75 Magnificent and Traditional Mexican Tattoo Designs

Happiness comes with a tattoo! There is a growing interest in Mexican tattoos, partly because of their wide range of options. It might be challenging to settle on a single design since many excellent options exist.

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Historically, Mexicans have placed a high value on getting tattoos and the importance placed on the tattoo’s design. As a result, any given Mexican tattoo design might have an infinite number of possible interpretations. Skulls, skull candies, and flowers are just a few designs often seen in Mexican tattoos, and they all look amazing when colored in.

Getting a Mexican tattoo is the ultimate expression of loyalty and admiration for the Mexican people and their culture. Here are a few of our favorite Mexican tattoo designs. You may use these suggestions to narrow down your options and settle on the perfect tattoo.

The Significance of Mexican Tattoos

There is one thing that all Mexican tattoos have in common: they all have a connection to the religion of the wearer. Tattoos of skeletons and skull candies have sad connotations. Many of Mexico’s historical beliefs are widely cherished and remembered. Getting these motifs tatted into their bodies is a common way for Mexicans to express their culture.

Each color used in the tattoos has particular significance; for instance, red is associated with blood sacrifice, while white is associated with trust in the divine. Before getting any Mexican tattoo, you should research its meaning and determine why you desire it. Then, you’ll be able to give your tattoo artist a better idea of what you want the design to look like. 

1. Mexican Flower Tattoo

Image: @arseck_designs

This fantastic and elaborate sunflower tattoo, along with a butterfly inked on the forearm in black and gray, looks extremely beautiful and is sure to get noticed by anybody.

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2. Mexican Lady Tattoo

Image: @dark_pain_augsburg 

La Chica’s magnificent femme Fatales continue to be among the most striking and well-liked Chicano-inspired designs thanks to the skillful use of black and gray ink and a photo-realistic technique.

3. Number Mexican Tattoo

Image: @dani_radicalart

Black and gray ink, as well as the skillful use of delicate lines and subtle shading, are characteristics of Mexican tattoo design. This tattoo design is the perfect example of one with two roses and the number “999.”

4. Haunted Mexican Tattoo

Image: @dani_radicalart

This jester tattoo design, done in Mexican style and inked on the forearm, has a lot of shading and looks menacing and scary.  

5. Red Eye Mexican Tattoo

Image: @aztekyta_tattoo

This Eye of Providence tattoo in Mexican style has a red eye in a triangle and is a very elaborate tattoo design. 

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6. Mexican Queen Tattoo

Image: @quyettattoos

This black and gray realism tattoo featuring a woman with a crown on her head and a rose flower with petals made of dollar bills looks fascinating. The Aztec signs on the woman’s face and the clown nose make it eye-catching.

7. Hercules Mexican Tattoo

Image: @delrioink

Hercules, the son of Jupiter and the human Alcmena, is the Roman counterpart of the Greek heavenly hero Heracles. You can get this tattoo done in Mexican style. 

8. Mexican Joker Tattoo

Image: @doppel_sic

This joker tattoo is done in Mexican style with “Stay strong “ lettering inked on the forearm, has a lot of detail and shading and looks horrifying and mystical simultaneously. 

9. Flowered Skull Of Mexican Tattoo

Image: @furimmertattooroma

A widespread Mexican tattoo design, Skulls constantly remind us of our mortality. But that’s a beautiful thing to remember since it motivates us to give our lives our best and act with enthusiasm, bravery, and audacity.

10. Mexican Wordings Tattoo

Image: @aztekyta_tattoo

This tattoo inked on the chest comprises wording in Mexican style. It translates to “loyalty is the beauty of any human being.”

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11. Mexican Girl Tattoo

Image: @kainskellington

This colorful tattoo inked on the thigh features a Disney anime character with detailing characteristic of a Mexican tattooed design.

12. Mexican Tiger Tattoo

Image: @saul_langarica

The jaguar tattoos are one of the few that represent Mexico and its culture. Aztec and Mayan kings used jaguars to express their power and position. 

13. Jesus Mexican Tattoo

Image: @dropouttattoostudio

The Mexicans are deeply religious, and Mexican tattoos have a lot of religious symbolism and figurines that people like to get inked.

14. Lord Mary Of Mexican Tattoo

Image: @momeink

The Virgin Mary is another of the most popular Mexican tattoo designs. She is a significant religious and cultural icon.

