87 Awesome Trending Cross Tattoos Designs To Try Right Now On Ribs

Tattoos have been a staple of fashion and culture for a very long time. The art of tattoos has been for years, and these are still seen with most people, and few designs are pretty popular such as cross tattoo designs, love heart tattoos, etc.

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87 Awesome Trending Cross Tattoos Designs To Try Right Now On Ribs

Embracing the tattoo culture for one such design has remained iconic throughout the years with the most popular designs of recent times. The men’s Cross tattoos designs is open for many variations, including differences in placement. 

Types of Cross Tattoos and Its Significance

A timeless symbol that withstands the test of time is a popular design that gives many meanings. Crosses are used to signify one’s devotion to their religion and faith.

Showing the link between the physical and spiritual world for the cross tattoos has also been an honor to indicate one’s dedication to religion.

With infinite distinct meanings for the cross designs, it represents commitment, loyalty, faith, devotion, sacrifice and death. It also represents peace and harmony with the personal growth of transformation.  

1. Matching Cross Tattoo 

The beautiful tattoos placed on the bodies to remind us of the best of times are easily recognizable. However, being one of the most meaningful designs, the cross tattoo ideas inked ribs is dedicated to God’s belief. 

Matching Cross Tattoo 

Credit: wesker_ink

2. Black Rosary Cross In Praying Hands Tattoo On Man Side Rib

The Christian cross Rosary tattoo design is worn by both genders equally. The designs and depiction with beads design give sacred Catholic meaning. One of the most distinguished tribal tattoo designs offers subtle designs.  

Black Rosary Cross

Credit: electricchurchtattoo

3. Trinity Cross Tattoo 

The excellent Celtic and Christian trinity knots are popular among friends and lovers. Symbolizing everlasting love, friendship and kinship, the trinity tattoo or three cross design is best for unique and unconditional love for tattoo designs. 

Trinity Cross Tattoo 

Credit: thrill_tattoo

4. Perfectly Imperfect Cross Tattoo

Cross tattoos are perfect and hold a special meaning to love off the beauty and the extraordinary story encouraging roses and cross on the ribs. The colorful tattoo design looks delightful sweet representing change and hope. 

Perfectly Imperfect Cross Tattoo

Credit: taimetiercel

5. Cool Cross Tattoo On Rib

The rose cross tattoo design on ribs varies in size and design as they can be small and subtle, or large and occupy the whole body parts, like the upper waist. They can also feature a color scheme with red tones to emphasize the rose design.

Cool Cross Tattoo On Rib

Credit: rizeabovetattoos

6. Name Cross Tattoo On Rib

The intricate tattoo design is usually created in black ink style. The cross symbolizes Celtic heritage that connects with the spiritual world showing faith in God or Christianity. The perfect yet subtle tattoo design is a way to show off one’s faith. 

Name Cross Tattoo On Rib

Credit: luckycrown

7. Angel and Cross Tattoo Design

Often large, the Angel wing tattoos combine two powerful Christian symbols. The tattoo is usually done rather elegantly, where the wings cross is seamlessly incorporated with the wings tattoo.

Alongside some shading and detailing, the tattoo is often black and white. 

Angel and Cross Tattoo Design

Credit: eki_plavno

8. Little Cross Tattoo 

The small cross tattoo design looks great if you want to pay subtle tribute to your faith in God. The vast influence of your style gives one of the subtle reminders but will not look overpowering.

Crucified with Jesus, the tattoo also offers a modern interpretation. 

Little Cross Tattoo 

Credit: studiokris

9. Elegant Cross Tattoo

You cannot get simpler cross tattoo designs with overcomplicating things. Bringing trendier tattoo design with minimalistic and straightforward tattoo design helps represent the aspect of God. With a highly playful design, the opportunity looks elegant. 

Elegant Cross Tattoo

Credit: thebreakroomtattoo

10. Fabulous Cross Tattoo 

The rib tattoos are not the most common tattoo designs featuring religious and Christian design ideas. However, combined with a dark inking style, the design typically expresses shades of beautifully blended colors. 

Fabulous Cross Tattoo 

Credit: antonello_tatuagem

11. Faith Cross Tattoo

The faith word incorporated precisely coordinating the cross design is primarily known as a symbol of sacrifice, unity for tattoo lovers. From the style point of Christianity, the tattoo design is humble in appearance yet enormous in its meaning. 

