15 Top Rated Piercing Shops in NYC To Get a Safe Piercing

Piercing Shops in NYC. Taking such a permanent decision at the spur of the moment is utter stupidity. While choosing a tattoo artist, you should first keep in mind that piercing is a permanent and painful decision, and you should conduct detailed research.

It might be challenging to decide where to get pierced physically and geographically, with so many unconventional piercings becoming more and more popular on social media.

Piercing Shops in NYC

Find the full body piercing shops in New York City. It’s simple to locate just about any service, even those that allow us to add a little or a lot of bling to our bodies with the simple prick of a needle.

It’s important to know the tattoo parlors and piercing studios that are hygienic and professional, whether it’s for your nose, belly button, ears, or anywhere that’s a little more intimate. At these renowned body piercing stores, lessen your first anxieties or continue your decorating.

Are you too searching for a piercing pro who can give you a perfect piercing without any allergies? We have compiled a list of the most popular tattoo shops in NYC from where you can get poked.

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1. Studio 28

Custom tattoo studio Studio 28 Tattoos is conveniently situated in Manhattan, New York City. In terms of hygiene, tattoo quality, and client service, they continually try to be the best. See why they are the greatest by looking at their artist portfolios!

In addition to housing some of the top body piercers and tattoo artists in the city, Studio 28 was built to offer its customers a tidy and welcoming environment. Since they first launched, they have focused on custom tattoos, Japanese coverups, and realistic and scary designs. They only use implant-grade jewelry from the best suppliers for our piercings. Also, keep in mind that walk-ins are welcome for piercings every day.

Image: @studio28tattoos

2. Club Inked Tattoos & Piercings

A locally owned and run tattoo and piercing studio serving the neighborhood, Club Inked Tattoos & Piercings is based in Brooklyn, New York. This studio excels at realism, portraiture, black & gray, and other genres. They are extremely proud of the caliber of our work and the superior level of customer service we provide. Give us a call right now if you’re looking for a tattoo or piercing parlor.

Image: @flyazzwhtboi

3. Knino Ink

Need a piercing? Visit Knino ink shop, which is actually a fantastic shop that helps individuals to get themselves pierced. The professional here knows everything about a good piercing because the artist here has experience of at least more than 2 years.

Moreover, this locally owned and operated shop is eco-friendly, maintaining all cleanliness and hygiene. Visit this place and enjoy the exceptional service of this place.  

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4. Rowan

In this place, piercing is performed by a licensed nurse as it should be. All ages are pierced. This place provides all ear piercing options. And they use both delicate handheld devices and needles for our piercing procedures. They honor each piercing achievement, whether it’s your first or fifth.

Image: @heyrowan 

5. Nine Moons Piercing

A welcoming, upscale body piercing and jewelry studio called Nine Moons Piercing (formerly Pure Body Arts) is conveniently located within Sacred Tattoo in Soho, New York City. Specializing in gold jewelry, nipple, navel, and all types of piercings. No nose or mouth piercings are currently available because they necessitate the removal of the mask.

The expert here is committed to providing clients the safest, smoothest piercing or jewelry installation experience in the coziest, most welcoming setting.

Image: @ninemoonspiercing

6. Addicted To Ink

The best place for custom tattoos, piercings, laser removal, and more services in Westchester and beyond is Addicted To Ink. With ten full-time artists producing large-scale, customized artwork every day and a loyal clientele that likes to return for more, Addicted To Ink works to deliver the greatest artwork and customer service.

The tattoo artists are skilled in all conventional, contemporary, and traditional tattooing methods and styles. Whether you’re searching for a classic tattoo or something more unique, our artists are eager to work with you to realize your ideas. By appointment only, the painters and piercers are open to walk-ins.

Image: @addictedtoinkny

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7. Elite Jewelry

This company specializes in high-end, distinctive jewelry, and our piercers are well-known for their skill, artistry, and experience.

A prosperous businessman who has been running businesses on Saint Marks for over 20 years is the creator of Elite. He recognized a gap in the market that needed to be addressed by offering premium jewelry and service in the heart of the Lower East Side. Some of the greatest piercers in the city are located in Saint Marks. We take great satisfaction in being the home of the top piercers here at Elite Jewelry & Co.

8. Studs Nolita

Professionals at Studs are dedicated to giving every ear a new piercing experience. With our secure, expert ear piercing services utilizing needles (never guns! ), they assist you in upgrading your Earscape®. The piercers will provide you with advice on the piercings and jewelry that will complement your unique anatomy the best.

Image: @studs

9. New York Adorned

Blackwork is just a few examples of the classic tattoo styles that New York Adorned excels in. The best artists in the world frequently visit or work continuously at New York Adorned. All tattoo artists have had extensive training and have years of cumulative experience working abroad.

This place employs highly skilled piercers who are proficient in all conventional piercing techniques and sterilizing methods. They provide an unrivaled assortment of extended ear jewelry, body jewelry made of gold and gemstones, local design selections, as well as vintage and antique items from all over the world.

