47 Great Christmas Tree Tattoo Styles And Ideas

Make this Christmas even more memorable for you. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and you know exactly what that means! Embracing festivities, decorating our spaces and making new Christmas traditions and adding some Christmas tree tattoos will make it even more special.

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47 Great Christmas Tree Tattoo Styles And Ideas

If you wish to do something different this time like getting inked, we have brought you not 10, not 20, but 48 mesmerizing Christmas tree tattoos that will If you wish to do something different this time like getting inked, we have brought you not 10, not 20, but 48 mesmerizing Christmas tree tattoos that will add style to your looks.

P.S. – This blog focuses on the trending and popular designs of Christmas tree tattoos. The placement may be in distinct body parts like the arm, legs, neck or back.

Christmas Tattoos

1. Beautiful Decorated Christmas Tree Tattoo

“Tis the season” and counts for decoration! How about having a tattoo of decorated Christmas trees? This thigh tattoo features an old-school ornate Christmas tree.

This tattoo idea is covered with ornaments, lights, and gifts and refreshes a traditional tree design picture. Get this symbol of celebration, togetherness, and joy in bright, colored ink.

Beautiful Decorated Christmas Tree Tattoo

Image: @sullencanada

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2. Pine Tree Tattoo

The pine tree can also be used for the purpose of a Christmas celebration; if you like the design of this one, you can go for a tattoo with a different design. 

Pine Tree Tattoo

Image: @d.mension_tattoo

3. Cartoonish Christmas Tattoo

Who said Christmas tree tattoos could not be gifts? Don’t be confused. Here’s how. If you have a friend or a family member who has been wanting to get inked this Christmas, you can gift them a coupon for a tattoo parlor. Alternatively, you could also dedicate a tattoo to them. 

Look at this Christmas tree design made in an animated cartoon style. Family members getting inked could be an excellent start to a family tradition.

Cartoonish Christmas Tattoo

Image: @allsaintstattoonorth

4. Minimal Christmas Tree Tattoo

Be it makeup, apparel, or tattoos, more and more people gravitate towards minimal ideas. Minimal tattoos look gorgeous, but they also take no time to get made and can be hidden easily.

Here’s a delicate yet pleasing nature-inspired Christmas tree tattoo design. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Minimal Christmas Tree Tattoo

Image: @tattoomechu

5. Cute Small Christmas Tree Tattoo

This tattoo idea is for nature lovers. Haven’t all of us loved those tall trees with a mix of full and bare branches being used as real-life Christmas trees? This sweet, little idea is all about that. Therefore, we can safely categorize it under realism tattoos.

Please note that you must look for a tattoo artist specializing in making realistic tattoos to have an exact or similar design.

Cute Small Christmas Tree Tattoo

Image: @rockstartattoobali

6. Christmas Tree with Girl Tattoo

Here’s the cutest Christmas tree tattoo idea for you guys. Bright colors, classic Americana style, and this little girl opening her Christmas gift is a total nostalgia.

So if you wish to dedicate your tattoo to good old days and Christmas traditions, go for this cute tree tattoo with a little girl.

Christmas Tree with Girl Tattoo

Image: @micheltattooartist

7. Black Christmas Tree Tattoos

Sure, the beauty of Christmas trees lies in their vibrant shades, colorful leaves, and their shiny ornaments. But having a black tree tattoo does not necessarily mean mourning.

In fact, for both decorations and tattoos, a black Christmas tree can be pretty versatile. Associating ChristmasChristmas with the color black may not be popular but will definitely be an inspiration for many.

Black Christmas Tree Tattoos

Image: @nadelnest.tattoo.piercing

8. Christmas Tree Tattoo on Leg

Let’s see what Christmas symbols would look great on leg tattoos – a bell, gingerbreads, or an entire Christmas tree? A traditional, ornate garden tree tattoo can be made in desired shapes and sizes on one’s leg. All you really need to do is make up your mind. Stay tuned for more tree tattoo designs.

Christmas Tree Tattoo on Leg

Image: @lemirande

9. Christmas Tree with Igloo

How do you think the Eskimos celebrate ChristmasChristmas? Obviously in their igloos! The night sky, chilled air, and a decorated Christmas tree outside the igloo sound like a vibe?

If you have been thinking of similar tattoo ideas and chanced upon this blog, it’s a sign that you must get a Christmas tree tattoo. Take a screenshot; you could use this picture as an example. A snowman tattoo will also complement this tattoo perfectly.

