25 Finest Tattoo Shops In Montana For Unique Tattoo Art

Tattoos always help individuals to express their personality and style. They aid others in understanding their ideologies, customs, and causes. It is more important to choose tattoo artists who can accurately convey your thoughts, feelings, and sense of style. Take a look at the best tattoo shops in Montana with the finest tattoo artists in the area.

tattoo shops in Montana

The best 25 tattoo shops in Montana that you may visit without worrying that you’ll end up in the wrong hands of the tattoo artists are covered below. Feel comfortable expressing your tattoo style just as you always wanted.

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1. Montana Tattoo Company

Get to know about the three skilled and experienced tattoo artists by checking out the Montana tattoo Company that specializes and tattoos all kinds of tattoo styles on different clients’ bodies. Consult their highly experienced tattoo artists to create your tattoo as the greatest work of art.

tattoo shops in Montana

Image: @montanatattoocompany

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2. Aether Tattoo Club

Visit one of the beautiful tattoo shops in Montana, Aether Tattoo Club. They have a group of tattoo artists that share an interest in the caliber and take care with each tattoo and the persons they applied them to.

In addition, they provide affordable, high-quality tattoos in a welcoming, secure, and enjoyable environment! They have a tattoo artist for every style to satisfy all your wants and requirements, and they care a lot about tattoos.

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tattoo shops in Montana

Image: @aethertattooclub 

3. Blaque Owl Tattoo

One of the best tattoo shops in Montana is Blaque Owl Tattoo shop, which has won the “Best of Missoula” and the “Missoula’s Choice” honors each year since opening. The easiest approach to get started if you’re interested in having a tattoo at Blaque Owl Tattoo is to visit this location with several examples of the tattoo you desire, along with information on size and placement.

They do not tattoo minors. When you are ready to have a tattoo and have spoken with an artist, you may work with the front desk staff member to schedule an appointment. For all tattoo appointments, a non-refundable deposit is required.

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tattoo shops in Montana

Image: @blaqueowltattoo

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4. East Main Ink

Enter one of the professional tattoo shops in Montana, East Main Ink, which specializes in all tattoo styles and custom tattoo work. The shop is newly remodeled, with all modern equipment. The store is spotless, elegant, and quite professional.

They specialize in bespoke tattoos and provide a professional and welcoming environment. Simply bring a concept, and their tattoo artists will create something, especially for you. Their tattoo artists are very approachable and pleasant, and they go above and beyond to ensure that you are completely happy with the tattooing process.

They maintain an extremely sanitary, secure, and clean working environment. All of the tubes and needles in their store are single-use.

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tattoo shops in Montana

Image: @eastmainink

5. Bertelsen Art & Tattoo

Bertelsen Art and tattoo is where you will get outstanding artwork and artists who provide genuine care to their clients. Whether it is a small or large size project, their artists are capable of designing it all. They promise tattoos they will master and respect their clientele. Their method is unique and yields the best results.

tattoo shops in Montana

Image: @exex.tattoo

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6. Painless Steel Tattoo & Body Piercing

To make the best experience for your next tattoo, check out the Painless Steel Montana Tattoo shop, where their tattoo artists give clients guaranteed satisfaction in a safe, sterile, and comfortable environment. Their tattoo artists provide incredible tattoos of the highest caliber. They provide services for tattoos and body piercings.

tattoo shops in Montana

Image: @5thstreetinktattoo

7. Dermawerx Custom Tattoo

Meet your tattoo needs by stepping into the Dermawerx tattoo shop, where the main focus is on their customer service and cleanliness to make a memorable tattoo experience. They also provide fashionable piercing jewelry and services.

tattoo shops in Montana

Image: @junkyardyouth

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8. Bound By Glory Tattoo

Keeping your tattoo clean in the Bound by Glory tattoo shop is extremely significant to them. Their tattoo artists have created a tattoo aftercare guidance plan specifically for your safety as there is always a danger of infection with any skin damage. Their experienced tattoo artists specialize in their styles and deliver satisfying final results.

tattoo shops in Montana

Image: @boundbyglory

9. Sovereign Tattoo

Looking for Montana’s top tattoo parlor? Then you need to get to know the Sovereign tattoo parlor, which specializes in different tattooing motifs.

One of their favorites is watercolor, followed by trash polka and illustrative realism. Their skilled artists are adaptable and love tattooing various artistic styles.

tattoo shops in Montana

Image: @camsovereign

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10. Cutthroat Tattoo

A Cutthroat tattoo shop is opened by an award-winning tattoo artist. Their tattoo artists work on various tattoo designs, such as traditional Japanese and American tattoos, which are the oldest and most traditional tattoo styles. These tattoos have solid black lines, a small color palette, and high precision and realism.

tattoo shops in Montana

Image: @cutthroatmontana

11. Element Tattoo

The Element tattoo shop provides its clients with a clean, hygienic, and professional environment. They also offer professional piercing services. They provide aftercare instructions for tattoos and piercing to make your healing process faster.

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tattoo shops in Montana

Image: @elementtattooboz

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12. Bad Rock Tattoo

The largest store not just in Columbia Falls but also in the entire Flathead Valley is Badrock Tattoo Shop. They can meet all your requests for body art, thanks to their many tattoo artists. For their clients, they offer an upscale, professional studio setting. Anthony & Michael, the proprietors, are both natives of Montana and residents of the Flathead Valley.