Image: @newyorkadorned

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10. Village Tattoo NYC

Village Tattoo NYC, located on Bleecker Street in the center of New York City, focuses on an artistic tattoo, piercing, and body jewelry. This place completely adheres to all health laws in our store. The goal is to ink our clients in a manner that is very professional, imaginative, secure, and welcoming. At Village Tattoo NYC, there is a large selection of affordable and upscale piercings.

The wide range of piercings includes anything from ear gauges to ear plugs, navel rings, and nipple shields. Prioritizing sterilization and health considerations. In addition to tattoos and piercings, Village Tattoo NYC features a large selection of upscale and affordable silver rings, pendants, bangles, necklaces, bracelets, etc., that are appropriate for a variety of events and come in a range of price points.

Image: @villagetattoonyc

11. Iris Piercing Studio and Jewelry Gallery

IRIS Piercing Studio and Jewelry Gallery give you a cutting-edge, risk-free experience. To provide you with the finest excellent designed jewelry for your piercing, we continually endeavor to improve. We take great satisfaction in providing the greatest experience in a welcoming and fashionable setting. You will like your stay at Iris because we are amiable, respectful of your privacy, and productive as a team.

You may find a carefully picked assortment of jewelry developed only for IRIS. We collaborate with international designers to deliver you the most distinctive fine jewelry a piercing workshop has to offer. Above all, we maintain a piercing atmosphere that is expert, secure, and clean.

Every piece of equipment we utilized for your piercing was completely disposable. This implies that items are never utilized again after being used once and then thrown away. The MesaLabs-run Sterilizer Monitoring Program includes us as a participant.

Image: @iris_piercing_studios 

12. Jewels Parlor

Jewels Parlor is a small shop situated on St. Marks Place, one of Manhattan’s busiest streets. The professionals provide a wide range of body jewelry options in addition to piercing procedures. They constantly use the best materials in our products so that you will always be happy with your purchase. Although they have more goods to fit any taste, this place also sells body jewelry made of gold, silver, and diamonds.

This place also provides a huge variety of BVLA’s premium body jewelry. You can count on finding high-quality products at our shop, including brands like Anatometal and Industrial Strength. They hold themselves to the greatest standards of sterility and safety when performing piercing treatments in our piercing salon.

They value your patronage. Thus every piercing procedure will always be carried out by a qualified expert. You may be sure that you will enjoy buying with us since we guarantee to give you the best possible customer service.

Image: @jewelsparlor

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13. NYC Ink

Established in NYC, this body piercing shop is good to go for your first piercings because of the experienced professionals working here. You will be cozy and peaceful enough to your piercing without any disturbances.

The professional here named Sam is patient and addresses every doubt of the clients peacefully. You will never leave this unsatisfied because the services offered at this place are exceptional. This place even makes the experience of the most difficult piercings smooth.

Request for an appointment and book a relaxing piercing experience while having any of the difficult piercings.

Image: @nycink

14. Whatever Tattoo

When making a critical decision about getting a tattoo, you should visit the Whatever tattoo shop. After getting the quality work done, you’ll definitely give this place a five-star rating.

The staff here is super-friendly, professional, and cooperative. They meet all the hygiene requirements and maintain the standards. The artists here will give you a piece of advice to get your piercing done. Visit this place if you want to get pierced by the finest piercers.

Image: @whatevertattoonyc

15. Tzar Line Studios

Tzar line Studio is the most recommended place by its previous customers. They have certified and trained professionals that are available by appointment only. You will get the best quality and guaranteed results without any extra penny.

This place not only provides every type of piercing but also provides exceptional tattooing services. You will get such exceptional done at this place that you will definitely come back for another piece of art. Book your next piercing session now at amazing prices.

Image: @tzarlinenyc

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the rook piercing performed at Iris Piercing Studio? If so, what are their prices?

At this location, we offer rook piercings; the cost of the piercing and any accompanying jewelry is $40. We only puncture with vaccination documentation.

Does Iris Piercing Studio accept minors for lip piercings?

At our studio, oral piercings begin with those who are 18 or older. However, you may check out our selection of various piercings for children on their website.

How much does a lobe or cartilage piercing cost at Whatever Piercing Studio?

For every piercing, the set pricing for this studio is $35.

Does New York Adorned utilize jewelry without threads? Do they pierce people’s tongues?

The jewelry is all either threadless or internally threaded. They employ solid gold toppers on implant-grade hypoallergenic titanium backings. Every piercing costs $40 plus the price of the jewelry.

The price of anything with a stone or diamond increases from the point when 14k or 18k gold stud alternatives start at about $100 per.

Additionally, we offer an implant-grade titanium stud for $45. Since our jewelry is made just for you, the pricing will vary.

To avoid shocking your immune system, our facility only does up to three piercings at once. We solely provide conventional tongue piercings when it comes to body jewelry. Because online piercings are so transient and unpredictable, we do not provide them.

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