69 Name Cover Up Tattoos Ideas From Simple And Intricate Style

Last Updated on August 31, 2023

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69 Name Cover Up Tattoos Ideas From Simple And Intricate Style

A tiny tattoo of old lovers’ names can easily be hidden below the countenance of floral tattoo ideas fully shaded enough.

Fading the unwanted or dumb tattoo into the background of a larger piece works well on dark tattoos on the arms of what was once an embarrassing reminder becoming the backdrop of a new or full sleeve. You live and learn, but it doesn’t mean that you have to keep a tattoo you regret visible to you for a lifetime. That’s where the name cover-up tattoo idea comes into a picture. 

Like your relationship, name tattoos don’t have to last longer, and covering them up comes with a completely new tattoo design. 


What tattoos are best for cover-ups?

A tattoo cover-up can be an outstanding solution and a relief and works as a much easier solution to cover an old tattoo with a new one with the help of an expert tattoo artist. Cover-up tattoos are always an option for those who do not want to try having their bad tattoos removed. 

What are the most painful places to get tattoos?

An extended period of irritation and tenderness is what makes a person feel any discomfort and the most painful areas for people to have new images or tattoos include feet, ribs, spine, stomach, fingers, chest, knees, elbow, chin, neck, head and face and the bony part of the ankle. Unfortunately, there is no one size fits all answer regarding how much pain a person can feel. 

How many times can you cover up a tattoo?

The necessity for tattoo with laser removal and the number of sessions depends on:

  • the age of your old tattoo
  • how dark the color cover are in the original tattoo
  • what color cover do you want including in your cover-up tattoo
  • the complexity of the cover-up design.

Is it harder to remove a cover-up tattoo?

A cover-up tattoo can be easily removed just with the help of crafty tattoo artists and by a regular one. The same rules apply depending on the amount of pigmentation, layering, colors used etc. The number of treatments and costs depends on the tattoo and ink, and the number of sessions depends on the tattoo’s size, color, and placement. For safer, faster and effective deeper pigmentation can also remove the cover-up tattoos with expert tattoo artists. 

Can you cover up a dark tattoo?

It is tough to cover black ink tattoos. It is because no other tattoo color dominates the black ink color, so if the tattoo you are talking about is on the lighter side of black, let’s say with some shading and all, it can be covered with a more dark layer and can be done. But if the design is z-black and big, it becomes more challenging to cover up.

Name Cover Up Tattoo Ideas Include:

1. Go Bold 

get something bold and often a little complicated when covering up an old tattoo. Going for plenty of shading, dark and deep colors with lots of detailing instead of a simple line drawing tattoo ideas would be an excellent idea. 

CREDIT: bounty_hunter_jd

2. Go Big Tattoo

Exceeding the original in size that might be visible what you want comes as new tattoo ideas meaning that experimenting with tattoos that were always made in a smaller size. 

CREDIT: andrea_loveink

3. Feather Cover-Up

covering a short piece of text with a density of feather tattoo allows different shades or dark colors blocking concealing words beneath. 

CREDIT: tattooedsails

4. Floral Cover-Up

It is a fantastic option to name cover-up tattoo with a flower and a few roses or petals to give enough density to practical cover-ups for the last name tattoos visible.

CREDIT: laurenmae93tattoos

5. The Minimalist Cover-Up

if you are not looking for big, colorful tattoos, then this is an option you are looking into. Although you will likely have some black ink blocking to tattoo cover up the existing name tattoo, it will not affect minimalist aesthetics. 

CREDIT: missjet.ink

6. Cover Up with Colors 

colors can be an option if you particularly want a fantastic cover-up tattoo. Darker or lighter shades work well, covering up faded text and completely disguising the name with fresh ink, giving something bold, bright, and colorful. 

CREDIT:  teenaleite

7. Animal Cover-Ups

this animal cover up tattoo works when the name tattoo is significant and with enough details to mask the previous tattoo, the animal image with fine details work. 

CREDITS: rafaserranotattoo

8. Bird Cover-Ups

Doing this covering up an old tattoo with wings or free bird span ensures that the name tattoo is a great choice.  

CREDIT: beccambtattoo

9. Wing Cover-Up

Wings work exceptionally well as they can easily cover the expanse of the existing tattoo with a perfect shape to cover text. 

CREDIT: mac_tattoos_original

10. Butterfly Cover-ups 

opting for a graceful design of any size to cover up medium or small name cover up tattoos shows off the skills.

