37 Fortune-Infused Designs: The Artistry of Good Luck Charm Tattoos

Key Takeaways

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  • Good luck charm tattoos are imbued with symbols believed to bring protection and positive energy and ward off adversity.
  • These tattoos showcase diverse cultural symbols, each representing unique beliefs in luck, fortune, and the warding off of negative forces.
  • Choosing a good luck charm tattoo involves selecting symbols that personally resonate, reflecting individual beliefs, experiences, or aspirations.
  • Good luck charm tattoos offer a blend of artistry and symbolism, allowing for creative and personalized designs that visually convey positive vibes.
  • Consideration of the tattoo’s placement is crucial, as it influences the visibility and personal connection to the charm, whether prominently displayed or kept more discreet.

Good luck tattoos aren’t just for casinos and prisoners; both genders have valued and worn them for many years. Various civilizations use different pictures, creatures, and symbols to represent luck.

Not simply for the superstitious, good luck tattoos also symbolize your aspirations for the future. There is no correct or incorrect way to symbolize good fortune; it might be one of our post’s designs or something special to you.

When you get an excellent fortunate tattoo, luck will follow you in the form of lucky numbers and lucky creatures. Here are some of our preferred good luck tattoo ideas and their symbolic meanings.

Significance of Good Luck Charm Tattoo 

A Good Luck Charm Tattoo is a symbolic embodiment of positive energies and protection. Rooted in various cultural beliefs and superstitions, these tattoos are chosen for their perceived ability to attract good fortune, ward off adversity, and bring luck to the bearer. Each charm carries its unique meaning, whether a horseshoe, four-leaf clover, or an intricate mandala. Beyond mere aesthetics, the tattoos become talismans that connect the wearer to traditions, beliefs, and personal narratives, offering a constant source of positive energy and a visual reminder of optimism on life’s journey.

Before You Get Started

  • Research the symbolism of the chosen charm to ensure it aligns with your personal beliefs and resonates positively.
  • Choose a tattoo artist with expertise in intricate and symbolic designs, particularly those related to good luck charms. Review their portfolio to ensure they can capture the essence of the chosen symbol.
  •  If the charm holds cultural or religious significance, consider how the tattoo will respectfully represent and honor those traditions.
  •  Select the tattoo placement with intention, considering whether you want the charm to be prominently displayed or kept more discreet.
  • Familiarize yourself with the aftercare instructions provided by your tattoo artist. During healing, gentle care is essential to preserve the charm’s details and vibrant energy.

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Placement of Good Luck Charm Tattoo

The placement of a Good Luck Charm Tattoo is a thoughtful decision, influencing its visibility and personal connection. Many opt for visible areas like the wrist, forearm, or ankle, allowing the charm to be a constant, reassuring presence. Others choose more discreet locations, such as behind the ear or on the ribs, for a subtle yet personally significant touch. The choice of placement often reflects the wearer’s intention—whether to share the positive energy of the charm openly or to keep it as a more private, personal symbol of good fortune. Ultimately, placing a Good Luck Charm Tattoo is a deliberate choice, aligning with the wearer’s desire for public display or a more intimate connection with the tattoo’s symbolism.

How Do You Find The Perfect Tattoo Artist for Good Luck Charm Tattoo?

Finding the perfect tattoo artist for a Good Luck Charm Tattoo involves careful consideration and research. Look for artists with a strong portfolio showcasing expertise in symbolic and intricate designs. Seek recommendations or read reviews from individuals with similar tattoos to gauge the artist’s proficiency and professionalism. During consultations, discuss your vision for the charm, ensuring the artist understands the cultural and personal significance behind the chosen symbol. A perfect tattoo artist for a Good Luck Charm design is one who not only demonstrates technical skill but also appreciates the spiritual and cultural nuances of these symbolic tattoos, translating them into visually compelling and personally meaningful designs.

What Is The Best Aftercare For Good Luck Charm Tattoo?

The best aftercare for a Good Luck Charm Tattoo involves gentle and consistent care to preserve the ink’s symbolism and aesthetics. Keep the tattoo clean by washing it with mild, fragrance-free soap and lukewarm water. Apply a recommended tattoo ointment to moisturize the skin during the initial healing stages. Avoid exposing the tattoo to prolonged sunlight and picking or scratching the area. Opt for loose, breathable clothing to prevent irritation during the healing process. Following these aftercare practices diligently ensures the charm tattoo heals effectively, maintaining its vibrancy and detail for a lasting symbol of positivity and fortune.

