61 Amazing Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design 

A tattoo cover-up, as the name suggests, is a tattoo that is intended to conceal another tattoo. Cover-ups can be applied for a variety of purposes, such as to cover gang tattoos or to alter an existing design to make it more intriguing or aesthetically beautiful.

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A cover-up tattoo is a new design that is inked over an old one such that the old tattoo is either hidden or incorporated into the new artwork. In fact, you have a tattoo over an existing tattoo.

A tattoo cover-up might be useful for someone who is okay with having a tattoo in the exact location but desires a new, modern design or wishes to conceal the existing tattoo.

For instance, someone who got a stick and pokes tattoo on their foot from a friend in high school can feel they’re ready for something more formal. They may collaborate with a tattoo artist to create a lovely new flower design that includes the poke tattoo’s black dye while entirely covering the original.

If you just want to add a new piece to your body without requiring several sessions of laser removal, a cover-up tattoo can be an excellent option for you

Stomach tattoos

The stomach is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo; therefore stomach tattoo is not for the weak of the heart people. This location ranks high on the pain scale because of the area’s sensitivity.

Depending on your gender, the pain level will range from high to severe. It is one of the most adaptable places to be tattooed, so don’t let it discourage you. You can select brief, straightforward tattoos that are attractive to people who favor a minimalistic style. Or choose something substantial and intricate.

Additionally, the stomach is simply covered, allowing you to display the body art whenever you choose. Your capacity to endure the pain of the inking may also convey a potent message about inner fortitude and resiliency, deepening the tattoo’s significance.

Check out our ideal choice of tattoo art cover-up designs for you, whether you desire a mixed or a straightforward symbols design.

1.  Flower Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Flower tattoos are symbolic and connected with life, development, and love. You may select from a wide variety of flowers, each with its own meaning. This tattoo design is perfect for you if you want to flaunt your attractive personality to others. It has the perfect shading with the best outlining. You can easily show off your tattoo with a cute crop top.

Image: @skinmachinetattoo

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2. Horror Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

This is the coolest style to cover an old tattoo. The artist has done the shading of this tattoo very neatly and beautifully. Moreover, this full stomach is the finest choice for someone looking for something different and unique. The artist has given the tattoo a perfect outline, which not only helps to cover an old tattoo but also complements the tattoo design.

Image: @k_okai

3. Rose Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Rose tattoos are the perfect choice for women to flaunt their romantic side. This dark ink red tattoo is the most unique way to cover the scars or old tattoos you want to remove. The blue color highlight of the tattoo gives it more uniqueness and boldness. If you want to cover your old scars in a lovely way, this tattoo is a perfect choice

Image: @inkedupdawn

4. Bear Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

This bold and dark color tattoo is the perfect way to show your bravest side. Bears serve as a symbol of fighting spirit and bravery. The artist uses different colors very neatly to represent his best masterpiece. You can cover your small tattoos which were done wrongly by the tattoo artist in the past with amazing creative work.

Image: @newenglandtattooexpo

5. Butterfly Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

The butterfly is one of the most exquisite patterns for both men and women. Additionally, it is symbolic, standing for development, beauty, and change. A butterfly tattoo may make a strong statement about how you are going through a transitional moment in your life. Moreover, the tattoo artist uses a light black color to carve this tattoo, and the shading of the tattoo makes it more attractive.

Image: @elizabeth.tattoos

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6. Wings Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Angel wings that are done in a single color seem more realistic, mainly when it is a huge and complex tattoo. This would be an excellent approach to choose if you wanted to obtain this body art on your stomach. This tattoo is a wonderful choice for women who want to flaunt their body art while being discreet. You can hide the tattoo whenever you want with your full tops. 

Image: @wink.tattoo.studio


7. Ship Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Covering up an old tattoo is the most difficult task. You can make this task easier by finding an appropriate tattoo artist. An appropriate tattoo artist can draw whichever style you want to cover your old tattoos, including this most complicated ship tattoo.

If you love the blue ocean, then this tattoo can be a perfect choice for you. The artist draws the shading of this tattoo very cleanly to represent the waves and direction of the wind. This tattoo can be considered an excellent piece by the artist.