CREDIT: kirstyboo10

11. Changing Names 

Altering letters to change the name to something or somebody else generally works as long as they can work with original letters and modify them.  

CREDIT: rupintart_com

12. Skull Tattoo 

to give a quirky and masculine tattoo design, the skull cover tattoo ideas help conceal different names depending on the size and age of the previous tattoo. 

CREDITS: kaguya_tattoo

13. Mandala Cover-Up 

it is a popular and most superb option to cover older tattoos effortlessly for apparent reasons like its uniformity and the tattoo designs. 

CREDIT: deus_tattoos

14. Forest Forearm 

Forest forearm is one of the best name cover up tattoo designs. As a sign of need, the forest tattoo is a proud design to show protectors around nature. With abundance in life, it is a sign of inner peace, rejuvenation, life and much more. The tattoo design can be looked at from different perspectives. 


15. Dragon Cover-Up Tattoo

It effortlessly covers one’s shoulder or entire back and helps conceal older or previous tattoos. 

CREDIT: revivaltattoostudio

16. Cross Tattoo

Hiding a single letter under a cross tattoo cover-ups works well and is also an excellent choice for youngsters these days. 

CREDIT: leetattooxii

17. Owl Back

it is the classiest option to cover older tattoos by representing wisdom, mystery and the afterlife. 

CREDIT: suncity_montana

18. Peacock Tattoo 

conceals a name tattoo on the back with a giant tattoo with different inks and colors.

CREDIT: tat2dmouse_tattoos

Use of new ink colors

19. Star Crossed Tattoo

When you are no longer star crossed lover and need a new ink galaxy to cover up the older tattoo then go for this tattoo this is a good tattoo cover.

CREDIT: tillinger_lilla_tattoo

20. Fish Cover Up Tattoo

It’s time to get a beautiful fish tattoo on my ex-name tattoo so if you share the same feeling you can get this tattoo today. 

CREDIT: samuelamaggi

21. Long Lasting Tattoo

Replace the tattoo with the love that is undoubtedly going to last either or with food, now there’s a love that will never die!

CREDIT: upsettertattoo

22. 3D Name Cover-Up

Having a 3D tattoo of a spider for many people feels less creepy than having their ex’s name, moreover because the legs and body art help cover up the name of a person. 

CREDIT: bonnieandclydeuk

23. Smudgy Initial Tattoo

Allow smudgy initials to blossom into something new.

CREDIT: nareshtyson6072

24. Bee Tattoo

An adorable bee can help make the name tattoos completely invisible with bold lines and with the disappearing of the old tattoo you can have a cool new bee tattoo.

CREDIT: lemondragontattoo

25. Batman Tattoo Idea

The bold and blocky design of Batman helped swallow up every trace of the former lover. 

CREDIT: bloodline_tattoo_bar

26. Tribal Cover-Up Tattoo

A modified tribal design is a good statement that works by simply expanding the tattoo allowed to absorb the name in its elegant design and your wish of getting a tribal tattoo will also fulfilled.

CREDIT: worldfamousink

27. Floral Cover-Up Tattoo

Tramp stamp replacement got some gorgeous beautiful rose to replace him claiming on the body art and finally creating an artistic impression.

CREDIT: cezy_tat_queen

28. Date Cover-Up Tattoo

A newfound beginning of a relationship can be possible by giving a unique shape to the date that draws your attention and covers up the date that was previously important.

CREDITS: jerryluckycat

29. Hourglass Design

The unique design of the hourglass seeps into one another, showing a symbol of eternity and consistency and the hourglass also is for demonstrating the passing of time.

CREDIT: mikietatt2

30. Butterfly Tattoo Design 

Covering up the mini memories with little butterflies, sparkles or flowers peeking out over the edges are not the worst and good chance for tattoo artists to show skills.

CREDIT: javy626boy

31. Coffin Tattoo Design 

Making sad memories into lovely dreams with a simple, eye-catching coffin of flowers is simply a memory we all need to make up for gloomy days and things and memories. 

CREDIT: fatboy562ink

32. Rewriting Font Tattoo

Re-writing the name of a person in different styles or fonts makes it appear suitable and show the person how much he means to you, also you can get the name replicating the writing of that person. 

CREDIT: lucky9tattoo

33. Raven Tattoo Idea

A raven is the best option to remove all evidence of Lenore in your life and raven are engaging and have been an important part of communication since ancient times.

