54 Adorable Virgin Mary Shoulder Tattoos To Feel Her Presence

The Virgin Mary is a famous depiction of the Christian figure Mary. It represents the mother of baby Jesus Christ. A Roman Catholic symbol of purity, motherly affection, men and women look up to her in times of despair, tears and sadness. As a source of comfort restoring faith and happiness in her believers, Virgin Mary tattoos are worn by many to feel her presence.

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The Virgin Mary shoulder tattoo is often considered as a highly spiritual and noble dedication to religion. However, the tradition of this design is rooted deep into history, dating almost as far back as Christianity itself. You do not need to be religious to get this tattoo.

Some of the tattoo ideas are:

1. Beautiful Mary Shoulder tattoo design: 

Inspiring in many ways, as a symbol of maternal and feminine figures comes as a reminder. It is a representation of protection and virtue on the rough.

Credits: mypridetattoo

2. Beautiful Mary tattoo design: 

As of forgiving and loving nature, the design is often a way of lifelong commitment to change for a better path in life.

Credits: barbearia.duviny

3. Beautiful Mary tattoo on the shoulder: 

Representing unconditional love, comfort and consolation for when times are rough, you can get a beautiful tattoo inked.

Credits: dreamworxink

4. Crying Virgin Mary tattoo design: 

A gloomy Holy spirit Virgin Mary shoulder tattoo painted in dark shades symbolizes grief and pain.

Credits: tattoosbyjaymari

5. Cute Mary Shoulder tattoo: 

With the honor to engrave a tattoo to adore the skin permanently, many designs are steeped in cultural significance.

Credits: hellymursito

6. Cute Mary tattoo design: 

With unique meaning to the individuals who wear the tattoo, it carries the same meaning from the beginning.

Credits: yoga.ska

7. Cute Mary tattoo: 

To feel the comforting presence, you can explore cool religious designs and spiritual ideas. 

Credits: tattoo_henry

8. Cute Mary with a crown tattoo: 

The beautiful and creative tattoo design with a heavy crown has many emotions on her face. You can have this tattoo on your shoulders.

Credits: @ramm_tattoos

9. Cute Virgin Mary Shoulder tattoo: 

With a purity of attributes to help go to heaven, the Virgin Mary shoulder tattoo looks like an angel from heaven.

Credits: geishatattoostudios

10. Fabulous Mary tattoo: 

Expressing femininity, utilizing tattoo design helps express their feelings for their loved ones like mother and spouse.

Credits: tatsbytina_

11. Mary Designer tattoo on the shoulder: 

With a purity of attributes that helps you go to heaven, it is believed in Christianity that God chose Mary to become the mother of the son of God.

Credits: gunqdetu23

12. Mary shoulder tattoo: 

With crisp and more elegant design, the unique art looks exceptional on the skin. Reinforcing the body position represents faith.

Credits: kingcon_tattoos

13. Mary tattoo design: 

Able to make a replica on skin with skill, the classic tattoo made with shadows and pattern as on fabric looks great!

Credits: kadekdino

14. Mary tattoo on left shoulder: 

With crisp single needle black line, a commitment to clear lines and flat fills with detailed shading looks excellent!

Credits: graintattooforyou

15. Nice Mary designer tattoo: 

As a unique tattoo, the change of ink color changes the whole image look, making it stand out in an off-beat fashion.

Credits: artbyphoenixx

16. Excellent Mary shoulder tattoo design: 

Using subtle colors with the degree of difficulty in a huge way, making the tattoo pleasant and brighter combined with background pattern looks impressive.

Credits: leo_salcedo_tattoo

17. Excellent Mary tattoo design: 

Reminding of being hissed into silence in Church with a source of candles, the Virgin Mary shoulder tattoo excels when tattooed.

Credits: chevycorteztats

18. Religious Mary shoulder tattoo on left shoulder: 

A beautiful character featuring the explicit cast in more Middle Eastern Fashion looks worth noting.