Six of the top local artists occupy six seats in their store. Your dreams and ambitions come true thanks to the decades of experience of their tattoo artists.

tattoo shops in Montana

Image: @badrocktattoo

13. Unique Addiction Tattoos

If you prefer traditional black and gray or a flash of color, amazing realism or fine line detail, or everything in between, Unique Addiction Tattoo excels in various styles and methods, so you’re in fantastic hands!

Along with head store sales, they also provide body piercing, a huge assortment of jewelry, and other services.

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Image: @uniqueaddictiontattoo

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14. Aphotic Tattoo Shop & Artistry

Custom/Professional tattooing is the area of expertise of Aphotic Tattoo Studio & Artistry. Their tattoo artists create works of beautiful art for human skin. They add creativity, joy, and professionalism to the whole process. They provide you with body art that you may treasure forever.

Image: @hanahj2k

15. Sparrows and Arrows Tattoo

One of the premier tattoo shops in Great Falls, Montana, an art studio, Sparrows and Arrows, offers one-of-a-kind custom artwork in a sterile, clean, and safe setting. Your experience getting a tattoo will be the best possible thanks to their talented, dependable, and friendly tattoo artists. They are experts in solid coloring and lovely, precise lines.

Image: @prettydamnsweeteva

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16. Ledson Tattoo

The tattoo artist at this shop specializes in black and gray ink and creates final artwork that is attractive and graceful to the wearer. Many of their clientele are delighted with their artistic outcomes.

 17. DM6 Studio Tattoo and Fine Art

For its clientele, The DM6 Studio Tattoo & Fine Art offers an elegant, relaxing, and professional setting. The National Tattoo Association members at DM6 Studio actively support ethical business and health practices.

Numerous awards have been given to the fine art and tattooing produced by DM6 Studio artists. They take pleasure in collaborating with their customers and helping them realize their idea for a lasting piece of art.

Image: @tattoojeromy

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18. Level Up Tattoo Studio Great Falls

The level-up tattoo studio offers a laid-back, comfortable, and all-about-you atmosphere that enhances your experience. To make their customers more comfortable, they refurbished their store.

19. Eagle Tattooing

If you are looking for unique and stylish tattoo styles on your body that speak your personality and look eye-catching, then look no further and come to the Eagle tattooing shop, where they can meet all kinds of tattoo requirements.

They offer a clean, comfortable, and hygienic atmosphere and experienced tattoo artists.

Image: @ashleykirby9221

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20. Black Diamond Tattoo Studio LLC

Black Diamond Tattoo Studio has a clean, professional, and friendly environment! Their tattoo artists are specialists in all kinds of tattoo designs.

Image: @blackdiamondofficial406

21. Outlaw tattoo

The Outlaw tattoo specializes in one of the best yet most appealing tattoos. With the best tattoo ideas, the tattoo shop offers unique and indifferent tattoo designs. The professional and qualified tattoo artists provide a friendly approach to make their customers feel satisfied with their artwork.

Image: @outlawtattoostore

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22. Cin City Tattoo Company & Body Piercing:

Cin City tattoo company and body piercing offer a rounded, friendly staff. Five days a week, they provide excellent, one-of-a-kind tattoos thanks to their two full-time, talented, and educated tattoo artists. They also have a full-time permanent makeup tattooist and offer professional body piercing

Appointments are strongly recommended for tattoos, and walk-ins are welcome for piercings.

Image: @laina_hahn

23. Brightside Body Art

The tattoo artists of Brightside Body Art tattoo studio manage and promote one of the best looks by creating distinctive tattoo designs on your body. The tattoo studio offers a safe, hygienic, and safe environment.

Their tattoo artists have many years of combined experience and offer tattoos in various styles such as custom designs, traditional, black & gray, pop culture, wildlife, portraits, and floral tattoo designs.

Image: @brightsidebodyart

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24. Altered Skin Tattoo and Body Piercing

Altered Skin and Body Piercing Tattoo Shop is one of the oldest Missoula Montana tattoo shops! It has always taken great care to provide a welcoming and secure environment for all visitors. They provide all kinds of body jewelry and specialize in all tattoo designs.

Image: @alteredskintattoos

25. Bodyworks Tattoo

One of the best tattoo shops in Billings, Montana, The Bodyworks tattoo parlor makes an appearance of a tattoo design to adorn the body. In a clean and secure setting, the amazing tattoo artist offers one of the greatest looks to your body by inking a distinguished tattoo.

Image: @bodyworkstattoopiercingmt

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Cutthroat Tattoo Shops Set Prices For Tattoos?

The cost of your tattoo will depend on its ultimate size, style, and placement. It is advisable to visit the store and chat with an artist in person to get the most accurate price quote. Otherwise, feel free to email them at any time with your name, contact information, a description of the tattoo you’d want, a couple of reference photos, and the location you’d like it to be.

What Is the Minimum at a Cutthroat Tattoo Shop?

Their minimum shop amount is $100.

How Do I Make An Appointment For A Tattoo at a Painless Steel Tattoo Shop?

There are a few options available for this.

  1. Before making a tattoo appointment, you are always invited to schedule a consultation. After speaking with an artist, you may arrange a meeting.
  1. You can submit photographs of the tattoos you wish to acquire to the store at painless@painlesssteeltattoo.com. Make sure to include the tattoo artist you want to work with, the location you want the ink on, the size (in inches), and any design revisions you want. This email will be forwarded to their front-end personnel, who will then contact you to let you know how much time to schedule after assessing how much time the artist would demand for your appointment.

 What Is The Cost Of A Tattoo At Bodyworks Tattoo Piercing Shop?

Their tattoo cost starts at $125/hr.

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