85 Mesmerizing Patchwork Tattoo Designs To Get Inked This Season

Last Updated on March 22, 2023

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Get Inked! Patchwork tattoos, like quilts, are made up of many tiny tattoos that are stitched together to form a single larger tattoo. 

The patchwork patterns on tattoo sleeves are common. As in quilting, a larger tattoo is created by sewing together many smaller ones to create a patchwork design.

1. Born with Horns Patchwork Tattoo


Born with horns tattoos popularized by Machine Gun Kelly, the famous singer, and an hourglass, a butterfly in black ink on the forearm looks especially attractive and will grab the attention of onlookers.

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2. Jaderabbit Patchwork Tattoo


This stunning black and grey patchwork sleeve feature a butterfly, leaf branches, a moon, and flowers on the whole arm. Sure to be the focus of a lot of eyes.

3. Digital Art Patchwork Tattoo


This gorgeous digital art patchwork tattoo in black and gray with roman letters, three dice, a house with a chimney, and a lotus looks magnanimous and covers the whole arm. It looks funky.

4. Dragon Patchwork Tattoo


This dragon patchwork tattoo is incredibly unique as it both draws and turns people away. The coiled snake on a branch tattoo, which covers the most space on the arm, is sure to get you a lot of compliments.

5. Centipede Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo covers the whole arm and features a centipede, a heart, and an eye. The centipede is drawn in such a way that it starts from the wrist and finishes above the elbow.

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6. Bear Patchwork Tattoo


This black-outlined patchwork tattoo features a dagger, cigarette lighter, yin and yang sign, flower, and thunderstorm symbol. Additionally, this patchwork tattoo has a hand with a hole and a little branch inserted.

7. Ornament Patchwork Tattoo


This ornamental patchwork tattoo features lines, spirals, waves, and crosses in a garland style. This patchwork tattoo extends from the inner wrist to the elbow and looks surreal.

8. Mushroom Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo includes a colored mushroom, a spider web, a coffin, and a cockroach. It is a mix of black and colored ink.

9. Spider Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo consists of a giant spider web on the bicep, a black widow spider, and a large dagger on the inner forearm, and it is done in red and black ink.

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10. Flame Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo is a mixture of many small tats like flames, a devil, and a snake, all done on the forearm. This makes it instantly visible to everyone and is sure to garner interest from everyone.

11. Homifellas Patchwork Tattoo


A butterfly, snake, spider, an hourglass, and Medusa on the whole arm make this black and gray patchwork tattoo a remarkable piece of tattoo art. The superb detailing makes it stand out.

12. Smashed Out Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo comes with several small tattoos like a frog, plaster, ghost, hand, butterfly, watch, devils, door, a slot machine, a chain with two pendants, and a cup.

13. Sword Patchwork Tattoo


The inclusion of a sword, a Vitruvian man, an eye with tears, a mosaic design, and a skeleton make this patchwork tattoo a fascinating piece of art.

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14. Bold Will Hold Patchwork Tattoo


The bold will hold The Patchwork tattoo has a fierce lion, a flower atop a coffin, a TV set, and a parachute, and covers the whole arm. The amount of detailing it has makes it a standalone piece of ink art.

15. Little Floral Filler Patchwork Tattoo


This Floral Filler patchwork black and gray tattoo have a butterfly, a perfume bottle, a branch with leaves and flowers, and the moon’s various phases, making it a one-of-a-kind tattoo design.

16. Fit Flex Patchwork Tattoo


The Fit Flex patchwork tattoo exhibits the holy symbol “Om,” an eye, a spider on the back of one hand, and a teddy on the other, and is on both forearms.

17. Modern Ruin Patchwork Tattoo


This horror-themed black ink patchwork tattoo is perfect for Halloween. It has a slasher, chains, coffins, and the words “Friday the 13th” and many skeletons inked and covering the whole arm.

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18. Denvar All Patchwork Tattoo


This modern neoclassical patchwork tattoo shows a weathercock and a magnetic needle with some geometric figures that serve as small tats.

19. Black Harris Patchwork Tattoo


This arm patchwork tattoo has a butterfly, a spider, some Chinese letters, a rose flower with a stem, a letter 17, and a chain inked on the wrist, and looks spectacular.