1. Finger Cross & Little Crown Good Luck Charm Tattoo

Today, getting a tattoo of crossed fingers is a sign of good luck, confidence in one’s best efforts, and hope for happiness and success in life. Also closely related to the symbol are Victory symbols with V-shaped fingers. This simple lucky tattoo, which features a tiny crown, an arrow, and fire, perfectly captures the required shape and style.

Image: @sailingwilly

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2. Blue Stripe With Cat Good Luck Charm Tattoo

Maneki Neko, also known as the beckoning cat, is regarded as a lucky emblem in Japanese culture. The cat raises its right paw, heralding luck for its owner. Getting a tattoo of a beautiful yet auspicious cat is undoubtedly lucky.

Image: @homesicktattoofl

3. Small & Colorful Koi Fish Good Luck Charm Tattoo

Fish are regarded as lucky in China for a variety of reasons. Because the Chinese word for fish sounds like surplus, koi fish are often considered a symbol of riches. Due to the fact that they frequently swim in pairs, they are also a symbol of harmony and loyalty.

Image: @arnaz_disaster

4. Skull Good Luck Charm Tattoo

Though frequently associated with death, the grim reaper tattoo signifies the circle of life and symbolizes bravery and good fortune. Sometimes phrases like “fear the reaper,” “no fear,” “Death comes for us all,” and other quotations are added.

Image: @tatsbystace

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5. Floral Little Girl Good Luck Charm Tattoo

Sun, moon, and flowers are frequently seen as good luck symbols. This stunning and amazing lucky charm tattoo is a well-known representation thought to bring luck. This auspicious tattoo features a little girl’s face with a ram in the backdrop. 

Image: @shai.lines

6. Colorful Lotus Good Luck Charm Tattoo

The inking of peony can be beneficial for people seeking a steady partner and an uncomplicated love life. It is said that this lovely lotus blossom would enhance and support your romantic relationships and love life. If you enjoy lotus floral tattoos, this one will look stunning and be lucky for you. 

Image: @rox_tattooss

7. Black Work Horseshoe Good Luck Charm Tattoo

Horseshoe designs often signify luck and success in one’s life; they are also sometimes combined with specific background elements like flowers, like in the case of this particular tattoo. The traditional shades of black, brown, and green, along with the garish, primitive appearance, steal the stage. 

Image: @alvarotattoos.m6

8. Green Gem Good Luck Charm Tattoo

Gems have been associated with good luck since ancient Egypt. The gem is a representation of the rising sun as well as a shield against evil. It also represents rebirth, regeneration, and transformation. 

Image: @xandria.tattoos

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9. Black Line Work Flower Good Luck Charm Tattoo

Flowers represent joy, happiness, power, and good fortune. It will undoubtedly offer you luck and assist you in achieving success in life. Additionally, this tattoo is made with stunning, bold black ink that can easily match your style. Furthermore, the origami forms engraved on the charm’s top and the feathery danglers from the charm give off a convincingly oriental vibe.

Image: @modoink_kimi

Quick Guide to Lucky Ink: Navigating Good Luck Charm

  • Symbolic Selection: Swiftly choose a meaningful good luck charm with personal significance.
  • Expert Artist: Find an experienced artist adept at translating intricate charms into compelling tattoos.
  • Strategic Placement: Decide on a fitting location for your tattoo, balancing visibility with personal connection.
  • Gentle Aftercare: Promptly follow aftercare instructions for a vibrant and enduring representation of positive energy.

10. Sunflower Good Luck Charm Tattoo

The tattoo of a sunflower represents awakening. The flower blooms in a difficult environment, surrounded by mud, giving good fortune in the form of light and hope. A sunflower tattoo can help you see a way out of a jam or solve a problem.

Image: @tokieyo.ink

11. Crystal Good Luck Charm Tattoo

This gorgeous tattoo will bring you good fortune in a few days. It is made of crystal. This tattoo will not only make your life prosperous, but it will also ward off harmful influences. Additionally, this tattoo aids your success and unlocks all doors of success.  

Image: @lacurieusetattoo

12. Pussy Cat Good Luck Charm Tattoo

The lucky cat is more prevalent in Chinese culture, despite being Japanese. In order to bring luck, it is frequently positioned at the entrance to establishments like restaurants and caravans. It typically comes in white, black, or light grey and holds a coin to bring luck and fortune. 

Image: @dontsleepvincci

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13. Green Vibe Good Luck Charm Tattoo

Four-leaf clovers, a traditional Irish emblem said to bring luck, are becoming more common nowadays. The Celtic four-leaf clover good luck charm is used to ward off evil spirits and offer hope, luck, fortune, faith, and prosperity to whomever the owner is before the concept of religion and god introduce.

