55 Marilyn Monroe Tattoos – A Realistic Or Stylized Portrait Of Marilyn Monroe, Capturing Her Iconic Beauty And Features!

Marilyn Monroe is an iconic figure in Hollywood’s golden era. Its beauty, talent, and timeless charm continue to captivate people. Her impact on popular culture is undeniable. It makes her a popular choice for tattoo enthusiasts seeking to pay homage to this legendary icon. By choosing Marilyn Monroe tattoos, individuals can express their appreciation for her beauty, resilience, and the cultural significance she holds.

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Whether you admire her iconic poses, captivating smile, or inspirational quotes, there are numerous design options to explore.

1. Chewing Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A chewing Marilyn Monroe tattoo depicts the iconic image of Marilyn with her mouth open. It captures her youthful charm and playful spirit.

Chewing Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: lady_c_artist

2. Red Dress Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A red dress Marilyn Monroe tattoo features the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe. She is wearing her famous red dress from the movie “The Seven Year Itch,” It symbolizes her sensuality, confidence, and timeless allure.

Red Dress Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: jcoca_tattoos

3. Laughing Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A laughing Marilyn Monroe tattoo captures her infectious laughter and joyful spirit. It showcases her ability to bring happiness to others through her smile.

Laughing Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: inkbyjoeymullen89

4. Painted Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A painted Marilyn Monroe tattoo draws inspiration from pop art. It features vibrant colors, bold brushstrokes, and a stylized depiction of Marilyn Monroe.

Painted Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: best_tattooalternative

5. Gorgeous Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A gorgeous Marilyn Monroe tattoo showcases her timeless beauty and glamorous aura. It emphasizes her iconic features, such as her captivating eyes, signature red lips, and flawless complexion.

Gorgeous Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: jcoca_tattoos

6. Frame Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A frame Marilyn Monroe tattoo incorporates an ornate or decorative frame around Marilyn Monroe’s portrait. It adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the design.

Frame Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: laurensoutherntattoo

7. Printed Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A printed Marilyn Monroe tattoo mimics the appearance of a vintage printed image. It has distressed textures and faded colors. It gives it a nostalgic and timeless aesthetic.

Printed Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: magiccobratattoo

8. Bad Girl Look Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A bad girl looks like Marilyn Monroe’s tattoo depicts Marilyn in a rebellious or edgy style. This tattoo is an independent spirit and adds a contemporary twist to her iconic image.

Bad Girl Look Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: juicetat2s

9. Half Skull of Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A half skull of Marilyn Monroe’s tattoo combines the beauty of Marilyn Monroe with the symbolism of a skull. It represents mortality and the contrast between life and death.

Half Skull of Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: valedrawz

10. Floral Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A floral Marilyn Monroe tattoo incorporates delicate and feminine flowers. Such as roses, lilies, and orchids intertwined with Marilyn Monroe’s portrait.

Floral Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: sinners_circle_tattoo

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11. Back Piece Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A backpiece Marilyn Monroe tattoo covers a significant portion of the wearer’s back. It allows for a larger and more intricate design. It includes Marilyn Monroe’s portrait, quotes, symbols, and scenes from her life.

Back Piece Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: tpkrisztattoo

12. Realistic Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A realistic Marilyn Monroe tattoo aims to capture every detail and feature of Marilyn Monroe’s likeness. It naturally showcases her beauty and iconic image.

Realistic Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: luca_arancio

13. Outliner Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

An outliner Marilyn Monroe tattoo utilizes bold, clean lines to create a minimalist and stylized representation. It features and focuses on the outline and contours of her face.

Outliner Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: zgeeytattoos

14. Smoking Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A smoking Marilyn Monroe tattoo depicts Marilyn holding a cigarette. It references her iconic image from the movie “Some Like It Hot.”

Smoking Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: irkupa

15. Fine Line Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A fine line Marilyn Monroe’s tattoo employs delicate and intricate lines. It is often with minimal shading to create a refined and detailed representation of Marilyn Monroe’s face.

Fine Line Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: tattoofayans

16. Watercolour Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

 A watercolor Marilyn Monroe tattoo features vibrant and fluid brushstrokes. It resembles a watercolor painting, creating a soft and ethereal effect. It results in a unique and artistic tattoo design.

Watercolour Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: julsskull

17. Devil Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A devil Marilyn Monroe tattoo combines the allure of Marilyn Monroe with a devilish twist. It portrays her with devil horns, a mischievous expression. It creates a bold and provocative tattoo design.

Devil Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: black.moon.tattoos

18. Scripted Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A scripted Marilyn Monroe tattoo incorporates Marilyn Monroe’s famous quotes. It is written in an elegant script font, adding a personal touch and emphasizing the power of her words.

Scripted Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: lisehallo.ink

19. Marilyn Monroe In A Mirror  Tattoo

A Marilyn Monroe in a mirror tattoo captures the iconic scene from the movie “Some Like It Hot.” It showcases her beauty and adds depth and visual interest to the tattoo design.

