55 Lovely and Adorable Tattoos of Flowers For Hand

Flowers tattoos have become a lot trendy in recent decades, and many new creative ways have come out of doing these. If you are a person who wants a tattoo with good meaning, then you can look at these flowers of all kinds. You will come across even the dainty tattoos that float around Instagram and other social media platforms.

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55 Lovely and Adorable Tattoos of Flowers For Hand

You will have a lot of delicate designs here because we are talking about tattoos on the hand. The flowers symbolize natural beauty and love, so it is an excellent option for everyone.

55 Flower Tattoos Ideas

1. Rose Flower Tattoos

Black color rose tattoo on your hand with an intricate design is a great idea. You can use this tattoo to cover your whole hand.


2. Fancy Small Flower Hand Tattoo

You can use a vibrant purple rose on your hand, and a black color small rose above. Then, use a bright color combination around the rose, like neon orange and green. Plus, add different symbols on the fingers to make the tattoo more visually attractive.


3. Flower Hand Tattoo

Black rose and good-looking leaf in black and grey detailing from the arm to the hand.


4. Fancy Red Flower Tattoo On Hand

Vibrant red rose with green leaves with colorful patterns of flowers and leaves on stems.

You can add a mysterious design with the prominent hand tattoo in the manner of a sleeve tattoo.


5. Fantastic Rose Small Flower Tattoo

Small red rose on one side of the hand with green leaves in the good detailing pattern.


6. Small Flower Tattoo on Hand

Grey shaded rose surrounded with black leaves looks impressive.


7. Attractive Rose Small Flower Tattoo

Quote and rose tattoo, with blue color in the center of the rose, will give the rose a fantasizing look, and you can add a quote with the rose that has meaning to you.


8. Awesome Black Rose Tattoo On Hand For Men

Black color in the background with different designs on the petals with negative space lines on it.


9. Awesome Small Flower Tattoo

Bright red rose with a very mixed color shading of red and maroon. You can add it beneath a tattoo band.


10. Awesome Rose Tattoo   

 Charcoal color rose with a rose sapling at the end.


11. Beautiful Rose Tattoo

The intricate spiral design of the rose with green leaves and realistic-looking lines.


12. Black And Grey Rose Tattoo On Hand

Reasonable design with shading in black and grey gives a raw vintage look, show this tattoo to your tattoo artist.


13. Black Floral Tattoo Designs On Hand

Black rose with a sapling going down from the hand towards the fingers look impressive.


14. Brilliant Rose Flower Tattoo Ideas

A small rose with a bud that is about to sprout on the side of a stem is a unique tattoo and can be seen as a booming of new opportunities.


15. Classic Red Rose Tattoo On Hand

Love written with the rose tattoo is a good idea for a tattoo; the red rose symbolizes passion in love.


16. Classic Rose Tattoo On Hand

Another rose sapling with a band on the arm is impressive as a rose tattoo. In this tattoo, the design of the petals is also done in another format than the usual one.


17. Flower Tattoo On Side Hand For Women

A small flower stem near the thumb of the hand looks cute on women. You can see three dots near and around it. 


18. Flower Tattoo Designs On Hand

Script and words tattooed with the rose look terrific. You can add symbols on the arm by forming a word by writing letters on each finger.


19. Fabulous Rose Tattoo

This is a pink rose tattoo design with yellow petals on the side and light blue background in the tattoo.


20. Elegant Rose Tattoo On Hand

Ligh color rose tattoo with symbols added with the flowers and add letters, and you can even add names of loved ones with it. 


21. Cute Rose Tattoo On Hand

We are starting the stem of the rose from the area where the thumb ends on the hand and then extending towards the hand.


22. Cute Looking Rose Tattoo on Hand

A cute rose made with a sketch on the hand looks impressive.


23. Cute Flowers Tattoo

The rose made in the L shape can signify something, or you can even use it just as a unique tattoo design. Or you can even add a name with this tattoo to look amazing.


