Rib Tattoos: Pain, Aftercare, Healing & Designs

A stylish tattoo’s look is greatly influenced by the area of your body that you select for it. If you’re getting a tattoo for the first time, you should be aware that the location on your body should complement the design you want. Consider these beautiful rib tattoos.

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Rib Tattoos

Selecting a position can be difficult at times, especially when you have so many options available, but there are just a few aspects to consider. 

One of these criteria is the degree of pain. The rib is a great region to think about if you desire a tattoo placed in an unusual spot. However, keep in mind that there is much more to rib tattoos before you jump straight in.

With the aid of this comprehensive guide to rib tattoos, you will be better equipped to choose a location and be aware of any potential issues.

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What Is A Rib Tattoo?

One of the most popular tattoo ideas nowadays is rib inking. Rib tattoos, often referred to as sternum tattoos, typically land on the side of your body, close to where your stomach lies. The sharp base of the rib makes it one of the most uncomfortable sites to receive a tattoo.

You can get a rib tattoo on the side that reaches your underarms or on the softer part, which is close to your stomach. High levels of pain tolerance and self-assurance are necessary for rib tattoos.

There are many different design alternatives, and you can decide fast whether you intend to display them or not. Rib tattoos are an excellent way to express your love of body modification without the risk of losing your job.

Rib Tattoos

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There are still numerous stigmas that has association with tattoos, despite their perception evolving throughout time. You have total choice over where and when you want to show off your rib tattoos to others.

Make sure you understand everything about a tattoo before having one on any region of your body. From the design’s meaning to how getting a tattoo affects the body. The design influences the discomfort and healing durations, as well as how long it takes to create the tattoo.

These unique tattoos can help you acquire the distinctiveness that everyone seeks in a tattoo. The most incredible thing about these tattoos is that they are private because you will often cover them up with regular clothing. But as soon as you reach the shore, you’ll shock everyone by flashing your rib tattoo.

Before having a tattoo on your ribs, think about several things. Continue reading and exploring the rest of the article to learn more.

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Do Tattoos On The Ribs Hurt Much?

Tattoos on the ribs typically cause intense pain and rate highly on the pain index. Since there is less padding and a bone basis in a highly delicate place, although everyone has a different threshold for pain, you will undoubtedly feel some discomfort, at least in comparison to other tattoos.

Although everyone’s experience with tattoo pain is unique, most individuals said that ribcage tattoo discomfort is slightly harsher than in most other regions. However, this does not imply that you will have the same level of discomfort or suffering.

For a few reasons, these tattoos are extremely painful. To begin with, there are several rib cage-related locations where the skin membrane is delicate and thin. The usual rule of thumb is that sensitivity increases with skin thickness and nerve density.

As soon as the needles pierce the thin skin nearby the ribs, the discomfort may be rather sudden and robust in comparison to the frequent burning and scratching feeling that comes with getting inked on many other places of the body with fattier or thicker tissue (like forearms, back, thighs, and chest).

Another justification is that the needles will penetrate so near the bone in a region with higher densities of nerves. Once this occurs, the tattooing feeling can be quite powerful, and you may sometimes feel as though your entire body is shaking and shaking as a result of the needles.

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Even while getting a tattoo near to the bone is really not unpleasant, the rattling sensation is usually reasonably uncomfortable. But keep in mind that how an initial tattoo makes you feel entirely depends on how well you can tolerate discomfort and pain. This is something that makes everyone different.

Ribs are a portion of the body with many bones; therefore, tattoos often hurt more when applied to specific body parts. Because of this, the ribs will hurt more intensely than other parts of your body. Remember that no pain, no progress, and you will ultimately become accustomed to the discomfort.

Therefore, despite the fact that getting rib tattoos may seem frightening and nerve-wracking to you, they are among the most worthwhile experiences you will have. You won’t regret enduring a little momentary discomfort in exchange for something lovely.

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Painful Rib Tattoo Spots

The Pain Of A Rib Tattoo On The Side

Unfortunately, it is also one of the most uncomfortable regions, despite being the most common location for a rib tattoo. Numerous nerve endings are located somewhat near the surface, where the skin membrane is often extremely thin and relatively thin nearby the area.

However, there is division in opinions on pain. Some individuals call the sensation “agony,” while others believe it is not unpleasant and readily controllable.

