8+ Fantastic Men Nose Piercing Ideas That Complements The Masculine Personality

If you are a man and thinking of getting a nose piercing, then you should surely get this piercing to update your look. Many said they want nose piercings but don’t want to be categorized as “gay” or feminine.

But a male nose piercing does not imply either of these things. There is no objective meaning to male nose piercings. They’ve been linked to specific groups of people, but they’re not exclusive to any of them. 

Different styles of nose piercing have been used by men throughout history to decorate their noses. It has never been restricted to homosexuals or women. Nose piercings look amazing on men, too, and there are so many different nose-piercing styles that men can also try to enhance the appearance of their personality.

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What Are The Most Famous Nose Piercing Locations For Men?

A piece of piercing jewelry can decorate a number of places, surprisingly. It helps both men and women to modify their bodies, and nose piercing is considered the best type of body modification for all generations. There are some nose piercings which are famous for men too.

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It’s a traditional type of nose piercing, and it’s pretty versatile. Hoops, rings, studs, nostril screws, and many others are all excellent choices for nostril piercing. It’s the most common form of nose piercing, and there are a variety of jewelry options available for this piercing. 

High Nostril 

This piercing is done on the soft tissues present near the tip of the nose, and this piercing goes with nose rings or hoops, studs, and L-shape pins. Based on the shape and curve of your nose, your piercer will identify the optimum placement. Both a double and single stud look fantastic with this style.


This piercing is very trendy for men because of its style and location. This piercing is done in between the right and left nostrils. The captive bead rings and barbells are the most excellent jewelry choice for this.

Between the end of the septum and the tip of your nose, there is a little, thin crust of skin that lies in the middle of your nose. The piercing passes through the thin membrane. One of the gains of a septum piercing is that it may be easily protected with the correct jewelry.

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Nasallang piercing is another more extreme option of piercing for men. This complex style has triple sharp points that go from one nostril to the septum and then exit out from the other nostril. Tri-nasallang piercing is a complicated process, and a long barbell is used as jewelry for this piercing. 

The needle is simultaneously driven into all three layers of your nose, followed by the jewelry. It goes through directly to the denser layer of the nose. Because it’s a highly complex process, you should go to an expert piercer.

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Bridge piercings are an excellent option for guys because they don’t involve puncturing bone or cartilage. Circular barbell jewelry and curved barbell jewelry are the most significant styles for it. This piercing brings more attention to one’s eyes as it is done between the eyebrows. 

There is a higher risk of infection or rejection with this piercing, but it looks fantastic on men and helps to improve their appearance.

Should Men Get Their Noses Pierced?

Getting a nose piercing is a very fashionable trend among male celebrities and influencers to show off their personality. And gender should not be allowed in determining what to wear or what to not. Nowadays, many famous stars and rappers are wearing different nose jewelry to show their trendy style.

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There is a big myth that men wearing nose rings are not straight. In many cultures, men wear nose rings for different reasons, and most importantly, you should wear jewelry that you enjoy and that complements your overall aesthetic. Don’t be concerned about other people’s irrational interpretations of the jewelry.

A guy can look attractive with a nose piercing and can have nose piercing either on the left or right side of the nose as which side of your nose you punched makes no difference as long as you like how it appears.

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Jewelry For Men’s Nose Piercing

When getting your nose pierced, you have a great range of different styles of jewelry with different materials from which you can choose your favorite jewelry. Studs, screws, barbells, and hoops are among the most frequently used nose piercing jewelry.

The piercing you’re receiving and the usual jewelry the piercer uses will play a role in your decision. Avoid nickel-plated costume jewelry, which frequently includes mixed metals and colors.

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Nose studs are the most common form of piercing jewelry, and it’s basically used as initial nose piercing jewelry as they are easy to wear. They’re one of the most manageable pieces of jewelry to care for, and you won’t have to worry about them getting caught on your clothes or pillowcase. They are presented in various sizes with different gems which are available on their top. 

Hoops Or Nose Rings

These are the other most popular forms of jewelry for nose piercing. Most people use studs during the healing process, but as soon as their piercing gets healed, they switch their jewelry to hoops or rings as these pieces of jewelry make the appearance of the piercing more noticeable. You can try them with various sizes and thicknesses; the more extensive the font, the bolder it is.

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Nostril Screws

Nostril screws should wear after your piercing gets adequately healed. This is because they might create pain by putting pressure on the nose. The size and thickness of nose screws can be modified, and there are various designs to fit your personal style.

Captive Bead Rings

Captive, like circular barbells, is a piece of must-have jewelry for men’s nose piercing. Captive bead rings are made up of a hoop with a sphere that can be popped in and out, making them great for times when you need quick comfort.


Circular barbells are best for septum piercing, and if your nose is accurately pierced to fit, you can even have a twisted barbell. Long barbells are the best or ideal choice for bridge piercing.

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Pin Or Fishtail

The fishtail is desirable because it allows for a more personalized fit. It is designed for specific nose measurements, ensuring a more comfortable fit. They can also be twisted to any angle or form you like.

Jewelry Material For Men’s Nose Piercing 

There are different nose piercing jewelry available, which offers you different styles according to your preference and your look. But while choosing jewelry, the most important thing you should clear in your mind is jewelry material. You should choose a good quality material which fits your budget.


Titanium is nickel-free; it is frequently used for initial piercings. This is a brilliant option for anyone with allergic or sensitive skin. It is also solid, graceful, and healthy for the body, but it costs more than other materials.

Stainless Steel

Surgical stainless steel is the most affordable option for piercing jewelry material and is easily available. It allows you to change your piercing regularly(once it has healed). Surgical stainless steel is allergic-free and gentle on the body. To avoid irritation and possible infection, make sure the jewelry you purchase is of decent quality.

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14k Gold

14k gold is a little bit pricey, but the studs or hoops made of gold look more attractive and pleasing. But gold is a delicate and soft material and has short durability. The advantage of 14K gold over 24K gold is that it is less likely to be damaged over time and with frequent cleaning.


Silver is not advised for first-time piercings, but it can be worn once the piercing has healed completely. Silver comes in a variety of forms, including pure silver and sterling silver. Silver is a delicate metal that can taint easily. That’s why most piercers suggest their clients wear silver jewelry for a short period of time.

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Which Quality Should I Look At Before Getting A Man’s Nose Piercing?

When it comes to choosing a piercing artist for your nose piercing, you should be very careful as some nose piercings are very easy, but some are very complicated, like nasallang or bridge nose piercing. 

You should look out for a piercer who has good experience and has all the professional facilities in his piercing studio. Choose someone to whom you may confide all the queries or worries related to your piercing.

You can also obtain a sense of the piercer’s expertise and jewelry selection by looking at online portals and social media posts.

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Do Girls Prefer Men With Nose Piercings?

The nose ring is the accessory that enhances one’s beauty and attractiveness. It gives an extra layer of charm. Girls like men with nose piercing are essentially a matter of personal preference. According to different studies, it was found that most girls like the boys with piercings as it makes them more smart and unique. But getting a piercing should be one’s personal decision.

What Does A Men’s Nose Piercing Necessarily Mean?

Men in various countries pierce their noses for spiritual, historic, and social reasons. Septum piercings are common among Australian Native men. Nowadays, many men are getting this body modification to make their look more attractive.

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