fan? There is good news for you. You can get a Minnie mouse and Mickey mouse tattoo as a symbol of your love, think about how cute your tattoo will look and you’ll love it because it is based on your interest.

Credit: paladino.luana

33. Tiny Little Hearts

The best way to make any tattoo unique is to add hearts to it, and if you are already thinking of getting a matching heart tattoo, you have an attractive choice. You just need to find the right ideas and get them inked. A simple heart outline, half-filled hearts, or completely opaque hearts are the most common yet beautiful tattoo ideas.

Credit: thatgirlnamedgg 

34. Handwritten “I Love You”

Nothing says “I love you” more than a handwritten note, which is a brilliant tattoo idea. You can start by choosing a font and copying that or using your own handwriting, which is the preferred option. And you can bring the note to your tattoo artist to have an outstanding tattoo design.

Credit: inked_by_jolisa 

35. Matching Wedding Bands

A wedding band represents the pious bond of the commitment your relationship upholds. But it doesn’t need to be elaborate to express your love, it could be a simple line or a word wrapped around your ring finger – the tattoo won’t only be a symbol for your wedding, it would be a work of art.

Credit: tattooist_mauve 

36. Mr. + Mrs.

Here is a cute tattoo idea; if you are a married couple, you could either write your initials or get a “Mr & Mrs” tattoo. These types of tattoos are preferred by many couples as they are not entirely matching but make for a wholesome design.

Credit: inkredibletattoos 

37. Wine Glasses

There is one thing common between most successful relationships, the couple is best friends with each other and what could be a better representation of this friendship more than some fun conversations over a glass of wine. Maybe you have a memory over a meal or a picnic, get that tattoo for your relationship. 

Credit: mikey_heartless

38. Unicorn 

Unicorn tattoos are a work of art and you have been looking for symbols to get a tattoo, this is it. It is versatile; you can get it in geometric shapes or colorful ink, the choice is yours. You can also add your own twist to the design too.

Credit: modelcitizentattoo

39. Geometric Unicorn Tattoo

Talking about geometric patterns, you can get a unicorn with geometric shapes; some lines, triangles and swirls inside the unicorn outline will look fabulous with the tattoo. You can look into colorful and black options as you please.

Credit: escorciao7

40. Paper Airplane Design

Your tattoo could be symbolic too; an airplane doesn’t actually have to be a real design, you could just use the wings for your tattoo or you could always go for a paper airplane. It’s simplicity and essence can’t be compared to any tattoo; all you need is to pick a design and go for it.

Credit: wittybutton_tattoo

41. Panda Tattoo With Name

If a cute tattoo is your thing, you should definitely consider a panda tattoo; who doesn’t like to see a panda? They bring smiles, everyone cherishes them and they could be your good luck charm too; so don’t think twice, get the tattoo.

Credit: drak0stattoo

42. Matching Flower Tattoo

If you are confused about your tattoo, a flower tattoo should be in your list of inspirations; it is beautiful, looks charming and might be the best option for you. It suits everyone’s stylistic preference too – it could be minimal, detailed, short or elaborate. 

Credit: colleenajsmith

43. Quote Tattoos For Couples

Sometimes you do not need words to express your feelings, but sometimes words are the better option. You could use a quote that conveys your love exactly; it could be a quote from a movie, a book or even a verse you really feel connected to. 

Use the best quote for you and your partner and you’ll feel the passion through the words.

Credit: tatau.artist

44. Lifeline Tattoo

Even though it might sound cliche, your partner is kind of like your lifeline; they are a part of your life as much as any other person. You spend every important moment of your day with them and they are as essential as your lifeline.  

Choose your style of tattoo, thin, thick, minimal or bold, and get your tattoo as soon as possible; why wait for something so great?

Credit: pascale_zombina

45. Colorful Celtic Knot Tattoo

Celtic knots are usually decorative but they can be used to honor your commitment too. A knot that can act as a ring, symbol for your love or a band would be the best option for you. And the best part about this is there are numerous Celtic knots you can choose from and you could create your very own knot design too. 

Credit: shapeshiftertat2

46. Tiny Matching Anchor Tattoo

Some virtues of a great relationship are strength and stability, and if your relationship is strong you can celebrate it through an anchor tattoo design. It is one of the most famous designs you can have and it will suit you and your partner. 

