51 Modern Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men with Their Characteristics

Black and grey ink tattoos for men have a unique history as compared to the other styles of tattooing. This style is also known as ‘jailhouse’ tattooing or ‘joint style’ tattooing, especially because these styles of tattoos are believed to have started in prison tattooing.

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Today we will discuss some of the latest black and grey ink tattoos for men with their meanings.

1. Black Grey Ink Tattoos Men

Check out this excellent tattoo artwork that gives a realistic look of older men with a white beard on the right shoulder. It symbolizes the characteristics of the warrior. If you prefer to wear half sleeves shirts, this tattoo suits best on your shoulder.

Image: @lachy_tattoo

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2. Clocked Eye Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

An eye and a clock face representing the iris is a tattoo that has become so common among men. This tattoo connotes an appreciation for the motion of time and the keenness of time management. This tattoo is best suited for those men who know the great worth of time.

Image: @utepucher

3. Terror Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

This tattoo is all about being intelligent, brave, and perceptive enough to conquer significant challenges and protect yourself against evil forces.

Image: @bali_buzzart

4. Gangster Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

An old man with one eye injured, representing someone as a gangster. The Gang members can be identified by their tattoos, which can symbolize loyalty to the group and a warning sign of potential violence.

Image: @yogi_lumina

5. Mask Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

A mask or face represents mask tattoos, usually highlighting or showing strong emotion. The design is often deeply emotional and symbolic to those who wear it. The mask often looks better as a mid-sized to large tattoo, which allows for more detail.

Image: @walysontattoo_

6. In The End Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

This tattoo represents the Chicano culture, which community members earn. They symbolize overcoming struggle, and getting ink on your body is sacred. The primary purpose of Chicano art is to represent the family heritage and cultural roots.

Image: @marcello_asid

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7. Realistic Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

Skull tattoos symbolize overcoming difficult challenges, even overcoming death. They can tell strength and power and offer the wearer protection. Moreover, death, the afterlife, and rebellion are represented by skull tattoos.

Image: @h3w2_inks

8. Floral Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

Every flower tattoo represents a different meaning. In this image, you can see a black-grey floral ink tattoo on the top back of men is a powerful symbol of desire, passion, and perfection.

Image: @victormorenoart_tattoo

9. Houston Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The artist made a magnificent tattoo, a highly detailed small clock with two different dates, and a flying pigeon using black-grey ink. The person’s entire palm is covered in Houston tattoos, yet they appear clear and organized.

Image: @tinteduprudy

10. Rose Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

A snake and rose tattoo can represent many things but is most commonly associated with danger and love. The snake is often considered a symbol of evil and love because the rose is thought to be the most romantic flower.

Image: @tattoodennis

11. Cool Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

You can see a cute fox face tattoo on the top-left arm of men. These animals are often depicted as symbols of strength and endurance. The fox mask tattoo is a popular choice for those who want to show their cunning and deceptive side.

Image: @kidz_tattoo

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12. Back Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

This Okai tattoo looks magnificent on the person’s back, carved with light grey ink. These tattoos are usually meant for men and women in the Japanese community. So, hurry up and visit your nearest tattoo salon to get this beautiful Okai tattoo.

Image: @balitattoogallery

13. The Girl Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

Check out this incredible little girl tattoo showing sadness in her eyes; in this picture, a small girl is holding the hands of her mother and father, and all of them are walking on the beach. The word “amor” is also written on the guy’s shoulder, which means love.

Image: @rodcruz.tattoo

14. Hamburg Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

Warrior tattoos are a symbol of courage, which includes strength, firmness, and struggle. Warrior-style tattoos represent feminism and gender equality. It’s good to remember that there were plenty of female warriors throughout history.

Image: @thomskitattoo

15. Ship Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The meanings connected with the ship tattoo with a compass are beginning of new life, and a way of life, direction, bravery, honor, or even a difficult past.

Image: @mellimullinski

16. Skull Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The human skull tattoo commonly represents death; the person wearing it usually uses it to symbolize that he is not scared of death. In other words, a fear of mortality should not dictate your quality of life.

Image: @tattooer_mayo

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17. Eagle Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The eagle tattoo on the arm of the person looks fabulous, which represents freedom, power, and sovereignty. Many individuals are amazed by the eagle’s symbolism rather than its beauty.