Faith Cross Tattoo

Credit: carl_prust 

12. Ribbon and Cross Tattoo On Rib

The charming ribbon design with a cross is timeless and bold. Incorporating the ribbon as an official cancer symbol for the tattoo represents faith in God, courage and protection. In addition, the fabulous design expresses typically one’s inner thoughts. 

Ribbon and Cross Tattoo On Rib

Credit: caitsawyerart

13. Fantastic Cross Tattoo

The floral infusion of the tattoo adds to the purity of the cross meaning and enhances the design. The tattoo can feature leaves, flower buds, several crosses, a chaplet, etc.

Women generally favor rose tattoos, but men tend to get them as well, without hurting their masculinity.

Fantastic Cross Tattoo

Credit: jacpie_ah

14. Fantastic Jesus Cross Tattoo On Rib Side For Men

Showcasing your faith in Christ, seeking enlightenment represents the central path of the faith. The symbolic choice involves several themes that represent the act of resurrection. A tattoo design inked in black makes the tattoo look stunning. 

Fantastic Jesus Cross Tattoo

Credit: inscribetattoo

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15. Jesus Christ Portrait Cross Tattoo

Conquering the quest as the Jesus tattoo presents different meanings and cultures and represents the link between heaven; it always has a personal connection with the person. Getting a cross tattoo is timeless and has a lot of staying power. 

Jesus Christ Portrait Cross Tattoo

Credit: moogy_tattoo

16. Razzouk Cross Tattoo On Rib

Our ancestors used Razzouk tattoos to mark Christian Copts in Egypt with a small cross design on the ribs marking the design elegant. It is the last custodian of the pilgrimage tattoo design. Inked in all black, the tattoo looks distincguisable. 

Razzouk Cross Tattoo On Rib

Credit: razzouktattoo 

17. Larger Cross Tattoo For Rib

The cross tattoo on the arm is one of the most classic tattoo designs of all time. The large cross tattoo on the ribs is beautiful and eye-catching, perfect for those who want to show their tattoo and its meaning proudly. It is one design that cannot go out of style.

Larger Cross Tattoo For Rib

Credit: yeowool_tattooer

18. Cross Tattoo on Girl’s Rib

The Holy trinity cross tattoo design often does not take a long way to complete. The intricate line work with proper detailing makes the tattoo look stunning. It looks great on a girl’s rib giving incredible and elegant appeal.

Credit: tatt2st

19. Red Flower and Cross Rib Tattoo

The unique and inspired beauty tattoo design gives beauty and symbolic meaning as a long association of symbolism with romance, love and affection. The flower and cross also represent a patriotic inking. 

Red Flower and Cross Rib Tattoo

Credit: franco.tattooer

20. Colorful Flowers Cross Tattoo 

The cross tattoo design with colorful flowers might be associated with the Virgin Mary. The ornamental tattoo design is perfect for girls and is a great way to show faith. The tattoo also stands for loyalty, courage and honor. 

Colorful Flowers Cross Tattoo 

Credit: sydneytatt2

21. Celtic Cross on Rib Cage Tattoo

The Celtic or Irish cross tattoo carries a mix of historical symbolism and Christian meaning. The Celtic cross is a symbol that has survived thousands of years and symbolizes the struggles of religious persecution.

When it comes to Celtic cross tattoo, you can expect some stylizing and detailing. 

Celtic Cross on Rib Cage Tattoo

Credit: nomade.tattoo_france

22. Memorial 3D Wooden Cross With Banner Tattoo

The memorial 3D wooden cross tattoo design on the ribs carries the same meaning as other cross tattoos that attract attention and compliments.

Remaining one of the most widely traditional tattoo designs for the 3D effect looks stunning with the addition of name and number. 

3D Wooden Cross

Credit: erica.true

23. Cross Paint Tattoo on Rib

Seeking enlightenment with honoring faith for the cool religious and durable tattoo design looks impressive. Labeling ink to prevent the commonly traced outline design gives a unique look. You can also expect a large tattoo design as per your needs. 