15. Mexican Snake Tattoo

Image: @johno_tattoos

This Mexican tattoo design inked on the inner upper arm features a winged serpent god with roses done in red ink that looks mesmerizing.

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16. Lovely Mexican Tattoo

Image: @thonatyw_mandujano

This is another beautiful Mexican tattoo design that has a girl with an elaborate wolf cap on her head that has a mystical air about it. 

17. Mexican Sculpture Tattoo

Image: @santacalavera_tattoo

This Aztec symbol is the root of authentic Mexican culture. Aztec and Mayan pre-Hispanic civilizations existed in southern Mexico, on the Yucatan peninsula, in Guatemala, Belize, and farther south.

18. Mexican Dog Tattoo

Image: @ah_puck_tattoo

This tattoo features a gnarling dog inked with a lot of shading and bold black lines. 

19. Mexican Symbol Tattoo

Image: @joice.jca_

The tattoo shown in the picture has the Eye of Horus, also known as the wedjat eye or udjat eye, which is found in ancient Egyptian religion and stands for protection, well-being, and healing.

20. Mexican Joker Tattoo

Image: @did.tattoo.ink

A very elaborate tattoo design with exquisite detail, consistent use of thin lines, and smooth shading to create contrast make them remarkable odes to the hardscrabble existence that gave rise to the Chicano style.

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21. Mexican Wolf Tattoo

Image: @ed_carriyo

This tattoo features a terrifying-looking wolf and is part of a sleeve or a patchwork tattoo. 

22. Great Mexican Tattoo

Image: @tat2howie

The pin-up girls are a massive hit among Mexican tattoo enthusiasts; this tattoo is a fine example. 

23. Mexican Dragon Tattoo

Image: @joice.jca_

If you want a minimalist Mexican tattoo, get this dragon inked on the hand with its tail towards the middle finger.

24. Grateful Mexican Tattoo

Image: @whoiswisecrack

This beautiful angel tattoo design is inked on the elbow with the angel having bat wings and climbing a wire with sharp protruding ends. 

25. Money Rose Mexican Tattoo

Image: @baponeink

This tattoo features money rose inked on the hand and has a lot of shading. 

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26. Lotus Mexican Tattoo

Image: @acspengler

A gorgeous Aztec Lotus design is inked on the back and has a strong Mexican connection.

27. Grave Man Mexican Tattoo

Image: @nomadas_estudio

This tattoo features a knight in a complete dress ensemble, a sword, and large angel wings. 

28. Chicano Girl Of Mexican Tattoo

Image: @nikztattoo_bali

An eye-catching tattoo featuring a Mexican gangsta girl with a smoking gun in her hand is amusing because of the addition of bullets and the joker’s nose.

29. Bat Mexican Tattoo

Image: @buitron

This Mexican tattoo design comprises a scary and fiery-looking bat inked on the wrist. 

30. Fish Mexican Tattoo

Image: @aztekyta_tattoo

A fish tattoo symbolizes power, insight, wealth, plenty, and sexual vigor. This elaborate fish tattoo inked on the upper arm has lots of details.

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31. Mexican Snake Tattoo

Image: @zaniela_la

The snake is a traditional symbol of strength, fertility, seduction, rebirth, and more. The flexibility to wrap or coil around any item you wish makes it a symbol usable in various designs. 

32. Traditional Mexican Tattoo

Image: @frank.z.tattooer

This traditional tattoo features a skull with a headdress of feathers, a prevalent Aztec symbol. 

33. Moon Wolf Mexican Tattoo

Image: @tatuajes_razor13

A wolf tattoo with a moon may represent your connection to your intuitive side. It may also represent the witchcraft symbolism of wolves: commitment and tenacity.

34. Admiring Mexican Tattoo

Image: @styletattoos1

This beautiful tattoo design features a girl with a rose and has excellent detailing and Aztec symbols. 

35. A Crying Girl Mexican Tattoo

Image: @blinkys_ink

This crying girl tattoo design in Chicano style is inked on the outer upper thigh and will be a show stopper. 

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36. Masked Mexican Tattoo

Image: @jackie_led

The smiling and sobbing theatrical masks are frequent design components, along with the adage “laugh now, cry later.” These neat designs are excellent illustrations of this classic Chicano tattoo.