Christmas Tree with Igloo

Image: @tattooist_namoo

10. Tall Christmas Tree Tattoo

Dark forest, tall & dense trees, and the sound of silence. Relax, we are not referring to some horror movie. You can even have a candy cane tattoo in this manner.

Tall Christmas Tree Tattoo

Image: @marcowa.ink

11. Christmas Tree with Lights Tattoo

The green color lush tree with a bright side is a fabulous tattoo style for those who like tattoos with good contrast. Keep up the holiday spirit with a tree etched on your forearm.

Christmas Tree with Lights Tattoo

Image: @sanguis_red

12. Christmas Tree with Decoration Tattoo

If you are looking for a big shoulder tattoo, then here is the one that may be the one for you. Using background color for the prominent tattoo is also one good plan to make your tattoo grasping. 

Christmas Tree with Decoration Tattoo

Image: @jetset_cocktail

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13. Christmas Tree with Lights and Ribbons Tattoo

You can even have the Christmas tree tattoo with some script like a quote or some words that hold meaning to you. This is a love tattoo made with a portray frame, and the wordings say all about the tattoo. 

Christmas Tree with Lights and Ribbons Tattoo

Image: @allison.kaylene

14. Christmas Tree in Lamp and Huge Ribbon Tattoo

A colossal lamp and a ribbon are excellent elements to the club with your Christmas tree tattoo. The red and blue color is a good contrast with the lamp. In general, the knot of the ribbon represents female strength and power, and the lamp is for finding light in the dark.

In addition, the detailing in the tattoo makes it more attractive.

Christmas Tree in Lamp and Huge Ribbon Tattoo

Image: @zee.l.1991

15. Christmas Tree with Lamp Post Tattoo

The Christmas tree is for serenity, and the lamp post symbolizes finding light in the dark and looking for a guiding light.

The lamp in the grey shade and the tree in different colors are a way to make your tattoo unique. Awaken your Christmas spirit every year with such a fantastic tattoo.

Christmas Tree with Lamp Post Tattoo

Image: @sind72tattoo

16. Christmas Tree Through Window Tattoo

The view of a Christmas tree is the perfect view on a lazy winter morning when everything is snow-capped and looks beautiful.

However, if you wait for the time of the year when Christmas is near and love to see this view first thing in the morning, you can get this tattoo. You can customize the window or view according to your preference. 

Christmas Tree Through Window Tattoo

Image: @studiobysol

17. Cute Cartoonish Christmas Tree Tattoo

Here is an adorable Christmas tree tattoo idea for you. You can even have the Christmas tree made in the doodle form with a doll in the cartoonish look. Here a cute character is wearing what looks like a Christmas tree dress.

Cute Cartoonish Christmas Tree Tattoo

Image: @charlgreenwood

18. Ornamental Christmas Tree Tattoo

Here is a tree tattoo idea with no definite shape but a lush green tree background, and then in it, you can have all the favorite things about ChristmasChristmas. You can see something like a cookie, a music treble, tomato, etc. 

Ornamental Christmas Tree Tattoo

Image: @paige.tattoos

19. Christmas Tree with Star and Lights Tattoo

The things that contribute to the beauty of the Christmas tree are the tiny lights and the stars. So if these are your favorite elements of the Christmas tree, you can go for such a tattoo even if you have memories of childhood seeing trees full of these.

Christmas Tree with Star and Lights Tattoo

Image: @wilkinschristopher

20. Freaky Christmas Tree Tattoo

That’s right! You can even add a freaky look to the Christmas tree tattoo to give it a rare glimpse. You can add elements like a joker’s face or other things you think will look fearful on the tree.

The black and grey shading with apt use of negative space leads to a nicely prepared design.

Image: @babaxx11

21. Tall Christmas Tree with Decorations Tattoo

The three stars on the top of the tree are the symbol to represent the journey that was taken. The shape of this particular tree is what makes it a rare-looking Christmas tattoo, as it is different than the typical triangle tree. If you are into real-looking tattoos, you can go for such a tattoo.

Image: @transient_art_gallery

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22. Beautiful Christmas Tree Tattoo

If you like things with original patterns, you can select a tattoo similar to this one. The green background is used in a wise way to compliment the Christmas tree because, in it, the colors used are not any of the ones used in reality for the Christmas tree.

The colorful round balls also look a lot different from the original one used for decoration. 

Freaky Christmas Tree Tattoo

Image: @lukahwang

23. Ornamental Christmas Tattoo Design

Just having the ornaments made in your tattoo can be the creative touch for your tattoo. A big tattoo with a relatively bigger size of the favorite decorations can be your choice as they are done here. 

