30 Lovely And Thriving Horseshoe Tattoos Ideas And Designs To Bring Fortune

Generally, you will see a horseshoe tattoos in standard black color, but you can add your favorite kind of color to it to make it your personalized tattoo.

The horseshoe is used as a medium of protection for the horse’s hooves. The horse is used as a means of living by many, and some people have them as their favorite pet.

30 Lovely And Thriving Horseshoe Tattoos Ideas And Designs To Bring Fortune

But for whatever purpose they are with the humans, they have to run or walk on their hooves, and those tend to wear out with time. So to protect them and extend their life, we add horseshoes to their hooves and change them after a certain period of time.

The horseshoe is the symbol of success, wealth, and good luck. So you can get it done on any part of your body to bring all these things into your life. 

Horseshoe Tattoos

1. Outline Horseshoe Tattoo

Here is a simple yet elegant-looking tattoo with a simple horseshoe and dainty flower added to it. The flowers have different meanings, but they are generally the epitome of natural beauty.

Horseshoe tattoo

Credit: redpandameg

2. Unique Infinite Horseshoe Tattoo

The infinite sign stands for the eternity of things, so with the horseshoe, it can mean the endless good luck and wealth it may bring or the unlimited connection with a horse.

You can use the infinity sign to depict meaningful things in your life. Also this might bring you infinite success.

Horseshoe tattoo

Credit: raymond_v_tattoos_jr

3. Blue Horseshoe Tattoo 

Generally, you will see a horseshoe tattoo in standard black color, but you can add your favorite kind of color to it to make it your personalized tattoo.

The flowers added with the pink and green color add good contrast to the tattoo. Also, the horseshoe is done in a 3D way.

Horseshoe tattoo

Credit: tommygtattoos

4. Elegant Horseshoe Tattoo

Here is another idea for those looking for something colorful. You can use this color scheme also for your fantastic tattoo. The flower is an excellent element to get with the horseshoe tattoo. 

 Horseshoe Tattoo

Credit: il_kamaleonte_tattoo_studio

5. Rose Horseshoe Tattoo Design

The rose stands for the love won and love lost. Or you can use the rose to show your passion for love. You can use it to show love for a horse or just for good luck in your love. The use of negative space adds a nice look to the tattoo.

Horseshoe tattoo

Credit: cam.stevenson.tattoos

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6. Colorful Flower Horseshoe Tattoo

If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind tattoo, here is one creative idea: you can use blooms and leaves to create the horseshoe. This is regarded as a one-in-two tattoo with deep meaning.

Horseshoe tattoo

Credit: amspittattoo

7. Horseshoe And Flower Tattoo

This is another tattoo scheme to add the flower to your horseshoe; you can blend it like this also.

Horseshoe tattoo

Credit: circletattooo

8. Black Rose Horseshoe Tattoo

A black rose is for sadness and is usually associated with death. So you can use the black rose to show some significant loss or grief in your life. 

Horseshoe tattoo

Credit: thestandardtattoo

9. 3D Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo

The splash color for water painting is the style that the artists use. If you like this kind of art, then you can go for such a tattoo with the choice of your colorful background.

For example, you can look at the combination of these colors, which leads to a mystic aura. The green leaves around the horseshoe are made in a creative way in this folded manner.

Horseshoe tattoo

Credit: missmotwist

10. Horseshoe Good Lucky Tattoo Design

The horseshoe is the symbol of luck, and you can also have the tattoo made with actual words written. Here is a creative tattoo made with a yellow and green color combination. 

Horseshoe tattoo

Credit: spencergarrontattoos

11. Unique Neck Horseshoe Tattoo Design

There are specific ways of making your tattoo unique, one is going for an intricate or special design, and the other one is getting it done on a unique body part.

Credit: vizual.ink

12. Tiny Horseshoe Tattoo Design

You can even use the horseshoe tattoo as a friendship one or a loved one. For instance, look at the similar tattoo done here by what looks like friends or blood relations.

This kind of tattoo can bring good luck and wealth to all of you together.

Horseshoe tattoo

   Credit: cherrybonestattoo

13. Colored Flowers Horseshoe Tattoo Design

Getting the horseshoe in a pair is also a fantastic idea. A different kind of flower with each horse’s shoes can depict another kind of meaning because all flowers stand for various purposes.

Again, the combination of purple and pink looks impressive. 

Horseshoe tattoo

 Credit: cassthomtattoo

14. Traditional Horseshoe Tattoo

Finger tattoos look trendy and have a modern look to them. If you are looking for a relatively small tattoo, then you can go for a small tattoo.

An initial to your tattoo can depict that this tattoo is for someone. 

Horseshoe tattoo

 Credit: emichristine__

15. Feather Horseshoe Tattoo Design

The feather is the symbol of bravery, courage, travel, and freedom. You can do the horseshoe with the design and then add feathers to it to give it a different look.

The design on the feather is done intricately and looks engaging. 

Tattoo Design

Credit: ladyhans

16. Traditional Horseshoe Tattoo Design

This is in the loving memory of a pet or a favorite horse. If you have a pet of a famous horse that is no more, then you can also have its portrait made with the rip written and the name. 

Tattoo Design

Credit: skinteractions

17. Ocean View Horseshoe Tattoo

This is a sailor’s tattoo, or you can take it as a tattoo for someone who loves the ocean view. The swallow made on top of the ship is a symbol for sailors.

The sailors used to get this tattooed for protection and to depict their sailing experience. The ship made inside the horseshoe is a creative idea, and the waves look fantastic. 