20. Capel Town Patchwork Tattoo


This fun patchwork tattoo covers the major part of the arm and features a cat, a jam bottle, a fruit, and a jar with a stem of leaves put in.

21. Arthrose Patchwork Tattoo


This fish scale design patchwork tattoo covers the whole arm and has roses inked in an armband design, a boy scout, and an emblem. The all-black design looks fetching and appealing.

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22. Converse Patchwork Tattoo


This black patchwork tattoo, done in a vintage style and covers the hands and arms, is very detailed. It has a lock, a mermaid, a pendant, and a chain.

  23. Flash Fillers Patchwork Tattoo


This colorful patchwork tattoo has a devil with horns, a chain, a fierce-looking tiger, and sparkles covering the whole arm. We recommend this if you want to grab the attention of your peers.

24. Chelly Patchwork Tattoo


This fabulous red and black ink patchwork tattoo will get people’s attention because it shows a child angel, a branch of leaves, a snake, and some geometric shapes in simple designs.

25. Inspiration Patchwork Tattoo


A cat, flower petals, and a smiley adorn this black and gray patchwork tattoo, which covers the whole arm.

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26. Jam Rolls Patchwork Tattoo


A coiled snake, a butterfly, a housefly, a peeled-off banana, and lips with a lollipop in this patchwork tattoo look as if each has its own story.

27. Odd Eyes Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo covers the whole arm and has two years inked, along with small tats of a moon, a geometric flower, and a branch that covers the wrist.

28. Flower Patchwork Tattoo


This black and gray patchwork tattoo covers the whole arm and chest. It is sure to make you the center of attention due to its intricate and meticulous detailing.

29. Magic Girl Patchwork Tattoo


The Magic Girl patchwork tattoo has a magical touch with a sun and moon tattoo, a bird with the kind of flowery wings of an angel, and a butterfly. 

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30. Little Love Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo is mainly composed of outlines of small tats, a hand with a rose stem, some branches with leaves, an outline of a woman’s face, and a butterfly.

31. Massive Soft Spot Patchwork Tattoo


A Pokémon, ornamental tattoos, sparkles, a snowflake, a giant spider web, and a black widow spider comprise this patchwork tattoo that covers the whole arm and is sure to garner a lot of compliments.

32. Broken Heart Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo is a mix of mystique and fun as it has a skull with a snake popping out of an eye, a flower with a smiley and a perfume bottle in the shape of a heart with a dagger struck in.

33. Black Heart Patchwork Tattoo


This sensual patchwork tattoo on the leg features a fierce tiger, a chain with a lock, a skeleton with a dancing skeleton with butterfly wings, and some small tats thrown in.

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34. Rock And Roll Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo is the complete opposite because it is both fun and a little bit weird. It has a penguin with a sword, two human skulls on fire, a lit candle with a lamp underneath that gives it a gothic look, and a lit candle with a light on top. 

35. Space Patchwork Tattoo


The sun with flames, a heart with ” me” written on it, an envelope, two horseshoes with luck written on them, and flowers with stems showing sad and happy smileys make up this patchwork tattoo.

36. Riot Ink Patchwork Tattoo


This colorful traditional patchwork tattoo covers the whole arm. It has a big flower on the elbow, a rose on the upper arm, and a heart pierced with a dagger on the forearm, showing both heartbreak and happiness.

37. Little Rose Slots Patchwork Tattoo


This eye-catching, beautiful tattoo that covers the forearm has a patchwork design of the eyes of a cat, a few maple leaves, palm trees, and a crown. You can use these small tats as cover-ups.

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38. Quietly Frings Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo is mainly composed of the words “love, dream, have passion, and stay thirsty.” It also has a butcher knife, a cupid with a bow and arrow, and a blazing sun for significant cover-ups. 

39. Cowboy Patchwork Tattoo


This black ink patchwork tattoo with a cowboy hat, a large-sized butterfly, a handshake, and a coiled snake is a unique one-of-a-kind tattoo with small tats thrown in to complete it.

