57 Pleasant Butterfly Tattoo As Shoulder Tattoos

A butterfly is for transformation, a butterfly tattoo symbolizes faith and freedom. Butterfly tattoos are popular among women, but men can also get these to mark their growth and the beginning of their second life. Butterfly tattoo meanings can be different for different people.

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You may get a butterfly tattoo on almost any part of your body, but we will look at the tattoo designs you can get on your shoulder.

Come on, then let’s dig right in and go through these awesome butterfly shoulder tattoo ideas.

57 Butterfly tattoo designs

1. Charming Butterflies Designer Tattoo

The butterfly tattoo with words and the notes sign of a song looks fantastic; if you love the autumn season, this tattoo can be the perfect choice for you.

Image: @cay.tattoo

2. Adorable Butterfly Designer Tattoo

You can have the half butterfly tattoo in a different shape to have a one-of-a-kind tattoo using vibrant colors.

Image: @ink_positive

3. Cute Butterfly On Flower Tattoo

The flower is the most common place where you will likely find a butterfly sitting, so getting the tattoo with adding a flower only makes sense. Add your favorite kind of flowers to add symbolic meanings to the tattoo.

Image: @artofarmando

4. 3D Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo

The 3D tattoo looks impressive, especially the butterfly tattoo; it will give the mirage as if the butterfly is sitting right now on you.

Image: @ sebastiano.fontana

5. Pretty Butterfly Tattoo 

The butterfly tattoo with intricate detailing and texture looks terrific.

Image: @ yurieink

Image: @felix.ili

6. Lovely Butterfly Tattoo

You can get tiny butterflies across your shoulder with different colors and patterns.

Image: @ antstattoo

7. Skull Head Butterfly Tattoo

The designer butterfly tattoo in which you can add many colors with a unique shape of the butterfly, your tattoo artist can show his creativity in giving the form to the butterfly-like here is the butterfly skull tattoo.

Image: @christopher_north_tattoos

8. Gorgeous Blue Butterfly Tattoo On Shoulder

The blue butterfly is a good luck charm, and you can see that the blue butterfly will not only be different, but it is lovely to look at.

Image: @tattoosbyzu

9. Precious Butterfly Tattoo On Right Shoulder

You can have this tattoo in the manner of a half sleeve tattoo with small branches of trees and beautiful butterflies tucked in them.

Image: @girah_ink_studio

10. Vibrant Ink Butterflies Tattoo

Only the red ink used to prepare shapes of many tiny butterflies is a fantastic tattoo for the back of the shoulder. 

Image: @transcendance.tattoo

11. Butterfly Ray Tattoo

The dark red wine color butterfly with an antique shape may be the perfect choice for you.

Image: @tattoosbyedan

12. Sideways Butterfly Tattoo

The sideways butterfly looks amazing as if it were to take flight somewhere.

Image: @tomb.tattoos

13. Scary Butterfly Tattoo

The wings of the butterfly in the dragon pattern look good.

Image: @okto_tatt

14. Dear Butterfly Tattoo 

A simple butterfly in black ink with an authentic design can be your next tattoo.

Image: @gary_artattoo

15. Stunning Green Butterfly Tattoo

The green butterfly has a very different symbolic meaning; the green butterfly represents money; you can expect money flying in towards your fortune.

Image: @nimketattoo

16. Alluring Rose Butterfly Tattoo

The pink butterfly is for love and compassion, so you can wear this tattoo to show your love for a person, or two people can also get these in a pair. You can even add roses to this tattoo, as roses are also for love and compassion.

Image: @morae_tattoo

17. Realistic Appealing Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly will look more like a real one and less like a tattoo; it will give the impression of a butterfly sitting on your shoulder.

Image: @fabiano_romeo

18. Trio Butterfly Tattoo 

If you are a person who likes small things, then tiny butterfly tattoos can be the one for you.