Cross Paint Tattoo on Rib

Credit: guerrainktattoo

24. Tribal Cross Tattoo On Side Rib

A twist on the popular cross design incorporates intricate black patterns common in a tribal tattoo style.

This variation on the cross design is perfect for those who want the tattoo to stand for strength, courage, and dedication, as tribal tattoos are known for their strong designs.

Tribal Cross Tattoo On Side Rib

Credit: charztattooz

25. Outlined Tribal Cross Tattoo On Rib 

Holding plenty of significance for the cross tattoo design is the oldest type of ink design. The design is a top choice to display your faith with a lot of value. Combining elements with the well-known ink shows devotion and sacrifice. 

Outlined Tribal Cross Tattoo On Rib 

Credit: emblaholm

26. Handpoke Linework Cross Tattoo

The stick and poke with the trending factors for women have gained quite momentum. The outlined tattoo design inked with the prettiest makes simpler designs as hand poke linework. 

Handpoke Linework Cross Tattoo

Credit: angiehandpokes

27. Fearless Cross Tattoo

With the art of bravery to express powerful word ink ideas and decorative script ideas, the cross tattoo looks unique. The cross tattoo design with carving and other details make the tattoo look stunning with a pretty powerful statement. 

Fearless Cross Tattoo

Credit: kyledeanmarks

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28. Jesus Cross Tattoo On Rib Side

When choosing a tattoo design, the meaningful yet powerful holy symbol of the cross is defined by Jesus Christ.

Christians opt for religious symbols, and representing Jesus Christ’s act in the tattoo gives stunning appeal. In addition, the Jesus Christ drawn on the ribs make the tattoo style attractive. 

Credit: chromophil1o1

29. Lily and Cross Tattoo

The design of living loud life by lily flowers and cross makes the tattoo look distinct. With intricate and ultimate detailing, the new concept and symbols developing rich meaning to the tattoo symbolize purity, innocence and religious belief. 

Lily and Cross Tattoo

Credit: mrs_elly_ink

30. Praying Hands And Cross Tattoo On Right Rib

The iconic biblical and hopping quote explores excellent religious tattoo design gives an intricate appealing style. The famous phrase expresses one’s faith and hope in God. Mostly in script font, the tattoo design on ribs looks excellent and attractive. 

Cross Tattoo On Right Rib

Credit: ricosaldivar

31. Huge Cross Tattoo On Rib

A significant tattoo expresses your Christianity and is one of the most tribal tattoo designs. Honoring our faith with cross or bible verse to embrace your look gives distinct appeal. Also, making the shading effect of black ink makes the tattoo look elegant. 

Huge Cross Tattoo On Rib

Credit: amberlynntattoo

32. Religious Cross Tattoo 

Showcasing your faith in Christ, the shaded tattoo design can represent the three aspects of God. A way to express and explore and elevate the expression of spirituality, the timeless symbol is highly associated with sacrifice. 

Religious Cross Tattoo 

Credit: sloweace

33. Rose And Cross Tattoo On Rib

Black and grey roses on different body parts remain the most sought-after tattoo designs. The latest designs round up the floral tattoo with the favorite artist to make the design look elegant. With an improved solution, the tattoo gives an incredible look. 

Rose And Cross Tattoo On Rib

Credit: s.f.tattoo

34. Cross with reflections of trees tattoo 

The tree represents longevity and connection with deep meaning and a majestic look. The cross tattoo design also defines Native American Cultures with an understated tree reflection idea. The realistic tattoo design provides a great expression of spirituality. 

Cross with reflections of trees tattoo 

Credit: fionbarbie.lufib

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35. Simple Cross Tattoo Design

Putting your thoughts out of the whole world in a sublime way is perfect for those who want a simple yet beautiful tattoo design. Perfect for rib tattoos, the cross tattoo gives an incredible look. Often inked in black, you can add some detailing and shading. 

Simple Cross Tattoo Design

Credit: assaritattoostudio

36. Stunning Cross Tattoo For Rib

The cross is generally the centerpiece of the tattoo and looks incredible when inked on ribs. It usually takes a lot of space and often requires detailing, making it a statement with powerful symbols that everyone feels super cool and committed to the ribs area. 