Image: @artikulotattoo2018

18. Snake Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

This realistic tattoo was made by fusing a girl’s face with snakes over her head and mouth on the man’s right shoulder. This tattoo is not only beautiful, but it also attracts attention from everyone around.

Image: @kay_bonke

19. Custom Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

In the given below tattoo, the artist made a script tattoo that features text in a specific font. They can be short phrases and words with different meanings. Script tattoos are beautiful, personal, and unique.

Image: @simon_bc2

20. Mom and Baby Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

A mother and baby tattoo is a symbolic representation of the love that exists between a parent and their child. This tattoo shows the strong bond between a mother and child. This tattoo is very famous among parents.

Image: @irontattoovarese

21. Fantastic Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

This tattoo produces a highly realistic look, and the artist did a very magnificent work. The man’s left arm is fully covered with this tattoo with light red and dark black ink, and looks very attractive.

Image: @bali_buzzart

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22. Bird Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

Bird tattoos are often associated with ideas of freedom, both mentally and physically. There are many different bird designs, each of which has diverse detailed symbolism. They bring joy to us with their colorful feathers and cheerful singing.

Image: @studioartoficial

23. Neck Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

You can see the great art of tattoo work on the male neck. The monster tattoo looks very realistic with black ink. If you want to carve this beautiful tattoo work, visit your nearest tattoo shop.

Image: @luuc.nl

24. Healed Couple Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

A bear tattoo can signify your love of nature, your inquiry for knowledge, your defensive streak, or your love of star-gazing. The bear is also self-contained and strong-willed in the heart.

Image: @jens_bigstreet

25. Terror Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

Skulls bring out meanings of bravery and strength in the face of death, which are great themes for anyone’s next tattoo. It is crucial to find the right design and concept that you are looking for.

Image: @studio_one_chemnitz_zentrum

26. Lion Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

Lion tattoos symbolize bravery, courage, strength, and fearlessness. Generally speaking, there are several qualities associated with lion tattoos, including power, masculinity, royalty, peace, life, and vitality.

Image: @connectarttattoo

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27. Traditional Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The skull and rose tattoo can also symbolize together the birth of a new life as obstacles or enemies have been defeated. It is an elegant design, but at the same time, aggressive and meaningful. But the tattoo looks very attractive on the male’s right arm.

Image: @luis_cruz_tattoo

28. Jesus Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

Jesus’ tattoos symbolize power, faith, and love, which can relate to religious reasons or just symbolize life. People who believe in Jesus often carve Jesus tattoos on their bodies to show how much they believe in Christianity.

Image: @ngguhyansyah

29. Nature Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

Getting a tattoo inspired by nature is a beautiful way to show off your love of the outdoors and adventure. Nature tattoos can represent your sweet relationship with nature and show that you are a nature lover person.

Image: @naradjtatto_new

30. Passion Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

Lady Justice’s tattoos are a dramatic sight and often incredibly powerful. Lady Justice is the combination of the Roman goddess of Justice, Iustitia, and her Greek equivalent, Themis, among others. This tattoo is a symbol and image of the moral force in judicial systems.

Image: @luuc.nl

31. Spirit Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

Spirit tattoos are a form of body art that someone on the path of spiritual growth may choose for their body. Spiritual tattoos often carry in-depth meaning that tells about how a person feels about life and god.

Image: @viktoria.velvet

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32. Fish Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The artist beautifully designed fish and crab on the man’s left shoulder with black-grey ink, giving it a realistic look. The crab has different meanings in other cultures. For example, the Chinese see the crab as a symbol of good luck and masculine potency.

Image: @sally_tattooart

33. God Father Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

This tattoo shows the godfather tattoo on the male left leg, conveying power, the sense of a patriarch, or maybe of a wrathful deity.

Image: @adamz.tattoo

34. Skeleton Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The skeleton tattoo has nothing to do with death. It has precisely the opposite meaning and represents life and longevity. A skull tattoo can symbolize death, immortality, and rebellion, while for others; it can be a symbol of celebration of life.