Image: @porkyinks

Pain From Rib Tattoo In Front

A few spots near the visible or front of the rib cage have a bit more fat, though they might still be extremely uncomfortable. This can reduce the agony and soften the blow of the needles.

Sternum Tattoo Sensitivity

Again, the degree of discomfort felt in the sternum region seems to vary quite a bit among individuals who have previously had tattoos there. You should be aware that this location may be one of the more uncomfortable places for you to get a tattoo since it has such thin skin and such little fat.

However, a lot of individuals have stated that the pain is not all that awful and that there are places where it is far worse. Therefore, the only way to know how painful (or preferably pleasant) it will be to anyone is to receive a tattoo there.

Are Rib Tattoos More Uncomfortable For Skinny People?

In general, a skinny person could feel more significant discomfort while having a rib tattoo, though no evidence supports this. Ribs are situated in one of the most sensitive parts of your body, and since there are more veins there, pain is almost certainly going to be increased.

However, it also depends on how tolerant you are of pain. If you have more fat in your rib area, particularly the sternum, you can considerably notice a tiny bit of discomfort.

Image: @br.andink.tattoo

No matter how thin or fat you are, you will feel some discomfort, which for some people will be excessive and, for others, will be expected. You are not prohibited from obtaining a rib tattoo due to your weight.

You have all the time in the world to get ready to deal with the discomfort. Hopefully, if you’re brave in person, you can accomplish it. You won’t regret experiencing this level of pain.

Which Side Of The Ribs Should You Get A Tattoo on?

With rib tattoos, you have a lot of room to include whatever pattern you choose, even one with detailed features. The best thing about having a tattoo on your rib is the flexibility it offers. You can choose to cover the entire rib or have tattoos on separate sides.

You may either get it tattooed on the sternum, the front portion of the rib, or combine it with a back tattoo that covers both sides of the ribcage. Once you start considering them, numerous options are available, but deciding which area of the ribcage to tattoo entirely depends on your preferences.

When it comes to discomfort, you will feel it on all sides of the ribcage, especially on the sides. You might ask your tattoo artist for advice on where to have inked in the ribcage. This might be somewhat perplexing for the artist as well as they’ll have to take into account your physical attributes and might even quiz you with a few questions.

Even if you’re having inked on the sides of your rib, it would be preferable to choose a simple design if this is your first time getting a rib tattoo. Regardless of whatever side of your rib you get a tattoo on, it will still look fantastic.

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Guidelines For Dealing With Pain

One of the most remarkable things about tattoo pain is that it can be managed; you simply need to take the correct steps to see that you can minimize the discomfort of the rib tattoo. In particular, if you have a rib tattoo, the following advice may be useful for your next tattoo session.

Numbing Lotion Or Spray

The tattoo artist will apply numbing lotion to the location of the tattoo to make the skin a bit less uncomfortable before inserting the needle into your skin. It’s essential to constantly prepare yourself with numbing cream because certain tattoo studios might not follow this procedure.

A numbing cream works to some extent. Just keep in mind that everyone’s experience with the cream’s “numbing” effects will vary, so not everyone will notice a difference in their level of discomfort.

However, a numbing lotion can genuinely assist you in handling the strong, pouring discomfort that the tattoo needle would cause in your rib area. Apply the numbing lotion a few minutes before the tattoo session if you choose to use it.

Hopefully, the tattooing process won’t be too unpleasant for you. Don’t use too much cream or use it all at once to avoid getting the tattoo because this might interfere with the procedure.

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Decide On A Minimal Style

If this is your first tattoo and you’ve decided to place it on the ribs, choosing a small, simple design is recommended. Having a smaller, less intricate design will ease the discomfort compared to getting a larger, more complex one.

You can achieve a lot with little tattoos if you put your imagination to work. Always seek a qualified tattooist since you never know how they could be able to assist you in creating something special from even the shortest tattoo ideas.

Visit A Reputable Tattoo Artist

Your level of discomfort will be determined by how gently and expertly the tattoo artist performs the tattooing procedure. A skilled tattoo artist will be conscious of the client’s suffering and will apply less pressure when tattooing peaceful places like the ribcage.

You must carry out research on a few tattoo parlors nearby and inquire from others about the experiences at a particular tattoo parlor if you want to avoid going to an amateur tattoo artist. The best course of action would be to visit a rib tattoo specialist.