Stunning Cross Tattoo For Rib

Credit: cubakid_

37. Lion Cross Tattoo 

The lion tattoo continues to be one of the most common tattoo design ideas. The majestic lion is bound to look more divine with the Holy Cross symbol in it. With flowering vine style, the lion cross design inked on the ribs makes the tattoo look elegant. 

Lion Cross Tattoo 

Credit: lenoregtattoos

38. Ultimate Cross Tattoo 

Indicating spiritual and religious orientation, the ultimate cross tattoo design on ribs is an excellent expression of your own belief. Changing the cross design with half inking makes the design look gorgeous. It looks simple but gives an elegant appeal. 

Ultimate Cross Tattoo 

Credit: amynguyenart

39. Wonderful Cross Tattoo For Rib

Expressing deep meaning to the edgy person, the excellent follower of Christ makes the tattoo look stunning. Bold enough to choose with the vast influence of tattoo style, the design seems intermediating and mysterious with elegant appeal. 

Wonderful Cross Tattoo For Rib

Credit: xjtattoo9

40. Wooden and Boxing Gloves Cross Tattoo On Rib 

Adding an empathic punch to the tattoo design gives incredible inspiration and Christian design ideas with a cross tattoo. Representing the religious views and the shading effect of black inking makes the style look distinctive. 

Wooden and Boxing Gloves Cross Tattoo On Rib 

Credit: chasfindley

41. Wording And Cross Tattoo On Rib

A cross on the ribs with the addition of your favorite quote or words inside of the tattoo ink makes the design look stunning. The word incorporated in the tattoo makes it a powerful statement placed right over the bones to differ from other designs. 

Wording And Cross Tattoo On Rib

Credit: bullett_ink

42. Amazing 3D Cross Tattoo On Side Rib

No matter how many times we pull ourselves free from evil grasp or tension, there is a different meaning behind each meaning. The black inking details with intricate styling make the design look distinctive, giving the cross design an underlying sense. 

Amazing 3D Cross Tattoo On Side Rib

Credit: tattoosbynicki

43. White Flower Cross Tattoo

Embracing femininity, the cross tattoos with flowers and butterflies make the tattoo represent passion. As a symbol of whimsical free flight, the tattoo design looks elegant with Celtic roots. 

White Flower Cross Tattoo

Credit: darkwatertattoony

44. Minimal Cross Tattoo On Rib

The tiny cross tattoo gives subtle tribute to your faith with a considerable style influence. The feminine look with the tattoo makes the design appear personal, and with individual flash to elaborate tattoos, a flawless look shows more than that.  

Minimal Cross Tattoo On Rib

Credit: sophia_leewestcoast

45. Armenian Cross Rib Tattoo

Armenian cross tattoos are designed with intricate detailing making the style distinctive. As a symbol of starvation, the cross tattoo design on the ribs makes the tattoo inked in black look stylish. It is also a sign of intellectual Jesus Christ design. 

Armenian Cross Rib Tattoo

Credit: itattoo

46. Oldschool Cross Tattoo On Rib

Yellow inked cross tattoo design is specialized to last long with a creative emblem. The colorful design inked with the addition of cloud look and throne wire has a different meaning behind each. With a combination of powerful symbols, the tattoo looks great. 

Oldschool Cross Tattoo On Rib

Credit: badchoicestattoo

47. Lettering tattoo Cross Tattoo 

Getting a cross tattoo is exciting, and adding a letter to the tattoo makes the style look distinctive. Tattoos are excellent regardless of whether you are old or young, religious or not. You can make sure to explore some tattoo artists for elegant designs. 

Lettering tattoo Cross Tattoo 

Credit: zazzooxtattoo

48. Jesus Christ Shaped Cross Tattoo On Rib

A cross tattoo representing the crucifixion of Jesus Christ with bold black ink represents the ultimate holy symbol. The decorative tree shape design on the ribs gives the intricate styling an enhanced appeal making the tattoo incredibly different. 

Jesus Christ Shaped Cross Tattoo On Rib

Credit: serati_ink

49. Black Ink 3D Rosary Cross Tattoo

Getting a cross tattoo means you are devoted to your religion and belief and shows that you are ready to carry Christ close to you through the rest of your life.

A cross tattoo also means you are not afraid to show your religiousness, unconditional love for Christ, and sacrifice for him.