Image: @flynntattoo

14. Rose & Eye Horseshoe Good Luck Charm Tattoo

One of the most known good luck symbols in Ireland and worldwide is the horseshoe. Horses are robust, resilient, incredibly dependable, and loyal animals. Horseshoes have long been used as a charm to bring fertility, fortune, and good luck. 

Image: @colorfaststudios

15. Colorful Sakura Flower Good Luck Charm Tattoo

The cherry blossom is revered for its beauty and is considered the unofficial national flower of Japan. The flower is full of meaning since its blooms are so fleeting—they last only a few weeks before they fade. As a result, the tattoo of a colorful sakura flower stands for various concepts, such as life, rebirth, goodness, and serves as a reminder of how fleeting life is.

Image: @carlies.artspace

  Keep In Mind

  • Remember the cultural and personal meanings associated with the chosen good luck charm to ensure alignment with your beliefs.
  • Choose a skilled artist experienced in rendering intricate details, ensuring the charm is accurately and artistically represented.
  • Consider the significance of the tattoo’s placement, whether you want to display or keep the good luck charm more discreetly openly.
  • If the charm has cultural or religious ties, be mindful of respecting and accurately representing these traditions in the tattoo.
  • Remember the commitment to aftercare instructions for optimal healing, preserving the charm’s vibrancy and symbolism over time.

16. Guanyin & Lotus Flowers Good Luck Charm Tattoo

A Bodhisattva known for compassion is Guanyin. She is Avalokitevara’s East Asian image, and other Eastern religions, like Chinese folk religion, have adopted her. Your life will undoubtedly bless with good health, money, happiness, and luck if you get this tattoo. Therefore, two major body parts can tattoo on your back or chest. 

Image: @ink.by.kiki

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17. Pretty Cat Good Luck Charm Tattoo

This Japanese fortunate charm tattoo for luck and money is the most significant among the traditional Japanese tattoos. A cat with one paw raised for defense, often known as a come-come cat, is thought to bestow money, fortune, and good luck on its owners. This tattoo is unquestionably a classic when it comes to lucky signs. 

Image: @dien_design

18. Ladybugs & Clove Good Luck Charm Tattoo

In Italian culture, ladybugs are regarded as bringing luck. With their usual spots reflecting the even sorrows of the Virgin Mary, the crimson color has strong ties to the church. In some traditions, spotting a ladybug portends pleasant weather and forthcoming love luck. Ladybug killing is regrettable and is never recommended. 

Image: @jennydella

19. Colorful Ocean Wave Good Luck Charm Tattoo

This vibrant ocean wave good luck charm tattoo is a great way to enhance your luck. This tattoo uses a variety of motifs, such as flow, sea waves, bells, and threads, to make it artistic. This tattoo uses a variety of colors, including pink, yellow, red, blue, white, orange, and golden, to make it more artistic. 

Image: @kittymorgann_tattoo

Pro Tip

Opt for a good luck charm design with personal significance, ensuring a stronger connection to your tattoo’s positive energy and symbolism.

20. Cute Kitty Good Luck Charm Tattoo

In Japan, having a good luck cat in a desk or bedroom can bring good fortune and success. So stop waiting and get this tattoo right away. Both men and women can apply this tattoo close to the elbow or forearm to serve as a good luck charm.

Image: @tattooprodigies

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21. Floral Horse Good Luck Charm Tattoo

This breathtakingly large tattoo shows a giant horseshoe with a collection of different flowers gathering around it. The luck tattoo’s lovely design is incredibly well done. The drab color enhances the aesthetic charm.

Image: @nadege_quentin

22. Dream Catcher Floral Feather Good Luck Charm Tattoo

The two deep bases of this lucky flower charm are red and white, and inside the charm are small reddish-pink flowers. The deep reddish tones are supposed to evoke love, like, and a potent sense of serenity, while the light yellow hues inside the blossoms stand for warm approval, respect, and gratitude. You never know. You might have luck in love!

Image: @olgacaca

23. Rocking Symbol Good Luck Charm Tattoo

The cornetto is a traditional pastry in Southern Italy that resembles a horn or chili pepper. The cornetto is put in shop windows or rearview mirrors in Calabria and Naples as a charm to bring luck. The color red symbolizes the blood on your opponent, and a crown on top is the lucky combination.

Image: @sham_b_tattoo

24. Golden Coin Good Luck Charm Tattoo

This tattoo of the good luck symbol inspires us to live a happy life by inviting good fortune to us. The tattoo has long represented our means of self-expression. They constantly serve as a reminder of the original intent of our initials.