Marilyn Monroe In A Mirror  Tattoo

Credit: tatdew

20. Ornamental Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

An ornamental Marilyn Monroe tattoo combines Marilyn Monroe’s image with intricate and decorative elements. It creates a fusion of beauty and detailed design.

Credit: simonexschmitz

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21. Shaded Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A shaded Marilyn Monroe tattoo combines light and dark shading techniques. The design creates depth and dimension for a realistic, three-dimensional appearance.

Shaded Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: studio42sidcup

22. Touch On Red Lipstick Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A touch on red lipstick Marilyn Monroe’s tattoo highlights Marilyn Monroe’s iconic red lips. It emphasizes their sensual and glamorous appeal. It creates a bold and seductive tattoo design.

Touch On Red Lipstick Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: marilyns_guy

23. Prouded Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A proud Marilyn Monroe tattoo depicts Marilyn with a confident and empowered expression. It showcases her strength, resilience, and determination.

Prouded Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: adinkted

24. Marilyn Monroe with Pistol Tattoo

A Marilyn Monroe with a pistol tattoo references her iconic image from the movie “Niagara.” It symbolizes her strong and independent nature, creating a bold and edgy tattoo.

Marilyn Monroe with Pistol Tattoo

Credit: stompperi

25. Marilyn Monroe With Glass Tattoo

A Marilyn Monroe with a glass tattoo captures her in a moment of elegance and sophistication. It represents glamour and celebration, making for a stylish and refined tattoo design.

Marilyn Monroe With Glass Tattoo

Credit: relentlesstattoosuk

26. Broken Glasses Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A broken glass Marilyn Monroe’s tattoo depicts Marilyn Monroe wearing broken or shattered glasses. It symbolizes the fragility of fame and the challenges she faced in her life.

Broken Glasses Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: inkculture

27. Back Pose Of Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A back pose of Marilyn Monroe’s tattoo showcases Marilyn Monroe from behind. It captures her iconic posture with her dress blowing in the wind.

Back Pose Of Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: therevrik2

28. Singing Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A singing Marilyn Monroe tattoo portrays Marilyn Monroe in a musical moment. It captures her talent and passion for singing. It adds a touch of musicality to the tattoo.

Singing Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: inkspirationuk

29. Poster Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A poster Marilyn Monroe tattoo replicates the aesthetic of vintage movie posters featuring Marilyn Monroe. It has bold typography, vibrant colors, and a retro style. It creates a thoughtful and eye-catching tattoo design.

Poster Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: leotatuaggi

30. Marilyn Monroe With Skull Of roses Tattoo

 A Marilyn Monroe with a skull of roses tattoo combines Marilyn Monroe’s image with the symbolism of a skull and roses. It represents the juxtaposition of beauty and mortality. It creates a powerful and visually striking tattoo design.

Marilyn Monroe With Skull Of roses Tattoo

Credit: andyarchertattooist

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31. Marilyn Monroe And The Joker Tattoo

A Marilyn Monroe and The Joker tattoo combines the iconic images of Marilyn Monroe and The Joker. It creates a fusion of beauty and chaos. It results in a visually striking and conceptually intriguing tattoo design.

Credit: fallenowltattoo

  1. Jewelled Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A jeweled Marilyn Monroe tattoo embellishes Marilyn Monroe’s image with intricate jewelry. It adds a touch of glamour and luxury to the design. It enhances her iconic beauty and creates a visually dazzling tattoo.

Jewelled Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: tattoosampo

33. Stencil Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A stencil Marilyn Monroe tattoo adopts a stencil or graffiti art style. It features bold outlines and graphic elements. It creates a dynamic and contemporary tattoo design.

Stencil Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: lali.tattoo

34. Dead Pool Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A Deadpool Marilyn Monroe tattoo combines the iconic image with Deadpool’s irreverent and comedic nature. It results in a playful and unconventional tattoo design that showcases a fusion of pop culture references.

Dead Pool Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: juankar_tattoo

35. Look Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A “look” Marilyn Monroe tattoo captures a seductive and captivating gaze. It focuses on her eyes as the design’s main feature. It creates a mesmerizing and alluring tattoo.

Look Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: ugo_zuccaro_tattooer

36. Half Face Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A half-face Marilyn Monroe tattoo features a partial portrait. It focuses on one side of her face. It captures her iconic features creating a unique and visually intriguing tattoo design.

Half Face Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: tattoomanyalcin

37. Fairly Happy Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A fairly happy Marilyn Monroe tattoo portrays Marilyn Monroe with a smile or a content expression. It showcases her radiant happiness and joyful spirit.

Fairly Happy Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: sumo178

38. Couple of Roses Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A Couple of Roses Marilyn Monroe’s tattoo combines the elegance of roses with the beauty of her image. It creates a romantic and enchanting tattoo.

Couple of Roses Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: havfruefot

39. Glittering Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A glittering Marilyn Monroe tattoo incorporates shimmering elements or metallic ink to highlight certain aspects of her portrait. It adds a touch of sparkle and glamour to the tattoo design.

