Right Side Nose Piercing – Meaning

Everyone feels a lot of excitement and anxiety before getting a piercing. Many other forms of piercing are available, but nose piercing is one of the most prevalent kinds of penetration performed by most individuals.

Traditionally, only women had their noses pierced, but in recent years, many males have become comfortable with the concept of having their noses pierced. People acquire nose piercings to improve their appearance, while for others, it’s a religious or cultural custom to have one when they reach a specific age.

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When considering getting your nose pierced, one of the first issues that come to mind is whether to get it done on the right or left-hand side. Many elements influence that choice, such as the form of the face. Aside from that, the side where you receive your piercing has diverse implications that can also be a deciding factor.

In this blog, we’ll talk about the importance of getting a nose piercing on the right side; therefore, scroll down to obtain all the facts you need before getting your piercing.

Is There Any Importance In Piercing Nostril Sides?

The sides of the nose have a spiritual significance. The spiritual importance and meaning directly impact each of our body pairs’ lives. As a result, while piercing the nose, the sides are essential. Some of these interpretations are positive, while others are negative.

What Is The Spiritual Value Of Nose Piercing Just On The Right Side?

The right-hand side of your nose piercing has a favorable symbol and nature. The right-hand side represents self-assurance. When you puncture the nose on your right hand, you are expressing confidence in your talents. Therefore, in order to bear the strain that comes from exuding such confidence, you must make sure that you draw power from your inner sense.

Individuals will react badly when they understand this; consequently, you must be mentally ready to react to and tolerate hostility from those around you, significantly those you rely on.

Another spiritual aspect of a right-hand side nostril piercing is the desire to be constant in life. The right-hand side of our body is said to be analytical. This is your side that thinks the most. As a result, piercing the right-hand side of the nose is merely a decision to stay uniform.

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The right side of a person’s nose is said to give them a more masculine aspect, while the left-hand side is thought to bring out their feminine side, according to traditional Chinese culture.

When it comes to Indian medicine, such as “Ayurveda,” they think that if a woman gets a piercing on the right side of her nose, she definitely swings on the same side, indicating that she is a lesbian. Similarly, if a man has a nose ring on the right side, it is assumed that he is gay.

In certain cultures, having your right side pierced is said to help with pain relief during delivery. In nations such as India and Pakistan, the majority of brides-to-be choose to have their noses pierced on the right side rather than the left.

Whatever side you take, nose piercing generally represents power, money, and sometimes even rebellion. Nowadays, nose rings are mostly worn as a fashion item. As a result, little care is given to which side is more important, and people receive them on the side that best matches their face form.

What Do Nose Rings Represent?

Nose rings can have much meaning for some people, while for others, they may just be a fashion statement. Many people use nose rings to express their rebelliousness, independence, and choice. In some locations, it may also represent a person’s and their family’s riches.

So, if you come from a cultural background where the side where you get your nose pierced is essential, it is best to get it done on the right side. However, if you only want a nose piercing to improve your appearance, go with whatever suits you best and is comfortable for you.

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Is One Side More Appealing Than The Other?

A nose piercing would look great on either side if you’re happy with its appearance. Several variables determine which side might appear best to you. The reasons listed below may assist you in deciding which nostril to pierce.

Face Features

One of the essential elements in determining the best side for your nose piercing is the shape of the face. There are two types of facial shapes: symmetric faces and asymmetric features.

If you have a symmetrical face, you may have a piercing on either nostril since it will look excellent on both. If you have an uneven facial shape, go with the side that does not flatten towards one side of your face.

To find out, try wearing a fake nose piercing on either side and choose which side looks best, as you don’t want an inconsistent facial shape.

Other Marks on the Face

Certain face features are also crucial in selecting a nostril for the piercing. Facial markings, such as distinguishing features, aesthetic marks, tattoos, or other piercings, can radically alter the appearance of the piercing.

If you have any of the above distinctive characteristics, you should always select the side with the fewest markings, features, or customizations. Otherwise, you risk having a jumbled appearance.


Hair Style

Another vital element to keep in mind while choosing the side of nose piercing is the appearance of your hair. If you style your hair in such a manner that a section of it hides one side of your face, you must always select the opposite side for the piercing.

Consider how you dress your hair every time you go out. Selecting which nostril to penetrate based on your hairdo allows you to receive a piercing that matches your face.

Your Everyday Activities

Your daily activities also impact which nostril you should choose to pierce, as it might interfere with specific tasks. You must also consider your sleeping posture and try not to get the piercing on the side you sleep on.

