35 Engaging Cute Animal Tattoos Ideas And Designs That Will Look Magnificent

People love to get cute animal tattoos because they tend to relate their personality to some of the traits found in animals; this is why you must have seen a lot of people get the lion or wolf as their animal tattoo.

35 Engaging Cute Animal Tattoos Ideas And Designs That Will Look Magnificent

But all animals have a different kind of meaning associated with them. From this post, you will get an idea of what all animals stand for.

So get one to embrace what you have. Let us glance at all the placements you can choose for your adorable animal tattoo. 

Magnificent Animal Tattoo Ideas

1. Honey Bee Tattoo

The honey bee is the symbol of hard work and cooperation. Suppose you are an environmentalist and have an inclination towards saving the environment and doing something for it.

In that case, you can get the honey bee tattoo as it stands for environmental preservation. You can get it in the real color with a combination of black and yellow or have it done in simple black like it is done here.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @d_hertzogin

2. Hummingbird Tattoo

The hummingbird is the sign of the desire for freedom, and other things they stand for are cheerfulness, positive thinking, honesty, sincerity, and optimism.

The flowers added with the colorful hummingbird are a nice touch for your cool tattoo. 

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @ninagomezb

3. Cute Little Koala Tattoo

The koala is the symbol of kindness, motherhood, and protection. So if you have these qualities in you, you can get a tattoo to depict these things about yourself.

The koala climbs stems as it does in this tattoo so that you can get one similarly.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @szpownk_tattoo

4. Cartoon Shark Tattoo

A shark is a dangerous and fearful creature, but the things it represents are different than its physical appeal. It stands for guidance, protection, and courage.

The cartoon version of the shark looks hilarious with the anchor, which is the symbol for staying firm, and solid during times of trouble and challenging times.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @jaywestsideinktattoos

5. Sleepy Sloth Tattoo

If your favorite thing is to sleep and you relate with this sloth then you maybe attracted to this tattoo.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @daniturkeysammie

6. Cute Butterfly Design Tattoo

The butterfly tattoo is infamous not only as a prominent tattoo, but you will also see it as a secondary element with other kinds of tattoos. The butterfly is the symbol of transformation and change.

You can customize the type of shape and color you want for your butterfly. The tribal butterflies are also a common choice among the people.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @ cggtattoo

7. Tiny Bumble Bee Tattoo

The bumblebee stands for order, duty and positivity. Moreover, these kinds of ankle tattoos have become quite popular among folks who are tattoo enthusiasts as they can be your favorite accessory to flaunt this summer.

You can experiment with the color you want for it.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @ kaattoo.tattoo

8. Giraffe Tattoo

The giraffe stands for the balance between head and heart. It represents the balance that one must maintain between spiritual and worldly matters.

If you see a giraffe in a dream, then it is the sign of a good omen and may bring you a fortune and good luck.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @sudal_blk

9. Whale Tattoo

The whale is symbolic of psychic abilities as it can sense blood and objects from far distances in the ocean.

However, there are also other things that the whale stands for: kindness, faithfulness, peace, balance, harmony, and devotion.  

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @mstattooer

10. Behind The Ear Fox Tattoo

The fox stands for one’s ability for on-the-spot thinking and the power of someone to think on toes and to make good decisions on the spot.

A fox is also associated with wit, so if you are compared to a fox, then it means that you are intelligent and a master of deception.

The neck is a pretty bold place to get any tattoo, as there is a rare chance that you will successfully hide it when you need to. So it tells you that you like to be bold about things.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @patchworkartstudio

11. Small Panda Tattoo 

Pandas are exceptionally playful, and one of you will usually depict your fun-loving nature, but other things that it stands for are peace, calmness, strength, and good luck.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @p.art_tattoo

12. Little Elephant Tattoo

The elephant is the symbol of strength, health, divinity, and good luck. You can go for a similar small elephant tattoo for your wrist or choose a bigger one for another body part.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @michuri.ink

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13. Happy Puppy Tattoo

The animal tattoo does not mean you have to choose to form the animals outside, but you can even get your pet tattooed.

For instance, you can get a tattoo like this one of a cute puppy. Puppy is associated with providing you the path of guidance in dark times of life. 