CREDIT: tattoostudioreddragon

34. Diamond Cover-Up Tattoo

Completely hide that newly broken heart with something reliable such as a diamond and diamonds are perfect because they represent strength.


CREDIT: juniorstarness

35. Large Cover-Up Tattoo  

Finding a new love altogether to cover up the older name is best and will help you wipe off memories in the most symbolic ways and help you create new beautiful ones. 

CREDITS: inkedupmala

36. Initials Cover-Up

Creating your favorite hobby on the initials of your past relationship will probably help remove memories and remind you of excelling in that hobby with a full heart.

CREDIT: stainedskinss

37. Monarch Butterfly Tattoo

The relationship may not have lasted probably forever, but the love for monarch butterflies likely will because of the beauty of these creatures.

CREDIT: taracrespitattoos

38. Mythical Tattoo Idea 

Get yourself a mythical figure to guide you through all your heartache and you can take this opportunity to get a creature in which you lie your faith and trust.

CREDITS: inkbymrod

39. Royalty Cover-Up Tattoo

Realize that you are a goddamn royalty by making a crown on the name of the person and burying the existence of that person in your life and feeling good and monarchy.  

CREDIT: paulhartingtattoo

40. Ex-partner Cover-Up Tattoo

Flaunt your strength in the name of your ex-partner in a unique and solid way and the tattoo is to remind you that you flawlessly gained the strength to overcome.

CREDIT: sketchedlilly

Cover up tattoo ideas

41. Enlarged Tattoo Idea

Forget trying to cover up with something elaborate and just let everyone know that the relationship is void permanently and you need no tattoo for that. 

CREDIT: ryanbrayart

42. Purple Flower Tattoo

It turned out this has an extra letter as you caught him cheating on another one; well, now it’s a pretty purple flower tattoo, and you know that a flower is well deserved in this place instead of a cheater’s name. 

CREDIT: mechamermaidtattoo

43. Zodiac Cover-Up Tattoo

Not every partner tattoo has to be a name, as some have a zodiac symbol without a cover-up that doesn’t have to be evident after the breakup, so modify that zodiac sign today.

CREDIT: mac_tattoos_original

44. Scribbling Tattoo Idea

Scribbling out an ex’s name and pointing it out is a mistake as asked about it and whether telling it truth or not, instead you have to use this as an opportunity to get an influential tattoo.

CREDITS: shi_vaay_tattooz

45. Ex-Name Cover-Up Tattoo

 Instead of his name, having a vast, gorgeous feather tattoo with part of those wings flapped to get the heck away from ex name cover up tattoo symbolizes freedom. 

CREDIT: mftatu

46. Simple Cross Tattoo

It takes a big man to admit his mistakes and cross them with those with permanent ink and then again correct them with quickly running out of arm space so if this is your case then you can take the idea.  

CREDITS: spokenhandtattoo

47. Bird of Prey Tattoo

The vicious bird of prey comes down and snatches the name away forever and also deleted the number from the phone and unfriended her from social media websites and pictures in your house. 

CREDIT: tifanytattoo 

48. Illusion Cover-Up Tattoo

Opting for certain illusions to improve the overall look of the tattoo by correcting spelling helps accomplish desired outcomes. 

CREDITS: aninkfreak

49. Geometrical Tattoo

Using geometrical and abstract shades to create a symmetrical detail to finish tattoo cover ups that can eliminate the past gloom.  

CREDIT: rosered_tattoo

50. Sorry, Wendy and No Edward Tattoo

It is another way to protect remove the ex and cover up to make some bad feelings about the relationship that you are in this time by working upon the name and modifying it.

CREDIT: sirstaxalot 

51. Excellent Cover-Up Tattoo 

It is for a tattoo on your left-hand ring finger to tattoo wedding ring design for the exact reasons and if you do not know, people wear engagement and wedding rings on specific fingers.

CREDIT: sabrytrymy

52. Lighting The Feather

The name no longer hangs heavy on this woman’s heart and now his memory is now light as a feather taking shape as a long blue feather with a long stem which is everything that remains with the woman’s name covering up tattoos.

CREDIT: ladycharlotteink 

53. Medusa Cover-Up Tattoo 

Do you have a portrait of your ex on your arm? Sorry, but Medusa’s hair is better, and it just has more movement and you should probably gain momentum and remove that portray of an ex to make an awesome new tattoo. 

CREDIT: coimbatore_lady_tattoo_artist

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Some more name Cover-up ideas just for you include:

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CREDIT: jw.inkrypt

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