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Eat A Nutritious Meal

You must consume a nutritious meal before the tattoo session. It is also crucial to eat while getting a tattoo since it will assist you in keeping the blood pressure and avoid the worsening of any nausea or dizziness that might occur from fasting. Don’t make the mistake of skipping meals since this can increase your agony as the levels of blood sugar may decrease throughout the tattooing procedure.

Don’t Use Painkillers

Many individuals take painkillers hoping to feel less pain, but this may actually make things worse. Painkillers compress your blood, which increases discomfort and makes it more challenging for the tattoo artist to complete the tattooing procedure. Avoid using painkillers and maybe just learn to tolerate the discomfort for a time if you want your tattooing procedure to go well.

How To Take Care Of A Rib Tattoo?

Aftercare for a tattoo on the ribs is significantly simpler than for many other parts of the body, and it’s not too complicated. Since there are no joints nearby, you will not have to worry about your tattoo being twisted and moved regularly, which might prolong the recovery process.

Your healing tattoo shouldn’t be significantly impacted by sun damage because the rib region is often covered when in the sun. However, stay away from bikini tanning at the beach or wearing crop tops outside. Even if you live in a humid atmosphere, you must continue to maintain your rib tattoo moisturized to prevent it from drying out.

Rib Tattoos

Image: @sgb.tattoo

One of the most significant issues you can run into when caring for the rib tattoo is that it might occasionally attach to anything you’re wearing while the scabbing process is going on. You may avoid this issue by not doing anything that causes your apparel to rub on the tattooed area for extended periods of time.

Additionally, to avoid the scabs becoming too cracked and dry, which might lead to the tattoo losing a little bit of ink and becoming spotty, make sure the area is kept hydrated adequately with a decent tattoo lotion.

A vegan product for aftercare known as After Inked Tattoo Aftercare Lotion is the most fantastic tattoo lotion I’ve ever used personally. In addition to keeping your tattoo incredibly well-hydrated during the healing period, this product also works brilliantly in relieving itching and discomfort. This lotion can assist shorten tattoo healing periods and eliminate any leftover dryness and scabbing if used right at the beginning of the recovery process.

How Much Do Tattoo Artists Charge For Rib Tattoos?

Rib tattoos are fairly pricey since the tattoo artist must have the necessary abilities and methods to tattoo in such a delicate area. There are a few elements that affect the price of your tattoo, although this varies in price between tattoo shops around the world.

Three of the most crucial elements that affect your pricing are the dimension, pattern, and rib area. Tattoos on the side and ribs are virtually equally expensive; if your tattoo is 6 to 8 inches long and colored, it will cost you between $650 to $750.

Additionally, these tattoos cost more since they take longer to finish. It would cost you between $50 and $400 if you wanted a basic design and something small in size. The highest price of the rib tattoo might go roughly $4000 because it requires greater complexity and occupies greater space, including the back.

Depending on how long it takes to create the tattoo, you will need to pay the appropriate amount because some tattoo shops charge by the hour. The majority of tattoo studios charge $150 per hour; however, it’s advisable to inquire about their price structure before making an appointment.

Rib Tattoos

Image: @hdpiercingstattoos

Can I Get My First Tattoo On The Ribs?

Even though getting your first tattoo might be one of the scariest experiences you’ll ever have, it almost always turns out to be enjoyable. When deciding on whatever tattoo design to go with, you also have to make a difficult choice about location. However, if you’ve made up your mind that you don’t want to undergo something particularly traumatic for the first time, you should consider getting anything other than a rib tattoo.

One of the most painful tattoo locations is the rib area; however, this also depends on the individual’s level of pain tolerance. You are more prone to feel discomfort in this location because there are more bones than tissue. Go for something delicate and less unpleasant, like your arm or hand, if the idea of intense pain scares you.

Even if it’s your first time getting inked, there’s no danger in getting a rib tattoo; however, the tattoo artist might suggest choosing a different position. Despite the discomfort, you’ll feel more strongly than ever after enduring it and creating something stunning for the body. You may learn about some of the various methods of pain management mentioned in this article.

Rib Tattoos

Image: @chelsea1603_tattoo

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Which Clothing Should You Wear During Your Rib Tattoo Session?

If feasible, dress as comfortably as possible when heading to a tattoo appointment. When getting a rib tattoo, it can be challenging to decide what to wear because you do not even know how long you will have to remain still or how comfortable you will be taking off your clothing. When having a tattoo on the ribs, it is ideal for wearing something lightweight and loose.