This may make you feel quite uneasy when sleeping and interfere with healing. If you’re a lefty, you must get the piercing on the side that enables you to remove it correctly.

You can do some little practice before deciding on a side. These daily routines are sometimes more significant than other considerations. Remember, you don’t want your piercing to interfere with your regular life and create discomfort.

Keeping these criteria in mind, you can determine the ideal side for a nose piercing. However, always prioritize your own thoughts and comfort over those of others.

If you’re happy with one side that doesn’t correspond with these variables, it’s okay because your nose piercing aims at making you happy.

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What does men’s right-sided nose piercing mean?

Historically, nose rings were only worn by women, and males wearing them were looked upon, but things have changed, and society’s beauty standards have changed, so it’s now reasonably normal to see men getting their noses pierced as well.

In certain cultures, obtaining a right-sided nose piercing for a male implies that he is homosexual despite the fact that the final decision is yours because it doesn’t matter which side of your nose you have pierced.

5 Actual Meanings of Right Side Nostril Piercing

The masculine aura is related to the right-hand side. This, however, does not exclude females from penetrating the right-hand side of the nostril. In the modern industry, you must puncture your nose based on your head shape and hair position. Yet, in the spiritual world, this viewpoint may not be valid.

Let’s just explore the many spiritual implications associated with right nostril piercings.

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Good Luck

The right-hand side of your nose must be pierced to give you luck. The right-hand side is constantly a good indicator in every culture and faith. As a result, the right-hand side of the nose is the hint that something excellent is about to occur in life.

So if you want to appeal to success in life, puncture the right-hand side of the nose. The plasma will emit positive energy, attracting good fortune and money into life.

Love Will Come Your Way.

If you’re looking for a soul partner, puncture the nose on your right. It is claimed that doing so will establish a strong spiritual relationship between your life partner and you, wherever they may be.

If someone is looking for the twin flame, penetrating the right-hand side of the nose at the proper moment will bring you to him. For this reason, many unmarried women have a piercing on the right-hand side of the nose.

Even the right-hand side of your nose can be punctured by a mate who has recently married his partner; it is considered to connect life partners with themselves.

This Will Sprinkle You With Positive Self-Esteem.

Penetrating the right-hand side of the nose will give you a boost in self-esteem. Nose piercing has always been associated with wealthy and prosperous men. Anyone with a nostril piercing thus travels around the city with the shoulder up because of the focus they receive from strangers.

This is a spiritual experience. Piercing the right-hand side of the nose will alter your life’s perspective. It will unlock the eyes to your heavenly skills and the value you bring to your environment. It will boost your self-esteem.

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It Improves Your Analytical Ability.

Our analytical self is associated with the right-hand side of our body. This is where all opinions and reasoning come together.

As a result, once the right-hand side of your nose is punctured, the universe has accessibility to the thoughts, boosting the powers of your internal sense. You won’t be confused about what to accomplish any longer with this.

Religious Requirement

In traditional Indian civilization, a man will penetrate his wife’s nose to demonstrate his ability to care for her. As a result, anytime you puncture your right-hand side of the nose, the world will protect you. It refers to heavenly provision. This is strongly intertwined with the foremost spiritual sense of the right nostril side piercing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the side you have pierced significant if you’re Hindu or Buddhist?

In Hindu tradition, the forefathers thought that piercing a woman’s left nostril would efficiently assist her in dealing with discomfort during childbirth. This is closely related to modern Hinduism’s continued use of the traditional Indian medical system known as Ayurveda.

To this day, Hindu women receive their left nostril pierced to symbolize their marriage. Similarly, before the wedding, females would obtain a piercing in their left nostril to signify that they’re of marrying age and looking for a mate.

The Hindu culture places much emphasis on the placement and timing of nose piercings, and it’s a lovely way to look at it. Early Hindus believed that if a woman had suffered from disease or a terrible accident, she could obtain recover by a nose piercing on the right side.

Buddhists don’t place much cultural value on nose piercings or a particular side, but because Buddhist culture involves a love of jewels, nose piercings play an essential role.

Choosing a particular nose piercing side is primarily influenced by south Indian traditions originating from Hindu culture.

Should I pick the left or right-hand side?

This is all up to you. No one can create that conclusion for you since the site you choose is determined by your aspirations. If you want to discover love, you should go to the right-hand side. If you desire to succeed, you must pick your right-hand side.

If you require protection from bad energy, the left-hand side of the nostril is the finest choice. As a result, the side of your nose you pick is determined by what you want to bring into life.

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