Image: @colours.of.horizon

35. Happy End Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

An individual’s love for the ocean can also be shown through a wave tattoo. This wave tattoo is connected to the love for the sea by surfers, sailors, and biologists

Image: @happyend_jkt

36. Elephant Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

An elephant tattoo is a universal symbol of strength, loyalty, divinity, and good luck. Overall, an elephant head tattoo can be considered a symbol of good luck, prosperity, wisdom, and protection.

Image: @oleg_urmanov

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37. Portrait Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The Eagle portrait tattoo is an excellent symbol of freedom, but its wings represent much more. It represents freedom, courage, and a keen eye on the goal.

Image: @inkanto_tattoo

38. Leopard Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The grey ink Leopard tattoo illustrates your hunting intuitions, adaptability, and capability to manage any situation to your advantage.

Image: @kothaetattooist_est2015

39. Beerus Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

In the above tattoo, you see a cat wearing traditional Egyptian clothing and ornaments; this tattoo is known as Beerus. Beerus is skilled at destroying entire universes by Whis.

Image: @tatsbyfetti

40. Mickey Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The artist designed the famous cartoon character Mickey Mouse tattoo near the man’s belly, which looks very attractive. A Mickey Mouse tattoo is a symbol of the wearer’s love for the iconic character.

Image: @panjer_ink

41. Leg Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

This tattoo is created with a very realistic appearance that can easily catch the attention of everyone. If you like wearing shorts, this tattoo is the best choice for you, and you can show the public that you are a tattoo lover.

Image: @penjolboy

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42. Joker Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The joker tattoo means a shortage of love and desertion/neglect withdrawn into oneself. The Joker has become a potent symbol on the internet for many people who feel isolated from or angry at society.

Image: @ink.cottage

43. Dynamic Rose Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

Because of their peaceful composition, roses often symbolize beauty and grace. And for just as long, people have been getting rose tattoos to show their love and appreciation for this timeless symbol.

Image: @ink.cottage

44. Cartoon Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The laughing-crying mask tattoo meaning can symbolize the duality of life and how it is always full of ups and downs. It can also be analyzed as a reminder to enjoy a good time before it ends.

Image: @ink.cottage

45. Fish Shell Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

This tattoo symbolizes optimism, a new beginning, freedom, protection, good fortune, and joy. When people get a tattoo, there is often meaning and remembrance attached to the tattoo.

Image: @horijo_tattoo

46. Lion Head Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The lion head tattoo best suits your personality to show that you have strength, bravery, courage, and fearlessness. The lion head tattoos are a popular choice among males.

Image: @mellimullinski

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47. Puppy Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

If you want to show your love and affection for your puppy, the puppy tattoo is the best choice. The puppy tattoo is often designed by those who love their dogs very much.

Image: @sink.tattoo

48. Scissor Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

A scissor tattoo symbolizes cutting ties with someone or something in your life that has brought you down. People often design scissors tattoos to remind them at times to be cautious.

Image: @sbtattoostudiomzr

49. Eye Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

The eye tattoo represents the omnipresent eye of god watching over humankind. The eye tattoo is associated with protection, guidance, knowledge, and clarity.

Image: @inkedasi

50. Bird Skull Black Grey Ink Tattoo Men

As you see, the artist designed a bird skull tattoo on the back of the left arm of men, symbolizing a deeper meaning of life, valuable courage, and the power to rise again after any trouble that might destabilize their balance.

Image: @blutgeld_tattoo_cologne

51. Floral Black Grey Ink Tattoo men

Every flower tattoo holds different meanings, so it’s best to confirm that each flower in your design represents what’s important to you. Floral tattoo stands for purity, gentleness, trust, and respect.

Image: @happyend_jkt

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do black and grey tattoos last?

These tattoos require low maintenance, as they don’t fade quickly and do not require getting periodic touch-ups.

How to take care of black and grey tattoos?

Always avoid wearing tight clothes, as they may rub against the tattoo. Showering is fine, but do not soak it in water.

Are black and grey tattoos less painful?

This doesn’t make any difference whether you choose black and grey ink or colored ink because all tattoos hurt in the same way.

What to consider when you choose your first tattoo?

You should have excellent knowledge about the tattoo you are going to design on your body. Always research that particular tattoo before carving a tattoo.