Credits: bestartistsworldwide

19. Religious Mary shoulder tattoo: 

As with deep meaning, the artwork stands for pureness and internal pain. With a bit dark yet powerful sense, it comes as an inspiration.

Credits: evatattooing

20. Sad Mary faces tattoo: 

A somber face of Mother Mary graces the arm of the believer to look up to her in times of despair and sadness.

Credits: simone__brandi

21. Sad Mary Shoulder tattoo: 

The undeniable importance of quality and goodness. It symbolizes a sad face designed on the shoulder.

Credits: secrettattoo_sk

22. Mary’s shoulder tattoo: 

Blessed enough to have a fantastic tattoo, it looks vulnerable going with high definition and clean line tattoo work.

Credits: nicholasleetattoo

23. Unique Mary Shoulder tattoo: 

Soothing and graceful, the shoulder tattoo design of the Virgin Mary is the ultimate source of peace and bliss.

Credits: alieninksrilanka

24. Excellent Mary Shoulder tattoo design: 

Nice work of art and blending of a tattoo design to create a colorful and bright tattoo looks impressive.

Credits: kipjoneswho

25. Amazing Mary tattoo design: 

A small black ink tattoo looks simple and elegant and looks fabulous on the skin when inked.

Credits: misahandpoke

26. Attractive Mary tattoo: 

With graceful charm, a full-size picture of the Virgin Mary when inked on hand looks great.

Credits: nezz_tat2

27. Black and White Mary Tattoo: 

The tattoo design expressing love and faith on a spiritual level with black and white color art is the most popular.

Credits: jz_inker

28. Black Mary Shoulder Tattoo: 

Enabling a permanent emblem of divinity, the trending tattoo in black shading has never been more accurate.

Credits: inkcouturenyc

29. Blue Ink Mary Tattoo: 

Paying attention to the exquisite refinement with blue ink effect looks fantastic.

Credits: taylorcrawfordtattoo

30. Colored Mary Designer Tattoo: 

The design explains itself and looks beautiful with a splash of color. 

Credits: tattoobengroningen

31. Colored Mary Shoulder tattoo design 

It is an ultimate symbol of love and femininity, delivering a range of techniques to make her stand out with light to heavy detailing.

Credits: thac_tattoosandpiercings

32. Colorful Mary Shoulder tattoo design: 

Carried over to skin with over detailed shading, it makes the tattoo appear bright and well defined in shape.

Credits: whipshaderbob

33. Colorful Virgin Mary tattoo: 

Changing the outlook immensely, with clever detailing and shading with the eye-catching Virgin Mary shoulder tattoo design features a crystal clear look with beautiful character.

Credits: johnislandink

34. Flying Dove and Mary tattoo design: 

Dove has been a symbol of motherhood and peace. When connected with Virgin Mary tattoos, it represents care, love and purity, expressing their feelings for loved ones.

Credits: vanstatto

35. Grey ink Mary tattoo design: 

A solid and beautiful character is worth noting as it looks impeccably smooth when inked in grey color. Contrasting the simple elegance, it is the best tattoo design.

Credits: lilbtattoo

36. Grey ink Mary tattoo: 

With an epic piece of body art, the flawless tattoo design keeps it close to heart, showing religion and belief.

Credits: frankingstyle_tattoos

37. Holy Mary tattoo: 

Showing faith with strength and shaping or influencing every aspect of life, the tattoo of holy Mary becomes a part of an individual’s life.

Credits: zetir_tattoo

38. Holy Virgin Mary tattoo: 

Eyes welling up with emotions and hands folded in a prayerful pose, the Holy Virgin Mary tattoos always represents children’s welfare.

Credits: deebo_tatts

39. Lovely Mary tattoo: 

Soothing and sentimental, the gorgeous Mary tattoo is the image striking every heart with a similar symbol of faith in God.