Tattoo Design

Credit: fabio_pepper_tattooer

18. Portrait Horseshoe Tattoo Design

Here is another creative tattoo idea where the horseshoe is used as a frame to fit a girl’s portrait. Other elements like the red sun, heart, and diamond add to the tattoo’s meaning.

The tooth bracelet is the symbol of health and beauty. If you like colorful things then you can go for such a vibrant color scheme.

Tattoo Design

   Credit: tattoosbydean

19. Amazing Horseshoe Tattoo Design

The anchor stands for staying solid and firm in times of trouble. You can also get a similar tattoo to remain motivated and keep going in times when you think strength fails you.

The anchor can be used to blend in with the horseshoe to make the shape.

Tattoo Design

Credit: kensukeyokogawa

20. Horseshoe With Card Tattoo Design

The cards are the sign of good luck and fortune, so you can even use this to the club with your horseshoe tattoo. These even stand for fate and death.

You can also get an animated tattoo like this one. The green color leaf in the center is a good touch. 

Tattoo Design

        Credit: theslatone

21. Bird Horseshoe Tattoo Design

Earlier, we saw a swallow made with the horseshoe, and here is another way of using the bird to blend in with the horseshoe. The horseshoe is also done here with different kinds of shading and designs.

Birds also hold various meanings, so you can use your type of bird that has relevance to you according to their meaning. 

Tattoo Design

  Credit: mad_tatter_designs

22. Beautiful Horseshoe Tattoo Design

You can add names to the horseshoe if you want to add significance to your tattoo. For example, this tattoo looks like a couple’s tattoo; you can get a similar one on yours. 

Tattoo Design

Credit: g.simos_tattoo

23. Anklet Horseshoe Tattoo Design

The anklet tattoo has become a thing now. You can even use the horseshoe tattoo as a band tattoo for your ankle. Some other bands can accompany the horseshoe band with your personalized, meaningful tattoo.

Tattoo Design

Credit: strangemmmaker

24. Horseshoe Dreamcatcher Tattoo

The dreamcatcher tattoo is the symbol of protection and safety. The dreamcatcher was used in ancient times by the tribal people to ward off negative energy and evil thoughts.

They used to hang these near their bed for a peaceful night’s sleep. They believed that it would protect them from bad dreams. So you can also use it with a horseshoe to bring luck to your life.

There are various ways how you can blend the dreamcatcher with it. For example, the thigh is an excellent place to get an entire tattoo or a big tattoo like this one. 

Tattoo Design

Credit: enkayia

25. Black And Gray Horseshoe Tattoo

You can use two entangled horseshoes to depict your involvement or connection with someone. You can even use such a tattoo to show your love for your pet. The black and grey color used for shading look impressive.

Tattoo Design

Credit: jt.ink

26. Colorful Flowers And Horseshoe Tattoo

You will rarely see a yellow horseshoe, but if you want an antique tattoo, then you can add this colour to your tattoo. The bearer has gone for a wise idea by using different kinds of flowers with different colours for his tattoo.

All flowers hold various meanings so that you can get a similar tattoo with your favourite flowers.

Tattoo Design

Credit: paulseagravetattoo

27. Stay Lucky Horseshoe Tattoo 

The red and black combination looks amazing in tattoos, and you can also have a horseshoe looking of this kind. Two dainty flowers like they are placed here might just steal the show.

Tattoo Design

  Credit: lincolnjackson13

28. Tiny Horseshoe on Finger Tattoo

Here is another tiny tattoo idea for you done on the finger. If you want a finger tattoo, you can get something matching this. 


    Credit: steel_honey

29. 3D Colorful Horseshoe Tattoo Design

3D tattoos are infamous because they look fabulous, and with good design, it is the ideal tattoo. For example, look at this tattoo where the bearer has added his flag to the tattoo to express his patriotism.

The illuminating light looks like the rays of the Sun, which stands for new beginnings and new opportunities.  


 Credit: jeffhamm_tattooart

30. Back Bicep Horseshoe Tattoo

If you are looking for a small and minimalistic tattoo, then here is one attractive option for you. For example, the tattoo behind a bicep looks fabulous on guys.

Or, if this is the first time you are getting a tattoo and do not want too much ink on your body, you can choose such a tattoo.

Tattoo Design

   Credit: steel_honey

Frequently Asked Question

What Is A Horseshoe Tattoo?

If you are going for a horseshoe tattoo, it will demonstrate the unwavering tenacity of good luck coming your way. As a first thought, you may think that a horse show is not a good idea for your tattoo, but its importance and symbolism in human life have made them noticeable.

In older times, people used horseshoes as a symbol of luck. 

Where Do You Put A Horseshoe Tattoo?

There are two ways you can get a horseshoes tattoo. First, if you are looking for good fortune in your life, then you can get it done with your feet facing up. The tattoo done in the U shape is thought to bring wealth to those who are open to it. 

What Does A Double Horseshoe Mean?

Essentially the horseshoe is for good luck and guards against the demons and the witches. However, this symbol has changed to several other meanings like charm and protection.

Which Way Should A Horseshoe Tattoo Face?

The horseshoe should be facing upside down as this horseshoe position is known as the symbol of luck. If you are getting the horseshoe in a position other than this one, like the one with pointy ends facing downward, then it is said that the luck may fall out.

Thus, if fate falls out, then the purpose of getting a horseshoe is done with.

What Is The Luckiest Tattoo?

As a popular belief, rainbow tattoos are thought to bring good fortune. However, other than the rainbows are number one to bring luck, Sapphires have also been deemed a symbol of good luck since old times.

Bottom Line

Get your horseshoe tattoo today to capture all the good luck, success, and fortune you can get in this life. But remember that you have to get it done in the upside-down position, or all your luck will “fall out” instead of coming to you.

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