Ornamental Christmas Tattoo Design

Image: @catladytattooist

24. Christmas Tree with Gingerbread Tattoo

There are several kinds of cookies and things prepared to eat and also to decorate the Christmas tree. You can have your favorite items added to your Christmas tree tattoo. Look at this lovely shoulder tattoo made for you. 

Christmas Tree with Gingerbread Tattoo

Image: @emmalouiserobs

25. Simple Christmas Tree Tattoo – Brought To Life Tattoo

The foot has become quite a popular spot for tattoos, and it can also become your excellent accessory to flaunt this summer. This one comes under the brought to life category because this tattoo is made close to the real one; hence is a vivacious tattoo style. 

Simple Christmas Tree Tattoo - Brought To Life Tattoo

Image: @palette.tt

26. Christmas Tree with People Tattoo

Anything that makes a festival more beautiful is people; if we have family around us to celebrate any festival, the meaning of celebration molds, creating more memories.

If you think the same, you can use a tattoo similar to this one to show that nothing brings you more joy than being around the family to celebrate festivals. The contrast of the color band in the background creates a beautiful aura.

Christmas Tree with People Tattoo

Image: @betty0819fish

27. Christmas Tree with Joy Tattoo

Christmas brings joy as you have a feast and have a good time with friends and family. Yet, if ChristmasChristmas means joy to you, you can have this tattoo to testify to it. You can either have it written right in the tree’s center or anywhere around it. 

Christmas Tree with Joy Tattoo

Image: @tattoomafiainc

28. Childish Christmas Tattoo

Here is a sweet tattoo that someone can get for your child if you like spending ChristmasChristmas with them or if you are a person who wants the animated characters a lot. Look at this dainty ankle tattoo with cute minor elements.

Childish Christmas Tattoo

Image: @fancycrystal.tattoo

29. Christmas Tree Tattoo with Decorations

The fully decorated tree that people do when Christmas arrives is the most popular choice that you can go for. The Santa Claus on top of this Christmas tree is a nice touch. You can even label this as your Santa tattoo cum Christmas tattoo.

Christmas Tree Tattoo with Decorations

Image: @j00lie

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30. Christmas Tree with Always Christmas

Script tattoos are an excellent choice to express your personality with tattoos; if you also use tattoos to express your personality, you can go for such a tattoo. There are many ways in which you can blend the Christmas tree into the script; refer to this one to draw inspiration. 

Christmas Tree with Always Christmas

Image: @manucurelartisanecampagnarde

31. Awesome Christmas Tree Tattoo

Christmas tree looking like a little child drawing is also a fabulous tattoo idea. The free-hand drawing style is also an inspiration for tattoos that you can get in your authentic design. People often get a tattoo of the first drawing of their child. 

Awesome Christmas Tree Tattoo

Image: @tinta_machete

32. Dotted Christmas Tree Tattoo

The dotted tattoo style is also an excellent and popular tattooing style that people go for now, but this tattoo is not done in that form, but the dot style done here is about the ornaments that are used in this tattoo. The tattoo placement here is a good place for girls to get tattooed.

Dotted Christmas Tree Tattoo

Image: @tattooist_mii

33. Little Christmas Tree Tattoo

Small and dainty tattoos always steal the show; if you feel the same, go for a smaller tattoo of the Christmas tree. Also, you can choose a relatively more minor tattoo if this is your first tattoo and you do not want too much ink on your body. 

Little Christmas Tree Tattoo

Image: @frankentravys

34. Christmas Tree with Banana Tattoo

The design for the tree’s leaves is done intricately, and this is a Christmas tree tattoo style with minimum elements. What makes this tattoo a rare-looking one is a banana added to it. But, of course, you can also do the same thing and add a favorite item to your Christmas tree tattoo. So if you are looking for a simple tattoo, you can have something similar to this done. 

Christmas Tree with Banana Tattoo

Image: @jack.vegas.art

35. Huge Christmas Tree Tattoo

A big tree tattoo that looks like an arm sleeve with pretty much all the elements added to the tattoo. Suppose you are someone who likes bright, colorful things, then you can go for something similar to this one. 

Huge Christmas Tree Tattoo

Image: @tattoosnob

36. Christmas Tree with Gifts and Star Tattoo

Everybody is eagerly waiting for gifts on Christmas, and it is one of the best parts about it among many, so if it is your favorite thing about this time of the year, then get this tattoo. This simple tattoo looks like a drawing, as mentioned earlier in this post.

Christmas Tree with Gifts and Star Tattoo

Image: @rasberryrae

37. Christmas Cupcake Tattoo

You can even use other things to make the shape of the Christmas tree other than its trunk and the typical leaves. It can also be done creatively, like it is done here with the cupcake, which gives the tree a unique design and texture.