24. Cute Flowers Tattoo On Hand

You can add a lily on your add-in black and negative space shading; the lily is the symbol for rebirth and motherhood. So it is the ultimate sign of womanhood, so if you take pride in becoming a mother, then all the ladies can go for this tattoo.


25. Awesome Flower Tattoo

You can add a combination of different flowers to get an authentic tattoo. For instance, look at this tattoo with a lily and some other flower, and the lily is made in black and white, and the other flower is colored in pink.


26. Beautiful Small Flowers Tattoo

Small dainty flowers have become a great attraction now, and getting it simply looks impressive; you can add other symbols to it like a bat and a star with a circle. You can also experiment with other meaningful characters. 


27. Flower Hand Tattoo

Sunflowers are also great for a flower tattoo idea, with one flower made in between two sunflowers.

Have them made in black colors with some leaves.


28. Flower Side Hand Tattoo

Starting and ending with leaves and a flower in between is an excellent tattoo idea.


29. Tiny flower Tattoo

A tiny flower is a great tattoo for a minimalistic tattoo idea with a simple design.


30. Good Looking Rose Tattoo On Hand

This flower tattoo is a good theme for a red-yellow-green color combination tattoo idea; you can get a compass tattoo made with the rose and add tiny black leaves in the background.


31. Butterfly & flower hand tattoo

Pink Dainty flowers with graceful design with a blue butterfly look amazing as an idea. Bud with flowers added on the stem and the blue butterfly is for a good luck charm. Getting a blue butterfly tattoo is thought to bring luck.


32. Stunning Pink Rose Design

The gorgeous light pink rose looks pretty on girls, and the green leaves will add to the visual look of the tattoo.


33. Colorful Pink Flower Hand Tattoo

Pink buds of flowers on the hand look unique; you can have it made using bright colors.


34. Lotus Flower Hand Tattoo

The lotus flowers with the quote begin again script looks attractive. The petals of the lotus look attractive in real life, and you can have the intricate design made on you by several tattoo artists, and it is the symbol for rising above temptation.


35. Amazing Red Flower Tattoo On Left Hand

Great red rose with red color dripping will make a visually attractive tattoo. 


36. Amazing Rose Tattoo on Hand

A triangle on beautifully made black roses is a fantastic tattoo idea. The triangle is the symbol of compassion and wisdom. Look at the work done on the petals of the roses.


37. Awesome Black Rose Tattoo On Hand

A pure black rose is a symbol of death and grief. But you can also get the black rose tattoo if you like the design. Because a black rose using the negative space design looks impressive, look at this tattoo, for example.


38. Awesome Flower Tattoo

Flower in between a flower is an excellent idea for an authentic style tattoo. You can add different colors to the flowers like orange, red, yellow, and green.


39. Awesome Lotus Tattoo

Please have a look at this beautifully done lotus tattoo with so many different colors and a different shape added to it. The flaming red color of fire makes the tattoo look even more dramatic and adds to the artistic expression. Moreover, the meaning behind a lotus is valuable, yet you can get this tattoo today. Colors like purple and blues compliment each other and look amazing together.


40. Awesome Rose Tattoo

Black stripes background with orange rose is an excellent idea for a hand tattoo. The orange rose is a rare sight, so this will make your tattoo one of a kind.


41. Beautiful Rose Tattoo

A graceful rose on the half palm will look amazing as a tattoo.


42. Beautiful Small Flowers Tattoo

Small, simply made flowers starting from the hand and going down to the fingers look overwhelming, and finger tattoo has become a popular choice. If you want a finger and a hand tattoo simultaneously, you can go for this tattoo.


43. Rose Name Tattoo

A Faded rose tattoo with a name on the hand is a good idea to get a tattoo for y a person you love or for a person you loved. You can get it as a sweet memory in tribute to the person.


44. Black And Gray Rose Tattoo On Hand

A Black and gray rose with a butterfly is of scenic beauty, and the butterfly is the symbol for change and transformation; it also shows that you are ready for change and significant changes are coming your way.


