6 Best Tattoo Shops in New Orleans

If you’ve at last decided to dig up a tattoo but can’t decide on where to walk off, this piece of writing will help. Below are the six best tattoo shops in New Orleans, all set to gratify your new ink craving.

tattoo shops in New Orleans

As a result, whether you want your girlfriend’s name tattooed on your belly or a subtle flower on top of your shoulder, any of these places can dig you tatted up immediately.

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1. Wicked 13 Tattoos 

Wicked 13 Tattoos is a reputable tattoo and body piercing studio situated in Harvey, serving local clients and visitors in the New Orleans vicinity. The tattoo shop includes a professional team of tattoo artists and body piercers who have collective experience in the business. The tattoo parlor specializes in traditional tattoo art. The shop also proffers tattoo aftercare services.

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tattoo shops in New Orleans
Image: @wicked13tattoos

Contact: Address: 1901 Manhattan Blvd. Suite C100, Harvey, LA

Website: www.wicked13tattoos.com

Image: @wicked13tattoos

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2. Downtown Tattoo 

Downtown Tattoos is a reliable tattoo parlor established in 2012 and situated on the brink of Decatur Street in New Orleans. It is owned by capitalist Terry Brown, who has more than 11 years of all-inclusive tattooing experience. The professional team of tattoo artists offers unique styles, either an expression of the New Orleans civilization or a personalized artistic viewpoint. 

tattoo shops in New Orleans
Image: @downtowntattoo

Contact: 501 Frenchmen St., New Orleans, LA

Website: www.downtowntattoosnola.com

Image: @downtowntattoo

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3.Pigment Tattoo

Pigment Tattoo has been serving the clients of the New Orleans vicinity by way of its tattoo creativity since 2005. Professional tattoo artists specialize in fine line, illuminating, conventional, and traditional American designs. Customers can also convey their ideas in addition, and the tattooists can make available an exclusive bespoke design based on the visualization and approach of the customer. 

tattoo shops in New Orleans
Image: @xdavidsteelmanx

Contact: 3328 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA

Website: www.pigmenttattoo.com

Image: @xdavidsteelmanx

4. Hell or High Water Tattoo

If you’re in New Orleans, Hell or High Water Tattoo is beyond doubt the Tattoo Shop that will overpower you with their originality, safe hands, and welcoming staff to make your tattoo experience comfortable and hassle-free. Their skilled tattoo artists are multitalented to ensure you are content with your design, position, and style upfront. 

tattoo shops in New Orleans
Image: @kennyrice74

Contact: 2035 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA

Website: www.instagram.com/hellorhighwatertattoo

Image: @ kennyrice74

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5. Sailor’s Cross Tattoo  

Sailor’s Cross Tattoo in New Orleans, Louisiana, is one of the most trendy tattoo parlors in the entire vicinity. If you yearn for a great tattoo from top-rated and appreciated tattoo artists, get nearer to Sailor’s Cross Tattoo. In a few years, the tattoo parlor has managed to spread out to a striking storefront with manifold artists and a devoted following of customers. 

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tattoo shops in New Orleans
Image: @tattoosbymac

Contact: 5010 Freret St., New Orleans, LA & 646 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA (2 locations)

Website: www.sailorscross.com

Image: @tattoosbymac

6. Oak Street Tattoo 

Oak Street Tattoo is a community-driven tattoo studio that offers a warm feeling at what time you walk into your preferred vicinity barbershop. The tattoo shop believes in fostering the individual creativeness and the self-determination of expression present in one and all, at the same time considering there is nothing better than bringing individuals’ ideas to life through ink on top of the skin.

tattoo shops in New Orleans
Image: @ostnola

Contact: 8723 Oak St., New Orleans, LA

Website: www.instagram.com/oakstreettattoo

Image: @ostnola

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Before getting tattooed, it’s essential to think about the Best Tattoo Shops in New Orleans. A tattoo is an enduring fixture on top of the body, and it’s imperative not to hurry into things. You should also think about the tattoo artist’s background and ensure their technique best suits the tattoo you yearn for.

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What should you know before getting your tattoo?

Before getting tattooed, it’s imperative to consider the design and placement. There are many types of tattoo styles, and an individual must make known themselves with them earlier than they choose a design.

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What are some instances of great tattoo styles?

Different styles of tattoo include bold lines, vivid colors, black and gray, full color, fine lines, and small designs.

What are a few essential tattoo aftercare tips?

It’s significant to follow all aftercare directions made available by the tattoo artist. Generally, artists will recommend customers make sure that tattoos are maintained dry and clean. 

What are the most excellent practices for healing a tattoo?

After removing the dressing, it’s imperative to maintain the tattoo dry, clean, and exposed. At the same time as they heal, tattoos can often itch, but you mustn’t rub or pick at them.

Are there vegan tattoo ink options available?

There are excellent tattoo ink brands available on the marketplace, several of which can embrace pigment from animal sources. It should be taken for granted that tattoo ink is vegan; nevertheless, vegan inks do subsist.  

How does one grow to be a tattoo artist?

At the same time, as there isn’t a clear path for one to grow to be a tattoo artist, the most excellent way to work towards this ambition is by taking art classes and creating a broad collection of designs. Furthermore, guides can teach tattooing techniques and facilitate your gain the most favorable experience.

How to get a tattoo artist license?

In a few states, tattoo artists must get licensing from their subdivision. Application processes differ, so it’s imperative to make sure with your local subdivision earlier than offering services. 

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What safety credentials do tattoo artists need?

Above and beyond having a state tattoo license, nearly all tattoo artists must have documentation of pathogens and infectious diseases. It’s significant for tattoo artists to be geared up for emergencies due to first aid training. Furthermore, most o shops entail tattoo artists to have their tools. Tattoo artists also call for a massive supply of tattoo stencils plus ink.

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