37. Adorable Mexican Tattoo

Image: @calli_acatl97

This charming and adorable Mexican tattoo features an Aztec child with a headgear of feathers and some badge. He looks like the prince of some clan or tribe. 

38. Capricorn Girl Of Mexican Tattoo

Image: @destiny_ink.7

A lovely twist is given to the she-goat, representing the Capricorn sign. Here, a woman with a protruding tongue and horns on her head and blue eyes looks very powerful. 

39. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @studioslasvegastattoo

This tattoo features a chief of a tribe or clan who used to be there in the Aztec and Mayan civilization. This tattoo has solid Mexican cultural roots. 

40. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @victor.cal.tattoo

If you want a quirky tattoo, get this witch tattoo inked on yourself. It is sure to attract many eyes. 

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41. Colorful Mexican Tattoo

Image: @inktlan

Watercolor tattoos are all the rage now as they bring out beautiful colors and make the tattoo appear realistic and vibrant. 

42. Mexican Dragon Tattoo

Image: @ah_puck_tattoo

The deity Quetzalcoatl appears as a vast, feathered snake. He is one of the most potent gods in Aztec mythology and the deity of many things, including knowledge, creativity, daybreak, and fertility. Tattoos of Quetzalcoatl often symbolize inventiveness, tenacity, and wisdom.

43. Sad Mexican Tattoo

Image: @faarze

This tattoo features the heart-shaped face of a sad boy—an effortless and minimalist tattoo design

44. Dual Mexican Tattoo

Image: @ah_puck_tattoo

This colorful tattoo design features a menacing-looking serpent with two facets representing the duality in everything. 

45. Chef Mexican Tattoo

Image: @dashenzee

This tattoo design has a skull with a knife in one hand and a fork in the other, with a chef, inked on the hands. 

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46. Mexican Butterfly Tattoo

Image: @amarantoso

Butterflies symbolize freedom and transformation, and this butterfly inked on the hand looks pretty and lovely. 

47. Mexican Bird Tattoo

Image: @ah_puck_tattoo

The hummingbird has a significant role in Mexican culture. Hummingbirds are said to be messengers between the souls of the dead in heaven and those still living on Earth, according to one of the old myths surrounding them.

48. Mexican Pigeon Tattoo

Image: @berserker.ink

This colorful tattoo features a dove with a rose flower in its beak inked on the side of the neck. 

49. Mexican Warrior Tattoo

Image: @victor_marroquin_tattoos

This is a fantastic piece of art. It features a Sparta soldier with full armor and a helmet inked on the whole arm. 

50. Rude Mexican Tattoo

Image: @dianasantacruz.tattoo

The deity Quetzalcoatl appears as a vast, feathered snake. He is one of the most potent gods in Aztec mythology and the deity of many things, including knowledge, creativity, daybreak, and fertility. Tattoos of Quetzalcoatl often symbolize inventiveness, tenacity, and wisdom.

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51. Mexican Fence Eye Tattoo

Image: @stephencatherall

This enigmatic-looking Mexican tattoo features an eye in a fence and stretches from hand to arm. 

52. Mexican Couple Tattoo

Image: @guerreroink_tattoos

This tattoo inked on the inner forearm is a memorial tattoo with the letters “RIP Leola” done in black and gray.

53. Sun Mexican Tattoo

Image: @yair_mtz

The Celtic sun tattoo, which both men and women choose as a tattoo design, stands for health, fertility, and the origin of life.

54. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @ah_puck_tattoo

This warrior tattoo with full armor, with a shield in one hand and a spear in the other, looks deadly. 

55. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @alfredo_diazflores

This full-back tattoo with Aztec head figurines in the background and the Aztec figure sitting cross-legged inked in between has a lot of detail.

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56. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @jay.ze.tattooer

La Catrina, also known as La Catrina Calavera, is a famous Mexican icon. The French hat of this tall, graceful skeleton lady is florally embellished. She is known as the “Grand Dame of Death” in Mexico.

57. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @lalowoodstattoo

This is another variation of the Quetzalcoatl tattoo. 

58. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @arseck_designs

This tattoo has a roman numeral watch inked on the hand, with some shading on the fingers.

59. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @alessandro_c.t

Skull tattoos, a trendy Mexican design, are inked on the calves of both legs.

60. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @erik_homs

Skull tattoos are a trendy Mexican tattoo design. This tattoo shows a skull with a feather headdress and tribal accessories.

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61. Queen Nefertiti Mexican Tattoo

Image: @yair_mtz

Nefertiti is a representation of feminine strength and beauty. Her name translates to “a lovely lady has arrived.”

62. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @fridakahlotattoo

One of the most significant Mexican painters, Frida Kahlo, was also a political activist, an iconic character, and a representation of the strength and tenacity of women.

63. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @ariastattooshop

An elaborate Mexican tattoo design features an angel sculpture. 

64. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @kintsugii_dre

This tattoo features an ancient Aztec or Mayan civilization symbol.

65. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @es.kthr

This black and gray skull with roses is a trendy Mexican tattoo design.

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66. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @jeker7tattoo

This tattoo has a sculpture inked on the inner forearm. 

67. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @marshall_tto

This Mexican tattoo inked on the forearm has a figure with a dog’s face and a human’s body, along with certain religious symbols.

68. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @corvuz_ink

A colorful and detailed Aztec symbol inked on the thigh is shown in the picture. 

69. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @dykzon_tattoo

This picture shows a variation of the skull tattoo, a trendy Mexican tattoo design. 

70. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @dykzon_tattoo

This gangsta tattoo design features an older man with a beard and an eye patch. 

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71. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @delrioink

This Atlas tattoo design features a man carrying the whole planet on his shoulder. This tattoo represents tenacity, hardship, and strength.

72. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @marshall_tto

This tattoo features Medusa, an apotropaic sign intended to defend against and ward off the bad, similar to the modern evil eye.

73. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @tatuadoreschilangos

A skull with a serpent tattoo design is another variation of popular Mexican tattoos.

74. Mexican tattoos

Image: @gianlucainve_tattooart

This picture shows a Mexican skull tattoo with flowers as eyes and ears. 

75. Mexican Tattoo

Image: @sin_corazon_art

The picture shows the tattoo of an Aztec girl with elaborate headgear and Aztec symbols.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Mexican Tattoo Designs 

What is the name of the Mexican tattoo?

“Chicano tribal tattoos” are the common name for Mexican-inspired designs. Their exquisite designs and profound symbolic significance make them popular accessories. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, a tattoo artist of Hawaiian and Mexican ancestry, is credited with popularizing Chicano tribal tattoos in the United States. Traditional Polynesian and South American motifs inspired many of his tattoos.

Think of getting a tattoo like the indigenous people of Mexico if you want something original and symbolic. These tattoos, which have been around for millennia, are sometimes intricate works of art that convey deep meaning and emotion.

What is the best location for getting a Mexican tattoo design?

There is a wide range of Mexican tattoo styles, so you can get one wherever you choose. A chest is a common place for descriptive tattoos like the Aztec snake or falcon. The back and the leg are also good spots for a traditional Mexican tattoo. In addition, you can get some Mexican tattoo designs on the forearm or the upper arm. 

It’s essential to choose the proper area based on the design of the tattoo. An excellent place to display a little tattoo is on the arm or the site just above the wrist. Try getting a large, descriptive tattoo on your back or chest. You can quickly determine the ideal spot for your Mexican tattoo after you’ve decided on the style you want.

How much do Mexican tattoos cost?

The cost of a Mexican tattoo is similar to any other tattoo, varying only by the specifics of the tattoo’s design, size, and the tattoo artist’s rate per hour. Some Mexican tattoos, particularly Mexican Aztec tattoos, have many intricacies and expansive landscapes.

In other words, the price would be more than that of a “skull candy” tattoo. In addition, some quick and precise tattoo shops may have higher prices—finally, some bill by the hour.

Are there traditional Mexican tattoos?

Yes, there are. The Aztec calendar, the sun, an eagle, or a serpent with feathers are just a few of the numerous Aztec and Mayan tattoo designs that are Mexican in origin. Another excellent option for a tattoo with a Mexican theme is a skeleton or a representation of an Aztec man or woman wearing a headdress.

Who is the goddess of Mexican tattoos?

In Maya mythology, tattooing was tied to the god Acat. Therefore, the Mayans gave tremendous significance to the tattooing practice because they thought getting a tattoo of a god’s image would give the wearer part of that god’s power.