45. Blue Rose Tattoo On Hand For Women

Blue rose is used to represent fantasy in animation movies, so if you are attracted to the fantasy world, you can get this tattoo, and it looks great on women, moreover brings luck to the bearer.


46. Brilliant Rose Flower Tattoo

Brilliant rose with graceful negative space; you can use the rose along with this fantastic stem design. It is a fabulous tattoo idea.


47. Sunflower Tattoo

Sunflowers tattoo represents happiness and the bright light in your life. Meaning it is for all those people who bring the ray of joy into your life and makes your life lively. If you have such people in your life, you can get this tattoo, and it can also mean that you will carry happiness with yourself and spread it wherever you go.


48. Colored Rose Tattoo

Vibrant color red rose with different-looking leaves will make your tattoo authentic; for example, look at the leaves of this tattoo with all green, and red at the pointy end; you can also experiment with the color of the leaves similarly.


49. Cool Red Flower Tattoo For Hand

Different unique flowers tattoo ideas, a rose and a green color leaf-like looking flower with cotton flowers whose petals are flowing in the wind look impressive, and you can have the placement adjusted as it suits you. Look at this tattoo for reference. You will love it.


50. Cute Looking Rose Tattoo on Hand

Small dainty, minimalistic rose looks cute on girls and is trendy.


51. Mandala Hand Tattoo

The symbolic meaning of mandalas is for balance and perfection, and Buddhists also use them for meditation purposes. The mandala pattern is very similar to the petals of a flower; moreover, it has a fantastic design, so you can have it clubbed with a flower; it looks brilliant as a tattoo and is unique. You can have letters added with the Mandala on your fingers.


52. Lily Hand Tattoo

A lily symbolizes motherhood and rebirth, so it is an excellent tattoo for women. Look at this lily tattoo which is done beautifully and small pistils and stamens coming out from the lily is a great way to indicate the emergence of new life.


53. Flower Hand Tattoo

Simple blue flowers starting from the hand and going down to the finger are a great tattoo idea. You can see the tattoo mentioned here for your reference.


54. Fabulous Rose Tattoo

Another rose done with good detailing, and light colors can be seen here. 


55. Flower Tattoo On Side Hand For Women

This is an idea for a simple black average size rose for women.


Other flower tattoos that you can go for are Japanese flower tattoos, cherry blossoms, Hibiscus flower tattoo, daisy tattoo, carnation tattoo, birth flower tattoo, state flower, traditional style flower blossom etc.


What are flower tattoos?

The meanings are different for every flower and are multilayered. In the earlier times, they were offered to Gods to show devotion, but with time, their significance changed and was mainly used to show the love between two people and a symbol of natural beauty.

Are flower tattoos Basic?

Flowers have been a common tattoo choice for decades now, but their popularity has given them an image of being a basic tattoo, but that is not true as the flowers can be done in a lot of ways, and they look gorgeous.

Are flower tattoos girly?

It is common for people to observe flowers as feminine tattoos, but it is also a popular choice among men. Therefore, if a man wears a flower tattoo, it does not make him less of a man.

The rich symbolism of the tattoo attracts both genders towards it, and you can also add various symbols to it if you think it has a feminine touch to it.

What does a flower tattoo mean to love?

The flower that has always been the winner to represent love is the rose. Roses are a common sight when couples offer flowers to each other as a token of their love; however, a rose tattoo with a thorn has something to do with pain or depicts an existential loss. Also, the colors of roses change their meanings.

What does a sunflower symbolize?

Sunflowers are the symbol of healing, focus and also for warmth. For the warmth aspect, people get it in appreciation of loved ones being in their life. And in Chinese culture, it is for intelligence, vitality, fortune, and happiness.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to hand tattoos, but the flowers have become infamous because of their multilayered meanings. If you also want a flower tattoo on your hand, you can choose from here according to your hand size and meaning preference.

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