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @tattooist_jammy.j

14. Baby Otter Tattoo

You even take the creative liberty of creating your organism tattoo. For example, look at this cute tiny tattoo with cute little paws and a tail.

If you are looking for a minimalistic tattoo, then your tattoo artist can show his skill by creating something like this.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @ tuquejaune

15. Little Seahorse Tattoo

The seahorse is a pretty unique creature, and it stands for a lot of things like friendship, fragility, beauty, and love for marine life. You can get it in blue color or a combination of purple and blue.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @eunyutattoo

16. Sleeping Tiger Cub Tattoo

The tiger stands for raw power and strength; however, a tiger cub is the symbol of the perfect balance between power and innocence.

And this particular cub tattoo that is sleeping on a flower is the ideal tattoo as flowers are the symbol of love.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @natyfiletes

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17. Pretty Swan Tattoo

The swans are pretty and graceful creatures that swim around in the water and have deep meaning. They stand for grace, elegance, kindness, wisdom, trust, purity, faithfulness, devotion, harmony, stability, good luck, prosperity, and healing. Get one to inculcate all these in your life.

The roses used at the end of the tattoo and the watery background are a nice touch. 

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @tilda_tattoo

18. Baby Deer Tattoo

The deer is a synonym for spirituality and regeneration. So if you have found that the true meaning of life is towards the spiritual side, you can get a tattoo of the deer done on you today!

Look at the cute little deer done on the ankle here.

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @ashlghflwrs

19. Whale Outline Tattoo

If you are more towards peace, balance, harmony, and devotion, then the whale is the sign of all these things.

But, on the other hand, if you are in for a graceful yet straightforward tattoo, then draw ideas from the tattoo done here. 

Cute Animal tattoos

Image: @nieun_tat2

20. Thumper Design Tattoo

Thumper is an adorable Disney character with which you can fall in love. You can state it basically as a cuter version of a rabbit.

The color scheme of this rabbit tattoo also looks fabulous. 

Tattoo Design

Image: @hemi_tattoo

21. The Aristo cats Tattoo

If you like the animated version of things, get the animal tattoo in that form. Your tattoo artist will use his creativity to create something like the one done here.

For example, look at this embrace cat tattoo. The blue and purple background behind the kitty makes the tattoo look attractive.  

Tattoo Design

Image: @ dark_pirate_art

22. Cute Cartoon Dino Tattoo

Dinosaurs may be the first creatures to step on this earth, but people get their tattoos to admire their mighty strength because they were enormous creatures and had great power.

So if someone has a dinosaur tattoo, it means they have emotional and physical strength. You can go for a cute small tattoo as the one is done here. The artist has added a personal touch to this artistry. 

Tattoo Design

Image: @misspumpkin_tattoo

23. Snoopy Tattoo

Snoopy is also an animated character of a dog, and its tattoo is done for its qualities, like loyalty, imagination, and a curious mind.

It also represents all the things we took for granted while growing up and how we took pleasure in doing the small things in life. 

Tattoo Design

Image: @kaique_borges8

24. Colorful Fishes Tattoo

Fishes also come from different cultures, meaning change in every culture as you must have heard about the Koi fish that ties to Japanese culture and is for perseverance.

However, two fishes together stand for patience, power, wisdom, and prosperity. Therefore, you can choose your favorite colors for the kind of fish tattoo you want.

Tattoo Design

Image: @ah_puck_tattoo

25. New School Giraffe Tattoo

Earlier, we saw a giraffe tattoo that was close to a realistic one but this one is of another scheme with a hint of animation.

So if your mind and heart are also in constant conflict and the thoughts of each one get you all confused, then you can get this tattoo.

The giraffe will help you get a balance in attaining the thought to make a decision. 

Tattoo Design

Image: @emmetuptontattoos

26. Squirt The Little Turtle Tattoo

Another scheme of the animation tattoo is the blue color scheme. This is another way in which you can get an animated character of the animal.

A cute tortoise animal in blue color makes the tattoo pretty unique. 

Tattoo Design

Image: @ikaw_storyzii

27. Pink Hippo tattoo

The pink color used for this hippo looks like the female hippo is done here. The pink hippo is fearless, and she will do anything to protect her children.

The pink color is thought to bring a feminine touch to the tattoo, and you can get it in pink if you are a woman. The tube and the cap with the angel wings make the tattoo grasp. 