Image: @ tattoo_lucia

Image: @lachicadeldragontatuado

19. Half Floral Half Plain Butterfly Tattoo

Another great idea for a small/ tiny butterfly tattoo is your back tattoo.

Image: @ isabellatattoo

20. Ray Of Butterfly Tattoo

A tiny monarch butterfly about to take flight or about to come out of its cocoon looks fantastic. The butterfly wings on these look beautiful.

Image: @ tatsbydax

21. Engaging Simple Butterfly Tattoo

Get this one just above the underarm area where our arm is adjoined with our shoulder; the butterfly placed here looks strange, making the tattoo more engaging.

Image: @p_x_ink

22. Tempting Butterfly Tattoo

A precisely made butterfly with a striking shape will look mesmerizing.

Image: @shinobi_ink_

23. Butterfly Tattoo With Tribal Symbol

The tribal design is linked with the symbols and marks that tribal people used back in the day to communicate with others; this tattoo will use those symbols to make the butterfly’s body which will further represent life.

Image: @freakoutyonder

Image: @miss.tattoo.shiraz

24. Traditional Butterfly Tattoo

This one is another example of getting the tribal tattoo in which the butterfly’s body is typically made on a big tribal sign. 

Image: @lectortattoos

25. Celtic Black Butterfly Tattoo On Shoulder

The black butterfly tattoo is also considered a Celtic one. The symbolic meaning of black butterflies is to denote the temporality of life, hence using every moment to the fullest.

Image: @m0binv

26. Front Shoulder Butterfly Tattoo

The blue butterflies bring luck and look mystic on just one shoulder, and to give the tattoo a more dramatic look, you can have mist that is commonly used to denote supernatural things.  

Image: @raulgtatt2z

27. Wonderful Butterfly Tattoo

You can also have the monarch butterfly tattoo done on the back of your shoulder; it is an antique tattoo.

Image: @midnights_muse_

28. Incredible Blue Butterfly Tattoo

The blue color often lures you to the mystery world, have this blue butterfly on you for all the luck in the world.

Image: @thirdstreettattoo

29. Half Butterfly And Half Flower Tattoo

You can have a big tattoo wrapped on half of your shoulder back and end in the front near the chest; the flowers are added here and in between the butterflies. 

Image: @abandoned_art_donnybrook

30. Pastel Butterfly Tattoo On Right Shoulder

You can add a water lily with this tattoo; the water lily symbolizes peace and content; it means that your own company is enough for you and makes you happy.

Image: @mari_tattooer

31. Outlined Butterfly Tattoo Shoulder

Have multiple butterflies of medium size and choose different colors like blue, green and yellow. The different color butterfly tattoo meanings can be symbols of your favorite color.

Image: @yoy__tattoo

32. Enticing Butterfly Tattoo On Shoulder

Keep the butterfly’s position such that its look is sideways when it is about to sit somewhere, and one wing is overlapping the other.

Image: @tattoosbymandyc

33. Stunning Three Simple Butterfly Tattoo

Three butterflies in simple black and made in a doodle art form.

Image: @drew_martins84

34. Three Sweet Butterfly Tattoo 

You can add a touch of lily flowers to the prominent tattoo of the three butterflies; you can show the butterflies coming out from the Lilies. Also, you can add bright colors to make them unique.

Image: @hand_of_raa

35. Yellow And Black Butterfly Tattoo

Again, this is an excellent idea for the monarch butterfly tattoo; look at the artwork done in this tattoo with the perfect use of flowers. 

Image: @2xsthatattman

36. Likable Black Butterfly Tattoo

The black butterfly is also usually considered under the category of a tribal butterfly tattoo design as it is generally made with a touch of those symbols.

Image: @dianasilveiratattoo

37. Admirable Butterfly Tattoo 

You can add elements that have meaning to you with the butterfly tattoo like you can add diamonds.