Black Ink 3D Rosary Cross Tattoo

Credit: zoya_zoidberg

50. Black Ink Cross Tattoo 

Exploring innovative ink design with divine purpose seeks enlightenment and is a popular choice to get the design inked on ribs. It has symbolized spirituality and power.

Cross tattoos are a good reminder of spiritual connection, especially for people who’ve gone through hard times. 

Black Ink Cross Tattoo 

Credit: janis_tin

51. Dark Cross Tattoo 

Religious individuals often want to honor their faith in the tattoo. The dark line cross-inked on the rib is one of the different tattoo design ideas. The tattoo can be of any size for delicate line design, unlike traditional tattoo designs that are uniquely delicate. 

Dark Cross Tattoo 

Credit: kust_tattoo

52. Floral Cross Tattoo

The floral cross tattoo design is a popular pick for symbolism among women, and the floral cross tattoo design gives an outstanding and pretty ornamental tattoo design. Placing the tattoo on ribs makes the design look elegant with different variations. 

Floral Cross Tattoo

Credit: nbrowntattoos637

53. Cross Tattoo with Jesus Name

The tattoo design of Jesus with stunning bold black combines with a symbol of passion. The black ink Jesus inked cross tattoo with crown represents Jesus’ crucifixion symbolizing power, graciousness, faith and luck. 

Cross Tattoo with Jesus Name

Credit: permapaint.bykirst

54. Memorial Cross Tattoo

Memorial tattoos are born to pay tribute to your loved ones. Adding a date to the beautiful cross design gives an incredible design look. In addition, the three cross design inked in black ink gives an enhanced look. 

Memorial Cross Tattoo

Credit: jesaristoy 

55. Cross Tattoo With Initials

Cross tattoo with initials is one of the most recognizable symbols in Christianity. The enduring choice for body art ink, the tattoo carries a deep meaning to express one’s spirituality and religion. The addition of brown color makes the style look distinct. 

Cross Tattoo With Initials

Credit: chou_ta_1

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56. Terrific Cross Tattoo

With the actual reflection on acting as a great expression of spirituality, the cross tattoo design in a sublime way gives enlightenment with the excellent religious idea. Furthermore, the bold black ink on the ribs makes the style look distinctive. 

Credit: madamecarmenou

57. Small Cross Tattoo

There is a versatile and exciting range of ways to depict the Christian cross in the tattoo. The cross tattoo design is widely adopted to pay subtle tribute to the faith. An authentic desire for very tiny pieces ultimately gives an enhanced appeal. 

Small Cross Tattoo

Credit: abidjanink

58. Unique Cross Tattoo

A beautiful and unique tattoo design with creative inking gives the cross a unique look. As a profound, meaningful idea to ink the most stylish and innovative wording cross, the skilled artist help make the design elegant. 

Unique Cross Tattoo

Credit: sor_tattoo

59. Outlined Cross Tattoo

The outlined design of the cross tattoo design with different variations makes the most popular design look unique. However, the large cross tattoo on rib created with a black inking design is more popular with an enhanced design idea. 

Outlined Cross Tattoo

Credit: flaviatattooer

60. Cross Tattoo with Fire

The cross with fire represents the central path of faith, and to save humanity for the spiritual and powerful tattoo design gives an incredible look. In addition, the black ink style makes the approachable tattoo concept about conversion and transformation. 

Cross Tattoo with Fire

Credit: sire_emanuhell

61. Text Cross Tattoo 

The cursive calligraphy lettering text in the cross shape loves to make the tattoo design selection several ways. First, the persistent cross tattoo design gives incredible hope to the ribs, making the tattoo design stylish. 

Text Cross Tattoo 

Credit: l21tat

62. Simple Cross Tattoo

The meaningful cross tattoo design expresses your Christian belief to honor God. The tattoo design looks excellent on ribs and has been a staple of fashion and culture for a long time, giving an embrace of culture. The famous tattoo design fits your wishes. 

Simple Cross Tattoo

Credit: eternalarttattooshop

63. Cross Tattoo with Skull

The classic skull tattoo design is based on the pirate’s emblem, and it stands for the ruthlessness and despair associated with a pirate’s life. Unfortunately, the cross-bones can also represent poison. However, it can also describe the beauty of the afterlife. 