The best clothing option for ladies might be a crop top or bikini top. Even loose dresses are a fantastic option, but you must be careful not to wear a new outfit since there is a minor possibility that you may get a little ink on your clothing accidentally.

To avoid sticking to your body, stay away from wearing tight-fitting clothing like jackets. Making yourself at ease by dressing comfortably helps you feel less stressed and anxious when it comes to consultation.

When Are Women Allowed To Begin Wearing Bras?

When ladies have to wear a bra after having a rib tattoo, things become a little more challenging. The last thing you need is for anything to become firmly affixed to the tattoo because this would just result in a mess.

After the recovery process is complete, your tattoo artist could advise you to wear a bra, although you can wear a certain kind of bra before then. If you use a smooth-material bra, make sure that it is not too tightly fitting.

Image: @lunarlauren_arts

Wearing bras made of nylon, which frequently makes you sweat and can even result in an infection, is not advised. You should also avoid wearing bras that don’t fit your skin type. Sports bras, bikini tops, or strappy crop tops are great options.

Your rib tattoo won’t become caught or ripped out if you try to lessen the number of times you wear a bra. This will assist in the recovery process. Staying inside for a bit can help you avoid wearing a bra, and if you feel comfortable not wearing one at all, that would be even better for your rib tattoo.

Do Tattoos On The Ribs Fade More Quickly?

Ink fades from all tattoos over time. The reason for this is that the ink used is foreign to your body, so when it sees it, it thinks, “Oh, this isn’t supposed to be here.” Your body strives to remove the tattoo over time. However, there are certain factors that expedite this process:

The Sun

Without sunscreen, lying in the sun can damage your skin and tattoos. Your ink may get lighter due to UV radiation.

Poor Nutrition And Skincare

Your entire body, including the tattoos, benefits when you take good care of your skin and eat well. Your ink may suffer if you don’t obtain the vitamins and minerals you need and don’t moisturize your skin.

Image: @mullerschmidt

Excess Friction

Your tattoo is essentially being excessively over-exfoliated if it is constantly subjected to prolonged friction, which can cause it to fade over time.

Not Following Aftercare Guidelines

Inadequate aftercare can result in the tattoo not recovering perhaps or adequately developing an infection, which has a significant influence on the final appearance of the artwork.

What Are Some Tips For Avoiding Wearing A Bra?

When you need to go outside, there are a few items that may serve as the most excellent substitutes for a bra and will help you feel a little more at ease. Nipple covers or breast tape are two of the most excellent alternatives to bras.

You can wear these items for about two weeks after the tattoo procedure, although they are best suited for clothing with low necklines and no back. Nipple coverings and boob tape are readily available in shops.

Another option is to choose a shirt that complements your braless appearance. With some shirts, people can actually tell whether you are dressed in a bra or not. The second best choice is to dress casually, such as with sweatshirts or other loose-fitting clothing.

Your likelihood of appearing braless decreases when you add additional layers to your outfit. There are also a lot of clothing options available that do not call for a bra, such as sundresses and backless dresses. You can also include more of these in the wardrobe, and who knows, you could find yourself wearing them more often than you anticipated.

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Do Pregnancy Or Weight Fluctuations Cause Rib Tattoos To Stretch?

Depending on the pattern of the rib tattoo, this could stretch with pregnancy and body weight. It’s more probable that your tattoo will be affected by pregnancy. Since the skin on your stomach begins to stretch and spread out. This is especially true if the tattoo is large and takes up a lot of room.

Many pregnant women are successful in keeping their tattoos from expanding too much after giving birth. This includes maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in physical activity. Weight fluctuations might cause your tattoo to stretch and fade, but you can control this by leading a healthy lifestyle.

It’s advisable to plan your rib tattoo before going forward with it. Especially if you have a history of weight changes and are close to becoming pregnant. It would be ideal if you chose a smaller tattoo that is more on the side and won’t stretch too much. Better yet, wait until after the pregnancy is over.

Image: @ladyink_tattoo_hale

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How Quickly Can They Heal?

Rib tattoos will heal in the same amount of time as other tattoos, which is typically two weeks; however, this also relies on how well you care for the new tattoo. Your tattoo still needs time to heal after two weeks.

Even if you have finished the very first healing phase, it can still take a few more months for the rib tattoo to become fully integrated. Therefore, keep your rib tattoo neat and clean during the first several months after the recovery procedure. After two weeks have passed, you will see a fresh, well-established tattoo and be able to benefit from getting a stylish rib tattoo.