You can keep it bold or make it minimal, as per your choice.

Credit: couple4lifetime

47. Fine Line Triangle Tattoo

If you want a couple tattoo that looks good and sleek, a triangle tattoo might be the option for you. It is sharp, edgy and could hold a lot of meaning if you want it to. 

Credit: dudo_tattoos

48. Prince And Princess Tattoo

A relationship feels magical with you trying to treat your significant other like a royal; why not use this idea to create a tattoo that reflects your feelings. That is why you need a prince and princess tattoo that is simple yet graceful – you can design it to suit your style, aesthetic and color scheme.

Credit: kosbeenwitit91

49. Matching Skull

Soft tattoos have a place of their own, but grunge tattoos look exceptionally amazing as well; if that is your style you are in good luck. A matching skull tattoo is a great option for people who like bold and goth tattoos, it compliments your style and makes you look like a bold couple too, and why wouldn’t you want that?

Credit: bobtattooepiercing

50. Hug Couple Tattoo

A hug is the remedy to a thousand ailments and it is a warm expression of love too, so why wouldn’t you want to carry this feeling around wherever you go. This type of couple tattoo is very versatile, you can get it in the form of line art, actual design of you and your partner or a detailed idea you might have seen.

Credit: william_vera_tattoos

51. Plant Tattoo

A plant has multiple symbols, it could represent growth, care and lots of love. And if your idea of love revolves around these ideas, a plant tattoo for couples would suit you and your loved one. On top of that, you can make your tattoo whatever you want it to be; choose a flower you like and turn it into a cute tattoo or a funny one.

Credit: valhallatattoo_lublin

52. Mountain Lineart Tattoo

Are you a couple who loves to travel? Or have you ever had a memory of a hilly scene? Whatever your experience is of a mountain area, you can keep it in your memory forever through a mountain scene tattoo. 


53. Cartoon Character Tattoo

If you would like to have a fun tattoo with meaning and memories, you can get a cartoon tattoo. Think about a childhood cartoon you liked or something you both watched together; the cartoon doesn’t even have to be childish – it could be any animated character or element you like and find appropriate for the couple’s tattoo.  

Credit: castillo_reims

54. Matching Wings Tattoo

Love is freeing and when you are in love, it feels like you are actually flying, so why not get tattoos of wings. You can get one wing on your arm, neck or leg and your partner can get another on the same area; it would also look like a cool mirror effect. 

Credit: blackpearl_tattoo_kasaragod

55. Partner’s Name Tattoo

Getting a partner’s name is a tough choice; usually, couples prefer getting names only after they get married or have had a long marriage but, only you know your relationship the best, you can get a tattoo of your partner. 

You can always be creative with your tattoo by using your handwriting, choosing a lovely font or adding elements to the couple tattoo design. 

Credit: mafiatattos

56. Always And Forever Couple Tattoo

An “Always & Forever” tattoo is one of the most simple couple tattoos you can get yet it has a deep meaning; it represents your belief in your relationship’s longevity and strength. You can carry this love for your partner with you wherever you go and have a reminder of their love with you.


57. Origami Couple Tattoo

Origami is a beautiful artform and you can create almost anything with it; that brings you to your new idea of origami couple tattoos. You can choose popular and simpler items or go for complex ones; the tattoo is yours and it should be totally your decision to get inked with a certain tattoo. 

Credit: amygeorgeart

58. Matching Diamond Tattoo

They say if you love something, you kind of love it forever – the feeling stays forever, just like a diamond; that is why a diamond could be a metaphor for your love and this could also be your couple tattoo. A diamond design looks beautiful, stunning and it can be of any size. 

You can also choose other stones to represent your love; they could be a part of your wedding ring or a stone you and your loved one relate to the virtues of.

Credit: maxink5.0

59. Couple Initials Tattoo

Here is a cute tattoo idea; if you are a married couple, you could either write your initials or get a “Mr & Mrs” tattoo. These types of tattoos are preferred by many couples as they are not entirely matching but make for a wholesome design.

Credit: red_and_black_tattoo_zag

60. Split Heart Tattoo

When you are in love, it feels like you are one with the other person; you share the same thoughts, feelings, characteristics and even the same heart. That is why a split heart between a couple is a great tattoo idea to have. It can be colorful or black, the choice is yours.