Cross Tattoo with Skull

Credit: george_still_g

64. Angel Wings Cross Tattoo

The wings and cross tattoo is an elegant tattoo and the detailing and shading looks fabulous in a combo of black and white.

Angel Wings Cross Tattoo

Credit: macedonian.ab

65. Blue Roses Cross Tattoo

The Blue rose flower represents mystery, the impossible or being unrealistic. The addition of cross design represents hope wanting a miracle, with wishful thinking to make the cross tattoo look elegant. The black and blue design makes the tattoo distinct. 

Blue Roses Cross Tattoo

Credit: strokertattoo

66. Cross Tattoo with Alpha and Omega

The Greek grandeur inked with Alpha and Omega gives an enhanced look on the ribs. The masculine ink inspiration of three elements binding them together forms a unique and manly idea. It looks excellent when inked in bold black color. 

Cross Tattoo with Alpha and Omega

Credit: chirowork

67. Tiny Cross Tattoo

The Christian tattoo design’s enduring choice for beauty gives a humble way to proclaim their faith in God. Depending on the person who has the tattoo design inked on the ribs with a bold black tiny cross design makes the design irresistible. 

Tiny Cross Tattoo

Credit: kei_tattooer

68. Sunflower Cross Tattoo

The excitin68g and versatile tattoo looks impressive with the addition of sunflower. The dark cross and sunflower make the tattoo unique, no matter the tattoo size or biological clocks. Giving a new inspiration to the inking, it looks excellent and rare. 

Sunflower Cross Tattoo

Credit: valentinodellagiacoma

69. Rose in the Cross Tattoo

Rose tattoo design represents many things in the Holy culture of Christianity. It includes purity, joy, and martyrdom.

Therefore it is no surprise many Christians choose to combine these beautiful flowers with their cross tattoo. The rose and cross tattoo can also be a patriotic inking for English people.

Rose in the Cross Tattoo

Credit: tattooist_taro

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70. Snake Roses & Cross Tattoo

The tattoo symbolizes purity and beauty when the snakes coil around the rose, leading to perfection and eternity.

The cross tattoo design looks stunning, representing purity and faith in God. In addition, the intricate black ink design gives an incredible look to the tattoo. 

Snake Roses & Cross Tattoo

Credit: frame.seoul

71. Red and Black Cross Tattoo

Perfect Red Cross tattoo design inked in black quotes gives the abstract appeal to the ink style. In addition, the melting cross design gives a religious look to the tattoo to express your Christian belief. With timeless appeal, the cross design looks impressive on the skin. 

Red and Black Cross Tattoo

Credit: tat2kt

72. Black & Grey floral Cross Tattoo

Being one of the most popular tattoo designs, the black and grey floral ink with the most superficial elements used inked on the men’s rib. The intricate rose tattoo design gives an adorable pattern of roses making the style distinctive and elegant. 

Black & Grey floral Cross Tattoo

Credit: aylartattoo

73. Anchor Cross Tattoo

The design of the anchor was a way to hide the cross tattoo design. The anchor cross tattoo is a universal representation of strength and faith. The tattoo is an inspirational idea no matter the path you make. 

Anchor Cross Tattoo

Credit: robordway

74. Unique Design Cross Tattoo

It is not a simple tattoo design and requires expertise for hours. The heavy styling and detailing of the tattoo inked in shades of brown make the tattoo look stylish. The complex detailing makes the excellent design visible to show off. 

Unique Design Cross Tattoo

Credit: soopool_tattoo

75. Repaired Cross Tattoo

To fix the muddy ink style with a change of color to fix the tattoo gives a distinct look. The artist and the wearer’s fundamental skills and commitment provide suitable fixing. Adding some shades to make the line thicker makes the tattoo straighter. 

Repaired Cross Tattoo

Credit: divine_tattoo_studio

76. Multiple Cross Tattoo

It can represent the three aspects of God in the Christian faith: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Otherwise, it could symbolize Christ and the two crucified with him at Golgotha. For many Christians, the latter is a way to remember the humanity of Jesus.

Multiple Cross Tattoo

Credit: wh_horihoutattoos

77. Faith Love Hope Cross Tattoo on Ribs

A cross for faith with a lifeline beat for hope and a heart for love represents the interpretation of three main Christian virtues. The religious tattoo on the ribs makes the style distinctive. It is an ideal design for both men and women. 