Image: @xyvzo.ink

38. Huge Butterfly Tattoo On Shoulder Back

There are many shapes in which the butterflies exist to have those different ones simultaneously on you. 

Image: @happyfacekillerofficial

39. Admirable Butterfly Tattoo

The orange butterfly is a symbol of energy that maintains life in pour and planet, and also, the orange butterfly is for the soul and fire.

Image: @88myblues

40. Orange Color Butterfly Tattoo

If you are wearing an orange butterfly tattoo, it means that you represent the fire that is burning within you as your soul. 

Image: @aquapixietattoos

41. Pink Flower Butterfly Tattoo

The pink flower is for innocence, grace and gentleness; adding it to a butterfly looks cool.

Image: @childh.tatuador

42. Purple Butterfly Tattoo Idea

Purple butterflies are for joy and vitality.

Image: @lisahafermehl

Image: @mateobradley66

Image: @inkedbylia

43. Realistic Butterfly Tattoo 

Good detailing to this tattoo gives a vibrant look. 

Image: @jennys_tattoos_art

44. Intricate Butterfly Tattoo

The body art person can add his creativity to form an authentic tattoo.

Image: @rcoperart

45. Charming Butterfly Tattoo

Vivacious-looking butterflies will add to the mysterious look. 

Image: @reneruiz_tattoo

46. Shadow Falling Butterfly Tattoo

With its shadow falling on the ground, this particular red butterfly looks incredible.

Image: @goddard.tattoo

47. Leafy Butterfly Tattoo Shoulder

Have a simple butterfly made with a leaf, meaning that the butterfly’s body is made from a leaf.

Image: @semspoketattoos

48. Nice Two Butterfly Tattoo

A simple sweet butterfly tattoo placement can be on your collar bone.

Image: @pk.tattoo_mumbai

49. Illustrative Butterfly Tattoo On Shoulder

Butterflies with sunflowers look incredible in a tattoo together.

Image: @tattoofashionhamburg

50. Dainty Red Butterfly Designer Tattoo

It is an excellent idea for a small and dainty tattoo.

Image: @tattooedkitten806

51. Black Ink Butterfly Tattoo Shoulder 

A shoulder tattoo on the back will make a big full tattoo great.

Image: @captainstattoocompany

52. Butterfly Tattoo With Red Flowers

The contrast of the red and blue color will make the tattoo even more vibrant and mesmerizing.

Below is a great idea for blue butterfly tattoos.

Image: @aztattoostudio


What does a butterfly tattoo mean?

The butterfly tattoo symbolizes femininity and beauty in the rarest form, and butterflies can even be the symbol of a loved one who passed away. Butterflies go through metamorphosis in their lifetime, and so do people who go through a change in their life and transform, so to show that change, you can get this tattoo. The butterfly can also represent hope, change, resilience and endurance.

What do two butterfly tattoos mean?

The meaning of two butterflies goes back to Chinese culture if they are flying together; it symbolizes love. 

Should I get a butterfly tattoo?

If you are a female, then the butterfly tattoo can be an excellent choice because the butterfly’s wings symbolize joy and happiness in Japanese and Chinese culture. Moreover, the butterfly shows the agile transformation of a girl into adulthood.

Does a butterfly tattoo mean thief?

An old French prison tattoo on the torso of a butterfly can mean that the wearer of the tattoo is a thief as it translates to two meanings, ‘Je Vole’ in French, it means ‘I steal’ and ‘I fly.’ So if someone is wearing the butterfly tattoo on their torso, it may be interpreted like this.

What do butterflies symbolize in death?

 The black butterfly is associated with death in some cultures. It symbolizes a restless deceased soul unable to move; also, butterflies have other meanings for death. They are seen as a symbol of rebirth.

Bottom line 

The butterfly tattoo ink comes in many forms and sizes, and it has become a popular choice with women because it represents femininity and is for love. You can take an idea from these fabulous tattoos and get one today!

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