54 Exquisite And Detailed Jellyfish Tattoo Designs To Love

Jellyfish tattoo have been a popular choice, particularly since the introduction of watercolor tattooing methods.

Anybody who has recently visited an aquarium will almost certainly mention the jellyfish. They are very lovely and have a class of their own.

54 Exquisite And Detailed Jellyfish Tattoo Designs To Love

Something about their motion soothes us, yet we’re also conscious that they might sting us. Jellyfish are a natural substance of curiosity for people due to their brilliant beauty and lethal tentacles.

Jellyfish designs come in a variety of styles, from serene and ethereal to cartoonish and exuberant. Jellyfish tattoos are suitable for both men and women and may be done in a variety of tattoo designs and color combinations.

Maybe you’re questioning why we’re all thinking about jellyfish. If you’re just a jellyfish fan seeking inspiration for your next tattoo.

Here we have shared 54 stunning jellyfish tattoos that look super-exotic when inked on your skin.

What Are Inspirational Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas?

When it comes to creating your jellyfish tattoo, know that this imaginative undersea theme will look great in practically any style you can imagine!

This ancient and significant species makes for fantastic solo artwork, from galactic-themed Watercolor jellyfish to pulled Dotwork compositions. The following are some lovely jellyfish designs for good inking:

Jellyfish Tattoo Design

1. Glittery Jellyfish Tattoo

What can be better than a glittery jellyfish design? On dark nights, these tattoos tend to shine through their amazing beauty.

The neon lights used in such tattoos give you such a lovely aesthetic that you can’t get bored of. It can be a good idea to ink this tattoo to express your vibrant personality.

Glittery Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @guy_angel_torres_1990

2. Outlined Jellyfish Tattoo

Those who are in love with minimalistic style can have this type of tattoo. The simple black ink is used in this tattoo to make this outstanding imagery. The way its detailing is done sets the aesthetic of this tattoo.

Outlined Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @itsrealtattoo

3. Small Jellyfish Tattoo Design

Behind the ear is the perfect placement for small tattoos. You can go with a black and white tattoo or can infuse it with bright colors as used in the picture. The beautiful hues of blue, red, green, and yellow used in this complement each other very well.

Small Jellyfish Tattoo Design

Image: @jasongibbs1977

4. Long Dark Jellyfish Design

The impeccable detailing infused in large tattoos mostly needs amazing skills. This is what you can see in this large expressive tattoo. The amazing dotted pattern added to this shoulder piece makes this tattoo shine out.

Long Dark Jellyfish Design

Image: @justotattoos

5. Metallic Jellyfish Temporary Tattoo

The aquatic beauty of the jellyfish can impress anyone easily. The crisp and clear edges of this aquatic animal made the muscular body look very appealing.

However, the color used in this tattoo design complements the skin tone of the wearer very well.

Metallic Jellyfish Temporary Tattoo

Image: @dreiecktattoo

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6. Blue Small Jellyfish Tattoo

One of the most mystical tattoo designs, when embellished on the skin, gives you amazing visuals. Such a type of tattoo brings peace and tranquility to your mind as the blue color used in this tattoo is very soothing.

It’s creative how random lines used in this tattoo create a beautiful illustration of jellyfish.

Blue Small Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @whatever_tattooooo

Jellyfish Body Art Tattoos

7. Black And White Jellyfish Tattoo

This black and white jellyfish design is a good choice if you want a tattoo with a strong and lasting impact. It gives the impression that the tattoo was drawn directly on the skin. The sketch-like style gives this tattoo a one-of-a-kind look.

Black And White Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @julio.curitiba.tattoo

Black And White Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @mandala_m1

8. Pastel Jellyfish Tattoos

Looking for a tattoo that showcases your love for the sea and aquatic life? Then this masterpiece would be the perfect one for you.

The sea color used in this tattoo at the back with beautiful hues of orange of the jellyfish shows the visual beauty of the aquatic life.

Pastel Jellyfish Tattoos

Image: @patrick_cat_tattoo

9. Colored Jellyfish Tattoo Design

The amazing flowy structure of this jellyfish exhibits its finest personality trait. Known for its quickness, this fish usually dodges many big aquatic animals from being their prey.

Behind the jellyfish, the blue watercolor effect given adds to the aesthetic appeal of this tattoo.