Glittering Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: tiff_goosetattoo

40. Hearted Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A hearted Marilyn Monroe tattoo incorporates a heart-shaped frame around her portrait. It represents love, adoration, and passion for the iconic star.

Hearted Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: toni_salonamp

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41. Cartoon Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A cartoon Marilyn Monroe tattoo depicts her in a playful and exaggerated style. It captures her likeness with whimsical elements and vibrant colors. This tattoo design showcases her iconic image with a touch of humor.

Cartoon Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: cowboytattooparlor

42. Perfume Bottle Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A perfume bottle Marilyn Monroe’s tattoo incorporates a stylized depiction of Monroe with a vintage perfume bottle. It symbolizes her status as a timeless beauty and an iconic figure.

Perfume Bottle Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: ventureswith.betsyandbeau

43. Vampire Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A vampire Marilyn Monroe tattoo combines her image with vampire-inspired elements. It creates a fusion of sensuality and darkness.

Vampire Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: theblacklodge

44. Stunning Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A stunning Marilyn Monroe tattoo captures her beauty and elegance with intricate details and realistic shading. It emphasizes her flawless features and radiant presence.

Stunning Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: land.of.sky

45. Goddess Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A goddess, Marilyn Monroe’s tattoo portrays a divine figure. It highlights her beauty and allure with ethereal elements. It represents her as a timeless and transcendent symbol of femininity and grace.

Goddess Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: annsotattoo

46. Bluish Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A bluish Marilyn Monroe tattoo features her image with a blue color scheme. It creates a calm and ethereal effect that adds a unique twist to her iconic appearance.

Bluish Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: johnkulikoff

47. Marilyn Monroe Holding a Fluffy Cat Tattoo

A Marilyn Monroe holding a fluffy cat tattoo portrays Marilyn Monroe in a gentle and nurturing pose. It creates a heartwarming and adorable tattoo design.

Marilyn Monroe Holding a Fluffy Cat Tattoo

Credit: bethanyriverstattoos

48. Dotted Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A dotted Marilyn Monroe tattoo utilizes a stippling or dot work technique to create the design. This beautiful tattoo adds depth and dimension to the artwork.

Dotted Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: mrchris1247

49. Specked Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A specked Marilyn Monroe tattoo incorporates speckles or small dots throughout the design. It adds a unique and artistic element to Marilyn Monroe’s image.

Specked Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: dvs_ink

50. Nail Biting Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A nail-biting Marilyn Monroe tattoo captures Marilyn Monroe in a moment of vulnerability. It creates a tattoo design that conveys depth and complexity in her character.

Nail Biting Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: omryekta

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51. Model Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A model, Marilyn Monroe’s tattoo portrays Marilyn Monroe in a fashion or modeling pose. It showcases her as a symbol of beauty, style, and elegance. It creates a tattoo design that celebrates her influence in the modeling world.

Model Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: rubixv1

52. Masked Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A masked Marilyn Monroe tattoo depicts her wearing a mask. It represents the idea of hidden emotions or a concealed identity. It creates a tattoo design that explores the enigmatic nature of Marilyn Monroe.

Masked Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: rew_lokazo

53. Traction Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A traction Marilyn Monroe tattoo incorporates elements related to cars or automotive culture. It results in a tattoo design that combines two distinct themes in a visually dynamic way.

Traction Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: tattrx

54. Webbed Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A webbed Marilyn Monroe tattoo features spiderwebs or intricate web-like designs. It creates a visually captivating design that represents the entanglements and complexities of fame and celebrity.

Webbed Marilyn Tattoo

Credit: roredlabel

55. Sailor Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

A sailor, Marilyn Monroe’s tattoo pays homage to Marilyn Monroe’s connection to the maritime world. It results in a tattoo design that combines beauty, adventure, and a hint of nostalgia.

Sailor Marilyn Monroe Tattoo

Credit: urmah_sama_tattoos

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Popular Marilyn Monroe Tattoo Designs?

Some popular Marilyn Monroe tattoo designs include her iconic portrait, specific movie scenes, quotes, roses, a red lip, and in vintage pin-up style.

Is Incorporating Marilyn Monroe’s Tattoos With Other Elements Or Symbols Common?

Yes, combining Marilyn Monroe’s tattoos with other elements or symbols that hold personal meaning to the individual is quite common.

Where Is The Best Placement For A Marilyn Monroe Tattoo?

The placement of a Marilyn Monroe tattoo is a personal choice, and it can vary depending on the size and design. Popular placements include the upper arm, forearm, shoulder, back, thigh, or calf.

What Is The Typical Size For A Marilyn Monroe Tattoo?

The size of a Marilyn Monroe tattoo can vary greatly depending on the desired level of detail, placement, and personal preference.

Are Marilyn Monroe Tattoos Only For Women?

No, Marilyn Monroe’s tattoos are not exclusively for women. Many men also get Marilyn Monroe tattoos to celebrate her iconic status and artistic influence.

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