8+ Amazing Face Piercing Ideas That Will Give You A Different Look

Piercing has the talent to enrich the beauty of your personality. Piercing helps increase your confidence and acts as a symbol of courage and elegance. You can do different types of piercing to increase your charm, but the most important piercing which gives your personality a sensational look is face piercing. 

This piercing comes in different natures and styles. It’s the most noticeable thing as they are always visible. Face piercing offers you a more aesthetic and attractive look by adding some beautiful jewelry to your face. Face piercing is the most popular body modification that makes you more unique and stylish. 

We are going to guide you about the different types of facial piercing that can enhance your beauty.

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Styles Of Different Face Piercing 

There are different types of facial piercing that one should try:-

Eyebrow Piercing 

A new color of your hair can increase your beauty, but not as much as a facial piercing, and eyebrow piercing is one of the most popular face piercings, which can make you more attractive.

Procedure-: An eyebrow piercing is piercing around your eyebrow in a vertical or horizontal position, depending upon the choice of a person. Eyebrow piercing is considered one of the easiest piercings, which are done with the help of a 12-16 gauge needle from the bottom of your eyebrow to the top of the position of the brow. 

Healing Time-: This piercing generally takes 2-3 months to properly heal. Depending upon all the factors.  

Cost-: Eyebrow piercing will cost you around $30-$40, depending on the piercer’s experience.  

Jewelry-: Jewelry like hoops, curved barbells, spirals, captive bead rings, etc., is popular jewelry for eyebrow piercing.

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Lip Piercing

Lip piercing is a simply elegant and cool piercing that is seamless to show off your stylish and fashionable side. This piercing adds a more artistic look by decorating your upper or lower lip.

Procedure-: You can have different types of lip piercing according to your choice. Depending on your choice, this can be done on your bottom lip or the middle of the bottom or upper lip. It can cause you a lot of pain, and all types of lip piercing is done with a 14-16 gauge needle. If you are thinking of getting a lip piercing, then you should go to a professional piercer who will make this process a little bit easy for you.

Types-:  The most famous lip piercing are dahlia piercing, Madonna piercing, Medusa piercing, angel bites piercing, cyber bite piercing, or horizontal lip piercing.

Healing Time-:  Healing from lip piercing depends on person to person. Usually, it takes 8-10 weeks to get properly healed from this piercing.

Cost-:  cost of lip piercing is around $30-$50.

Jewelry-: captive rings, hoops, curved barbells, circular barbells, labret studs, etc., are the best jewelry for lip piercing. 

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Nose Piercing

Nose piercing is something that updates your look. It is one of the easiest piercings to handle during the healing process. It is a versatile piercing that comes in a variety of styles. 

Procedure-: A piercer will mark a spot and then do the piercing with the help of a 14-16 gauge needle. He will pass this needle through the spot and thrust the jewelry piece behind it to cover the piercing. This can cause you a little pain.

Types-: You can have different types of nose piercing, including nostril piercing, septum piercing,nasallang piercing, multiple nostril piercing, or septril piercing.

Healing Time-: It typically takes 4-6 months to get healed from a nose piercing. The rest depends upon the style of your nose piercing. Some nose piercing takes less Time and vice-versa.

Cost-: Nose piercing will cost you around $25-$30 per piercing.

Jewelry-: There is a variety of jewelry available for nose piercing. Hoops, nostril screws, nose rings, captive bead rings, and nose studs are a few of them.

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Cheek Piercing

Let’s highlight your dimples with a cheek piercing. one should not take this piercing style lightly because it can cause a lot of pain and many other complications. 

Procedure-: This piercing is a little bit complicated as compared to others, so you should go for a professional or skillful piercer who has done this type of piercing before. A piercer will use a 14-16 gauge sterilized needle to do this piercing. Cheek piercing can be performed on both sides to show symmetry.

Heal-: cheek piercing takes the Longest Time to heal, and one can fully recover from this within 6-8 months.

Cost-: The cost of a cheek piercing starts from $60.