Credits: victorialeetattoo 

40. Mary and Jesus Shoulder tattoo design: 

The wistful gaze of Jesus Christ Virgin Mary tattoos represents your faith in the religion. It shows the love you have towards Jesus.

Credits: art_by_geezus

41. Mary and Jesus Tattoo design: 

Likeness in a unique style, the tattoo expresses spiritual and theological ideas like faith, mercy and protective nature.

Credits: renilsoncm

42. Mary and Skull shoulder tattoo: 

With the value of purity and sacredness, it is the symbol of celebrating the day of the dead depicting mourning, sadness or loss and, on the other hand, festivity.

Credits: inkarnationyakima

43. Nice Mary tattoo: 

With plenty of ideas on your ink, the lovely effect with cute and unique Mary tattoo is the most popular design

Credits:  mana_perdriel_art

44. Lovely Roses and Mary tattoo: 

Roses growing amidst the frost, the roses left an imprint in the man’s cape of Virgin Mary’s likeness.

Credits: inkkingstattoostudio

45. Outstanding Mary tattoo: 

The historical significance leads so many people to include them in their tattoos. With proper detailing, it looks impressive.

Credits: ikonicink_tattoo


46. Praying Mary Shoulder tattoo: 

Praying or clasped hands together as though she is praying are the most common depictions of her representing hope and faith.

Credits: isaacink559

47. Praying Mary tattoos on Left Shoulder: 

Flanked by prayer hands, showing that the wearer prays through her to God can also be pictured with her hands clasped.

Credits: @Chueyquintanar

48. Praying shoulder tattoo design: 

Folded hands below Virgin Mary tattoos are symbolic of the trust towards her believers to have the ability to convey the prayers to the almighty.

Credits: 82art.alex

49. Praying Virgin Shoulder tattoo design: 

Grouping spiritual sections with interference with the styles and translations, the consistent indication helps feel nearer to God. 

Credits: mana_perdriel_art

50. Realistic Mary shoulder tattoo design: 

A powerful Roman Catholic symbol by exploring religious and spiritual ideas in simple black comes with a profound meaning. 

Credits: dowgboy

51. Religious Mary shoulder tattoo design: 

As mainstream as a female tattoo is a likewise image of quality and goodness.

Credits: tigran.ink

52. Beautiful shoulder tattoo design: 

Exceptionally essential, by grace through faith, it is a gift of God. The Mary tattoos can be bold and prominent.

Credits fatboy_tattoos

53. Black and white Mary Designer tattoo: 

With cool religious higher place design ideas, the perfect bright black and white colors give a different look.

Credits: cees_inks

54. Virgin Mary tattoo sleeve: 

A unique sleeve tattoo to lookout comes with symbolic, powerful and stands out with faith. The forearm tattoo does hurt as well as the sleeve tattoo. Make sure you have time and patience.

Credits: house66tattoo


What is the symbolic meaning of the Virgin Mary tattoo?

With a representation of unconditional love and hope in troubled times, it symbolizes purity and motherly affection. As for many Christians in the Christian religion, it makes it one of the top choices for a religious tattoo. Representing a great deal for the Virgin Mary tattoo designs, it seems to be one of the comforting presence on their bodies. 

What is the symbol for Mary?

The symbol for the Virgin Mary is a white lily, also called annunciation lily. This beautiful white flower symbolizes Mary’s innocence and humility.

What does the Virgen de Guadeloupe tattoo mean?

In December each year, Latinos and Mexicans celebrate the festival of the Virgen de Guadelupe. This is the feast of the Lady of Guadelupe. Similar to the Virgin Mary, she is a powerful symbol of the manifestation of love during a difficult time.

Is the Virgin Mary a symbol of feminine divinity?

A vital presence at the birth of the Church, Virgin Mary holds a unique position in the divine hierarchy in modern days. A symbol of forgiveness and compassion, the Holy motherhood and creation integrate spirituality. Yet, with an essence of femininity, it is the power rooted in instincts. 

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