61. Compass And Anchor Couple Tattoo

Your bond can go through heavy tides and still come out strong, because you know your direction; if this is something you believe in or want to add to your body, a compass and anchor tattoo are some of the best couple tattoo options you have.

Credit: hec_inkhead_studios

62. Matching Penguin Tattoo

When penguins find a partner, they approach them with a rock and that rock is their symbol of love. Let a penguin tattoo be your symbol of love and enjoy a design that gets appreciated and showered with compliments wherever you go. 

Credit: naashofficial

63. Couple Owl Tattoo

If you are interested in a bird tattoo, you might also be interested in an owl tattoo design. It is a majestic bird and would look good as a tattoo on anyone – don’t think twice while getting an owl tattoo, just get it inked.

Credit: annamarie.wessels

64. Black Airplane Tattoo

No matter where you go, you always stay close to your loved one because distance can’t fade your bond. And this warm feeling can be represented through an airplane tattoo that brings you closer. 

Credit: la.gabis.tto

65. Love Birds Couple Tattoo

Couples are often jokingly called love birds, rightfully so, as they even look like they are in love even from a distance. This is one of the best feelings ever so why not get a tattoo that expresses the closest feeling to this. 

Credit: yuki_tatts

66. Black Outline Heart Couple Tattoo

If you want to express your love through a simple tattoo, you need to get a black heart and the best thing about it is that you can have this tattoo wherever you want. For example, you can get it on your finger, wrist, shoulder, chest or ankle, and it will look nice anywhere.

Credit: jessica.jae_

67. Kites Couple Tattoos

These types of tattoos look great on everyone so you do not need to worry about it complimenting you. And you can obviously turn the idea into something you genuinely like and will appreciate for a long long time.

Credit: filwave_

68. Rainbow Couple Tattoo

It is time to put some colors on your tattoo with a rainbow couple tattoo. You could execute it in many forms; a half and half tattoo, matching tattoos or complementary tattoos (rainbow and honey pot) are some ideas you might consider.

Credit: badinkfluencetattoos

69. Split Couple Tattoo Design

You have multiple versions of the same tattoo; you can get the same words tattooed on both partners, half words on sleeves, or a symbol representing twin flames

Credit: sebdabz

70. Crown Couple Tattoo

A crown tattoo is an amazing design for a couple tattoo that can express your bond respectfully.  is a king and queen tattoo and it is extremely customizable. You can get your inspiration from playing cards, movies or something you like personally; the choice is yours but the options are unlimited.

Credit: ink_saloon_tattoo_studio

71. Quote infinity Couple Tattoo

A tattoo with infinity quotes is another cute option for couple tattoos. You can turn a quote into an infinity symbol, add text with the infinity symbol or use the text and symbol as separate entities. You can discuss the final design with your partner and get it inked.

Credit: patong_ink

72. Heart with text Tattoo

If  you are still confused about getting a tattoo with your loved one, keep it basic; yes, you read it right because nothing looks more adorable than a heart tattoo with text. Just imagine a heart tattoo with “I love you” or another line in your loved one handwriting, brilliant! 

Credit: a.n.t.i._tatt

73. Wedding Bands Couple Tattoo

If you enjoy expressing your love through visible things, this tattoo is the one for you; it is simple, straightforward and you can personalize it. 

Credit: jonathanmckenzietattoo

74. Colorful Matching Heart Tattoo

There is nothing topping a heart tattoo; no matter how complex a tattoo you choose or what stylistic preferences you and your partner have, a colorful heart tattoo is the one for you. That is why if you are confused or can’t seem to settle on an idea, get a colorful heart with your partner.

Credit: caraleeart

75. Tiny Matching Butterfly Tattoo

No matter if you like minimal tattoos or elaborate ones, you can never go wrong with a butterfly tattoo for a couple. You can go for a single-line tattoo for simple designs and if you want elaborate tattoos you can add elements to the design.

Credit: giahi

Hope you found your tattoo among these couple tattoo ideas, and it is time to make it enjoyable for others too, don’t forget to share this article; and maybe you find a friend to get matching tattoos as well. 

Pick a tattoo you unregretfully, honestly and thoroughly love to have a delightful tattoo experience!