Colored Jellyfish Tattoo Design

Image: @skin.fx.tattoos

Colored Jellyfish Tattoo Design

Image: @eunyutattoo

Colored Jellyfish Tattoo Design

Image: @peechfuhz

10. Floral Jellyfish Tattoo

Floral elements, when added to any tattoo, elevates its visual beauty. However, the multiple vibrant colors in this tattoo represent the bright life under the water. The placement of this tattoo is also next-to-perfect.

You can embellish this design on your body with only black and grey ink that looks stunning.

Floral Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @punkasspiercingsink

Floral Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @kashewnuttattoo

11. Matching Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas

Having two matching jellyfish tattoos gives you amazing aesthetics. Those who have lived life along the seaside could embellish their body with such types of tattoos. In reality, these tattoos look good when made both with colors and black and white ink.

Matching Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas

Image: @the.purple.hand

Matching Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas

Image: @bjoern_holtappels

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12. Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo 

A Watercolor style composition works well to represent the ephemeral aspect of the jellyfish for people who are captivated by its mystical character and spiritual attributes.

The Watercolor approach adds a unique touch to your unique jellyfish design, from deep space color schemes to bright blasts of color.

Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @tattooist_namoo

Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @chopztattoo 

Watercolor Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @veerle_london

13. Cross Jellyfish Tattoo Idea

Those who love the mix of different elements into one tattoo would really love to embellish their body with this stunning masterpiece. The cross added to this tattoo represents the spiritual side of the wearer.

However, the fish in this masterpiece is associated with its magical appeal.

Cross Jellyfish Tattoo Idea

Image: @carolla_deville

14. Dotwork Jellyfish Tattoo

Dotwork pattern is a very trendy form of art that precisely defines the visual beauty of this tattoo. Here the beautiful dotted pattern is used to specify the gorgeous body of the jellyfish.

The jellyfish’s tentacles are made in a flowy pattern describing its swift motion.

Dotwork Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @jennaowenyoga

Dotwork Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @holladiewaldfee1989

Dotwork Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @lilyhawkestattoo

15. Scary Jellyfish Tattoo

Do you want to keep away all the creepies in your life? This is a suitable tattoo for you to conquer your ambitions. The horrible elements like horns on the upper body make this one a horrible tattoo.

Scary Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @strashnoe_delo

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Jellyfish Tattoo Designs

16. Jellyfish Lady Tattoo

Jellyfish, mainly popular for its elegance and tranquility, when inked on the skin, gives your body amazing aesthetics. However, the figurine of a lady added to this tattoo makes this a beautiful representation of elegance and beauty.

This serves as a wonderful motif to be embellished on the feminine body.

Jellyfish Lady Tattoo

Image: @bonestattooartist

Jellyfish Lady Tattoo

Image: @pattoosink

17. Freehand Jellyfish Tattoo

If you want to show your artistic style and personality to the world, then this freehand jellyfish design would be a perfect illustration for you! The addition of amazing flowers into this tattoo makes this art piece really captivating.

In addition, the placement of this tattoo enhances the sensuality of the wearer.

Freehand Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @pink__ink

18. Triangle Jellyfish Tattoo

A Geometric jellyfish design can be the correct option for you if you like current tattooing techniques combined with ancient knowledge!

The symbolism of the forms and patterns in your design may be utilized to symbolize fundamental characteristics of jellyfish, such as interconnection and peace.

Triangle Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @alinatatts

19. Large Jellyfish Tattoo Design

Tattoos with a wide amount of colorful imagery work done on the thigh area are done stunningly. The colorful hues used in this tattoo with so many intricate details make this piece outstanding.

Large Jellyfish Tattoo Design

Image: @esoterictattoo

Large Jellyfish Tattoo Design

Image: @shelly_turner_

20. Brain Jellyfish Body Art Tattoo

Many individuals believe that the brain in this tattoo would be their own. It demonstrates that they have many of the same traits as jellyfish, including survival instincts.

The greatest place for this tattoo is on your leg or shoulder. It is done here in crisp black lines.

However, you can also go with vibrant colors for a more appealing look.

Brain Jellyfish Body Art Tattoo

Image: @blackpearltattoohouma

21. Bright Pink Jellyfish Tattoo

The pink color is mostly associated with representing the femininity of the wearer. The perfect shading and contouring did on this artwork with pink and black color make this a wonderful masterpiece.