40. Ocean Patchwork Tattoo


This unique patchwork tattoo comprises sea creatures such as a sea snake, stingray, fish, seahorse, and tortoise. A person who loves marine animals can definitely get this inked.

41. Motivational Patchwork Tattoo


This black and white tattoo artwork features a big owl on the chest, several small tats like the eye, a dagger, a rose, a crying face, and a side pose of a woman adorning the arm.

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42. Cozy Vibes Patchwork Tattoo


This black and gray patchwork tattoo covering both the arms and hands features a rose stem, a chain, a snake, a butterfly, and a knife. Excellent for cover-ups and fresh tattoos.

43. Dickmann Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo gives a traditional gothic look with Medusa, an hourglass, a spiderweb, a butterfly, a snake, and a blindfolded woman with an apple atop her head.

44. Plants On Display Patchwork Tattoo


This black patchwork tattoo comprises plants with a butterfly and a honeybee.

45. Birman Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo covers the chest and the arm and has an eagle, a snake, and a flower pot inked.

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46. Illustrative Patchwork Tattoo


A fox, a deer, and many other insects and small animals adorn this illustrative patchwork tattoo.

47. House Of Yarrow Patchwork Tattoo


A centipede on the elbow, yin and yang symbol, a snake, and a cactus are great tats covering both arms.

48. Butterfly Patchwork Tattoo


The neck, arms, and shoulders are covered by this patchwork tattoo consisting mainly of insects, with a butterfly being the focal point.

49. Princess Polly Patchwork Tattoo


This black and gray patchwork tattoo that covers both arms has snakes and butterflies.

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50. Traditional Patchwork Tattoo


A snake, a rose flower with a stem, a knife, and a broken chain adorn this traditional patchwork tattoo.

51. Dino Mushroom Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo has a small dinosaur tattoo and a mushroom.

52. School Desk Inspiration Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo has a lot of small tats, which mainly derive inspiration from what school children etch on their desks, such as a snake, a wine glass, a dinosaur, a jellyfish, and gladiators fighting, covering the chest and both arms.

53. Healed Bee’s Patchwork Tattoo


This black and gray traditional tattoo mainly features honey bees on a comb, a mountain, leaf branches, and the Sun and the Moon.

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54. Glass Silhouette Blonde Hair Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo features a wine glass, a honeybee, a rose with a stem, and many small tattoos to fill the arm.

55. Crispy Line Patchwork Tattoo


Important dates and latitude information with a story behind them mark this patchwork tattoo with some leaf branches and sea creatures inked.

56. Witchy Patchwork Tattoo


This flattering half-sleeve tattoo is eye-catching, with butterflies, flowers, and mushrooms.

57. Grunge Patchwork Tattoo


This colorful patchwork tattoo is a doodle tattoo with several little tats like cupid, butterflies, a snake, and a rose stem all adorning it.

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58. Floral & Swallow Patchwork Tattoo


This pretty black and gray patchwork tattoo is mainly made up of flowers and leaf stems. 

59. Spider Fever Patchwork Tattoo


This bright and bold tattoo has a lot of detail. It shows an eagle, a tiger, a heart with a handshake, and many other things. 

60. Jarvis Patchwork Tattoo


This half-sleeve patchwork tattoo covers both arms and has many tats, with the main focus being JARVIS, the name inked on both.

61. Snow Globe Patchwork Tattoo


This fine-line patchwork tattoo consists of a snow globe, a fish, a large flower on the shoulder, and many small tats thrown in between.

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62. Pretty Patchwork Tattoo


This mesmerizing half-sleeve patchwork tattoo includes a butterfly on a bunch and two roses with stems and is sure to draw attention.

63. Apprentice Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo comprises many small tattoos of a face, an arm, and a person who has fallen into a hole. These tattoos tell stories about the person who got them. 

64. Botanical Patchwork Tattoo


This black ink patchwork tattoo features large botanical tattoos, which show the insides of flowers and fruit.

65. Insect Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo mainly comprises insects like a cockroach, a butterfly, and some branches of leaves.

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66. Skull Patchwork Tattoo


This black and gray patchwork tattoo has Elvis Presley, a giant tattoo of an anatomical heart, and a skull with a heart.