Image: @wildzerotattoo

8. Bat Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Due to the fact that bats sleep upside down, they might be seen as a symbol of rebirth. Cover up your tattoos and scars with this bold and dark tattoo. The artist draws this tattoo very neatly to show the little details of the tattoo. Moreover, our stomach offers a large space to the artist to draw long and beautiful designs.

Image: @maz_tattoo

9. Women Face Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Cover almost any area of your stomach with this amazing artwork. This tattoo is enough to express your inner feelings and thoughts. Furthermore, the outlining and shading of the tattoo are done so nicely that they will surely help you grab the public’s attention during any pool party.

Image: @black_velvet_ink_

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10. Dragon Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Dragon tattoos are a fantastic choice for a stomach design since the region allows you to be creative while displaying your dragon in stunning detail. Tattoos of dragons stand for strength, knowledge, and bravery. This powerful artwork will inspire you to fall in love with dragons and all their amazing glory.

Image: @lui.kazuki


11. Pig Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

If you have keloids or scars that you want to cover with something bold, then this dark pig stomach tattoo is the right choice. The design of this tattoo design is properly different from the other or regular tattoos. If you love to try experiments in your life, this tattoo is the perfect option. You should get this tattoo only if you have a great threshold.

Image: @jamesalexandertattoos


12. Bird Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Represent your powerful thoughts with this amazing tattoo. A bird tattoo might symbolize your desire to be free from physical and emotional limitations and serve as a constant reminder to take chances and enjoy each day to the fullest. Furthermore, the artist uses different shades to draw the little things and details in the tattoo.

Image: @intodust.tattoo

13. Durga Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Many of the world’s most beautiful tattoos are inspired by ancient spiritual rituals from across the globe, and the Durga tattoo is one of them. This tattoo has a spiritual history with Indian culture. Most people get this tattoo on a different part of the body, including the arm or back, with different colors. The artist uses black color to draw each detail of the tattoo very nicely.

Image: @leo_tattooz

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14. Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

People who want to stand out with their body art should get a medusa tattoo. Numerous images of Medusa exist; therefore, your design may be interpreted in different ways. She represents death, wickedness, and jealousy to some people. Moreover, if you want a tattoo to cover the full area of your stomach, this is a perfect choice.

Image: @iankokkeler

15. Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Show the brave and powerful side to everyone with this stunning tattoo. The artist uses line work to represent the small details of the tattoo. Furthermore, the lions appear in the holy and secular writings of several civilizations and are depicted in artwork and sculptures that can be found worldwide. The shading of this tattoo is sufficient to cover up the old tattoos.

Image: @trazhilltattoos

16. Goat Face Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Although you don’t see goat tattoos very frequently, they are highly distinctive and fascinating tattoo designs. These kinds of tattoos are flirty and really attractive. This dark black ink tattoo with little shading is labeled the artist’s best work.

Image: @ckctattoo

17. Samurai Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Samurai-themed tattoos are prevalent in Japan and are gradually becoming more common. Samurai-themed tattoos are typically vibrant and elaborate. Both the styles and the colors used to depict them are varied. The artist has perfectly used dark black ink to represent his masterpiece.

Image: @cardiff.ink.tattoo

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18. Owl Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

This owl tattoo perfectly covers the old tattoo with its deep shading. Furthermore, the owl is a symbol of knowledge, wizardry, and wisdom. Numerous civilizations value the owl, including the Native Americans, who saw it as a messenger or harbinger of death. This tattoo is the most unique and beautiful tattoo.

Image: @terrybrowntattoos

19. Octopus Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Octopus tattoos can be striking and colorful, threatening or understated, but they are always meaningful. This black color tattoo is perfect for someone who wants to show his unique side to everyone. This tattoo can cover up the small-size tattoo.

Image: @tattoosbyily

20. Tiger Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Are you looking for a tiger tattoo with some realistic views? Try this lovely tattoo which has great use of shading, contrast, and 3D designs. You can obviously sense this tiger’s might and power. And part of it might be attributed to the scale of the artwork; a small tiger tattoo wouldn’t have the same effect.

Image: @johnthrasherthiel

21. Crocodile Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

This lower stomach tattoo is available for men and women in various styles and hues. Whenever it comes to inking your body, one should always be selective when deciding which symbol or design is most acceptable or appealing; after all, an individual will be wearing it for the rest of his life.