Other Things To Think About With Side Body Tattoos

Do you wish to view your tattoo without the use of a mirror or a camera? If so, getting a rib tattoo might not be for you. A tiny tattoo design on your ribs can be seen if it is not too far toward your back when you look down. But a more significant pattern may be tough to see to its full extent. Additionally, because of the curve of the side body, a more substantial pattern will have a looping effect. Take this in mind while selecting any tattoo design.

A rib tattoo may be invisible to you, but it’s also relatively simple to hide. For those who don’t want to flaunt their tattoos constantly, this is a tremendous advantage. The enormous design is still available, but if you cover it up with a T-shirt, no one will notice that you have body art.

Image: @h.j.tattoo

Top 20 Rib Tattoos Ideas

Quote Tattoos

Consider getting a tattoo of a favorite quotation to help you express yourself better. One that encourages you, stimulates you, and serves as a constant reminder to improve. You may also pick lines from comedies or television shows you enjoy that make you laugh. Write your phrases within images like hearts, flowers, stars, circles, etc., to add a little excitement to them. Get a tattoo that symbolizes power, vitality, and self-love since they last a lifetime.

Motivating and inspiring quotes can serve as a reminder to keep going. A quotation or passage in the preferred typeface can add visual appeal to the tattoo. You may experiment with it in various fonts, colors, and styles.

Image: @hybridink.helsinki 

Tattoos Of A Skeleton And Signs

Interested in getting a minimalist tattoo with some individuality? This kind of tattoo will showcase your unique personality. For tattoos on the feet, this pattern works well.

Image: @obie_tattoo_arte

Tattoos With One Line

Some of the aspects of nature that may be tattooed with minimal detail are mountains, seas, and air. These tattoos are much simpler as compared to other tattoo patterns and can be a good option for beginners.

Image: @shekhar7313

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Love Of Nature

When you take in the beauty all around you, you may find inspiration for a nature tattoo. The sun, moon, waterfalls, mountains, and beaches are among the natural features that you can tattoo to express your love of the outdoors in between the forests and florals.

The list of flower tattoos never goes out of trend. There are countless flowers that you may be tattooed on, ranging from stunning blooms to wildflowers. Choose from plain black ink or colorful ink for a pleasing display.

Image: @studioeightyfive85tattoos

A Face And Flower Tattoo

Your tattoo will be complete if you combine floral designs with creative patterns. You can combine flowers with patterns to create a face to complete your tattoo. These kinds of tattoos are much more demanding these days.

Image: @finelinetattooantwerpen

Tattoo Of A Leaf Or Branch

To highlight the curves, get a tattoo along your rib line. Such a delicate branch tattoo expresses a love of nature.

Image: @evanschapptattoos

Abstract Side Tattoos

A tangible object, a person, or arbitrary lines that convey your feelings via forms may all be represented in an abstract side tattoo. Some people might find these a little puzzling, but for others, they might have great significance. Abstract tattoos, like abstract paintings, are the ideal method to express your point of view on life.

A tattoo that is abstract has no rules. If you feel that this arrangement of lines and curves accurately captures your feelings, you might choose to have it placed on your rib cage.

Image: @midgart_tattoo_shop

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Tattoo Quotes In Shapes

You may write your quotations inside of shapes like hearts to make them more appealing. One of the most popular tattoo designs is the heart. The color red is used to commemorate friendship and love, and the design can be straightforward or intricate.

Image: @besttattoogil

Split Tattoo

A split-sided tattoo design looks great in this location. Split tattoos, which essentially fit together, are also known as interlocking tattoos. They might have the same or identical designs on separate sides, or they could match. For example, with these kinds of tattoo designs, you can have a demon on one end and an angel on the other.

Image: @lobster.tattoo

Artistic Tattoo

If you enjoy artistic works, then tattoos like these are a fantastic fit for you. Get a distinctive tattoo on your ribs and express your creativity level to your surroundings.

Tattoo In Fine Lines

Without any color or hue gradations, these tiny line tattoos are composed of straight or curved lines. You may choose from patterns in black or other colors. Since most tattoos are modest and attractive, they give the whole appearance a feminine touch.

Image: @finelinetattoo.canggu

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Snake Tattoo

A curved or flowing pattern looks fantastic on the side body’s contours. They wrap around from the back to the chest and down to the hip. Snake tattoos are the perfect fit for these kinds of tattoos.