67. Spring Flowers Patchwork Tattoo


The patchwork tattoo features calligraphic words “accueillir la vie,” meaning accept life as it is and spring flowers in full bloom.

68. Canary Island Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo has the sun and the moon, two hearts, and a hand with flowers inked and many small tats thrown in.

69. Ditch Hits Patchwork Tattoo


An antique key with a keyhole and leaves with a lot of shading work adorn this patchwork tattoo with the words “Chill Mix” inked on the arm.

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70. Dad Of Blue Sea Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo is a mix of sorts as it contains a scorpion, a skull, a gravestone, and some nails that give it a crazy vibe.

71. Fetish Fashion Patchwork Tattoo


This full-sleeve patchwork tattoo consists of a barber’s blade, a star, a dumbbell, and some digits, which may have some story behind them and adorn both arms.

72. Rainbow Patchwork Tattoo


This mind-blowingly beautiful and colorful tattoo has such an air of positivity. A rainbow, some stars, a bright sunflower, and the words ” sister 2 of 3″ inked show some sibling story.

73. Abstract Flowers Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo on the half leg looks attractive owing to the colorful flowers inked on the cute bunny.

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74. Wonder Patchwork Tattoo


The colorful patchwork tattoo has geometrical shapes filled with different colors and flowers. Sure to fetch you enough compliments.

75. Fresh Filler Patchwork Tattoo


This colorful patchwork tattoo features a noble king, a branch laden with fruits and leaves, and some small tats that enhance its attractiveness.

76. Clover Flower Patchwork Tattoo


The prominent tattoos in this patchwork design are a snake, an owl, a rifle, flowers with a bee hovering over them, and a man riding a fish.

77. Drunken Monkey’s  Patchwork Tattoo


This half-sleeve tattoo includes poker cards, an eagle in flight, a lit fire, a branch, and some small tattoos.

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78. Frank Zimmerman Patchwork Tattoo


This old-school patchwork tattoo features a large ship on the sail, waves, and an octopus and is sure to catch the fancy of a person who loves the sea.

79. Inked Girl Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo is mostly a dotwork tattoo with an ornamental design inked on the arm. It also has lotus flowers inked in a subtle design.

80. Half Baked  Squad Patchwork Tattoo


This luxury patchwork sleeve boasts a gladiator helmet, a heart with valves, a fort, a snake, and a leaf stem. Be sure to grab an eyeful when you wear a sleeveless tee.

81. Slave to the Needle Patchwork Tattoo


This half-leg patchwork sleeve comprises a snake, a skull with a cigarette, an anchor, a cactus plant, a pair of lips, and a whole paraphernalia of tattoos thrown in to make it stand out.

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82. Feather Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo is incredibly fascinating as this dark black ink tattoo features a torch, a feather, and a butterfly with a sunflower on the elbow, giving it some brightness.

83. Dunce Boy Patchwork Tattoo


This dark black ink patchwork tattoo features two matchsticks, a chain with a lock, and a silverfish, giving it a kind of macabre look. Moreover, a pinecone adds to the attractiveness.

84. Colorful Swallow Patchwork Tattoo


A swallow, red flowers, and a ribbon carnation make this delightful and colorful patchwork tattoo the center of attention for everyone.

85. Blue Rose Patchwork Tattoo


This patchwork tattoo is very colorful and features a bird, flowers, stars, and waves, giving it a great style quotient. We are sure that you will receive many compliments for this colorful tattoo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are patchwork tattoos popular?

Patchwork tattoos are popular since they may be created in any manner. You may get numerous tattoos, each with a different style and significance, and arrange them in a surprising way on your body, which makes people like patchwork tattoos.

What are the costs of little patchwork tattoos?

Designs that take up less than three inches of skin typically cost between $50 and $250 to ink. The tattoo shop often charges a minimum price of $50 or more, regardless of size. After the first hour, an hourly rate is typically applied as well.

What is a patchwork sleeve?

A patchwork sleeve is a sleeve made up of individual tattoos as opposed to an extensive background picture.

How long does it take to make a patchwork sleeve?

It will take at least 12 hours (or around two days of effort) to complete a full sleeve, but it may take as many as 80 hours.

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