Image: @davewinntattoo

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22. Dog Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Celebrate your forever bond with your dogs with this lovely tattoo. The shading of this tattoo is done so perfectly that it properly complements the belly button piercing jewelry. Moreover, this fantastic sharp art tattoo is the perfect choice for the one who always wants something unique because of its flawless shading.

Image: @jasonallenaz

23. Lion Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Show your brave side to everyone with this full-stomach lion tattoo which is the best way to cover up any previous tattoo. In order to produce various colors of grey, black ink is first utilized and then thinned off. The entire design elegantly follows the curvature of the shoulders and chest.

Image: @tonys_tatts_n.i

24. Garden Inspiration Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Cover your old flower tattoo with this garden-inspiration tattoo. You can draw this tattoo with different hues and designs, whereas the artist chooses the simple black color to draw this masterpiece. He draws all the little details of the tattoo very neatly.

Image: @bowsertattoos

25. King Cobra Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

The cobra tattoo represents intelligence, power, protection, knowledge, instability, or even evil. This king cobra tattoo is perfectly complementing the chest tattoo. Both tattoos are symbols of bravery and courage. The artist has used the dark black color to draw its flawless shading.

Image: @gazzintegritytattoo

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26. Skull  Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Tattoos are the best way to adorn your body and stomach and offer the artist a great area to draw their masterpiece. Moreover, you can easily hide your stomach tattoos. The tattoo represents your dark or brave side and how you’re not afraid of anything, including death.

Image: @dermalgrafixtattoo

27. Script Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

This tattoo resembles a full cover-up, giving the impression that you are donning a tattoo shirt. The shading of the tattoo is not only giving it a beautiful look but also helps to cover the old ink. It is a unique way to wear a tattoo, and it can also boost your confidence level.

Image: @rob_spider

28. Fox Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

A person should always be picky when picking which pattern is most acceptable or attractive while having it inked on his or her body because they will be wearing it for the rest of their life. This tattoo is the most attractive tattoo; the artist uses different dark colors to represent his best masterpiece.

Image: @weekstattoo

29. Greek Goddess Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

This beautiful tattoo can fascinate you if you appreciate Greek history and culture. Greek goddess was renowned for her intelligence, craftsmanship, and military prowess. She represents herself with a spear, a distaff, and a shield. This tattoo can also be placed on the shoulder, forearm, or bicep.

Image: @spookysophietattoo

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30. Cat Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

The artist has drawn a beautiful cat on the wearer’s stomach, which complements the person’s skin tone. This tattoo can easily cover your old and faded tattoos.

Image: @darkagetattooseattle

31. Dog and Motorbike Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

There are several styles to express your love for bikes, and this tattoo is the perfect combination of traditional tattoos with a modern touch. This blackwork tattoo will represent your endless love and affection for your dogs and bike.

Image: @morteztattoo

32. Sun Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Sun is the symbol of light, brightness, and truth. No doubt you can do a lot of experiments with sun tattoos, but this tattoo is generally a masterpiece. This tattoo looks more attractive because of the shading and outlining.

Image: @xchloeradley

33. Elephant Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

In Indian mythology, elephants are important characters. Indian elephant tattoos are a good choice if you like Indian mythology. This will demonstrate your regal persona and taste. The artist has used light colors to draw its shading. The elephant in the tattoo is covered with various flowers, making it more appealing.

Image: @tattoo_mo_53

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34. Tibetan Flower Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Cover the entire area of your stomach with this unique Tibetan tattoo. This tattoo is a great way to cover small ink tattoos which are now not in good condition. This big-size tattoo fits neatly and looks great on the stomach area.

Image: @silveransalt

35. Kali Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

This fierce Kali tattoo will take your breath away if you’re interested in Hindu mythology and strong patterns. On one side of the tattoo, the artist has used a dark black color to give it a more intense look, and on the other side, he uses only light black color to draw the outlining.

Image: @swayze_tattoos

36. Quote Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

If you want to turn your design into a memorial tattoo, you can choose to include inspirational messages or the name of a loved one who has died away. Due to its size, the stomach makes for an intriguing site. You may choose when and how to display your body art because it can be simply covered up.

Image: @lethal_ink_tattoo_studio_nz

37. Japanese Girl Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

You always have plenty of space to expand your tattoos on your stomach. This tattoo perfectly complements the old chest tattoo and covers the old ink. The artist has used different dark colors to represent this beautiful piece.