Faith Love Hope Cross Tattoo on Ribs

Credit: adrianclarence305tatts

78. Watercolor Cross Tattoo

Including plenty of gorgeous watercolor design ideas, unique and delicate tattoo design gives incredible appeal.

However, this style comprises a heavy load of detailing, shadowing, and sometimes even a color combination to emphasize the pain of Jesus the holiness of the imagery. 

Watercolor Cross Tattoo

Credit: atelier_hafenpoesie

79. Cover up Cross Tattoo

The new ink inspirational cover-up tattoo design navigates from an old Celtic design to a new, improved design idea. It helps to correct the mistake in selecting a tattoo design. It is inked in all black as the tattoo looks stunning on ribs. 

Cover up Cross Tattoo

Credit: l21tattoo

80. Blackout Cross Tattoo

A blackout tattoo is when a significant portion of the tatted area is filled with solid black ink. It’s typically meant to cover up lousy tattoo work but can also make for really cool negative space designs. Inked on the ribs as the design looks fabulous. 

Blackout Cross Tattoo

Credit: maniac_ink_austria

81. Silver Cross Tattoo

The easy and most popular tattoo design gives an incredible appeal to black and grey inking with a popular tattoo design style. With an enhanced look on the ribs, the dynamic cross tattoo gives differentiating and trendy pattern to love. 

Silver Cross Tattoo

Credit: redas_ever_

82. Orthodox Cross Tattoo

In applying Halakha or Jewish Law, the orthodox tattoo mark on your skin results in the wearer’s death. The symbolizing victory of good over evil in the tattoo illustrates the design with a testimony of their solid Coptic faith. 

Orthodox Cross Tattoo

Credit: 623tattoo

83. Inked Cross Tattoo

The meaningful cross tattoo design inked on the body, preferably in black ink, defines the excellent method. The most popular style of tattoo reflects well on the skin. Preferred to have intricate detailing to look stylish and inked on smaller parts. 

Credit: tmouratattoo

84. DotWork Cross Tattoo

The dot work cross tattoo is the first approach when thinking about getting a tattoo design inked. The shading effect of the tattoo makes the black ink look superb on the body. In addition, giving an incredible appeal makes the design look stylish and elegant on ribs. 

DotWork Cross Tattoo

Credit: ellaevetattoo

85. Upside Down Cross Tattoo

If you see a cross tattoo then you will see it down with the normal positioning but the upside-down cross is a sign of anit-Christianity or negative viewpoint of Christianity. Another thing that it stands for is St. Peter as he was crucified on such a cross. 

Upside Down Cross Tattoo

Credit: tattooist_bobo

86. Interesting Cross Tattoo on Rib

Getting a tattoo of the hand with Cross-chain on the ribs is a very bold statement and a very subtle one. For example, a cross tattoo on the ribs can indicate a commitment to faith or stand for bravery and courage.

Interesting Cross Tattoo on Rib

Credit: antkatattoo

87. Nurse with Cross Tattoo

Celebrating the combination of difficult work for a nurse tattoo can be symbolic of many great things. It highly resembles Christian’s cross and grabs the attention of the tattoo inked. The bright white ink and bold black color make the design look elegant. 

Nurse with Cross Tattoo

Credit: sufftattoo 


What Does A Rib Tattoo Symbolize?

Both are rich in symbolism and often represent life, love, and passion. It is an inking that is open to interpretation. It can mean a relationship, heartbreak, and personal loss for some people.

What Does A Cross Tattoo Symbolize?

Cross tattoos can be a representation of your devotion to religion or faith. For example, in Christianity, the cross is where Jesus died to save humanity, a significant symbol.

Are Rib Tattoos Feminine?

No, any kind of gender can go for this tattoo. Women who are honest and open about their emotions can go for this tattoo.

What Does A Small Cross Tattoo Mean?

The cross tattoo is a good personal reminder of faith that can hide from other people’s eyes in a smaller size. These tats are adaptable to pretty much every part of your body.

How Much Is A Rib Tattoo?

You may have to pay between $600 to $1,000 for an average-sized rib tattoo. However, the price increases when we count in detailing and coloring, so expect to add up to $500 to the average rib tattoo.

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