Christmas Cupcake Tattoo

Image: @jackofartstattoo

38. Christmas Lights Tattoo

If lights are your favorite thing about the Christmas tree decor, you can have an extensive tattoo of the lights with a hint of the tree branch. Here in this tattoo, the extensive focus is kept on the lights. 

Christmas Lights Tattoo

Image: @keithdoestats

39. Miniature Christmas Tree Tattoo

A tiny tattoo is also an infamous choice if you are trying something new. Firstly, it will not take much of your time or money and will be complete in probably just a single sitting. Secondly, you can easily hide it or have a coverage tattoo on it. 

Miniature Christmas Tree Tattoo

Image: @smaltatoos

40. Christmas Tree with Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo

You can get the favorite characters of any anime etched on your body if you are looking for a unique tattoo idea.

Look at the tattoo done below the Minnie and mickey mouse is a personal touch of this tattoo which makes it look very engaging. Also, the color contrast of pink with green is an excellent creative touch. 

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Tattoo

Image: @disney_and_potter_tattoo

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41. Realistic Christmas Tree Tattoo

Sternum tattoos are famous with women because they look attractive on them, and a big sternum tattoo can be the one you are looking for. Here is a realistic tree tattoo that is done without decoration.

Realistic Christmas Tree Tattoo

Image: @augusttattooist

42. Christmas Tree in Frame Tattoo

You can go for a boundary around your prominent tattoo to give it a unique look; it is done in a stylish circle using the negative space and dots style of tattooing. 

Christmas Tree in Frame Tattoo

Image: @reenieb_tattoos

43. Christmas Tree with Rocket

The rocket is the symbol of exploration; if you are a person who loves adventures and likes to explore all possibilities of things, then you can go for such an element to go with your Christmas tattoo.

Also, if you fantasize about the things of outer space, then this may be an appropriate choice for you.

Christmas Tree with Rocket

Image: @shaina.chavda

44. Dotwork Christmas tree tattoo

This unique tattooing style provides your tattoo with an authentic look. In addition, you can explore the possibilities of design you can get of this style.

Dotwork Christmas tree tattoo

Image: @marcowa.ink

45. Festive Season Holiday Cheer Tattoo

Another idea for using a boundary for the tattoo, you can even use the square pattern in customary black and negative space like we used a circle before. 

Festive Season Holiday Cheer Tattoo

 Image: @allison.kaylene

46. Cute Christmas Season Tattoo

If you are in for a small yet cute tattoo design, then look at this piece of art. Your tattoo artist can show his skill to create fantastic body art for you. Try a Santa hat with it.

Cute Christmas Season Tattoo

Image: @jocilynnfalco

47. Traditional Christmas Tattoos

Traditional style tattoos are an excellent method of staying connected to your roots and showing that you are proud of your culture and like the things that come with it. 

Traditional Christmas Tattoos

       Image: @domencre


What’s The Meaning Of Tree Tattoos?

The tree tattoos design of different forms represent things like wisdom, growth, knowledge, spirituality, nourishment, immortality, strength, and freedom. 

What Does It Symbolize Christmas Tree?

The Christmas story according to Christianity, the Christmas tree is the symbol of the birth and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The branches and shrubs of the tree are associated with the emblem of immortality. They are even seen as symbolic of the crown of thorns worn by Jesus Christ on the cross. 

What Does A Bare Tree Tattoo Mean?

Usually, the tree tattoo that people get has a common intention: to use it to symbolize stages or seasons of life. If you think about it in this context, then the tree that has buds represents youth, and a tree with flowers can be for adolescence.

But, on the other hand, a tree with fruit symbolizes fecundity and maturity, like the bare branch can be the symbol of old age. 

Is The Christmas Tree A Pagan Symbol?

According to ABC News, the Christmas trees tradition began as a pagan tradition in the fourth century C.E. 

The European pagans were the ones that used to dress their homes with branches of evergreen fir trees as they thought it would bring light and color into their dull winters.

Is The Christmas Tree A Religious Symbol?

The supreme court has ruled that the Christmas trees will not just be symbols of religion now in the US society. So it was stated by U.S. District Judge Beth Labson Freeman of San Jose.

Bottom Line

If the Christmas season is the favorite time of the year and you like the holiday spirit and the concept of reindeer and snowflakes, then you can get a tattoo to show your love for it.

You must be aware of the nightmare before Christmas and how mistletoe is linked with this festival. If all these things stir interest in you, then get any of these tattooed on you.

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