Although people frequently give snakes a poor name, in reality, humans have given these reptiles both negative and good connotations. There are different pros and cons of snake tattoos.

Some experts said that these tattoos represent a defense against disease or luck. On the other hand, some said that a snake tattoo might also stand for a new beginning. This is because snakes have the capacity to shed their skin.

Image: @little92_tattoo

Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos are simple and have some significance or symbolism to them. One of the justifications for tattooing animals is the idea that they are spiritually interconnected with humans.

For example, having a cheetah tattoo could represent your strength. Depending on your preference, you can get a big or little tattoo.

Image: @mizzcali2u

The Dragon Tattoo

Mythical beings with characteristics of strength and tenacity include dragons. It’s a standard tattoo design that gives you a trendy, edgy, and daring appearance. You can select a flying or sea dragon style that looks wonderful on the ribcage.

Image: @harusisun 

Mandala Dangiling Tattoo

To personalize your individual work of art, add a unique combination of decorations like mandalas and flowers. Either a massive tattoo, like the one seen above, or a little tattoo that wraps around the curve are options. To make it appear even more beautiful, you can also add colors.

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Tattoo Of A Constellation

These solar signs are based on where the sun is located in 12 distinct constellations. This is a fantastic option for someone looking for a feminine tattoo that is influenced by their horoscope.

Rib Tattoos

Image: @harttattoosindia

Be On Cloud Nine

A dreamy and passionate cloud pattern like this one. Future good times are symbolized by light clouds, whereas impending emotional hardship is indicated by stormy, dark clouds. Revelation or an epiphany are other symbols for clouds. You will undoubtedly receive many praises for this fascinating cloud pattern.

Adventure Tattoo

A simple beach tattoo is a metaphor for a straightforward way of living. These kinds of beautiful tattoos can serve as a soft memory of your earlier journeys. A beautiful tattoo like this one can be a great way to keep the memories of a trip alive. It can represent consistency, stability, and immobility; at its most extreme, it can represent whole consciousness.

Rib Tattoos

Image: @magnumcircustattoo

Bring Your Fantasy To Life

You will like this incredible tattoo design if you enjoy fantastical literature like Alice in Wonderland. You can relive your youth by replicating your favorite characters or settings into charming tattoo designs.

Image: @oghieflores_tattoo

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One of the most significant decisions you’ll possibly make is getting a rib tattoo. With this article’s assistance, you’ll no doubt breeze through the procedure without any problems. To ensure that you enjoy the process of obtaining a tattoo on your ribs, be sure to put the many suggestions listed above into practice.

If the pain is what’s frightening you, be aware that many individuals receive rib tattoos and also that, with the right precautions, they can endure a short moment of difficulty. So you have this! Furthermore, you do not want the discomfort to prevent you from creating a stunning work of art on the body.

Rib Tattoos

Image: @_jaggeytattoo 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can A Tattoo On My Ribs Bruise?

Particularly if you receive a tattoo for the first time, bleeding is sometimes seen thereafter. Due to the loose skin and sensitivity of the ribcage, rib tattoos are much more prone to bruising. Bruising is totally natural and most likely results from the damage the skin experiences after getting a tattoo.

Their sensitivity makes areas like the ribs more susceptible to sustaining damage. Moreover, when getting a tattoo, the needles might jam and cause stress to the skin, which can result in bruising. Bruising is highly visible and familiar if the skin is repeatedly poked with a tattoo needle that has a million jams per minute.

Because of blood thinness brought on by alcohol and painkiller usage, tattoo bruising is also possible. The tattoo artist may occasionally use a poor technique, which might result in bruising.

Rib Tattoos

Is A Rib Tattoo Affected By A Tummy Tuck?

The abdominal skin is tightened during a tummy tuck treatment to give the patient a slimmer appearance. When it comes to tattoo enthusiasts, especially those with ink on their tummies and lower abdomen, tummy tucks can be a concern. But if you decide to have a belly tuck, the great news is that you won’t have to be concerned about the rib tattoo.

When a tattoo is applied to the lower and middle abdomen, it may affect the way it looks as a result of this treatment. Your rib cage tattoo may somewhat expand depending on its size and placement. Tattoos that are located between the ribs and the stomach may also get slightly stretched, but occasionally it doesn’t appear that way.

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