Image: @tattoobcn_magazinee

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25. Red And Black Good Luck Charm Tattoo

The butterfly has long been significant in folklore, mythology, and tattoos due to its reportedly near-miraculous capacity to change its appearance entirely. It represents rebirth, transformation, and resurrection.

Image: @pinkladytattooer

Did you know?

The horseshoe is a widely recognized good luck charm, believed to bring fortune and protection. In many cultures, it’s traditionally hung above doorways to ward off evil spirits and invite positive energy into homes. Consider incorporating this timeless symbol into your good luck charm tattoo for an extra layer of positive vibes.

26. Blessing Kitty Good Luck Charm Tattoo

This tattoo shows a charming white cat, typically associated with evil and ill luck, next to lovely gold outlines and beautifully designed with pink ribbons. This lucky charm tattoo shines because of its realistic inking and lovely gradient shading.

Image: @kanika.inkroom

27. Round Clove Good Luck Charm Tattoo

This minimalistic design features the lucky four leaves, where the leaves stand up as if upright, with a tiny stem. Although elegant and ideal for forearm tattoos, the design can also be inked as a more significant piece on the body. The beautifully detailed gradient work of green hues in this limited space is exceptional.

Image: @meru_ink

28. Greenish Clove Good Luck Charm Tattoo

The four clover leaves tattoo is a modest, lovely good luck emblem for leading a happy life. Each leaf stands for luck, love, belief, and a hoe. Clovers draw good vibes and provide the ideal level of equilibrium in life. You can get several designs of clover tattooed on your ankle and shoulder.

Image: @abbiehoskintattoo

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29. Bag Of Resources Good Luck Charm Tattoo

Lucky resource bags typically represent well wishes and loving words. And this little tattoo does not let you down. It is exquisitely engraved into the skin with delicate black lines, and little coins add to its allure.

Image: @populace

30. Angel Rabbit Good Luck Charm Tattoo

You’re about to strike it lucky with the variety of new, inventive good luck tattoos available. These tattoos are the ideal fusion of the conventional lucky symbols and a small glimpse into the western, numerological realm of money and fortune.

Image: @tashdraws

31. Rainbow Cat Good Luck Charm Tattoo

This lucky tattoo becomes a masterpiece because of its lovely colors and lifelike touching up. As a sign of good fortune, this classic tattoo can attract attention and present you with many opportunities.

Image: @lucky_sparrow_tattoo_piercing

32. Watercolor Good Luck Charm Tattoo

Even if the forearm has a sophisticated and lovely color scheme, the Celtic clover charm is intended to ward off evil forces and offer prosperity, fortune, wealth, trust, and success to whomever it belongs to before the notion of religion and god emerges.

Image: @thebirdboytattooart

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33. Ladybugs Good Luck Charm Tattoo

According to some cultures, the weather will be pleasant if you see a ladybug, and you’ll soon find love. Ladybug killing is extremely unfortunate and is never recommended. Additionally, tattoos allow you to add any phrase or letter.

Image: @prasit_88tattoo

34. Black And Blue Good Luck Charm Tattoo

Many people consider black and blue to be lucky colors. These hues stand for wisdom, knowledge, and a finished object. Additionally, this tattoo features a Chinese knot that looks eye-catching on your forearm.

Image: @davide_report

35. Cute Leg Good Luck Charm Tattoo

The lucky tattoo design shows a hairy rabbit’s foot in a light golden chain with a background of vivid red rays. The blackened, smudged ink highlights on the golden chain and the experience steal the spotlight!

Image: @mermaidlounge.tattoos

36. Purple Floral Good Luck Charm Tattoo

A single strand of thread creates the cord, knot, and tassel that make up a Chinese knot. Chinese knots are typically purple to represent luck and wealth. The knot is used to protect against evil spirits or to ensure a happy marriage.

Image: @luna.rave.tattoo

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37. Little Double Clover Good Luck Charm Tattoo

Green is regarded as extremely lucky in the UK since it is connected to the Irish. The color green and the luck of the Irish are firmly related, from leprechauns to four-leaf clovers. The green guy is considered a lucky charm and a protector of travelers in Islam.

Image: @bigbangtattoo

Personal Opinion

In my view, a Good Luck Charm Tattoo is not just a visual adornment but a personal talisman that resonates with positive energy and symbolism, offering a constant source of optimism and protection in life’s journey. Each charm becomes a unique and meaningful expression of one’s beliefs, adding an enriching and visually captivating aspect to personal identity.

Kai Falmer