Image: @staceylbailham

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38. Horse Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

You will undoubtedly adore this tattoo if you enjoy using attractive designs on yourself and if you have a natural aptitude for creative concepts. This stomach artwork will demonstrate your compassion and willingness to contribute in whatever manner to the world.

Image: @brickhousetattoo

39. Jesus Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Jesus is unquestionably among the most significant historical characters, whether you show Jesus in color or black & white. The artist has drawn a beautiful image of Jesus resting on his mother’s lap. He draws the shading of this tattoo very neatly.

Image: @tattoosbylynn_sdt

40. Lady Pirate Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

This tattoo is totally covering the old inappropriate ink. Instead of using the dark black color, the artist has used blue, white, yellow, and orange color, which completely complements the skin tone of the wearer.

Image: @staceylbailham

41. Berry Leaves and Bird Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Birds and tiny animals are excellent for concealing little tribal tattoos. With this tattoo cover-up, the previous tattoo is changed out for a more modern and superior berry leaves and bird tattoo. It’s a cool method of concealing a tattoo.

Image: @benign_____

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42. Motor Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Many people appreciate the freedom of expression that more abstract techniques allow, and this sensibility also extends to cover-up work. Because of the absence of limits in this technique, the artist may create a design that flawlessly covers the existing tattoo.

Image: @hiakink

43. Skeleton Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

It’s always entertaining to put different tattoos on various stomach locations. If you want a tattoo that covers your entire tummy, get this one. It brings out your personality’s aggressive and ominous side. Therefore, getting this tattoo would be perfect for a man.

Image: @inkbymake

44. Gorilla Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Gorilla tattoos may have a variety of meanings, from their strength and dominance to the concepts of protection and keeping family near. It can be only a tribute to their regular interactions with this animal for some males who work as zoologists.

Image: @the_neon_lady

45. Nataraja Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

If you think of religious tattoos, Lord Shiva may come to mind first. This is undoubtedly the best tattoo design which is based on the lord Nataraja theme. The artist used a fine black color to draw each detail of the tattoo.

Image: @lauragascoynee_tattoo

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46. Garuda Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Garuda contrasts the aesthetic beauty of a well-built human physique with the aesthetic beauty of a bird, unlike some mythical animals, which have relatively peculiar appearances. You can draw this tattoo on the different parts of the body, including the shoulders, with different bold and dark colors.

Image: @luke_satoru

47. Flower Pot Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Flowers can be drawn in a variety of ways, from vivid and realistic finishes to straightforward outlines. This beautiful red-color flower pot tattoo has two swords on both sides, and the flower pot is in the shape of a heart, giving this tattoo a more appealing look.

Image: @mickeyputts

48. Deer Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Deer have a long history with men in the vast outdoors, from hunters to zoologists. Furthermore, this tattoo is the perfect choice for the one who wants to look unique and amazing in the crowd. This tattoo can be considered the best creativity of the artist as he draws the minor details very neatly.

Image: @strangemmmaker

49. Squirrel Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Whether you are a man or a woman, you will fall in love with this charming tattoo. You can see how the artist drew on the squirrel to show how it would cover up the original ink. This tattoo represents the fun-loving side of a person.

Image: @matthewhalltattoo

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50. Biography Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

It’s essential to think about both the design and the style while looking for the ideal stomach tattoo. This tattoo is an epic tattoo that resembles Egyptian culture. This attractive tattoo has symbolic value, which draws the attention of the people to this design.

Image: @auggietattz

51. Chinese Tradition Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Traditional Chinese tattoos are the best way to cover up old tattoos. The artist uses dark black, red, and green colors to give this tattoo a more aesthetic look. This tattoo is an eye-catching tattoo, and everyone will adore your personality with this tattoo.

Image: @thedongarcia8

52. Cyclone Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

This trendy cyclone is a proud symbol for men who want to concentrate on quick movements and numerous points of view. You can notice how skillfully a black paintbrush has covered an old tattoo. It is attractive and abstract, making it ideal for hiding old tattoos.

Image: @fractalpigmento

53. Train Engine Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Train tattoos may appear to be a recent phenomenon, but they are actually a part of an American tradition that has existed for a very long time and is currently seeing a welcome comeback. This type of tattoo allows you to cover your previous bad decisions in a good and smart way.