Bright Pink Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @katewaisstattoo

22. Realistic Jellyfish Tattoo Design

It’s enjoyable to experiment with different creative interpretations of jellyfish, but the species is really stunning on its own. It is often preferable to let artistic license aside and then let creation speak for itself.

Without all the glitz and frills, a realistic jellyfish design showcases everything that is great about sea life.

Realistic Jellyfish Tattoo Design

Image: @ kiratattooist

Realistic Jellyfish Tattoo Design

Image: @ kasper.august

Realistic Jellyfish Tattoo Design

Image: @brad_ryan_payne_

23. Skull And Jellyfish Tattoo

To give your jellyfish design a dramatic look, add a skull element to your art piece. Jellyfish are historical marine animals. Therefore this tattoo has a lot of meaning. On your leg or arm, this tattoo could look fantastic.

Skull And Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @lacliniquetag

Skull And Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @blxckink

Skull And Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @m_a_t_t_e_x

24. Cover-Up Jellyfish Tattoo

Show your survival spirit with this wonderful symbol of adaptability. Embellishing this stealthy and dangerous creature on your body could help you show your virtuous side.

The cool blue tone used in this tattoo really elevates the visual aspect of this tattoo.

Cover-Up Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @ craigcheape

25. Medusa Jellyfish Tattoo

The flowy pattern of this tattoo represents the exotic beauty and elegance of medusa. The vibrant colors and glittery shades used in this tattoo show the vivid beauty of jellyfish and aquatic animals.

Medusa Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @geem_tattoo

Medusa Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @daniela_shape

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26. Cartoon Jellyfish Tattoo

Jellyfish tattoos are suitable for both men and women and may be done in a variety of tattoo designs and color combinations. Jellyfish are a natural substance of curiosity for people due to their brilliant beauty and lethal tentacles.

Jellyfish designs come in a variety of styles, from serene and dreamy to cartoonish and exuberant.

Cartoon Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @ virginia.bertalotto

Cartoon Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @avalonrosetattoo

27. Shoulder Jellyfish Tattoo

Are you close to your dog? Can’t live without him? Inking them on your skin would be a good idea to exhibit your care towards him. Having such a tattoo could help you in times of trouble to gather strength.

They protect you through your hard times and will fulfill their loyalty towards you.

Shoulder Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @danielly711

28. Blackwork Jellyfish Tattoo

Contemplate a black-work tattoo if you don’t like the color but desire a more whimsical tattoo. The impression of black and grey tattoos is much more depiction, whereas black-work tattoos are less genuine.

Large portions of incredibly rich black ink define black-work tattoos. This might give them a serious, even scary appearance, or it can give them a humorous one.

Blackwork Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @raffael_loboart

29. Abstract Jellyfish Tattoo

Here is yet another piece of tattoo made with random lines and simplistic shading. The placement of this tattoo looks good, enhancing the style and aesthetics of the wearer. The small star-like pieces added to this tattoo set the whole vibe of this tattoo.

Abstract Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @morandin_jim

30. Space Jellyfish Tattoo

Dive deep into the love of aquatic life with this space jellyfish design. The moon added to this combines the world into this one art piece. This shows the beauty of the artwork done by the artist.

The splendid shading is done here with black ink giving super exotic visuals.

Space Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @izzyspell

31. Fine Line Jellyfish Tattoo

Since the Fineline and contouring in this tattoo give it so unreal vibes, you should have it done by a professional and talented tattoo artist.

A viewer may detect the tattoo’s sweet, gentle instincts just by gazing at it, which may also turn up in your character.

The perfect placement for such a tattoo is the forearms, calves, and nape.

Fine Line Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @danielvuilleumier

Fine Line Jellyfish Tattoo

Image: @robertamazziotti_tattoo

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Why Do People Get A Jellyfish Tattoo?

Although the jellyfish looks to be a lovely and submissive species, its venom may inflict severe pain on those who are harmed.

Whenever anyone obtains a jellyfish tattoo for this purpose, they may perceive themselves as someone who is unable to connect with others.

They believe that becoming close to anyone typically leads to the other person being harmed.

What Do Jellyfish Represent In Japanese Mythology?

In Japanese folklore, the jellyfish is frequently depicted as a god’s help. The jellyfish transitioned through the water by relying on the impact of the flows around it, which made them perfect for usage by the divinities.

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