Tattoo Design

Image: @tattlov3

28. Siamese Cats Tattoo

Cats are the symbol of resilience; also, if you have a pet cat, then you can get a tattoo to show your love for it. The tattoo done here is one done with creativity.

If you want to make your tattoo unique, this is one way of doing it.

Tattoo Design

Image: @joatwood

29. Cute Mouse Tattoo

The mouse is the symbol of fertility, loyalty, innocence, and shyness. You can make your mouse tattoo in a cute manner like it is done here, and there is one quite famous character of the animated mouse, Jerry.

If you have seen Tom and Jerry, it must already be your favorite character.

Tattoo Design

Image: @mezquiteink

30. Cute Bear Tattoo

The bear stands for things like strength, courage, and tenacity. Bears are cute and lazy creatures, so you can get them to define such personality traits of yours.

Tattoo Design

Image: @snack_ink

31. Rainbow Bunny Tattoo

The rainbow symbolizes a new journey and the new ups and downs that your life awaits. Another thing that this tattoo stands for is showing support for the LQBTQ community.

If you belong to the community or support them, you can go for such a tattoo. The bunny is the sign of physical prowess, fertility, and divine manifestation in nature.

The bunny was placed on the rainbow, which is quite a brilliant idea.  

Tattoo Design

Image: @shockey.tattoos

32. Cute Owl Tattoo

The owl stands for mystery, wisdom, and magic. The native Americans used to take them guides of the afterlife and ones that showed a path for spiritual life.

The owl tattoo has a rich symbolic value representing wisdom, knowledge, and transition. The eyes of this owl make it an adorable one with a dainty stem of leaves.

Tattoo Design

Image: @inkedpandart

33. Sweet Sea Turtle Tattoo

The turtle symbolizes patience, longevity, and the passage of time. You can also get this tattoo if you like to travel or for environmental sustainability.

The turtle belongs to the same family as the tortoise, and they come along with creatures who live the longest in terms of years.

Tattoo Design

Image: @shawna.go

34. Lion Cub Tattoo

Lion cubs show innocence and power; you can use one to show similar things about yourself. The shading of grey and black looks amazing for these kinds of puffy fur designs.

Tattoo Design

Image: @leti.ruggeri

35. Unicorn Horse Cartoon Tattoo

The unicorn is the symbol of magic, freedom, and purity. Other things that a unicorn is associated with are innocence and healing.

You will typically see it done in the rainbow color combination, or you can have it done in any other color scheme that you like.

Tattoo Design

Image: @denise_wolbit

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Frequently Asked Question

What Do Animal Tattoos Mean?

The tattoo community is well acquainted with this practice of making animal tattoos, and it has been years since they are doing it now.

No wonder the mastery they have achieved in creating these in a jaw-dropping manner. The people of ancient times also used to believe in animism or the symbolism used through animals.

The origin of this practice was from the belief that people and animals are connected spiritually and that animals can help humans in physical and spiritual life.

What Are Animal Tattoos?

Some ideas of what to get are rats, dogs, chinchillas, turkeys, alligators, turtles, fish, rabbits, and monkeys. These are among the few tattoos that people prefer for the purpose of identification.

Before the microchip came into being, dog tattoos were most common, and some breeds of them were even required to be tattooed. 

What Is The Most Common Animal Tattoo?

The common and loved tattoos that are seen on people now are Horse Tattoo, Raven tattoos, lion tattoos, peacock tattoos, and Bear tattoos.

Those are the top five tattoos that people prefer.

Which Animal Tattoo Is Lucky?

Panda tattoos are considered the luckiest ones as in China, the Panda is taken as an auspicious symbol, and it is thought of to bring prosperity and luck.

Although they are not that strong, you can’t imagine without difficulty being attacked by a panda.

Why Are Animals Tattooed?

The animal tattooing is done for identification. Animal identification is quite common in the agricultural industry, breeding security, and theft prevention.

Bottom Line

People think of their traits as matching that of some animals, and then they get tattoos to tell the world about this relationship.

But everybody may not get it as all animals stand for different things. So people identify themselves with animals, and if you also do so, get a picture of that animal done on you today.

There are a lot of options to choose from for your ideal tattoo.

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