Jewelry-: You can use labret lip rings, barbells, or studs are a few famous pieces of jewelry for cheek piercing.

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Anti-Eyebrow Piercing

Anti-eyebrow piercing or butterfly piercing is done right opposite the eyebrow alongside the cheekbone lower the eye. This face piercing will give you a more unique and fabulous look.

Procedure-: Since this piercing is located near your eye, you should be very careful while having this piercing. The piercer will squeeze the skin that you want to pierce, and then he will put a sterilized needle through it.

Heal-: Its healing Time depends upon how well you care for this piercing during the healing Time. Its healing Time varies from person to person and is near about 2-3 months.

Cost-: The anti-eyebrow cost varies between $30-$60.

Jewelry-: For anti-eyebrow piercing jewelry, patterns are fewer. You can choose a curved barbell as perfect anti-eyebrow jewelry.

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The Third Eye Piercing

This face piercing adds a different glow to your face and makes you look more beautiful and graceful. The third eye piercing lies in between the area of two eyebrows. In certain customs, it is also known as ‘bindi’ piercing. 

Procedure-: This piercing process will include two piercing holes on your forehead, and the piercer will pinch your skin with a gauge needle. This process is quicker.

Heal-: Third eye-piercing healing will depend upon the person’s tolerance level. It takes a minimum of 4-8 months to heal from this piercing. 

Cost-: For a third eye piercing, you have to pay around $60 to a professional piercing artist. 

Jewelry-: The choice of jewelry for this piercing is very limited. You can choose from surface bars or curved barbells.

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Aftercare Of Face Piercing

  • The aftercare regime is very important after having a piercing. One should strictly follow this routine to get quickly healed from your piercing. 
  • It is important to save your piercing from infection, so you should clean it with salt and water 2-3 times a day during the healing process.
  • Don’t play with your jewelry, and try to avoid using chemical products as these can cause infection and pain. Don’t change the jewelry of your piercing in the healing process.
  • Bleeding and swelling are common during the healing process. Avoid betadine, hydrogen peroxide, or alcohol acid to clean the piercing.
  • Avoid using beauty or skincare products near the piercing area. It can cause infection.
  • Wash your hands properly before touching your piercing to avoid unnecessary pain.
  • Take a shower instead of a bath, and always use fresh disposable paper to dry your piercing.

Face Piercing Risks 

Face piercing has some cons involved, which one should keep in their mind while having face piercing. Face piercing involves many infections, and this infection can cause permanent issues like scars. There is a risk of jewelry rejection.

You can avoid this by following your aftercare routine, but if you see a continued migration of your jewelry in your skin, then you should immediately go to your piercer. And if your skin is sensitive to metals, then you can suffer from a lot of allergies, redness, or itching, so be careful while choosing the material of your jewelry. 

Jewelry Materials For Face Piercing

The most common use of face piercing material is surgical steel as it contains less amount of nickel. The second most common use jewelry material is titanium which is the highest and hardest grade of metal that contains no nickel or 0.5% of the nickel, which makes it a widely acceptable material. Apart from this, you can use gold or silver material jewelry for your piercing.

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What Are The Precautions One Should Follow Before Face Piercing?

It is essential to use some protection before getting pierced. Try to wear comfortable clothes at the Time of piercing and try to avoid caffeine products as these products boost the level of metabolism and cause extra bleeding during the Time of piercing. Also, get proper sleep and keep yourself properly hydrated.

Why Do We Use Sea-Salt Water Solution To Clean Or Soak The Face Piercing Regularly?

Many studies show that this solution helps a lot during the healing process. It helps to keep piercing free from infection. It decreases the pain and gives relaxation to your piercing area. The piercer suggests regularly soaking the piercing area for 5-10 minutes.

Why Should I Get A Facial Piercing?

Face piercing is an awesome way to show your style and make yourself unique from others. They are very popular adaptations nowadays. Face piercing can give you a new look by just adding some sort of beautiful jewelry to your face. Just remember one thing to get a facial piercing, you should go to a professional or expert piercer.

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