Image: @bleedingbeautytattoo

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54. Sea Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Applying a tattoo design on a canvas as big as the stomach gives a genuinely ominous and horrifying design a whole new level. This increased scope enables your tattoo artist to add more detail, shading, and color, which may transform a spooky design into a nightmare like this tattoo design.

Image: @countbasic

55. Hand Shake Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Snake handshake tattoos represent one of the most crucial life lessons: putting your faith in others can have significant effects. This lower belly tattoo design with dark and bold colors is ideal for one who wants to show bravery, strength, and the ability to overcome problems.

Image: @travis_stanley

56. Waterfall Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

Waterfall tattoos are wonderfully elegant works of art that have global appeal. This detailed aquatic tattoo is really a unique art. The artist has drawn a very meaningful message from this tattoo. He uses different dark hues to give this tattoo a more artistic look.

Image: @idlehandsf

57. BlackWork Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

The tattoo looks nice in black ink, but you can use different hues to make it stand out more. This tattoo also stands for the owner’s pride in and commitment to their profession or hobby. This tattoo is a perfect way to conceal your old black ink tattoo.

Image: @toritattooss

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58. Castle Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

If you are a tattoo enthusiast, then you should definitely try this castle tattoo to cover your bad decision. This amazing tattoo is perfectly complementing the owl tattoo present on the chest area and the ship tattoo on the rib cage area. The artist used different hues to draw this masterpiece. You can use only black to give this tattoo a more appealing look.

Image: @rafsmiler

59. Eye Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

The eye may represent a number of things, including vision, attention, cognition, and intuition. The eye stomach tattoo is perfectly complementing the chest eye tattoo. These days, 3D tattoos are quite popular, and this 3D eye tattoo is at the top of the list!

Image: @jonestattoos

60. Angry Santa Stomach Tattoo Cover Up Design

A high-quality color tattoo creates an incredible contrast with the natural hues of human skin. Because of the large area of the stomach, an artist can work to create an attractive image like this, and a full-color stomach tattoo like this angry Santa tattoo is even more remarkable when colored extensively.

Image: @painted_lady_az

61. Ladyhead Stomach Tattoos Cover Up Design

The woman with the tattoo shows the rebellious evil present in everyone. It takes quite a bit of bravery for the wearer to ink this stunning pattern as a permanent tattoo. The tattoo’s exquisite attention to detail gives the design a striking and lifelike appearance.

Image: @ryanfukinanderson

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Cover-Up Tattoos Function?

If you feel a cover-up tattoo is the best course of action, it is undoubtedly “How exactly does this work?”

The layers of your skin play a role in the art of cover-up tattoos. Your previous tattoo ink is lodged in the dermis, the layer beneath the upper layers of skin (the epidermis). Additionally, the new ink shade will be deposited in the dermis, blending with the previous shade.

A tattooist must take into account both the old and new colors when choosing ink for your cover-up because of this blending. Additionally, keep in mind that darker inks will predominate. The majority of an old black ink tattoo that has been “covered” in hot pink will probably still be black.

How Long Does It Take For A Tattoo To Fade?

The size of the tattoo and the ink density affect how long the tattoo will take to fade. It will take three to four sessions if the tattoo is enormous and features several colors, such as red, yellow, and blue. However, if the tattoo is black ink and of medium size, the fading can be finished in just two sessions.

So it turns out to be an affordable process that totally hides the old tattoo. Also, fading is accomplished more quickly than total removal. As a result, many tattoo artists advise their customers to have their ink erased at a reputable laser facility.

Which Tattoos Can Be Covered Up?

A tattooist can cover over any tattoo, no matter how large or small. However, before applying the cover-up, you must use laser therapy to lighten or erase the previous tattoo. It is a non-painful permanent remedy that is very advantageous.

The finest outcomes are obtained when the treatment is carried out by a skilled professional utilizing cutting-edge lasers. Additionally, it is the safest tattoo-fading process; therefore, there are no risks involved. So there is a cover-up option for tattoos of all shapes and sizes, whether they cover the neck or the entire leg.

The only prerequisite is that the original tattoo has faded. Additionally, a little tattoo won’t be able to hide a very large one. 

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